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Josh & his friends are in peace now. But not for long. Layla plans to destroy the heroes & take EggPlankton's place as the new empress. Would the heroes stop her plans? Or will they be destroyed?

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  • Josh the Hedgehog (JTH)
  • Thomas the Echidna (JTH)
  • Jetris the Hedgehawk (JTH)
  • Louie the Fox (JTH)
  • Alice the Cat (JTH)
  • Jess the Hedgehog (JTH)
  • Solar the Hedgehog (JTH)
  • Lunar the Hedgehog (JTH)
  • Rey the Hedgedragon (JTH)
  • Koji the Shock Fox-Bat (JTH)
  • Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)
  • Noa the Hedgehog (Spiderboy2012)
  • Sky the Hedgehog (Spiderboy2012)
  • Cynthia the Rabbit (Spiderboy2012)
  • Luna the Hedgehog (Spiderboy2012)
  • Aero the Wind Ancienthog (JTH)
  • Pyro the Fire Ancienthog (JTH)
  • Aqua the Water Ancienthog (JTH)
  • Terra the Earth Ancienthog (JTH)
  • Jeff the Hedgehog (Supersonicfan0)
  • The Four Royal Knights (E-Josh)
  • Max The Hedgehog (Max)
  • Akuma the hedgehog (Max)
  • Assassin the Hedgehog (Assassin)
  • Mark the hedgefoxchindbat (Max)
  • Roller the fox (Max)
  • Sandy the Cat (JTH)
  • Sky the Hedgehog (f.o.s)
  • Yuki the Hedgecat (JTH)
  • Junior The Hedgehog (Aka Apallo Jr) (Apallo)
  • Heart the Hedgehog (Apallo)
  • Kirby (Apallo The Hedgehog)


  • Freeze/Jared the Unknown (Frozen scorpio)
  • Ib the Human (Frozen Scorpio)
  • Wisp the Fox (Supersonicfan0)
  • The 3 Golem Guardians (JTH)
  • Zero/Calm Knight (ATH)


  • Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100) (#1 Main Antagonist)
  • The Four Elemental Beasts (JTH)
  • Inferno (Supersonicfan0)
  • Neo Rey (JTH) (2nd main antagonist)
  • Layla's Darker Golems (Spongebob100)
  • Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  • Dr. EggRey (JTH)
  • Life virus (MTH)
  • Marx (MTH)
  • Nebula Grey (MTH)

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  • Josh the Hedgehog
  • Spongebob100
  • Spiderboy2012
  • Frozen Scorpio
  • Supersonicfan0
  • Assassinhedgehog
  • Max the hedgehog
  • Starboy036
  • Apallo The Hedgehog


Pt. 1: Fray of the Spirits

Roaring was heard around the place. 

Pyro Cerberus: (roars; belching flames)

Josh: (running around the beast, trying to find an opening)

Pyro Cerberus: (chases Josh)

Josh: (unleashes Tachyon Kick)

Pyro Cerberus: (hit with full force) Grraugh!

Josh: Is that it?

Aero Wyvern: (charges at Josh)

Josh: Whoa! (evades) Now this... is a monster bash, I guess.

Jack: (appears) Hello Josh, what's going on?

Josh: We have unexpected guests.

Jack: Let's go !

Patricia: (appears) I'm ready to battle !

Josh: Let's do this!

The other 3 Ancient Leaders appeared.

Louie: Do you need help, mate?

Thomas: Long time no see, bestfriend!

Jetris: Let's defeat these scum monsters.

Josh: Thanks, everbody. Battle, commencing! (kicks Aero Wyvern)

Thomas: Huh? This monster arised again.

Sea Hydra: Rrrraaaaawr!

Thomas: Shut up! (punches Sea Hydra's mouth)

Jetris: Let's get this over with! (throws big stones at Pyra Dino)

Louie: Swallow this! (blows fire at Pyro Cerberus)

Noa: *Appears* Hey guys need some help?

Josh: Yeah!

Jack: Ok !

Patricia: Let's do this !

