Aeron the Hedgebat is a hedgebat who has intense fire abilities. He is Dr. EggRey's right hand, as a Vice General in Equera Empire

Aeron the Hedgebat
Dr. EggRey's right hand & Josh's childhood rival. (Picture made in Gen8Hedgehog's Male Furry Doll Maker in dA)




Mobian Bat & Mobian Hedgehog Hybrid / Ancient / Human (formerly)


Red hedgebat with red fur, bat's ears, grey streaks, peach wings with red wing digit, peach muzzle, green eyes, white furry belly, & red hair protruding from his head.


He wears a dark red polo shirt, red sport pants, dark fingerless gloves, brown leather belt, yellow slim jacket, & black-yellow jet shoes. He wears a hidden spiky bracelets on his wrists.


He is commonly level-headed in planning, but gets short-tempered when insulted.


He has infernal abilities. His flames are more resistant to water, due to the mass of combustible material in it. He can form attack associated with fire. He has super strength, but can't match those of Rey's strength.


Aeron is Josh's rival since childhood. Each day, they fight each other to test their abilities, to find who's stronger. As they grew up, Josh became the Ventilus King, to Aeron's disappointment. He became envious o him, because he knew that Josh became stronger than him. He joins the Equera Empire to overpower him, becoming the right hand of the notorious Dr. EggRey. 

He encounters Josh the second time in Zynari Underground, where Josh and his friends fight Aeron. Eventually, he was defeated by Josh's Tachyon Kick.

He makes various appearances in JTH's roleplay collections.


He is sometimes level-headed, but is short-tempered when insulted. He can be persistent in fights, trying to take advantage against the minion enemy with his increased performance when angry. When very angry, he must not be underestimated, because he will attack head-on with rage, fast enough to read his movements.


He has intense fire abilities, enabling him to form a single wildfire in a forest. He can form deep red flames, which is hotter than ordinary fire. His flames are more resistant to water, due to the great mass of the oxygen and fuel that they contain.

He also has superhuman strength, being able to lift a boulder that is twice his size. However, his strength cannot match Rey's immense strength or Thomas' even colossal strength.


He has a special weakness: pressured water. As ordinary water cannot extinguish his flames immediately, pressured water can flush him to defeat.



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