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• 10/27/2015

Awesome Void Ray's Main Continuity is open!

After a very long time, JTH is back in business!
Presenting: Awesome Void Ray's Main Continuity! It's the new wikia I've been talking about. To those who are still present in this wikia, you can join my new community and we'll talk.
Thanks very much!
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• 5/8/2015

Stuck Between Two Names

Hey guys, AVR here!
Currently, I have been working on some sort of manga book called "The Ventilus King: Year 2757". It features a new female character in his past. This manga book is canon in my main continuity. Here are the candidates for the name:

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Which is the best first name for my female chara among the choices?  Astreiana 0 Streiana 1 Streia 0 Astreia 3 Streiliana 0 Astreiliana 0 The poll was created at 12:14 on May 7, 2015, and so far 4 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
Personally, I choose Streiana. The first vote is mine.
Her middle name is officially "Semis" and her surname is "Lucernumbrea".
UPDATE - 5/8/2015
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• 4/23/2015

Schedule of My Wiki Business

Hey everybody, this is the Awesome Void Ray reportin' and I'm here to announce my new schedule of wikia business, since some of you may notice that I might be gone for certain days. 
Since most of our admins and regs are under hiatus due to school, work, and stuff, I might not spruce up the place on four full days. I may only visit the wiki for a short period of time to check recent activity and smash vandals with the Banhammer if there are some of them present. When I visit the database for major activity, I can only do it on Wednesdays to Fridays (1:00-3:00 PM), due to, well, family legalism (through sibling authority), like that stuff, but no offense at all.
However, if I edit outside the range of the aforementioned schedule, I might be using my tablet or my bro left for a long period of time. Please keep in mind that I might make slow edits and changes in the database because my hands are tied and my tablet is not very reliable in terms of receiving Internet connection. 
Thanks for listening and good evening from here!
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• 5/21/2015

New Wiki Up Soon

For three years, JTH Database stands firm! Soon, this wiki will be affiliated with a new wiki I will create. The said wiki contains my actual fiction world of the Antiquians and Ictistopians. It is because this wiki states the Sonic Version of JTH Universe. It is time for me to release the main dish, namely "The Awesome Void Ray's Main Continuity Wiki".
The wiki of my actual continuity is presumed to be founded on Thursday, April 23. As a teaser, the titles of my Ancient Kings retain, like "Joshua, Ventilus King" as part of the original continuity, as well as "Yuki, Ventilus Queen". However, this won't be "Yuki" anymore. I currently have many choices to deal with naming her.
UPDATE - 4/23/2015
Currently, I drew a photo of Yuki's current appearance. She appears as stated in the main continuity. Well, as a pure Antiquian, of course. Usually, she takes on human form, unlike the Ictistopians, who keeps their mephitine (skunk) appearance and natural characteristics. Here's the pic:

This is Yuki's current appearance (as a pure Antiquian, subsequent to Josh the Hedgehog X: Ancient Adventures Episode 79: Rain of Crimson Ice. Also, the close-up shots of her current appearance for the main continuity will appear after few days, since working onthe said art takes time to be finished.
I can also create a wallpaper for her in Clip Studio Paint and will be finished tomorrow, if I can use the laptop.
UPDATE - 4/24/15
Today, I finished the said wallpaper. Here it is:

A little bit casual outfit for now, since my restrictions are a great challenge to me. Made through Clip Studio Paint! More updates coming up soon! I can make Joshua and the others next week if my time is sufficient enough.
UPDATE - 4/27/2015
Here are the presumed full names of the characters in my main continuity:

Josh the Hedgehog - Joshua Celerea Zephyrius
Yuki the Hedgecat - Caitlyneia/Caitlineia Pagonia Eurius
Louie the Fox - Louisius Pyretos Salamandra
Jetris the Hedgehawk - Raymond Atlasium Rodrigueos
Thomas the Echidna - Thomas Pelagia Atlanteum
Rey the Hedgedragon - Reius Wyrmheart Draganea
Arthur the Hedgehog - Arthurius Nyctum Cyrepha
Here are the Greater Deific Kings' presumed full names:

