That's right the original rp is back with a sequel with more enemies and more friends who will win in this battle between good and evil? find out at the end of the rp!

Makers Note

I really didnt think the original got a proper ending and there are 2 prototype games so why not 2 prototype roleplays? well i edited the ending of the original so it fits into have a sequel so here it is!

"Listen Here, Robuttnik I always win!" -Noah the Hedgehog


  1. Keep PG
  2. Don't Cuss
  3. Stay on Track
  4. Don't Kill other peoples characters without permission
  5. Don't G-mod
  6. 4 Characters Per Catergory except villain
  7. Villain Catergory is acceptance only


Spiderboy's Characters

  • Noah the Hedgehog (Hero)
  • Blade the Hedgehog (Hero)
  • Kitana the Hedgehog (Heroine)
  • Dr. Robotnik (Villain)
  • Rob-ot the Hedgebot/Robby the Hedgehog (Villain/Hero)
  • G.U.N. (Neutral)
  • The Prototypes (Villain)

JoshtheHedgehog's Characters

  • Josh the Hedgehog (Hero)
  • Rey the Hedgedragon (Hero)
  • Yuki the Hedgecat (Heroine)

Chapter 0: The Evil Egg

(9:57 PM 2023 The Death Egg)

Dr. Robotnik: It's at 50% Rob-ot.

Rob-ot: Amazing Master.

Dr. Robotnik: 50% more and the world will be mine to rule, and my first order will be all of those rats will be destroyed!

Rob-ot: There is a Ship coming towards us Master.

Dr. Robotnik: What! (Walks over) G.U.N.! Prepare all defense systems and shoot them down!

(The G.U.N. Ship gets shot down onto Mobius)


Chapter 1: Return of Heroes

Noah: (Sees Crash) Woah! Blade, let's go look!

Blade: I don't know about this Noah, this could be dangerous.

Noah: Come on, it'll be fine! (Grabs Blade's arm and runs)

Blade: Noah!!!!

(They Reach the crash site)

Noah: It's a G.U.N. ship.

Blade: What happend to it?

Noah: I don't know but lets search for survivors.

GUN Soldier: Help!

Noah: (Runs over) What happend?

GUN Soldier: (Has flashback about him being Prototype 1.0) Aren't you?

Noah: No time to explain (Pulls out of Wreckage) Ok, now what happend.

GUN Soldier: Robotnik shot us down when we were trying to board his space base, We were warned about him having Prototype DNA.

Blade: I met a guy who works with the M.S.P. (Mobius Space Program) so we can fly up to see what shot it down.

Noah: But first let's get this guy to the Hospital.


Noah: Alright We might have to get Josh.

Blade: Right.

Suddenly, a twister appears, causing Josh to appear.

Josh: Hey guys. 'Sup?

Noah: Hey Josh, we were just about to come get you to help.

Josh: Nice, what do you need?

Noah: We need to get this guy to the hospital and quick!

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