Episode 1: The Friendly Meet-Up

Thunderous Tornado Castle in Ventilus

One day... Josh: (scanning a cave in his supercomputer) Freeze Cave... The Cryogenic Crystal rests there.

Alice: Sir, detecting hostile forces in the said cave.

Jesse: EggPlankton, it is.

Josh: Hm, did they make a base inside undetected? This is bad. (hears someone knocking at the door) Hmm... It's Night and Sierra. (opens the door) Hey--

Jack TH: Actually, it's me & Patricia, but nice try on the guessing though.

Josh: I know, but there they are.

Patricia: Hi Night & Sierra.

Sierra: Hi guys.

Night: Hmm...(hi).

Jack TH: Nice to see you again.

Josh: Okay, so come in, please.

Jess: Hello.

Alice: A pleasure to meet you. We have news.

Jack TH: What is it? Something important?

Alice: Of course. I'm about to show you the location of an ice cave. It contains a base of EggPlankton.

Josh: We need to destroy it before he steals the treasure inside.

Jack TH: An Ice Cave? To where?

Josh: It's an ice cave located at the southeast part of this continent.

Jess: Excuse me, Jack. Please wear these coats. (gives them each fur coats)

Jack TH: (wears the fur coat) Thanks

Patricia: (wears the fur coat as well) Thank you Joshie.

Jess: So Sir, can we go now?

Josh: Yeah. Let's go!

Alice: Yessir!

Patricia: (sighs) Let's go to the caves, I hope no one's watching us

(They all went to the ice cave)

Sierra: Hmm...this place reminds me so much of my childhood back at my cold home.

Josh: Refreshing, isn't it? This is one of my favorite places in Antiquus.

Pt. 2 Icy Battle

Freeze Cave in Ventilus

Josh: Well, here we are.

Jack the Hedgehog: Then I guess one of us should lead the way or in this case, light the way.

Josh: Yeah, I know. It's a little dark here... Chaos... Flash! (summons a bright light) There!

Jack the Hedgehog: Just in case. (activates his Rainbow Emeralds on his Arm Brace) CHANGE OF ATTRIBUTE! HAOS! (turns into Haos Jack thanks to the power of the Rainbow Emeralds on his Arm Brace)

Haos Jack TH: HAOS JACK! (glows brighter than Josh's Light) There we go, we can see even better

Josh: (sighs and reveals a Haos Emerald) Change attribute, Haos! (transforms into Haos Josh)

Haos Josh: (since he is powered by a BakuEmerald, he shines brighter)

Maoge:-in a coma and liying in one of the tunnels-

Max:-skateboarded into the cave- anyone home?

Haos Josh: Not really, but you can say that.

???: WOAH So this is where the Chaos Emerald is located?

???2: Its a little dark.

Max: Hi Jack. Anyway i heard that someone's in a coma in this cave

Haos Jack the Hedgehog: (glows brighter) Hi Max

Haos Josh: (still shining brighter) That hurt.

Jess: (hears something) Huh? Someone's saying that there's a Chaos Emerald here.

Alice: I bet it's a new visitor.

Haos Josh: (sees the 2 shadowy figures and reveals them with his light) There they are.

Night: *to Haos Josh* Do you think they'll be able to help us?

Haos Josh: I don't know. If they're looking for a Chaos Emerald, we're looking for EggPlankton's base and we're going to destroy it.

Haos Jack: (glows even brighter than before) Don't use too much light or the light might get burned out

Max:(sighed)ill just go find the unconsious guy alone(walked through another path to find maoge)

Patricia: Wait, which way should we go now

Haos Josh: I could say the same to you. (still glows brighter than Haos Jack) You'll never beat the BakuEmeralds!

Jesse: Not to interrupt, but we have danger inbound, milord.

(5 Ice Wolves are approaching)

Haos Josh: I am ready whenever.

Jesse and Alice: Understood.

Haos Jack: Oh yeah? (glows bright to his Maximum, even more brighter than Haos Josh) Try this on for size.

Haos Josh: Weak. (glows bright to his maximum level, illuminating a 500-meter-radius area; brighter than Haos Jack now tenfold)

Patricia: (blocking her eyes) Ok ok it's bright enough for the whole cave now, you can stop now guys.

Haos Josh: (retains to his normal glow) Was that on purpose, by the way?

Alice: (glides upwards and kicks the Ice Wolves' heads)

Jesse: (drives the Ice Wolves to submission with a swift low kick)

Haos Jack: I hear ya, Overpowered Lightbulb (returns to his normal glow)

Haos Josh: Are you competing with me? No offense, but you're a weakling!

Haos Jack: Remember that I'm the Team Captain of Team Danger. They push themselves to the limit & live life to the fullest.

Haos Josh: Hmph. Remember this: I am the king of this continent! You are not to do anything strange when I am present!

Haos Jack: And I'm Sonic the Hedgehog's Cousin.

Haos Josh: And he's my seventh descendant! Beat that. You're just my childhood friend and my experience all over the years of my lifetime is far greater than yours and your skunk friend combined!

(But they didn't noticed a Small Bucket Orb [similar to the Stealth Orb] is spying on them)

Patricia: Guys, I have the strangest feeling that we're being followed

Haos Josh: Tch. (sees the orb) I see it.

Robur: *Walks Nearby* ...What's... ...Happening..?

Haos Jack: EggPlankton (shoots an Energy Blast at the Bucket Orb destroying it) He's onto us

Haos Josh: Figures.

Jess: Sir, I see someone nearby.

Haos Josh: (grabs an Ice Wolf) Chaos Current! (discharges a current of electricity)

Patricia: (coats her tail with Energy) Get ready.

Haos Jack: Josh, look. (points to the Ice Wolf who is malfunctioning because he can see a Robotic Skeleton underneath the Ice Wolf's Skin) It's a Robot

Haos Josh: This does not look like one of EggPlankton's.

Jesse: Milord, enemies incoming.

(20 Equera Bots Beta inbound)

Haos Jack: And those ones are bigger

Haos Josh: They look like real machines to me.

Night: Then I presume that they aren't friendly, yes?

Haos Jack: I don't think so. Josh we should save our energies for later by turning back to normal

Haos Josh: Heard you. (turns back to normal) Let's defeat those Polar Bots!

Jack TH: (Turns back to normal) After we've defeated those things, we should take turns to see who is leading & who's not

Josh: I shall.

Jack TH: Let's go! (spindashes at the Equera Bots Beta)

Patricia: Josh, watch this! (coats her Tail with energy and swings it sideways at the Equera Bots Beta)

The Equera Bots Beta were flung to a wall.

Patricia: This move is called "Iron Tail".

Josh: I see. (covers his left eye and disappears in a flash of lightning)

4 Equera Bots Beta were cut into halves.

Jack TH: (spindashes at 8 more Equera Bots Beta, making the others hard to see Jack)

Josh: (can still see Jack) Shabby. (jumps and disappears in a sudden blur)

All the other Equera Bots Beta were destroyed by an unknown attack initiated in unseen speeds.

Josh: Is that all for now? Let us proceed, then.

Jack TH: Yeah, what he said (starts walking)

Patricia: (Gulps)

Josh: Hm? Who must you be...?

Noa: Hey!

Josh: Oh, it's you, Noa.

Jack TH: Hi, who are you?

Noa: My name is Noa the Hedgehog!

Jack TH: Hi Noa, my name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is my best friend, Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: Hi Noa

Noa: Hi nice to meet you

Sierra: It's nice to meet you too. I'm Sierra the Rabbit.

Night: And I'm Night the Fox.

Noa: Nice to meet you too

Patricia: (Shakes Noa's Hand) I hope you don't mind about my Skunk Scent because I'm a Skunk after all

Josh: ....How does that even relate to a hand-shake?

Noa: I don't mind i smelled worse for example my sisters diaper when she was a baby

Pt. 3 Splitting Up

Josh: We should proceed through this door.

Jack TH: Uh which one? Cause there's 5 Doors

Noa: Should we split up?

Night: Number two is my lucky I'll take door number two (the door second to the left).

Josh: OK... Let's split up! Night and Sierra, Jack and Patricia, Me and Alice, and Noa and Jess. Only one door left. But the others aren't here. I'll go to the number 5. (goes to the east door with Alice)

Noa: Alright lets go!

Josh: Noa, go to the 4th door.

Noa: Alright


Josh: (in the 5th room) We're here, Alice.

Alice: Yes, miliege.

Josh: Let's go.

Alice: As per order.

(They proceed through a door)


Night and Sierra: *they both walk through the second door*

Sierra: So, do you think we can trust that Noa guy?

Night: Why ask that?

Sierra: I'm just curious to hear your opinion. That's all.

Night: *quietly* This is a little tedious...

Sierra: What is?

Night: I'm stuck with a gossip girl. -_-"


Noah: I never even met my partner

Jesse: Greetings. I am Jesse the Hedgehog, King Josh's retainer.

Noah: I'm Noah, so lets get moving Jesse!

Jesse: I hear you.

(They proceed through a door)


Jack TH: Alright I guess the 1st & 3rd Door is left

Patricia: Yep, let's go through the 3rd Door

Jack TH: Ok

(Jack TH & Patricia goes through the 3rd Door)

Pt. 4 Robotic Battle

With Josh & Alice in the 5th Hallway

Josh and Alice arrived in a hall.

Alice: (points to a door) I presume it is the exit.