Aero - Aero Celerea
Pyro - Pyro Salamandra
Aqua - Aqua Atlanteum
Terra - Terra Atlasium
Reff - Psireff Cyrepha
The said wiki will only be created when our current admins will be active again.
UPDATE - 5/7/2015
A comic book called "The Ventilus King: Year 2757-2765" will be created soon. It features a new female character Josh met when he was 757 years old. Her name is now Astreia Lucernumbrea!
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• 4/12/2015

Character Infoboxes with No Current Content

As of April 9, 2015, I have been adding new parameters for the Template:Infobox character, thus resulting to various empty boxes. You may notice this, but there are few reasons why they are still empty. Due to the changes in the infobox's syntax affecting ALL pages (which are many) containing this infobox, I cannot fill in all of the parameters for the aforementioned pages this day, because the time I alloted for the template change started from 11:00 PM up to 11:30 only and I'm only using my bro's laptop. Therefore, I did not have enough time and I only thought of making the changes this late evening, since I was stressed of making a watercolor landscape painting (which I would like to post to you all soon).
I'll make the necessary changes on April 10, if I have sufficient time to do so. Sorry for the late inconvenience.
This is the Awesome Void Ray reporting this evenin'!
UPDATE (4/10/15) - Finished adding all parameters to the template until 7:54, but the completion of the information in the said pages are incomplete, due to pressures on household chores, brewing some rant of some sort, but this is just temporary, so it holds no such concern. I probably can continue later (today) IF luck lets me.
Once again, sorry for the current inconvenience!
UPDATE (4/12/15) - I can only go here on Wednesday-Friday. Please do not wait for me to respond to your messages if you have sent me any. Thanks!
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• 3/29/2015

JTH April Feature Awards 2015

Ladies and gents, it's the Awesome Void Ray reportin'!
Please nominate yer articles here: User blog:Josh the Hedgehog/JTH April 2015 Feature Awards/Nominations
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• 3/20/2015

New Database with New Kewl Characters!

Heyo ladies and gents, this is the Awesome Void Ray reportin'! Let me give you some details about the following:
I'm going to create a new Sonic Fandom with new charas. The name of the fandom is "Kinemancia's Gate". The charas of this fandom live in the planet Kinemancia. The main characters are Vairian the Hedgehog and Tritheta the Echidna. They are both special photokinetics but they differ in elemental affinity (Vairian: Cryomancia; Tritheta: Geokinesis).
In this universe, there are two main types of thauma (Kinemancia magic):

Kinesis - magic that requires a physical medium to be formed (e.g. igniting your fists with fire and punching the enemy with it)
Mancia - magic that can be released from a magic circle, which requires a focused mind (e.g. firing icicles from a cyan magic circle)
I'll explain more in the next few days. G'bye!
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• 10/1/2014

JTH's Tanjoubi Is APPROACHIN'!

Hey guys, Josh here!
We have 3 days left before the database celebrates Josh's birthdehhh!
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• 9/28/2014

Signature Checker

Hey guys, Josh here. Late at night, me's goin' to maek a signature checker through forum.
Just enter your sigs on the Comments to check!
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• 9/28/2014


Josh here, everyone! I just came back from hiatus and drew my fursona for Josh & Jack's All Star Battlers Art Section, so I guess it would be nice to post this as.... wallpaper. Since we're JTH Database, obviously Josh is the main character!

Here is the full view! So guys, what do you think?
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• 6/11/2014

Current Hiatus

If you notice the Recent Activity dry, that means I am currently under hiatus due to school.
Admins, please do your best to protect the wikia. Thank you. JTH signing out.
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• 3/22/2014

Mild and Text-Emphasizing BG Contest

Hey guys, Josh here! 
ANNOUNCEMENT: The Template:FontColor has been introduced today, March 21, 2014. To emphasize the text created by the template, we need a clear and eye-calming background.
This is a contest of Mild and Emphasized Background Color! 