Jack: (spindashes at Aero Wyvern)

Patricia: (Uses Iron Tail on Sea Hydra)

Noa: *Axe Kicks on Pyra Dino*

Jack: Come & get me ! (Spindashes at Pyro Cerberus)

Josh: Are you tired yet? (creates 3 clones & each of them activated Rider Kick)


Josh: (he & his clones kick the 4 Elemental Monsters)

The 4 Elemental Monsters: (blows away)

Jack: Well done Josh, now I can't tell who's who.

Patricia: Hang on a minute, did anyone notice that some of our energy has been stolen earlier?

Josh: My energy pool is yet intact. Maybe you guys were the only ones who felt it. Maybe he's one of EggPlankton Empire. Uh, no. She. Only one of the EggPlankton's servants can drain energy. No other than Layla.

Jack: How did you know it was Layla?

Josh: Obvious, isn't it? She can drain energy, because she's a dark witch. Black magic, to boot.

Jared: (appears behind them) Not all witches drain energy. Also, witches aren't the only ones who drain energy either.

Josh: (turns to Jared) Hey Jared. And by the way, you're right. Energy draining is one of her peculiar abilities.

Jack: Oh it's you Jared.

Jared: How have you been, Jack?

Josh: Hm, in order to defeat her, we need to go to Zynari to smith weapons. (levitates and zooms off to Zynari)

Jared: (creates a motorcycle out of nothing, then rides to Zynari)

Pt. 2 The Golem Mayhem

Josh: We're here. We must craft some weapons to battle the Golem Trio once more. We need their help. (goes inside the Tower of Lost Souls)

Noa: Would icecalibur count cause i can summon it anytime.

Josh: Right. Let's see... (holds a blacksmithing book and reads it) Hmm... An ice-elemental pistol will do nicely. *crafts a Freeze Pistol*

Noa: *smiths icecalibur*

Josh: Done. (gives Noa the Freeze Pistol) (then forges a Kitsune Saber)

Jack & Patricia: Ok then, let's go

Josh: (gives Patricia a Kitsune Saber) A saber for you. Hey Jack, do you have your Piko Piko Hammer? I'll add some stuff there, by adding a feature: I will transform it to Bazooka Mode.

Patricia: Thank you.

Jack: (pulls out his Piko Piko Hammer) Here it is

Patricia: By the way, what's a Kitsune Saber?

Josh: This Kitsune Saber is a sword imbued with the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Oh, Jack, thanks. (starts modifying Jack's Piko Piko Hammer)

After 5 minutes...

Josh: Okay, here it is. (starts assembling the Piko Piko Hammer to Bazooka Mode) Here it is.

Jack: Oh thank you, but why do I need Bazooka Mode for?

Josh: You need it for long range. I put Bazooka Mode in it to make it easy for you to use.

Jared: How does making a hammer into a bazooka make it easier to use? A bazooka is very heavy, and can send the one using it flying if they are light enough.

Josh: Actually, it doesn't look like a real bazooka. It's like a small cannon of some sort. I smithed his hammer with a speed-type metal, thus is lightweight. It'll be easy to use IF I put some lightweight on it.

Jack: Hello? Aren't we gonna fight the Golems or what?

Josh: Yeah. Let's go.

Patricia: Right, let's go !

Outside the tower, the Golems await.

Josh: The Golems are here. (to the Golems) We need your help against an upcoming threat. For Antiquus' sake, your fortitude will strengthen our group.

Dark Golem: In order to do so, battle is required!

Josh: Let's do this, everyone!

The Ancient Leaders: Yeah!

Jack & Patricia: Let's go !

Josh: Jetris, Jess, and Louie will fight Quake Golem. Thomas and Jared will fight Infernal Golem. And Jack, Patricia, Alice, and I will fight Dark Golem!

Solar & Lunar: (arrives) Hey everyone, let's start the bash with us!

Josh: Yeah. Solar, you battle Quake Golem. And Lunar, you battle Infernal Golem.

Solar & Lunar: Yeah.

Josh: Let's do this! (kicks Dark Golem)

Jack: That's what I'm gonna say. (spindashes at Dark Golem)

Josh: o.O (summons Ancientcalibur and slashes Dark Golem)

Jack: What?