Josh: Of course. Let's proceed.

With Jack & Patricia in the 3rd Hallway

Jack & Patricia: (arrives in the hallway)

Jack the Hedgehog: Anything?

Patricia: I don't think so

Jack the Hedgehog: Let's keep looking

With Robbie & Jack the Flying Squirrel in the 1st Hallway

Jack FS: I dont get it. The Tracker Tails gave us said it should be somewhere in this cave!

Robbie: Uh Jack... Your sitting down.

Jack FS: Oh sorry.

Robbie: *sticks his tounge out at Jack and rolls his eyes*

Jack FS: Maybe theres someone in the cave that can help us?

Robbie: I doubt that.

Pt. 5 United Again... with New Adventurers

Josh: (crossing his arm) I'm quite tired.

Alice: Can we wait for the others, milord?

Josh: As you wish, then.

Robbie and Jack TFS run in.

Robbie: Jack, give it to me! I HAVE to find that Emerald!

Jack TFS: Tails gave it to MEH.

Robbie: ..... Just give it to me.

Josh: Hm? (sees Robbie & Jack) What fares you?

Alice: You're on a wind continent, didn't you notice?

Josh: Cutting to the chase, what brings you here?

Robbie: Well.. We are looking for a Chaos Emerald. Tails gave us this device to track it.

Jack TFS: And Yes we do know we are in a wind continent.

Robbie: Uh, Jack, you said you didn't know where we-


Josh: (sighs) Chaos Emerald? I don't know what it is, but I have found a blue emerald about the size of my fist. (reveals a blue emeralds)

Robbie & Jack TFS in unison: IT TOOK US 6 HOURS TO FIND THAT!!!

Josh: Really...?

Jack the Hedgehog & Patricia: Guys?

Robbie: (That Jack the Hedgehog Guy looks familar..)

Jack TH: What should we do?

Josh: We must wait for Night, Sierra, Noah, and Jesse.

Jack FS: Well we could help these guys Or Me and Robbie could leave and Help Tails

Josh: It depends on you two.


Jack FS:... I HATE Adventure!

Both:.... Rock Paper SCISSORS.


Jack FS: Ugh...

Josh: Here. (throws the blue emerald to Robbie)

Max:*Flew through the wall and landed in the other wall* gah!

???:I will not be captured by shadaloo, Scum like you!

Max:I told you,im against shadaloo!

Patricia: Are you ok, Max?

Max:Yeah,im fine.But he wont be in a second*got up and ran at ???*

Max:DRAON...*uppercutted ??? with a burning punch* FIST!!!

Jack TH: (grabs ??? & slams him to the ground with a very powerful punch) Alright, tell me. (slamming ??? to the ground) WHO...ARE YOU...WORKING FOR?

Josh: You even don't know him. Why bother?

Patricia: (Gulps)

Josh: ?¬.¬

Jess: (comes out from the 4th hallway) Safe, and-- What's with all the fuss?

Alice: Brother, you're back. Where is Noah, to ask?

Jess: He's still in that hallway. (points to the door of the 4th hallway)

Jack TH: Let's go try the 4th Hallway & find out

Josh: OK.

(Josh & Jack TH went to the 4th hallway)


Josh: Where's Noa?

Jack TH: I don't know where he's gone

Josh: Hmm... (scans something) He's not here.

Jack TH: Nope. (notices Patricia's Skunk Scent) Isn't that Patricia's Skunk Scent?

Josh: I don't know, yet it smells like it came from a mephitid.

Jack TH: Patricia

Patricia: Sorry, I just can't help myself. After all I am a Skunk

Josh: That's okay.

Patricia: (hugs Josh) Thank you for understanding, Josh.

Josh: H-hey, I'm--

Jack TH: Ok, now where are we?

Josh: In the 4th hallway, yet Noah isn't here.

(Max and the mysterious hedgehog were still down below,fighting)

Max:Crap!*was pinned down by ???'s foot*

???:Shadaloo will not take me alive!


Max:M the bison!

M the bison:thats right you foolish scum

Josh: I could say the same to the one who called my friend "scum". (gets to his battle stance)

Max:*Got up with Maoge* Allright M,bring it on! Josh,please let me do this alone

Josh: Suit yourself, then.

Jack TH: What can Patricia & I do?

Josh: You are now under my command, for I am king of this land.

Jack TH: And I'm Sonic the Hedgehog's Cousin. Remember?

Josh: Completely irrelevant, should I say.

Max:Oh shut up! help maoge destroy the cannons

Jack TH: Who?

The cannons fire at the heroes.

Josh: Too slow. (flings wind spheres at the cannons)

Patricia: Are you sure you don't need our help?

Josh: Hey Max, won't you need Jack & Patricia's help?

Max:Iv been taking down M a ton of times,i can deal with this. Destroy the cannons! *Fighting M*

Josh: Well then, consider it granted.

Jack TH & Patricia: Right! (does a spindash on the Cannons damaging them, one by one)

Josh: (creates a wind blade and shreds some cannons)

Jesse: (jumps out of nowhere and destroys a cannon with a Lightning Advent)

Patricia: (coats her Big Fluffy Skunk Tail with Energy & uses Iron Tail to destroy the Cannons)

Jack TH: Wow! Patricia's Iron Tail is super powerful!

Patricia: Thanks Jack. (jumps up & lands on the ground, making her breasts a little bit bouncy) Oh (giggles)

Josh: And you call yourself "pure". (shoots a huge laser beam that destroys a line of cannons)

Patricia: (to Josh) Sorry about that, sometimes my chest could be a little bit bouncy when I land on my feet.

Josh: Refrain from wearing tight clothes. You are a woman, you know. (shoots some wind orbs on 2 cannons)

Jack: Chaos Ninjago! (uses Chaos Ninjago on the 4 Cannons, destroying them) Yeah!

Josh: Hmph.

Patricia: I guess my Breast & Buttocks are a little bit bouncy when I jump up & down--

Josh: Stop. Now.

Jack: How many Cannons are left?

Josh: 12 left. Jack, let us combine our wind powers to destroy all cannons.

Jack: Ok, let's do this !

Josh: Pursuit Secutor. (creates a green magic circle which flings a twister towards Jack)

Jack: Chaos Ninjago! (twirls around, making an Orange Tornado around himself) Fusion Move: Tornado of Creation!

Josh: No. Fusion Move: Twin Chaos Secutor.

Jack: I insist it's called the "Tornado of Creation".

Patricia: Uh guys?

Josh: Twin Chaos Secutor.

Patricia: Guys?

Jack: I got an Idea, let's put both of our name ideas for this move like "Double Tornado of Creation" or just "Double Tornado of Chaos" your choice.

Patricia: Guys!

Josh: Twin Chaos Secutor! Just synchronizing.

Max:Whats happening?!?!

-M was glowing blue


The Twin Chaos Secutor has destroyed most cannons.

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail to smash the rest of the Cannons) I've already taken care of the cannons for you.

Jack: I guess we can't think of a good name for our fusion move.

(A black an brown hedgehog stands right above M the Bison. He Homing Attacks the bison multiple times.)

Jack: I got it (whispers to Josh) We'll use the Fusion Move against M the Bison. How's that for a good plan?

Josh: Not good enough, but let us test it.

(The black and brown hedgehog then repeatedly punches and kicks M the Bison)

Noa: (Comes out of the hallway) Sorry i took to long guys- um guys whats happening?

Jack: (points to M the Bison) He happened to be here

Noa: Alright then ill tell you why i was late after this.

Patricia: Ok Noa

Josh: What happened to you, Noa?

Noa: Well my sister Luna called to see where i was.

Josh: Pursuit Secutor! (creates a green magic circle which flings a twister towards Jack)

Jack: (uses Chaos Ninjago) Equals Fusion Move...!

Josh: Fusion Move: Twin Chaos Secutor! (creates a giant twister with Jack inside the tornado, assisting it to increase its energy)

Jack: Here we GO! (uses the Fusion Move: Twin Chaos Secutor against M the Bison)

Patricia: What should we do now, who is M the Bison?

Josh: He is Max's archenemy.

Patricia: Oh ok

Max:he's also the founder of shadaloo and the creator of the psycho drive

M:*Was still glowing blue*Now...FACE THE TRUE BISON HAAAAAAAAAAAAA

-The cave Was obliterated-

Pt. 6 The 1st Boss Battle

Max:BARRIER,ACTIVATE! (Shielded the others)

(M had became Shin Bison)

Max:Oh thats just great!

Jack TH: What should we do, with the Barrier been activated?

(Barrier disappeared)


Shin Bison:FACE MY WRATH (He blasted a dark orb at the others)

Max:Area steal!(Teleported the others out of the way and got hit)


Jack TH: Yikes!

Josh: Tch!

Patricia: Max, are you ok?

Max:He wont be -Took out style changer- STYLE CHANGE! GUTSFLAME

Jack TH: Looks like we're taking that Bison down!

Robbie: YEAH!

Jack The Flying Squirrel: Any ideas?

Josh: Use that blue emerald I gave you. Rise up! (reveals a Ventus Emerald and transforms to Rising Josh)

Jack TH: Got it. (activates the Rainbow Emeralds on his Attribute Arm Brace) CHANGE OF ATTRIBUTE! VENTUS! (turns into Ventus Jack)

Ventus Jack TH: VENTUS JACK!

Rising Josh: The paramount King of Ventilus has risen from the depths of the sky! Behold...!

