Ace the Fox

Ace the fox, my first fan character.

Ace the Fox is my first character, and I will be making more as I get to it. Info below.


Ace started as a natural sheriff for his town. He quickly got the rank at the age of 9, due to the last one dying, and Ace being the one willing and ready for what's to come. However, one day, while he was away to help a friend named Valor in a different area, the town got burnt down. He came home, but all he saw was rubble and ashes, and a few peices of equipment. He quickly collected what he could find, and left to find a new home. He found fairly soon a dense forest, and a city. He now is one of the richest foxes of the city, but for some reason, will never leave without his belt and hat. No one knows why, and no one has asked Ace why.

Friends & Family

Zoru (Old friend; Now rival for unknown reasons.)

Valor (The friend he helped during his time in his old town)


Zoru the Dino




Moves available depends on equipment Ace has with him.


  • Ace never met his parents out of what he remembers now, but has great aim with just about any ranged weaponry of sorts.
  • Ace doesn't do well in close combat, which is what Zoru and Growler try to take advantage of.
  • Zoru is always suspected by Ace to be around at all times, even when others think no one else is near Ace.


  • I'll add more in the future, including friends and family, and rivals. Perhaps even more history. For now, this is all I can think of.
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