Josh: I got it first. XD (spindashes at Dark Golem)

Dark Golem: Gaah! 

Patricia: (slashes Dark Golem with her new Kitsune Saber)

Dark Golem: Aaaugh! How dare you, disgusting creation?! (grabs her tail) Gotcha. (throws her at Josh, Jack, and Alice)

Patricia: WATCH OUT !

Jack: (catches Patricia) Gotcha Patricia. (puts down Patricia)

Patricia: Thank you Jack.

Jack: Your welcome (activates Bazooka Mode on his Piko Piko Hammer, firing an energy missile at Dark Golem) 

Dark Golem: Aaaaurgh!

Jack: Gotcha !

Josh: Jack, please insert this to your Piko Piko Hammer. (throws an Energy Orb at Jack) That'll help you fire Strain Doom at that nasty golem.

Jack: Got it ! (activates Bazooka Mode on his Piko Piko Hammer again, now firing an Energy Orb at Dark Golem)

Josh: Please let me borrow, I'll show you its true power...

Jack: Ok then, Amy told me that she never runs out of hammers, because I've done that (pulls out another Piko Piko Hammer out of nowhere)

Patricia: Don't ask how's he done that. Trust me

Josh: I don't care. (puts three Energy Orbs and activates its Dark Bazooka Mode) You can activate this for a strong attack. (moves the handle to its right place, thus charging Piko Piko Hammer Charge)


Josh: (fires a purple beam at Dark Golem via Piko Piko Hammer: Bazooka Mode, creating an explosion)

Dark Golem: Aaaaargh! (got blown away)

Infernal Golem: Brother!

Thomas: Just shut up. (water-punches Infernal Golem)

Infernal Golem: (sidesteps and punches Thomas)

Thomas: Whoa! (got hit and steps back, still in his battle stance)

Jack: Josh, I thought your weakness is Darkness?

Josh: No. I only dislike it. And, I'm not afraid of the dark.

Jack: Sheesh, I thought Darkness makes you weak

Josh: (facepalms)

Dark Golem: (was regenerated) Weak!

Patricia: Watch out, here he comes again ! (coats her Tail with Energy & uses Iron Tail on Dark Golem)

Dark Golem: (intangibilizes himself)

Patricia's Iron Tail goes through Dark Golem.

Josh: Oh man! (tries to kick Dark Golem, but it goes through)

Jack: I didn't know he can do that. Who made that Cloak for Dark Golem?

Dark Golem: I did. (notices that his intangibility worn off by placing his right hand on his left arm) Uh, I do limit my intangibility. (suddenly punches at Jack on his face)

Josh: (shoots fire at Dark Golem via Magma Spire Cannon)

Infernal Golem: BROTHER!!! (suddenly goes up to Dark Golem to absorb the flames)

Josh: Not good. (kicks Infernal Golem & Dark Golem)

Dark Golem: (slowly sidesteps toward Infernal Golem and shrugs Josh off of them)

Josh: (backflips and lands on both feet)

Patricia: Cover your Noses, cause this is gonna get smelly (aims her tail at Dark Golem & Infernal Golem & sprays her Skunk Scent at them)

Infernal Golem: Useless scent. (uses his fire breath to clear out the scent field, thus burning nearby objects)

Dark Golem: (suddenly rushes behind Patricia) Now you'll pay! (grabs her tail, spins her to make her dizzy, & throws her to Josh)

Jack: Now! (spindashes at Dark Golem & Infernal Golem)

Dark Golem: (grabs Jack, but he also gets medium damage) You're sharp, but I got you now! (spins him to make him dizzy and throws him to Josh)

Josh: Is that his technique? Huh? What the-- (activates telekinesis to make Jack & Patricia levitate)

Jack: Thanks 

Patricia: (uses her Telekinesis to lift Dark Golem & Infernal Golem & pushes them towards each other, crashing into each other)

Infernal Golem and Dark Golem: (got hit) Gyaah!

Josh: Nice one!

Noa: My turn! (pulls out freeze pistol and shoots Dark Golem)

Jared: Wait!!! If the infernal golem used fire to clear out the gas, then shouldn't that mean tha- (suddenly, every nearby objects bursts into flames) That a massive fire would start..... WHY, PATRICIA? WHY WOULD YOU USE GAS ON A FIRE CREATURE?????