Robbie and JackFS: THE POWER OF 2!!! *Them and the Emerald Fly and they get shields. Then they charge at the enemy with Homing Attacks*

Ventus Jack TH: Ok Josh your turn to be in your Ventus Form

Rising Josh: Done. I'm all ready whenever you are.

Ventus Jack TH: Yeah!

HeatGuts Max: It wont work

Rising Josh: Doubtful if you're sure.

Tony:*gets up and punches bison with incredible force*"Guys, RUN NOW, make a plan, I'LL HOLD HIM OFF!!"*suddenly, the super emeralds appear, and circle around Tony*"I CALL UPON THE POWER OF THE SUPER EMERALDS!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"*Turns into hyper Tony*

Rising Josh: We'll fight him too, Tony!

Hyper Tony: *in a harsh voice*"GO, RUN!" *Shoots a huge barrage of chaos attacks at bison*"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Noa: Ill power up too! (turns into Super Noa)

Super Noa: I summon you Icecalibur!

Rising Josh: (draws Ancientcalibur from thin air) Prepare yourself.

Max: I know what to do! *Raised right leg so knee was sticking out forward and crossed arms across chest*

Meanwhile on a cliff...

Akuma: *Sensed that Max was using the dark hadou* He cant go down the same road as me *Akuma sent his energy to Max so the darkness wouldnt consume him*



Ventus Jack TH: Max, are you alright?

Rising Josh: That ability is quite... disturbing.

Robbie and Jack FS: HYAAAAA!!!!! *Homing Attacking the Enemy with the Power of 2!*

Shin Bison: Ughh... *stunned by Robbie and Jack's Power of 2*

Ventus Jack TH: (attacks Bison with Wind Abilities)

Rising Josh: (weaves a net of wind blades and lays it over Shin Bison)

Robbie: *Kicks him in the face knocking him over*

Shin Bison: AGH!

  • Everyone then jumps to finsh Shin Bison off with a Advanced Verison of the Power of 2*

Ventus Jack TH: Time to finish this!

Patricia: Right!

Rising Josh: Prepare to rise... down.

  • The Chaos Emerald Suddenly fires a laser at him*

Rising Josh: Twin Rising Chaos Secutor! (flings a giant tornado with Jack increasing the energy)

(A great explosion occured)

Robbie: WE DID IT!


Ventus Jack TH: Yeah! Do you think we should help Max because I think he's been possessed by someone, but who?

Rising Josh: He is probably not possessed. But we need to stop him.

Patricia: Let's do this!

Rising Josh: I'll lead!

Ventus Jack TH: Careful, Max could be powerful inside his Dark Form. It's time that I fight Dark Form with Dark Form (activates his 10 Rainbow Emeralds on his Arm Brace) CHANGE OF ATTRIBUTE! DARKUS! (turns into Darkus Jack)

Darkus Jack TH: Oh yeah! This is more like it !

Rising Josh: I should do the contrary. (shifts to Haos)

Darkus Jack TH: Don't worry, while we weaken him, I'll absorb the Dark Energy off of Max. Don't worry, I'll be fine

Patricia: Ok, just don't go evil on me

Darkus Jack TH: Don't worry, I won't

Super Noa: Sorry Max but im gonna slice you with Icecalibur!

Haos Josh: No need for that, Jack. (electrocutes Max)

Evil max:No stop! ahhhhh!*fell on knees and turned normal*

Haos Josh: (stops his attack) Max, how fare thee?

Darkus Jack TH: What is Max trying to tell us?

Haos Josh: (turns back to normal)

Josh: Max?

Max:*fell unconsious*

Josh: Max!

Darkus Jack TH: That's not good (turns back to normal)

Patricia: Don't worry, he's just resting his energy. I'll try using my Chaos Heal ability to heal him.

Josh: If we mix our powers, it will heal Max more. I shall use Revitalizing Gale.

Patricia: I know, but my Chaos Heal could be more powerful. I don't even know what's gonna happen if we mix our Chaos Heal ability

Josh: You are an overconfident girl, you know that?

Jack TH: Let's give it a shot

Josh: Revitalizing Gale. (a healing wind surrounds Max)

Patricia: Actually, it's more like this. Chaos Heal ! (puts her hands on Max & then heals Max with a Green Aura around Max, healing him in the process)

Josh's Revitalizing Gale, however, is stronger, because it uses Ancient Aerokinesis.

Josh: And a nitpick, too, might I add.

Noa: *turns back to regular form* good thing i didnt hit him with icecalibur

Josh: (points to a big door) We must go through that.

(10 Ice Wolf Bots appear)

Noa: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? *ice surrounds me* ICE FORM!

Jack TH: (spindashes at the Ice Wolf Bots)

Pt. 7 Battle Near the Final Door

Josh: This is the best time to transform like this! (holds a Pyrus Emerald) Change attrbute, Pyrus! (jumps high that he broke a part of the cave's ceiling & floats in the air) Element shift, Pyrus! (transforms into Pyrus Josh & descends to the cave that he broke the cave's ceiling but lands on 2 Ice Wolves, destroying them like a meteor) Hmph.

Ice Noa: *Pulls out icecalibur and starts charging at the wolves*

Pyrus Josh: (does some combos at an Ice Wolf Bot) Shining Burner! (sets out silver fire at his hands & burns an Ice Wolf Bot, melting its armor) Then this! (backflip-kicks the armor-melted Ice Wolf Bot)

Ice Noa: *Slices 3 ice wolf bots* haha!

Pyrus Josh: Burning Illusion! (fires homing fireballs at an Ice Wolf Bot)

Ice Noa: This is way too easy Josh! *slices 2 more wolf bots*

Pyrus Josh: (forms 3 energy rings on a line & charges his attack) Limit Break! Scorch Dash! (dashes on an Ice Wolf & finishes it with a burning dash)

Ice Noa: Is that all of them?

Pyrus Josh: Yes. Time to open this door. (burns the door) I can't burn it... A key is needed. (searches for a key) (turns back to normal)

Noa: *powers down* hmm if i were a key where would i be

Jack TH: Josh, when you change attributes, what are you, my Copy Cat?

Josh: No, since there is a huge gap between our power levels (in which I have the higher level) and we use completely different method in shifting elements. I have Chromasapien DNA and you don't. (finds a key) Hm? Jack, there's a key on your feet!

Noa: Throw the key to me ill unlock it

Josh: (removes the key from Jack's shoes) Here, Noa. Fetch! (throws it at Noa)

Jack TH: Why am I standing on the Key?

Patricia: Don't know, maybe your found it, that's very lucky of you to find it

Jack TH: Thank you Patricia

Noa: *unlocks the door* lets go guys!

Josh: Yes.

(They proceeded through the door)

Pt. 8 The Dark Room

(They entered a dark room)

Josh: I can't see anything...

Noa: Does anyone have a light or something

Josh: No, this room will be bright with a Sacred Torch... Let's find that thing! (goes out but he can't go out because the door was completely locked) Oh no... (steps on a thing) Hm? I stepped something...

Noa: No idea what it could be since its completely dark

Josh: (touches something) This is the Sacred Torch!

Jack TH: That's not the Sacred Torch, that's my face your touching & you stepped my foot.

Josh: (grabs Jack's face and slams him on the ground)

Jack: OW! (rubs his head in pain) Geez, what was that for?!

Josh: It was REALLY him. (grabs the Sacred Torch and lights it)

Patricia: (sighs) Where are we now?

Josh: We're in the dark room of this cave. I remember that there's a basement with treasure inside. (notices the Sacred Torch that shines brightly & lights the whole room) Here it is, very bright! A way to the basement is to find a hidden switch.

Jess: (touches a switch) Hm... This could be it! Huh? (notices that the basement door is still not open) What?!

Josh: Jess, stay on that switch! (steps the 2nd switch & opens the basement door) Okay, here it is. (notices an earthquake) Oh man. (sees a huge hole & falls) NOO!

(All of them fall in the hole)

Pt. 9 Trials to the Basement

Josh: (falls to a hidden lab) Whoa! (lands safely) Hm... (looks above that the huge hole is closing) We're trapped!

Jess: Sir, I think that we're having a challenge here... (sees a challenge room) Let's go in!

Josh: Yes, I think we must pass the test of the Ancients. (enters 1st the challenge room) Let's go.

Jack TH: Oh I get it, it's like a "Themed Basement" (laughs)

Patricia: (Giggles) That's funny.

Jesse: Not our fault.

Jack TH & Patricia: (follows Josh & Jess)

In the Primary Hallway

Josh: Hmm...

Ancient Markscontraptor: (suddenly emerges from a pedestal and fires accurate shots at Josh and Jack)

Jack TH: (dodges by using super speed)

Josh: Whoa! (evades the attack with flexibility) C'mon.

Ancient Markscontraptor: (fires an accurate shot at Josh)

Josh: Whoa! (evades the attack)

Jess: (avoids the sniper's shot through flexibility)

Jack TH: (runs with super speed)

(But they didn't noticed that the Chum Orbs are floating inside through the Air Vents passing all the Challenge Rooms)

Ancient Markscontraptor: (robotic voice) Wait! There are orbs passing through the challenge rooms!

Jack TH: Orbs? What Orbs?

Patricia: Wait, let me try to connect to these Strange Orbs (closes her eyes & concerntrates & finally opens her eyes again) It's the Bucket Orbs!