Mild Color - 40%
Clear Emphasis - 60%
All you need is to submit a hex code to me by replying on this thread or on my Message Wall. 

Color Palette Master of 2014 Trophy (Template Form)
Chat Mod Promotion (Regular) / Admin Promotion (Chatmod) / Bureaucrat Promotion (Admin)
That's all, ladies and gents. Thank you.
EDIT - BTW, you can ask questions anytime.
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• 12/27/2013

Clear Timelines for New Characters

Hey guys, JTH here. I'm here to tell everyone how to be clear of timeline problems for your new characters. Here are they:
Q#1: How should I make a new character without worrying about the timeline?
Well, you should consider the time and history. You must make a cool plan but thoroughly & carefully. If it's a baby character, think about his or her parents. When did the mother conceive the child? Think of the date. You musn't instantly make a new character aligned with his or her parents, because there is still no scene before the new character's birth! If you missed the scene, make a planned roleplay right away. Don't worry, you will not get tired of planning it, if you REALLY plan to make the new character. If you have other problems, ask other users about it.
More comin' soon, ladies & gents.
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• 3/28/2015

Vandalism Attack Ver. 2

We have detected a troll this November 12, 2013. He made the page Hugh the Hedgehog that contains godmod info. It also mentioned that he "defeat Josh 100 times", but it is all mere fallacy. 
What's happening to the admins now? Hiatusness, I presume? Admins, please continue to ban all trolls, vandalizers, and spammers to protect this wiki.
Thank you for your cooperation!
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• 11/2/2013

Patricia's "Pure" Heart of Gold?

Hey SB, I just got few questions and "doubts" about Patricia the Skunk or specifically, her backstory. Just answer the questions and you'll be fine. I can initiate few changes on some of her info, but don't worry, it's focused on one topic and is NOT general. Do not be bothered, 'kay?
Q#1: As I can see in Patricia the Skunk's Story in JackTH Wiki or should we say Half-Demon Wiki (which has complete info about the story), it mentioned about "Legendary Witchery, Items & Powers" purple spell book of thingy-majigs.
Jasmine: Legend has it that when the Witch's Orb is close, it causes magic wands to glow super bright.
Michelle: Maybe we can find the Witch's Orb & maybe one of us will have the purest of hearts
Here's the question. How can you prove that maybe one of the witch sisters will have the "purest of hearts", that no being is pure-hearted?
Q#2: This one is a bit humorous. Darkest did an EPIC job putting a riddle there. XD
Anu:(Puts hand up) Answer my riddle, Doth one can love, but can one Love thee if not Pure of heart?
Patricia: (thinking) Hmm, Doth one can love, but can one love thee, if not Pure of heart? Hmm...(starts thinking & sighs) I know it's not an answer, but here's the thing, when I look at you, I think of someone I know, someone who is fragile & vunarable deep down, someone who has feelings, the purest of hearts, looking for doesn't matter that what we all look on the outside, it's what the inside that our biggest hearts...and I understand that we all have feelings & we all look for someone to share their feelings with, to laugh with, to be with & to love...
I'll illustrate the true question of Anu here. (Archaic Knowledge TAAAAYM) "Can anyone love you, if your heart is not pure?" Answer in YES or NO, and please explain why. 
Q#3: Super Patricia: (collects all of the power rings, regaining his[sic] energy, increasing her powers 10x & her aura begins to glow even brighter than ever, blinding Succubus Layla)
This one may not sound like a true question. LOL
Well. How could thousands of Power Rings (this isn't a hyperbole, get?) increase Super Patricia's powers, multiplied by a friggin' 10?
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• 7/27/2013

Rant 2: Continuation of the Great Problem

Oh hey guys! Josh here.
I wanna continue that Rant 1, but this is mixed with another topic.
Read this thread for more info:
Post a comment below if you wanna something to say about the thread.
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• 7/24/2013