Dark Golem: (freezed)

Infernal Golem: BROTH-- (washed away by Hydro Burst) Nnrgh...! Who dares attack me?!

Thomas: You've no chance to free your brother. (water-punches Infernal Golem)

Patricia: I didn't know. I was trying to make the Golems cough.

Jack: Here, Let me fix this. Water Ability: Chaos Splash ! (uses Chaos Splash to put out the fire & put out Infernal Golem's Flames as well, weakening Inferno Golem)

Infernal Golem: Aaaaaaargh! (receives heavy damage) Why you-- (recovers his flames) RRRRRAAAH! (uses Inferno Wave)

Jack: Oh a wise guy, eh? (uses Chaos Splash again to put out Inferno Wave & Infernal Golem's Flames, because Water puts out Fire)

Infernal Golem: AAAARRRRGH! (receives heavy damage) (pants) Now, you'll pay! (his eyes glow red & he becomes berserk)

Josh: Not good.

Infernal Golem: ..... (fires black flames at Jack)

Josh: What the-- Jack, be careful, those flames won't be extinguished by such liquids! Only we can extinguish it with an ancient spell! (sees the black fireball that it goes to Jack) LOOK OUT!

Jack: (dodges out of the way) Missed me.

Infernal Golem: You're good, but not superb enough. Let's see if you could resist this! (breaths black fire)

Jack: (dodges the Flames) Heh! Too slow. You couldn't catch me when I'm standing still.

Infernal Golem: That's not all, you cocky fool. (extends its arm, causing a magic circle to appear on Jack's feet)

A wave of black flames emerge from the circle.

Patricia: Watch out Jack ! (turns her Skunk tail into 2 & uses her 2 Tails as propellers to fly over to Jack & grabs him before Infernal Golem summons an inferno underground)

Jack: Told you.

Patricia: I'm a Skunk Hybrid, remember?

Infernal Golem: That's not all. This outta change your tune. (traps them both in a very hot orb) You can't escape now! (crushes them with the orb inside)

Jack: (grins) Can we? Chaos Control ! (Teleports out of the Orb along with Patricia) Still calling it quits or what?

Patricia: Layla must've pick you guys as bodyguards, am I right?

Infernal Golem: Who is Layla? Some kind of joke? Hah! (uses Infernal Flare on both of them)

Jack: (still smiling) Then why not try...THIS ! (spindashes at Infernal Golem's Infernal Flare) INFERNO SPINDASH !

Infernal Golem: You make me laugh, nutface. Don't you know that your body is burning with black fire?

(Jack is burned by black fire)

Infernal Golem: Hmph, even the Rainbow Emeralds can't absorb that, or even you can't withstand it easily. Ha ha ha! Feel the pain of my black flames!

Josh: Jack! (Thought: What?! Even his powers can't withstand it easily! Not good.)

Quake Golem: Let me help! (throws rocks)

Josh: Oh no, you don't. (creates a barrier)

Jack: (feeling a little bit of pain, but still standing) What do you call that? It kind of tickled. (burned) Gaah!

Infernal Golem: Tickle? Well then, we'll defeat you by this!

(The three Golems fused)

Dark Magma Golem: *all voices* Prepare for a battle you will not ever forget!

Josh: O RLY? Jack, fusing would be an option. Let's do this!

Jack: Right !

Patricia: Let's do this !


(The three of them combined)

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Here we go. (Jack's Voice) Now then, let the battle begin. (Patricia's Voice) And this time, we will have a fair fight! *All voices* So let's go!

Dark Magma Golem: Insolence! Do you think a fusion of small creatures such as yours can defeat the insurmountable?

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* We'll prove our strength, as three in one body! (fires a green mystic beam) (Jack's Voice) You really need to close that big mouth of yours, you Magma Eating Schnook! (fires an orange mystic beam) (Patricia's Voice) Prepare to get defeated (fires a pink mystic beam)

(The three beams collided & weakened the golem)

Dark Magma Golem: AAAARGH!