Ancient Markscontraptor: (robotic voice) Nice work. I'll try to destroy them. (goes to the other rooms & destroys the orbs, one by one)

(We see that there's only 1 left & has passed the Final Challenge Room. Now the Bucket Pod has send a signal to Dr. EggPlankton)

Ancient Markscontraptor: (robotic voice) Our apologies, all challenge rooms are now opened. Hostile contraptions have completely breached the security through the air vents. 

Josh: All right, let's go, everyone!

(They all went to the treasure's keep)

Pt. 10 Plankton Mayhem

Josh: EggPlankton! How dare you stain the cave with your stupid base?!

Dr. EggPlankton: (appears in the Bucket Pod along with the Treasure Chest) Surprize! And I'm gone! (hovers away in the Bucket Pod with the Treasure Chest full of Gold)

Jack TH: He's getting away!

Josh: (teleports at the front of Dr. EggPlankton) You're not getting away, scum. Give the treasure back. Otherwise, you shall pay the price.

Dr. EggPlankton: (Smirk then activates the Darkus Jack-4 Bots) Darkus Jack-4 Bots, get them!

(The Darkus Jack-4 Bots starts tackling Josh to the Ground)

Josh: (dodges already, slashing through them with his Ancientcalibur)

Patricia: (hops on her Flying Broom) Come on guys, hop on!

Jack TH: (hops on Patricia's Flying Broom)

(Jack TH & Patricia goes after Dr. EggPlankton on Patricia's Flying Broom)

Max:HURRICANE KICK!*spin kicked the jack-4 bots off

Jack TH & Patricia: (attack the Jack-4 Bots)

Dr. EggPlankton: (flies back to his Warship called the "Chum Destroyer" with the Treasure Chest)

Josh: Tch.

(Dr. EggPlankton flies away in the Chum Destroyer with the Treasure Chest & the Chum Destroyer dissapears out of sight)

Jack TH: EggPlankton got away

Patricia: Dr. EggPlankton's Gone along with the Treasure & the other 5 Treasures of different Ancient Continents as well.

Jack TH: Looks like Dr. EggPlankton's Busy & we're so busy on the Ventilus Treasure that we've forgotten about the other 5 Treasures from different Ancient Continents. Looks like EggPlankton got us.

Patricia: He could be anywhere on Mobius

Josh: And it's Antiquus, by the way.

Jack TH: Hold on, we don't even know where to start.

Patricia: Yeah, is their a clue or something?

Jack TH: (got a piece of paper stuck on his face because the wind blowed it on his face)

Josh: (removes the piece of paper from Jack TH's face) 

Max:STYLE CHANGE! AQUACUSTOM! *Turned blue and had a gigablaster on arm

Jack TH: That's not the note that is on my face (another note blows onto Jack's Face) That is (removes the note from his face & reads) "Dearest Jack, I've stolen all the Contients Treasure & now I'm gonna stole the other 5 & I'm gonna make you all pay. Kindest regards, Dr. EggPlankton." How can we even catch him if he's one step ahead of us?

Josh: We must chase him if possible. To Zynari we go. (teleports everyone to Zynari)

Pt. 11 Zynari's in Trouble Josh: Well, we're here. We must find the Tower of Lost Souls. Let's hurry, before EggPlankton steals the Zynari treasure!

Jess: Sir, I know, Sir Patel is on his castle, & the treasure is also in his castle.

Alice: I hope it's not stolen.

Josh: That eggface cannot defeat Patel even with his toy spaceship. We must fly away to the Chum Destroyer! (floats on air because he is an Ancient King) And we must destroy him! (flies to the Chum Destroyer) EggPlankton... You will be annihilated!

Solar: (flies via phoenix aura)

Lunar: (flies via psychokinesis)

Dr. EggPlankton: Gotcha! (activates a Giant Sized Power Drain Machine, trapping Josh, Solar & Lunar) And now, my faviorite part (activates the Giant Sized Power Drain Machine, electrocuting Josh, Solar & Lunar, stealing the energy from them & into the Machine) (gasps) What power!

Jack: Guys!

Josh: Really... (nullifies the electricity) Didn't see that coming.

Solar: Aahh!

Lunar: Aaargh!

Patricia: (hops on her Flying Broom) Come on!

Jack: Right ! (hops on Patricia's Flying Broom) Let's go!

(Jack & Patricia flies up to the Chum Destroyer by using Patricia's Flying Broom)

Patel:*Fighting chum pawns using haos cleaver*Heeelp!

Jack: Oh man. Hold on! I'm coming. Patricia you try to free our friends from the Power Drain

Patricia: Got it, good luck

Jack: Thanks (jumps off of Patricia's Flying Broom & starts a homing attack on the Chum Pawns) Looks like EggPlankton's & Eggman's minds are alike after all.

Josh: Your folly does not change anything.

Solar: (laughs)

Lunar: Well...

(The power drain machine malfunctioned because of the immense energy)

Josh: Hmph. (teleports out from the machine with Solar & Lunar)

Dr. EggPlankton: How? Now I'll have to go to phase 2 (activates Electrical Nets on Josh, Solar & Lunar, electrocuting them down) And now you'll face the wrath of my Darkus Jack-4 Bots! (Activates them & tackles Josh, Solar & Lunar) (Grabs the "Treasure of Zynari") G'bye now.

(Dr. EggPlankton dissapears along with the Chum Destroyer heading off to find the next Treasure)

Josh: Pointless. (snaps his finger)

The "Treasure of Zynari" fades away into thin air.

Josh: And now... (breaks off the electrical nets)

Lunar: (destroys a Jack-4 Bot with smashing it with psychokinesis)

Solar: (burns a Jack-4 Bot by flapping his phoenix wings)

Josh: (continuously cuts a Jack-4 Bot with his wind blades)

Solar: Here we go!

Lunar: Let's do this.

Solar: (summons his burning phoenix-like aura & flies off to the Chum Destroyer)

Josh: You won't get away! (flies to the Chum Destroyer)

Lunar: (uses his psychokinesis to fly to the Chum Destroyer)

Pt. 12 Chummy Trap

Josh: We're here! (breaks the Chum Destroyer's door & enters in)

Solar & Lunar: (also enters in)

Josh: Here I am, plankton! All your tricks against an Ancient are useless!

Solar: Get ready to be annihilated!

-A black Hedgehog sneaks around the Chum Destroyer, also looking for Dr. EggPlankton.-

Solar: Wait, where are the others?

Jack & Patricia: (teleports inside as well)

Jack: We're here.

(But all they saw that it's empty)

Patricia: It's empty. Don't you think...?

(An Alarm Blares & the Metal Doors closes the only Entraces & Exits & the Force Field is been put up preventing anyone from escaping and the Force Field produces special waves that nullifies Chaos Control)

Jack: A trap?

Patricia: Yep.

(A Hologram of Dr. EggPlankton appears)

Dr. EggPlankton Hologram: Hello everyone, I see you fell into my trap. Not surprising isn't it. But I've activated the Self-Destruct Sequence leaving me enough time to escape in the Bucket Pod & setting out to find the other 4 Treasures. Like they say...(holding up 1 Treasure Chest of Ventilus) 2 down, 4 to go-- What the-- Where is the treasure of Zynari?! Wherever it is, I'm going to find it again! Hasta la vista!

(The Hologram dissapears)

Computer: Self-Destruct in 1 Minute.

Jack: What do we do? What do we do?

Patricia: EggPlankton has made a Special Trap for the Ancients.

Jack: We can't even get out of the force field, or it'll french fry us into cooked Sausages!

Josh: This trap is quite funny, to say the truth. I'll give it to the foolish doctor who trapped us with a null method. Patricia, I request you to use your telekinesis.

Patricia: Ok, for what?

Josh: Control the force field with telekinesis. It might be possible with enough energy.

Patricia: Ok, I'll try my best. (trying to use her Telekinesis)

Computer: Self-Destruct in 30 Seconds.

Jack: Hurry, we don't have much time

Patricia: (gulps) (keeps on trying to use her Telekinesis & her Telekinesis gets stronger & stronger)

Jack: Whao!

Patricia: (uses her Telekinesis even stronger to tear down the Force Field, but she cannot on her own)

Josh: Easy. (snaps finger, causing the force field to be broken into shards with his wind blades)

Jack: Holy Cow! She used Telekinesis & tear down the barrier all on her own! Are you sure, she's an Ancient like you Josh?

Josh: Is she even born on Antiquus? Absolutely not.

Jack: Then how did Patricia tear down the Barrier with her Telekinesis all on her own?

Josh: On her own, my ears! I broke it myself, so hurry up and get out. How incompetent.

Patricia: I maybe a Skunk, but I have a heart of Gold (hugs Jack & Josh)

Josh: (teleports behind Patricia) I disagree.

Computer: Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds.

Jack: Uh, maybe we should go.

Patricia: Hold on. (hops on her Flying Broom) Need a lift?

Jack: I do! (Hops on Patricia's Flying Broom)

Computer: 5 Seconds

Patricia: Let's get outta here!

