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Alice the Cat is Josh the Hedgehog's second sidekick and his only female sidekick. She has an adopted daughter named Sandy the Cat. 

Alyssa "Alice" the Cat
Basic Info
Full Name No info
Nicknames No info
Age 1232
Gender No info
Species No info
Alignment No info
Relationship Status No info
Voiced by No info
Color No info
Height No info
Weight No info
Biographical Information
Birthdate No info
Birthplace No info
Residence No info
Relatives No info
Affiliations No info
Personal Information
Likes No info
Dislikes No info
Friends No info
Foes No info
Romantic Interest(s) No info
Occupation No info
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Abilities As an Electronian, she is a practitioner of the arts of Ancient Electrokinesis, though a bit inferior than Jameskie, her older brother. She is capable of summoning thunderbolts from the sky. She can also form electricity from her body. She is also quite flexible, capable of dodging most slow-projectile attacks.
Skills Associated No info


She has a very cheerful demeanor. When she chats with friends, her smile never disappears from her face. She is also kind, optimistic, compassionate, considerate, open-minded, and sometimes charismatic.


Ancient Electrokinesis

As the youngest child of the current Electronian royal family, she is also a skilled practitioner of Ancient Electrokinesis, which involves complex electrokinetic skills which usual electric wielders cannot normally cast. She is capable of creating electricity from her hands. She can also summon thunderbolts from the sky. She can create a stream of electricity against a line of opponents. As of 2015, she learns new abilities and two branches of her attacks, namely Spark and Sparkling. Spark is composed of intermediate attacks and supportive spells, while Sparkling is composed of finishing attacks and advanced support skills. 

Her Spark Attacks are as following:

  • Spark Arrester - Alice forms electricity from her palms and releases it as a stream of lightning at the opponent.
  • Spark Chamber - Alice extends her arms at the sky and conjures a white magic circle. Thin streams of electricity emerge from the circle and home at multiple targets. When they strike, they continuously electrocute the targets until the streams' power periodically increases. During this attack's execution, Alice can lift the targets, unless they are very heavy.
  • Spark Cleaver - Alice forms an energy blade from her hand and loads it with electricity. She can use this as an energy melee attack.
  • Spark Field
  • Spark Judgment

Her Sparkling Attacks are as following:

  • Sparkling Vortex
  • Sparkling Smash


High Intellect



Physical Vulnerability -


She has yellow fur and hair, blue coat, blue eyes, black pants, & black high heeled shoes.


  • Super Alice- Alice's form that can be activated with the 7 Chaos Emeralds.
  • Hyper Alice- Alice's form that can be activated with the 7 Super Emeralds, enhanced by the Master Emerald.
  • Infinity Alice- (only appears in Ancient Battle) Alice's form that can be activated via Ancient Energy of Infinity Josh.

Other Forms

  • Haos Alice- Alice's form that can be activated with the Haos Emerald.
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