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Prepare to get served! (Jack's Voice) Now come on! (Patricia's Voice) It's time for you to be stopped, Dark Magma Golem! *all voices* Once & for all!

Dark Magma Golem: *all voices* Very well! You shall eat the words you have spoken! (fires a giant orb on them)

Jashtricia: *all voices* It's time to defeat you! (fires a giant mystic orb on them)

(The orbs collided & created a huge explosion)

Dark Magma Golem: AAAAAARGH!!!!!! (knocked down)

Jashtricia: (splits)

Josh: Nice one.

Jack: Thanks

Patricia: Thank you very much. How did Layla hire those Golems?

Josh: (gets a vision) Urgh!

Jack: Are you ok, Josh?

Josh: Urrgh!

Josh: Hm?

Aero: (appears before him)

Josh: Your Majesty!

Aero: I am here to send thee an important message. Dupes of the Golem Trio are impeding your way to defeat Layla.

Josh: I'll tell the others about this. Thank you!

Aero: And if all else fails, wait for me.

Josh: (bows) Yes, my lord!

Josh: Ugh. I'm fine Jack. And BTW, it's the Golem Trio's desire to fight us.

Jack: So it's not Layla's Golems, because I just them coming right at us! (points to Layla's Darker Version of the Golems, which are twice as strong & twice as large than the original golems Dark Purple, with Red Spikes & Black Sharp Scales)

Josh: Oh, there's the group of dupes.

Dark Golem: They're..... (bellows white smoke from the vent on its mouth) us?

Infernal Golem: No.. (bellows white smoke from the vent on its mouth) They barely look like us..

Quake Golem: The (bellows white smoke from the vent on its mouth) witch (bellows white smoke from the vent on its mouth) created those. (bellows white smoke from the vent on its mouth)

(Layla's Darker Golems charges at the Original Golems & attacks them along with the Heroes)

Jack: Watch out !

Patricia: Look out !

Jack & Patricia: (dodges out of the way)

Josh: (dodges out of the way) Ready yourselves!

Dark Golem: You...! (punches his copy: Darker Golem)

Darker Golem: (only gets small damage & punches the Original Dark Golem)

Darker Quake Golem: (headbutts the original Quake Golem)

Darker Infernal Golem: (kicks the original Infernal Golem)

Dark Golem: Aaargh!

Quake Golem: Glurrk!

Infernal Golem: Aaaaugh!

Josh: After all, those darker Golems are still cruel.

???: (arrives, delivering a Tachyon Kick on Darker Golem and lands on both feet)

Darker Golem: (got hit) ARGH!

???: Hmph.

Josh: Huh? Who's that?

Aero: (points at the Darker Golems) Ye shall perish, evil miscreations!

Darker Golems: Never! (slams at Aero to the ground with full-force)

Aero: (sidesteps) That won't work well on me, pathetic creature. If thou art born to destroy, thou shalt meet your doom!

Josh: That move... Your Majesty!

Aero: I told thee that I shall rise in the battlefield. (kicks the shadow selves of the original Golems at the head, one by one)

Darker Golems: (receives medium damage)

Darker Golem: Worthless Heroes, you shall be destroyed !

Aero: Insolent fool, don't ye know that I am a deity? (shoots a holy beam at Darker Golem). I am the Wind Ancient, known as..... in this form, Aero the Wind Ancienthog!

Darker Golems: (receives medium damage from the blast)

Darker Golem: And don't you know that we're the Deity Destroyers being created by Layla the FoxSkunk herself?

Darker Golems: (fires their Dark Gaia Beams at Aero)

Aero: Mm-hm. (repels the blast) Those pathetic dark beams won't work on me. I am the great deity that you don't know, I am stronger than ye expected! 

Josh: Yeah!

Dark Golem: What about it, Master?

Aero: Fuse, ye three! We shall mete out punishment to these disobedient fools.

Infernal Golem: Yes Master! (bows)

Dark Golem & Quake Golem: Yes, Master! (bows)

Dark Golem: You'll pay for what you've done, mindless replications!

Golem Guard Trio: Chaos Fusion!

The three neutral golems fused...

Dark Magma Golem: There's no way you'll beat us easily!