Josh: I don't need to hop on your broom. I can fly. (flies out of the fake Chum Destroyer)

Solar: (flies out via burning phoenix aura)

Lunar: (flies out via psychokinesis)

Jack & Patricia: (flys out of the Fake Chum Destroyer)

(The Fake Chum Destroyer blows up)


Jack: Phew, that was a close one. I guess Patricia's Heart is the purest out of all of us--

Josh: Stop blurting out those myths, now. (teleports everyone)

Pt. 13 Final Battle vs the Chum Galactus

Josh: How fare you, EggPlankton? Are you done with--

Dr. EggPlankton: (holding 5 "Treasures" of Ventilus, Pyronia, Seaborgia, Pyramus, & Cryolus & putting inside the Core of his New Invention) Your too late. This Machine allows me to defeat anyone that stands in my way. And your Treasures are just the thing to destroy the Entire Ancient Continents. Even without the Zynari treasure, this will still work! (gets inside the Cockpit of his new Invention) BEHOLD, THE CHUM GALACTUS!!!!!

(The Chum Galactus is activated & it is 10x Larger than the Chum Destroyer, with Black Strong Armor covered in Spikes & 4 Strong Arms)

Dr. EggPlankton: This Machine is the Most Powerful Machine I've ever created. With all of the Bakugan Energy stolen from you. The Chum Galactus was even more powerful than before you we're all sealed. I shall use this Negative Bakugan Energy to destroy everything & conquer the Islands, even across the land!

Josh: ... that thing? Heh.

Jack: Aw man, this is got to be the most Strongest Robot we ever saw

Patricia: And the Largest. But even we & the Ancients attack, there's only tiny chance that we damage him.

Josh: You exasperate me.

Jack: I can't find it's weak spots. But let's give it a shot.

Josh: Bakugan Energy? What in the deep abyss are you blabbering about? I can still turn Dextra. (holds all the BakuEmeralds) Get ready to be destroyed! (transforms to Dextra Josh via all BakuEmeralds)

Solar: (transforms to Hyper Solar via Super Emeralds)

Lunar: (also transforms to Hyper Lunar via Super Emeralds)

Dextra Josh: Jack, now!

Jack: Uhhh, Now what?

Dextra Josh: Try to transform to Dextra form via Rainbow Emeralds!

Jack: But you said that I'm overpowered before.

Josh: No, you were just competing with me! Now!

Jack: Ok, but I don't have a Dextra Form.

Patricia: LOOK OUT!

Chum Galactus: (swats Dextra Josh, Hyper Solar & Hyper Lunar away)

Jack: Are you guys ok?

Dextra Josh: (blocking the Chum Galactus' arm) Yes.

Hyper Solar: (charges his Hyper Solar Beam)

Hyper Lunar: (charges his Hyper Lunar Beam)

Both: Hyper Celestial Beam! (fires a huge beam with solar & lunar energy that damages Chum Galactus)

(But the Chum Galactus reduces the damage, making it less powerful & only gets 1/10 of the damage & asorbs 9/10 of power into the Chum Galactus)

Dr. EggPlankton: Impressed of my new Ancient Power Asorber? It only asorbs 90% of the Power.

However, the 9/10 of power dealt full damage, while the 1/10 was nullified.

Dr. EggPlankton: ... What?

Dextra Josh: You should call it "Giant Power Absorber". No egghead can steal energy from an Ancient King!

Jack: I guess I have no choice but to use my own Version of the Rainbow Emeralds, but they only change me into Bakugan Attributes.

Patricia: What should we do?

Dextra Josh: We must destroy the absorber. If we destroy it, his defense is useless.

Jack: But we don't know where it is. And besides, if we attack. Our Powers will be drained out of our bodies. I still need a Super Form to stop that Bot

Patricia: But how? We don't have the Chaos Emeralds.

Dextra Josh: The Super Emeralds are present.

Hyper Solar & Hyper Lunar: (still damaging the robot)

Dextra Josh: I'll try to find the absorber myself.

Patricia: Wait, the more Energy that Chum Galactus asorbs, the more powerful the Chum Galactus is.

Chum Galactus: (about to punch them with a Stronger Punch)

Jack: Guys! Watch Out! (pushes Josh, Solar & Lunar out of the way, taking the damage instead) AHHH!

Patricia: Jack! (catches a Damaged Jack) Are you ok?

Jack: Wow that Robot packs a punch.

Dextra Josh: (turns invisible & destroys the absorber)

(But the Absorber was a decoy)

Dr. EggPlankton: Don't lower your guard

Chum Galactus: (asorbs Josh's Intangibility & tries to stomp Dextra Josh flat)

However, since intangibility is naturally-occurring, it is not absorbed. Dextra Josh remains intangible after 1 second. Then he dodged the feet.

Patricia: (gasps) Josh! (goes to Josh) Are you ok?

Dextra Josh: (enters the robot) (echoing voice) Oh shut up! 

Banging was heard in the Chum Galactus.

Jack: (notices the 7 Chaos Emeralds floating around him) I'll take you down Dr. EggPlankton one way or another! (turns into Super Jack by using the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds)

Super Jack: SUPER JACK!

Max:Time for my most powerful style change...STYLE CHANGE! AQUA CUSTOM *gained blue armour and two giga blasters

Super Jack: Let's do this!

Patricia: Together! (turns into Super Patricia because of the Chaos Emeralds)

Super Patricia: Let's go defeat that Robot Monster.

Super Jack: But first we need to find the Asorber's Source, which is super difficult to find.

Dextra Josh: Chaos Disable! (disables the functions of the absorber) Pyrus, Subterra, Haos, Darkus, Aquos, Ventus... Shoot! (summons the BakuEmeralds, they charge energy, then they dash thorugh the Chum Galactus, shooting a gamma blast on it, damaging the Chum Galactus)

(But Dr. EggPlankton activated the Shield around Chum Galactus before the BakuEmeralds charge at the Machine, not only the Shield deflect the attacks, but it also "deflects" Chaos Disable as well)

Dr. EggPlankton: Let's see you disable this Shield !

Super Jack: He's very clever. He made a Special Barrier that we can never use Chaos Disable on it.

Dextra Josh: Chaos Disable cannot be deflected, for your info.

However, Chaos Disable is a command ability but it affects the target instantly, therefore the absorber's effects are still negated until Dextra Josh is defeated. The Chum Galactus experiences fair damage.

Dr. EggPlankton: What?!

Dextra Josh: Naive man, you are! (the BakuEmeralds still float at his command) Hmph.

Hyper Solar: (covers himself with a burning phoenix aura) Overdrive! (charges at the Chum Galactus & incinerates it)

Hyper Lunar: Overdrive! (flings a huge lunar orb on Chum Galactus)

(But they all been reduced by half due to the Chum Galactus' Strong & Powerful Barrier)

The shield experiences considerable damage.

Super Jack: We need someone that can tear down that barrier easily. (tries to tear down the barrier, but it deflects back) Whao! That's tough.

Super Patricia: (gets an idea) Hey, wait a sec. Remember when we escape a Trap moments ago?

Dextra Josh: And it was a force field, like this one. (charges his Chaos Psych)

Super Jack: Be careful. This Shield around Chum Galactus is stronger than the last Shield

Dextra Josh: Do it, Patricia!

Super Patricia: Right. Here goes nothing. (uses her Telekinesis to tear down the barrier) (gulps)

After 30 seconds, the shield was cracking.

Dr. EggPlankton: What are they up too?

Super Jack: Patricia, how long can you hold on your Chaos Telekinesis?

Super Patricia: I say 10 Seconds why?

Super Jack: I have a plan (notices a Opening of the Barrier & flys through the hole & into the Chum Galactus)

Dextra Josh: Not if I go first. (flies through the dent)

Super Patricia: Jack!

(We hear lots of banging noises coming from inside the Chum Galactus & Jack punches through a Hole in the Chum Galactus' Chest while Josh kicks through a hole in the robot's abdomen. Jack transforms into...)

Ultimate Jack: ULTIMATE JACK!!!

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh no! Your inside the Barrier, then that means...

Ultimate Jack: Nighty night ! (punches the Chum Galactus with full force causing a big dent on the giant robot)

Dextra Josh: Pyrus, Subterra, Haos, Darkus, Aquos, Ventus...

By every word Josh has spoken, the Chum Galactus was flung to the air by corresponding elemental blasts.

Dextra Josh: Converge!

A large elemental blast obliterated the barrier.

Super Patricia: (transforms into Ultimate Patricia with her Beautiful Hair flowing)

Ultimate Patricia: ULTIMATE PATRICIA!!!

Dextra Josh: (returns to normal & switches into Ultimate Josh by the power of the 7 Ultra Emeralds)

Ultimate Josh: Behold the ultimate power.

Ultimate Jack: Looks like you've already learned the power of my 7 Spirit Emeralds (shows Ultimate Josh the 7 Spirit Emeralds)

Ultimate Josh: I don't use those. I use the 7 Ultra Emeralds. 

Ultimate Jack: The 7 Spirit Emeralds are not the only ones that Patricia & I have. (shows Ultimate Josh the 9 Power Orbs) They're called the Power Orbs, there's all 9 of them to collect. And once you have all 9 Power Orbs...(transforms into Maxus Jack)

Maxus Jack: MAXUS JACK! You turn into your Maxus Form. This Maxus Form of mine is really more powerful than my Ultimate Form. I'm Saving this Maxus Form for Gigantic Emergencies & that (points to the Chum Galactus) is one Giant one. (Charges at the Chum Galactus at Full Speed)

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh barnicles

(Maxus Jack tackles the Chum Galactus to the Ground)

Ultimate Patricia: That's the true power of a Maxus Form. Only Jack the Hedgehog can posess that Maxus Form

Ultimate Josh: But how about this? (his eyes glow multi-colored & the 7 Infinity Emeralds appear & transforms to Infinity)

The field is engulfed in a blinding flash of light. Josh emerges, now in Infinity Form.