Rant 1: Great Problem in STHFW

Hey guys, Josh here. I got a problem in STHFW. Could you guys help me out? I'll explain about what happened.
First, I'll give you a link to the episode I had a problem with:
I could just explode because a user named Cameron33268110 just accused me of being mean and aggressive. WTH. She was high-and-mighty and bossing anyone around. 
"I'm just creative. And I will listen. I'm just stubborn with my Mom. And SB, stay. Josh is mean and aggressive. NOW!" —Cami
See the highlighted sentence? She's commanding SB to stay and exert her pride to tell me that pitiful sentence.
I do not mean to hate Cami, but she just crossed the line by renaming her messed-up RP episode into a new idea, but still the same deteriorated idea. Werellama? Weird title. 
And now her pride is rising to the point she thinks that she's creative and opposing me that I was mean to her. If I was her, I would SU and listen to great suggestions. And she's bending the truth. She showed her cowardice by renaming Chi Woo What? to Werellama?. Talk about the note no. 2 there. It says: "Nobody will not be mistaken everybody as robots or fakes or random people." It's not my fault that she renamed the episode. She just followed her own concept and kept on going until she messed up. She didn't know it, so she thought that she was "creative" and made an offense a me. ¬_¬
Could you guys help me with advices? If you would help me out, you would be an admin and I will give you much more freedom in this wiki (bad things don't count, apparently).
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• 6/2/2013

Founder Hiatus

Hey guys, Josh here.
Ahem. Starting June 3, I will be on hiatus, 'cause I will be on high school now. If I have some spare time, I could go here to check if the wiki's secured.
If you could not see me editing pages here or in chat for a WHOLE day, don't send me a message relating to "It's your turn" in RPs. You can only send an emergency message to me.
See ya when I get back here. Josh out.
PS: You could ask questions in the comment box.
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• 11/2/2013

Vandalism Attack

Admins, we have a Code Red coming from a vandalizing anonymous contributor. Please protect the pages immediately and ban the invaders that will come out, just in case.
Actually, I have banned this recent vandalizer. His IP address is 
He attacked this article: Josh the Hedgehog X: Ancient Adventures/Episode 4: Battle Training. Do your best to ban these anonymous contributors. 
I have some tips for all users here in JTH wiki. 

When you create a page, protect it immediately. When you're not an admin or bureaucrat, ask an admin to protect your page.
Immediately ban the invader at the moment of his/her first wrong move. If you're not an admin/bureaucrat, notify an admin when your pages are attacked.
If you have free time in JTH's Database, you can guard the wiki from vandalizers that invade the wiki.
Post a comment below when you witnessed a vandalizer attacking articles. Paste the vandalizer's IP address on the comment box so that I could see the root of the attack. Thank you. Josh the Hedgehog, signing out.
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• 5/13/2013

New Problem from Roleplayers

NOTE: I do not discriminate others included in this topic. This is just giving my personal experience over roleplaying problems. Thank you.
Do you ever experience being left out of roleplays that you joined just recently? I experienced it MANY TIMES, in Sonic the Hedgehog Fanon Wiki. I'm not offensive against the creator of these RPs, but, y'know, she keeps doing her habit. She thinks that it's my fault, keeping myself offline. What in the world. 
Oh please. It's very embarrassing to hear that it's my fault. But really. Is it my fault? I ADMIT IT, NOT EVER. 
Anyways. Did you see a religion-based roleplay? I saw one. This. Y'know, it's offensive to others who join the RP. We have lots of RPs based on action & adventure, BUT WHY RELIGION? It's a bad idea ever. Like I said earlier, IT'S OFFENSIVE.
Summarized tips:

Though leaving other users out of your RP is not listed in the rules, but PLEASE WAIT FOR OTHER USERS TO RESPOND. It makes the RP in normal circulation.
Please do not choose religion as a topic in your roleplay. It offends the other participants in the RP.
By the way, you can post a comment in my blog in STH wiki. Here's the link.
ADD- Did you ever see a response in terms of medicine? Well, I heard a twinky response from  this episode. "Spencer tried to put an ice pack on Klonoa but it turned into an epic fail." WTH. That was the first EPIC FAIL response of my life. It really hurt me as I always heal stiff necks by ice packs. 
Any comments? Post below.
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