Aero: Josh, fusing is an option.

Josh: Yes, Your Majesty. Jack, Patricia, let's fuse!

The other Ancienthogs arrive...

Pyro: Is there trouble here?

Aqua: It is them, those copies of our own Golem Guard Trio!

Terra: So, shall we fuse?

Aero: Of course.

All 4 Ancienthogs: Chaos Fusion.

The 4 Ancienthogs fuse...

Ancienthog 4: Ye shall be perished for harming others and for making evil deeds!

Josh: Amazing.

Scanner: Ancienthog 4. The fusion of the 4 Legendary Ancienthogs. Power: Immense. Sensing power surge.

Josh: How about it guys? Let's fuse!

Jack: You got it !

Patricia: Let's go !

Jack & Patricia: CHAOS FUSION !!!

They all fused.

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Prepare to meet your opponent!

Ancienthog 4: Now, let's begin the judgment.

The other Ancient Leaders arrive.

Thomas: Hey, it's a bash.

Jetris: Yeah. How about it?

Louie: Look at those golems!

Jetris: And why?

Louie: Those three are darker than the original golems!

Thomas: Whoa.

Louie: I suppose an evil witch did this.

Thomas: Let's beat them up!

Jetris: You asked for it.

They charge at the enemy...

Darker Golems: (fused together into 1 giant golem turning into Tri-Dark Golem now who is 3 times larger & has 3 Heads & 6 Arms)

Tri-Dark Golem: This should be fun. (charges at the Heroes)

Ancienthog 4: Hah, ye are conceited, trying to defeat a combination of Antiquians!

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* They're real abomination. Ugh.

Inferno: -Flies towards the Tri-dark Golem- I can sense a large source of dark energy. I must have it for myself...

Ancienthog 4: Who could that be?

Inferno: there it is... -creates a ball of fire around him and rams into the golem in an attempt to pierce straight through it-

Ancienthog 4: *Pyro's voice* Who are you and what are you doing here?

Inferno: I am Inferno, the ancient immortal being of destruction.

Ancienthog 4: *Pyro's voice* Inferno?! How did you-- *Aqua's voice* Don't bring back bad memories, Pyro. [to Inferno] Why art thou here?

Inferno: I am here to take this dark power and destroy the world, why else would I be here?

Jashtricia: (Jack's Voice) Oh no you don't ! (attacks Inferno with his/her Aura Punch) (Patricia's Voice) Now then, step down or else we'll finish you ourselves! *Josh's voice* He's immortal, so can we seal this coconut?

Ancienthog 4: Weaken him first before doing so. (shoots Judgement Beam at Inferno)

Jashtricia: (Patricia's Voice) Time to face your true judgement by us ! *Josh's voice* Here's the price. Jack, do it. (Jack's Voice) Chaos Dragon ! (Orange, Pink & Green Aura covers him/herself, turning into a Full Grown Orange, Pink & Green 3 Headed Dragon) (charges at Inferno, ramming Inferno to the ground with full force)

Ancienthog 4: He's an ethereal being. Physical attacks won't deal harm on him!

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* If he is darkness, it would be an advantage on us.

Ancienthog 4: *Pyro's voice* He's a fire-elemental being. Therefore, it's not very effective. We can do this on the Tri-Dark Golem, though.

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Ooh yeah. (Jack's Voice) But how do we get the light? (Patricia's Voice) That's a question even I don't know

Ancienthog: Ye three cast a light spell or an electric spell, but the light spell is more effective. I hope you learn a new skill.

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* I can do that. (Jack's Voice) I can do a Chaos Bright Light, it's a light ability (Patricia's Voice) I need to learn a Light Ability, but which one?

Ancienthog 4: Ye must concentrate through thy mind, to learn a skill.

Jashtricia: (Patricia's Voice) Ok, I'll try (Concentrates on a light ability) *Josh's voice* Let me help. I'll transmit a light ability in you. (Patricia's Voice) Ok Josh (Jack's Voice) Guys, you betta do it fast, cause Inferno & the Tri-Dark Golem is coming back fast ! (points to Inferno & Tri-Dark Golem charging at the Heroes) *Josh's voice* They're too late.