Infinity Josh: My strongest form in my arsenal, is this! This is even stronger than Maxus Form itself, because I have reached the power levels of that of a deity! (teleports on Chum Galactus and punched it hard) You're finished! (charges for his Infinity Aero Flare)

Dr. EggPlankton: (smirks & an Ancient Proof Jack-4 Robot is latched onto Infinity Josh)

Jack-4 Bot: Ancient Self-Destruct has been activated, 10 seconds till destination.

Infinity Josh: (teleports behind the robot and kicks it at full force) Too shabby.

Hyper Solar & Hyper Lunar: (continues to damage Chum Galactus)

Maxus Jack: Uh guys?

(All of the Sudden the Chum Galactus has activated it's Chaos Energy Drainer, preventing anyone from using the Chaos Energy whoever touches the Robot)

Infinity Josh: Hmph. (flies away from the robot) Sorry, but you're mistaken. I have Ancient Energy in me!

Dr. EggPlankton: Exactly!

(The Chum Galactus grabs Infinity Josh, Hyper Solar & Hyper Lunar, draining the energy out of them, making the Chum Galactus stronger)

Dr. EggPlankton: Do your worst!

Maxus Jack: We need to think of a Plan so that Dr. EggPlankton can't win

Patricia: We need to stop that robot without touching him.

Infinity Josh: You can't ab..sorb my... power! (glows) Infinity Energy!


Infinity Josh: (shifts to his emergency mode: Infinity Energy) (is completely covered in light)

Hyper Solar & Hyper Lunar: (their Chaos Energy was converted to Ancient Energy)

Infinity Josh, Hyper Solar, & Hyper Lunar: (broke free)

Dr. EggPlankton: What the heck?

Ultimate Patricia: (uses her Telekinesis to push the Chum Galactus away)

Chum Galactus: (gets up)

Dr. EggPlankton: (notices the Ancient Islands are sinking which is actually an illusion) (grins)

Maxus Jack: Why is he smiling at? (notices the Ancient Islands are sinking which is actually an illusion) I guess that's why. Without the Treasures, the Islands of the Ancients would sink to the bottom of the sea.

I.E. Josh: (notices the continents are still intact) My apologies for the illusion I created.

Dr. EggPlankton: Now let's see what you can do, when I activate the Evil Ancient Mode on the Chum Galactus! (activates Evil Ancient Mode, making the Chum Galactus turn into an Evil Ancient)

Maxus Jack: He's good but not good enough.

I.E. Josh: Does that mode even exist?

Hyper Solar: Let's do this, brother.

Hyper Lunar: Now you're talkin.

(The two brothers fused together)

Hyper Solunar: Face the wrath of the 2 celestial bodies!

Infinity Josh: But I can't fuse with Jack because our current forms aren't compatible.

Maxus Jack: Then decrease down to Ultimate

Ultimate Patricia: Or better yet (turns into Maxus Patricia with a Pure White Body with Golden Muzzle & Belly, Long Rainbow Hair & a Golden Skunk Stripe on her back & tail)

Maxus Patricia: MAXUS PATRICIA !

Maxus Jack: You've changed into your Maxus Form with the 9 Power Orbs.

Maxus Patricia: Thanks & your right. This form is more powerful than an Ultimate Form.

I.E. Josh: You may fuse.

Alice: Milord! I've been searching for you.

I.E. Josh: Good timing. Infinity Nexus! (transmits Infinity Eenrgy to Alice, causing Alice to ascend to Infinity)

Infinity Alice: (appears with her long feet-length hair that is also beautiful & multi-colored earrings) You have my utmost gratitude, milord. Shall we put this to the test?

Maxus Jack: Let's do this!

(Maxus Jack & Maxus Patricia fuses together with Rainbow Light)

Dr. EggPlankton: (gasps) No! It can't be!

Maxus Jacktricia: Oh yes it is. MAXUS JACKTRICIA!!!!!

I.E. Josh: Time to boost up.

Infinity Alice: Understood.

(Infinity Energy Josh & Infinity Alice fuse together, creating an eye-piercing rainbow light.

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh barnacles.

Infinity Jolice: *Josh's voice* Thrilling, right, my dear? *Alice's voice* You flatter me with the notion of "dear", miliege. (powers up, showing a full rainbow aura) *Both voices* Oh, cut to the chase, will you?

Maxus Jacktricia: (powers up, as his/her Rainbow Aura appears brighter) (Jack's Voice) Alright EggPlankton... (Patricia's Voice) If it's a fight you want... (Jack & Patricia's Voices) It's a fight you'll get!

Dr. EggPlankton: We'll see about that, once I pop up the Volume! (activates the Sonic Screech Machine, firing High Pitch Sound Waves, torturing the Heroes' Ears with a High-Pitched Screech)

Infinity Jolice: Useless. (creates an ethereal barrier)

Dr. EggPlankton: (increases the Sound & the Increased the Pitch of the Sound Waves)

Maxus Jacktricia: (uses his/her Telekinesis to make a barrier around it)

Dr. EggPlankton: They say that High Pitched Sound Waves break the Glass. Let's see what it does to your Barrier!

(The Louder & Higher Pitched Sound Waves does not affect Infinity Jolice's Barrier)

Dr. EggPlankton: Looks like Solunar doesn't stand a chance against the High Pitced Sounds (puts on his Ear Muffs) (sighs) There. And look at that, (points to the Ancient Continents sinks to the bottom of the ocean) The Ancient Continents have sunk to the bottom of the ocean. That means the Ancient Continents are all mine.

Hyper Solunar: You were saying, blind man? (unaffected)

Infinity Jolice: *Josh's voice* He does not realize that I have been controlling the battle on my palm.

Infinity Jolice: Repelling Barrier! (activates a special barrier) Hmph. (deflects the sound waves via Repelling Barrier)

Dr. EggPlankton: I don't think so. Time to shift this Machine into Maximum Overdrive! (turns the Sound & the Pitch up the Loudest & Highest of them all) This outta change your tune!

Maxus Jacktricia: (moves out of the way) Watch out, this is the Loudest & Highest of all Sound Waves, once it's activated, it can destroy a Super Forms in a split second.

Infinity Jolice: Hmph. You two, prepare to pin EggPlankton down for good. I'll cast an illusion to deceive him. (extends xer right palm and produces another illusion in the whole area)

(In the Illusion, the Loudest & Highest Sound Waves reach Hyper Solunar & their hyper forms are been destroyed, turning them back to normal)

Dr. EggPlankton: It works!

Chum Galactus: (swats Solar & Lunar down to the ground)

Solunar: Aagh!

(Then the Sound Wave Reaches Infinity Jolice, destroying his/her Repelling Force Field, then it destroys their Infinity Forms, causing them to turn back to normal, due to the highest screech)

Dr. EggPlankton: Too weak!

Chum Galactus: (swats Josh & Alice down to the ground)

Dr. EggPlankton: And now...!

Chum Galactus: (raises his foot up)

Dr. EggPlankton: The Ancients are no more!

(The Chum Galactus stomps on the Ancients)

Jolice: Aaughh!

Maxus Jacktricia: Guys!

Dr. EggPlankton: And as for you, your next (notices Jacktricia is gone) Now where'd that Skunk of a Fusion go?

Pt. 14: Jacktricia's & Jolice's Ancient Battle against the Chum Galactus

The illusion's effect disappears. Maxus Jacktricia: (appears in front of the cockpit where Dr. EggPlankton is) You've gone too far this time

Infinity Jolice: Your ability is still weak! (blinks at EggPlankton's cockpit) Hmph. You have no escape now.

Hyper Solunar: (blinks at EggPlankton's cockpit) Exactly!

Dr. EggPlankton: What the barnicles?! I've destroyed your forms just earlier! How did you--

Infinity Jolice: *Josh's voice* We've produced an illusion to give you the though that you've defeated us by a mere sound wave field. Talk about your stupidity, Cyclops!

Dr. EggPlankton: Hah, and your defences are still weak against me when I squish you all into Rainbow Jelly.

Infinity Jolice: Oh really? (charges his Infinity Aero Flare) You just fooled yourself.

Dr. EggPlankton: Really really (activates the Giant Dreaded Dark Arm Cannons on the Chum Galactus)

Infinity Jolice: Heh, is that it?

(The Chum Galactus fires fires their 2 Dreaded Dark Cannons, shooting out 2 Giant Purple Lasers at Jolice, but missed)

Infinity Jolice: Missed me, because we're inside the Chum Galactus, you idiot! Infinity is more powerful than Maxus, since this form has reached the powers of a deity. And, the word "infinity"'s meaning is that you can't surpass because it is forever! Anyways... (fires his/her Infinity Aero Flare on Chum Galactus, that also damages the Ancient Power Absorber)

Maxus Jacktricia: Ouch, that's gotta hurt ! Chaos Zap! (uses Chaos Zap on Chum Galactus, inflicting large ammounts of damage on the Ancient Power Asorber) Actually, the Maxus Form is even more powerful than the Infinity Form. And the word "Maxus" means that you can't stop it because that is forever too & it's up to the highest level yet, because this form CAN stop the unstopable.

Infinity Jolice: Highest level? I truly admit, infinity is forever, Maxus is only at the maximum, then it has its own edge. And also, I can also stop the unstoppable, except the Creator!


Dr. EggPlankton: Then I'll just have to stop the unstopable! (The Islands sinks down to the bottom again) They say that only a true Ancient can discover the secrets, but it takes the EggPlankton Empire...(grabs Infinity Jolice & Maxus Jacktricia) to get the job done (uses the Power Drain Glove that he's wearing to asorb their powers & become super powerful, with Purple, Red & Black Aura around him) Now thanks to your Infinity & Maxus Forms & the Treasures, I can stop you whenever I want to. (pulls out his Reverse Ray)

Maxus Jacktricia: (Reads the Handwriting on the Reverse Ray) "This machine designs to reverse the powers of the Super Forms including the Ancients himself & eliminating their powers, including your Infinity Form"?! Not good. Get away from the Ray!

Dr. EggPlankton: (fires the Reverse Ray at Infinity Jolice)

Infinity Jolice: (teleports to avoid the Reverse Ray's attack) Seriously, that was pathetic!

Maxus Jacktricia: Watch Out!

Dr. EggPlankton: (blasts the Reverse Ray at Hyper Solunar)

Hyper Solunar: Whoa! (avoids the beam)

Maxus Jacktricia: It's no use, we've tried everything to stop the Chum Galactus, but nothing could shut down that Giant Robot

Infinity Jolice: (charges his/her Infinity Aero Flare) Eat this! (throws it at Chum Galactus)

(A huge explosion occured)

Assassin: (appears) what was that?

Noa: Sorry im late and guys what is that gigantic robot?

Infinity Jolice: Hey, Noah, please help us!

Maxus Jacktricia: Did we destroy that giant robot?

(But the Chum Galactus is still standing, & it only receives a dent)

Dr. EggPlankton: Close, but no banana

(The Chum Galactus crushes everyone)

Infinity Jolice and Hyper Solunar: (blocks the attack)

Infinity Jolice: (casts Ancient Aerokinesis, causing the Chum Galactus' arms to be obliterated completely)

Maxus Jacktricia: Get away! CHAOS DRAGON! (his/her aura powers up & turns into a Full Grown Rainbow Dragon & charges at the Chum Galactus)

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh barnicles

(Maxus Jacktricia charges right through the Chum Galactus, piercing the Energy Core inside of the Giant Robot, immobilizing it)

Dr. EggPlankton: How was that possible?!

Maxus Jacktricia: They say that only a true Ancient can stop your Monstrous Machine, but it takes a Maxus Form to get the job done

Infinity Jolice: *Josh's voice* It takes an Infinity Form to finish this job in a split millisecond! (fires Infinity Aero Flare at the energy core)

The Chum Galactus' energy core explodes!

Infinity Jolice: (snaps finger)

The "treasures" of the Ancient Continents were revealed to be wind spheres, which obliterate the mech from the inside.

Dr. EggPlankton: Yeah, but now you've destroyed the Energy Core inside my Chum Galactus, the Treasure is destroyed along with it.

Infinity Jolice: Did you forget? Those treasures are fake.

(The Bucket Pod appears & Dr. EggPlankton hops inside it)

Dr. EggPlankton: This time, you won't get away with this easily.

(A Force Field Appears around the Heroes & the Chum Galactus)

Dr. EggPlankton: Let's see you escape this trap! It's the Same Force field that prevents you from using Chaos Control, Chaos Disable & the rest of your defences (activates the Self-Destruct on the Chum Galactus)

Computer: Self-Destruct has been activated, 10 seconds till destination.

Dr. EggPlankton: Bye bye! (leaves in the Bucketpod back to his base)

A strange bolt of dark energy flies through the Bucketpod, causing it to collapse and start descending

Dr. EggPlankton: Whao! (falls on his back) Now what?

Noa: Guys what are we going to do we have only 10 seconds to find a way out!

A hooded figure appears out of complete nowhere, as if he was invisible before and became visible.

?????: Hmmph, to belive that I actually had confidence in you dummkopfs. Can't even defeat something smaller that a river bass.

Infinity Jolice: *Josh's voice* Oh, it's you, Jared. We were just playing with him.

Maxus Jacktricia: Now tell us who you are or taste the rainbow blast.

?????: I'm afraid not!!! (vanishes into a cloud of smoke)

Noa: Umm guys how long do we have to live?

Maxus Jacktricia: Why are you asking that question? (to ?????) And Jared, I know it's you in that hood. Come on out.

Infinity Jolice: He forgot this.

Maxus Jacktricia: (uses his/her Telekinesis)

(But the Force Field around the Heroes & the Chum Galactus is too strong because the Force Field is on Infinity Mode)

Infinity Jolice: Hmph. (uses intangibility to go through the force field & successfully escapes) Guys, use intangibility! (flies away to find EggPlankton) Hah, there he is, not really far away from us! 

?????: (appears far away) how do they always figure me out? No matter, those physics defying army of steriotypical dummkopfs will eventually fall into my masters grip.

Solunar: Hey you! We're not dummkopfs, it's you!

?????: What you just did not only prooves your stupidity, but your immaturity as well.

Solunar: Why you... Troll! (charges his celestial beam) You dare!

Maxus Jacktricia: Hey! Jolice, I don't have Invisibility. You need to come back & save me or I'm toast...LITTERALLY!

?????: Invisibility does NOT let you phase through things. That's "Intangibility," and very few people can master it, like myself. (teleports)

Noa: Listen i don't know who you are but dont underestimate me when im angry

Infinity Jolice: (outside the barrier) When the Chum Galactus will do its self-destruct command, the Ancient Continents are back to normal, and I'm gonna crush his own empire!

Maxus Jacktricia: (notices the Self-Destruct time is on 5 Seconds) I guess we'll have to do it the hard way (Uses his/her Telekinesis to make a Force Field around him/herself) Quick Jolice, get inside the Force Field or you'll be a goner. That Self Destruct would kill an Ancient instantly.

Infinity Jolice: It would kill YOU alone... 

Noa: Let me in too im leader of Cryolus remember!

Maxus Jacktricia: (lets Noa inside his/her Force Field)

(The Chum Galactus explodes, but everyone in their own Force Fields are ok)

Maxus Jacktricia: Looks like EggPlankton is retreating.

Dr. EggPlankton: (from the Chum Carrier) This isn't over Jack the Hedgehog! We will meet again, in another day, in another time! (Dr. EggPlankton escapes in the Chum Carrier back to EggPlankton Land)

Maxus Jacktricia: Whatever you do Jolice, leave him. He's proberbly a million miles away by now.

(The Barriers dissapear along with the Giant Barrier dissapears also)

Maxus Jacktricia: Well we did it. But the Treasures of the Ancient Islands are destroyed. The Markscontraptor said that whoever stole the Treasures of the Ancient Islands, grows darkness all over the Ancient Islands.

Infinity Jolice: (reverts into two)

Infinity Josh: (dispels the illusion) My apologies for including you in my illusion. It is a myth, actually.

Maxus Jacktricia (splits into two)

Assassin: i'm here to help

Noa: Aren't you a little late for that?

Assassin: well at least i'm here

Noa: Alright, but guys what do we do now?

Infinity Josh: Well, here's the final battle.

(Someone appeared)

Maxus Jack: I thought that the Battle against the Chum Galactus was the final battle.

Maxus Patricia: I guess it is.

Pt. 15 Infinity & Maxus vs. Equechum Giga GalacticiusEdit

Infinity Josh: That EggRey.

Maxus Jack: And that EggPlankton. He'll be back with reinforcements, trust me.

Infinity Josh: Yeah, yeah, got it.

Dr. EggRey: Hahaha! There are the meddlesome hedgehogs. (summons Equera Galacticius)

Infinity Josh: That bot is on par with Chum Galactus.

(Dr. EggPlankton returns with the Chum Galactus Mark II)

Dr. EggPlankton: Not before I return with a backup to destroy you, you nasty little pincusions!

Maxus Jack: Looks like EggPlankton's Back, but with a Bigger & Better Chum Galactus.

Infinity Josh: Remember our strategy?

Infinity Alice: Yessir.

(Infinity Josh & Alice fused, showing a very bright rainbow light)

Infinity Jolice: *Josh's voice* Let's do this. *Alice's voice* We'll show you... *Both voices* The Infinity Power!

Dr. EggRey: Nonsense. EggPlankton, may I have a tech fusion with your Chum Galactus?

Dr. EggPlankton: Gladly.

Maxus Jack: Don't leave us out of the party.

Maxus Patricia: We still have more juice in us.

Infinity Jolice: *Josh's voice* Nice work.

(Maxus Jack & Maxus Patricia fused together, showing a brighter rainbow light)

Maxus Jacktricia: (Jack's Voice) Your Robots maybe stronger (Patricia's Voice) You may have the Upperhand (Both Voices) But we're always came out on top!

Dr. EggPlankton: Then we'll have double the fun, once EggRey & I do a Tech Fusion.

Maxus Jacktricia: Tech Fusion?

Dr. EggPlankton: You'll see. Activate, TECH-FUSION!!! (slams the Big Red Button down, activating "Tech Fusion")

Dr. EggRey: Hmm... (notices a request on his computer) Tech-Fusion request accepted. (presses the red button, activating Tech-Fusion)

(The Chum Galactus & the Equera Galacticius both fuse together into a Larger & Stronger Robot, that is 2x Bigger than the Chum Galactus & the Equera Galacticius)

Maxus Jacktricia: Now that's one gigantic Robot.

Infinity Jolice: Hmm...

Dr. EggRey: I introduce you our invention fusion, the most gigantic robot ever, the Equechum Giga Galacticius!!!

(The Equechum Giga Galacticius is activated & it is 2x larger than the Chum Galactus & Equera Galacticius, with black & blue strong armor covered in spikes, 6 strong arms, a very large chest cannon, and its nicest feature, its very advanced Giant Power Absorber)

Dr. EggPlankton: With this Super Powerful Destruction Machine, nothing can stop us from taking over the whole planet!

Maxus Jacktricia: (Patricia's Voice) You & what Antenna, EggPlankton. (Jack's Voice) Since Patricia & I are fused together in our Maxus Forms, (Both Voices) we're twice as powerful than before.

Infinity Jolice: *Josh's voice* It's no use... *Alice's voice* For the force... *Both voices* Of Infinity & Maxus!

Equechum Giga Galacticius: (charges his Dreaded Diabolical Cannon)

Maxus Jacktricia: We betta move out of a way because we're gonna be toast by those Gigantic Cannons, Litterally!

Infinity Jolice: I know.

Maxus Jactricia: We betta be careful.

Infinity Jolice: Yeah.

Equechum Giga Galacticius: (fires Diabolical Blast at all of them)

Dr. EggRey: Face the true wrath of technology!

Infinity Jolice: Faker! (charges his Infinity Aero Flare)

Dr. EggPlankton: We'll burn you down into a crisp!

Maxus Jacktricia: Oh no you don't ! (Charges up his Maxus Chaos Dragon)

Infinity Jolice: Double Infinity Aero Flare! (fires two orbs with infinity power)

Maxus Jacktricia: Double Maxus Chaos Dragon! (his/her Rainbow Aura surrounds his/herself, trasnforming into a Full Grown Rainbow Dragon, now twice the size of the Original Chaos Dragon) Now for the Maxus Version of Chaos Dragon! (breathes Rainbow Fireballs with Maxus Power)

Infinity Jolice: Nicey!

(But still the Equechum Giga Galacticius only receives a dent)

Dr. EggRey: Your attacks are useless! (laughs evily)

Dr. EggPlankton: Your outmatched & Outclass against our Equechum Giga Galacticius!

Infinity Jolice: That's not all, fools. (charges for his overdrive)

Equechum Giga Galactus: (charges its Diabolical Blast)

Dr. EggRey: Spawning Equera Pawns.

(The gigantic bot spawned 2 Equera Pawns)

Equera Pawns: (activates Equera Elec Kick)

Maxus Jacktricia: (charges for his/her Rainbow Fireball)


Dr. EggPlankton: Spawning Chum Pawns!

(The Gigantic Bot spawned 2 Chum Pawns)

Chum Pawn: (activates Chum Elec Kick)


Infinity Jolice: Infinity Aero Flare Cyclone! (explodes the 2 Chum Pawns with a huge laser beam, also hitting Equechum Giga Galactus)

Maxus Jacktricia: Maxus Dragon Boost! (Breathes huge ammount of Fire with a huge Flare Blaze at the 2 Equera Pawns, destroying them, also hitting the Equechum Giga Galactus)

Infinity Jolice: Heh, foolish pawns.

(The Equechum Giga Galactus activates Hyper Diabolical Cannon on them all)

Maxus Jacktricia: WATCH OUT !!!

Infinity Jolice: Yeah. (teleports out of the way)

Maxus Jacktricia: (teleports out of the way also) You missed us.

Infinity Jolice: Our turn! (charges his/her Multi Infinity Aero Flare)

Maxus Jacktricia: (charges up his/her Multi Maxus Chaos Dragon) Maxus Chaos Dragon! (his/her rainbow Aura surrounds him/herself, turning into Full Grown Rainbow Dragon, that is 10x the size of the Original Chaos Dragon) Now combine my Multi Maxus Chaos Dragon with your Multi Infinity Aero Flare to make a fusion move that'll stop that Giant Robot Beast for good.

Infinity Jolice: Yeah, we need a boost! (combines Multi Infinity Aero Flare with Multi Maxus Chaos Dragon)

Infinity Jolice & Maxus Jacktricia: Finisher Skill, Multi Infinity Maxus Chaos Aero Dragon Flare!

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh barnicles.

Dr. EggRey: Oh NO! NO, NO, NO, NO NOOO!!!

(Infinity Jolice & Maxus Jacktricia fires their finisher skill called "Multi Infinity Maxus Chaos Aero Dragon Flare" at the Equechum Giga Galactus, destroying it completely with a gigantic Explosion)

Dr. EggPlankton: (been blown away) I WILL NOW, PLOT MY REVENGE, JACK THE HEDGEHOG!!!


Infinity Jolice: Soo easy!

Maxus Jacktricia: (Smirks) Is it?

Infinity Jolice: (laughs) (splits to half)

Infinity Josh: Nice.

Infinity Alice: Thanks for helping us on our journey, Jack & Patricia.

Maxus Jacktricia: (splits back to normal)

Maxus Jack: Your welcome

Maxus Patricia: Anything to help

Infinity Josh: It's very nice to have you here. Thank you. Oh, so, I gotta go. Bye bye. (teleports)

Infinity Alice: Ah, before I forget... Please join our victory party. It'll start for 40 minutes. So, please go to Ventilus, we'll meet there. Bye bye! (smiles) (teleports)

Noa: Well ill be going back to cryolus ill meet you guys there in.

Infinity Josh: (teleports back) Noa. The great party is in Ventilus, not on your continent. So, let's meet together in Ventilus, awright? Bye! (teleports back to Ventilus)

Maxus Jack & Maxus Patricia: (didn't listen as they thought about Dr. EggPlankton's & Dr. EggRey's Defeat)

Maxus Jack: What did Alice say?

Maxus Patricia: I don't know, she says something about going to Ventilius.

Maxus Jack: For what?

Maxus Patricia: I don't know but let's find out.

Pt. 16 Victory Party!

In Thunderous Tornado Castle in Ventilus...

Josh: (gets ready for the party by setting the table, washing the dishes & cups, & adding decorations inside the castle)

Alice: (gets ready for the party by preparing chili dogs & pizzas, prepearing some fruits, & cleaning the interior)

Josh: Nice, I'm finished. (hears someone knocks the door) Hm? Maybe it's them. (opens the door) Hey everyone!

Jack: Hi, what's going on here?

Patricia: Yeah, are you having a party or something?

Josh: Yeah.

Alice: Please sit here. (shows hospitality at them, letting them sit on 2 chairs) Here's food. (sets a bowl of fruits)

Jack: Uh thank you, but I had a feeling that they would be back.

Alice: No, their plans would be very long.

Josh: Yes, they still plan more to destroy us. BTW, let's have some comfort in our minds. (eats a piece of pizza)

Jack: Hmm, alright. But I still have a bad feeling about this.

Patricia: Aw, don't worry about it. Dr. EggPlankton can't be thinking of a back-up plan when he was defeated along with EggRey.

Josh: BTW, let's party! (turns the music on)

Jack: Aw, what the heck? (starts dancing anyway)

Patricia: (dances with Jack)

Josh: Hm... (starts dancing)

Noa: *knocks on door*

Josh: Hm? It's Noa, I'm sure of it. (opens the door) Hey, Noa! Come in!

Noa: Hey!

Josh: C'mon. (gives Noa a slice of pizza) Alice made that pizza.

Noa: *eats* this is good.

Josh: Hmm... (dances) Let's party!

Luna: *knocks on door*

Noa: I'll see who it is. *opens* oh hey sis wanted to come too?

Luna: Yeah lets go bro!

Josh: (starts dancing)

Noa: *hands Luna a piece of pizza* eat it its good my friend Alice made it.

Luna: ok *eats* your right it is good.

Alice: Let's dance together, Sir.

Josh: Sure.

(Josh & Alice danced together)

Josh: Hey Noa, you may dance with Luna. (smiles)

Noa: Alright but guess what i brought *pulls out guitar* i got music with me!

Josh: Good work.

Alice: (smiles as she dances with Josh)

Josh: (also smiles)

Jack: I'm glad all that's over

Patricia: You said it

Josh: Woohoo!

(As their dancing to the beat, they didn't know that some of their energy has exit out of their bodies & forms an Energy Aura & the Energy goes to EggPlanktonLand & been asorbed by one Mobian Female & it's Layla the FoxSkunk)

Layla: (watching the Heroes Dancing through her Moniter) Hmph, they think they've won already, but not this time. Once I, Layla the FoxSkunk asorb their Energies out of their bodies, I shall become the most powerful dark witch in all of the world. But first I had to take Dr. EggPlankton's place of becoming the new Emporer of the EggPlankton Empire. (giggles) They think they've beaten EggPlankton that easily. Let's see how you like it when I took over both the EggPlankton & Eggman Empires. (evil giggles) (her eyes glows Purple in the dark)

???:*in a cloak on a cliff,watching over the thunderous tornado castle*Max and his allies are safe for now,but i am afraid i might have to step in and*Cough*Cough*ahh its hard to do a good gravelly voice,now my cloak is all wet,yuck!

The End

Josh: See you guys in Chapter 2!

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