Scanner: Downloading "Holy Blast" in Patricia. Loading at 50%.

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Ugh, faster!

Scanner: Downloading complete.

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Ooh nice.

Scanner: Holy Blast. A light ability that does high damage to dark enemies. Consumes 5% of user's MP.

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* So, if we do some damage to them, we could activate our Super Triple Power.

Inferno: -goes inside the golem to try and steal its power without anyone noticing because they are too distracted-

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Whoa!

Inferno: -is about to absorb the power core- Wait. They said that they would have an advantage against dark power... I should probably wait before absorbing this. Even though I'm not going to absorb it right now, I can still use it. -infuses the power core with flame, thus controlling the Tri-dark Golem-

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Uh-oh.

Ancienthog 4: *Terra's voice* That won't be a big threat for us. He just controlled the Golem.

Tri-Dark Golem: -all dark energy gets replaced with fire, thus nullifying the super-effectivness of light attacks-

Tri-Flame Golem: -shoots fire-

Ancienthog 4: Oh, "Inferno" was his name, so the weakness to light is replaced with weakness to water!

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Ohh, right.

Thomas: Ooh yeah, time to brawl! (splashes Tri-Flame Golem with water projectiles) Here, take this! (summons a flood that puts out Tri-Flame Golem's fire)

Jashtricia: (levitates)

Ancienthog 4: (levitates)

Thomas: Any last words?

Inferno: Yes: look behind you.

Thomas: (looks behind)

Ancienthog 4: Don't look behind!

Thomas: Ohh. (looks at the front again)

Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* We won't do that for you, mere golem!

Inferno: don't say i didn't warn you. -the golem disappears in a bright flash of light, leaving them blinded- -inferno creates duplicates of himself and each one punches and blasts them with fire from close range- "what? i wasn't resorting to trickery. I wanted a fair fight so i asked for you to turn around so you wouldn't be blinded." one of the Infernos said mockingly.

Jashtricia: (receives medium damage) (Jack's Voice) Now then, it looks like Layla is very good *Josh's voice* Nope, it's Inferno's, by the way.

Ancienthog 4: (receives tiny damage) If we look behind, it would be worse.

Pt. 3 Witchy Trouble

(Suddenly, some of their energy has been drained out of their bodies except for the Ancienthog 4, causing them to defuse back to normal)

Jack: What just happen?

Patricia: It's Layla !

Josh: Oh, great.

Ancienthog 4: Oho, that won't work! Well, whatever. (voluntarily defuses)

Aero: That should conserve energy.

Terra: It is Layla, the witchiest of all witches!

Aqua: Besides, she can't beat us easily.

Pyro: She shall meet her great punishment!

Inferno: why is it that whenever I begin to show my power, someone else steals the spotlight?

Josh: Rrgh!

Patricia: Layla the FoxSkunk is the most craftious witch you'll ever face & every time someone meets with Layla, she uses her seductive charms to lose your concentration & drain the power off of you & knock you out dead within 3 Seconds.

Jack: She's a Killer !

Aero: I should disagree.

Pyro: We're impervious to those useless charms.

Aqua: Since we're Ancients and all...

Inferno: ...I think we get the idea...

Josh: And she has dark powers, but I don't think she can defeat us that easily.

Inferno: "do you guys EVER stop talking?"

Josh: How about YOU stop talking there...?

Inferno: now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to absorb the power of the golem i controled earlier and destroy the planet. -starts to walk away-

Josh: You shall not succeed!

Inferno: I'm guessing that you're going to try and stop me...

Patricia: Whao there, let's try to calm down. Layla the FoxSkunk is a killer, she even kills about 1 Hydra...ALL BY HERSELF !!!

Jack: Be careful

Josh: What Hydra? I think you mean the freshwater animals that lives in unpolluted lakes, rivers, stuff. Not to brag, but I already defeated two Lernean Hydra when I was 965 years old.

Aero: That was a difficult battle to boot.

Inferno: -continues to walk away-

Jack: Ok, two questions: 1. Have you ever seen her fight? And 2. Are you sure it's fake? Because the last time I saw Layla, she had killed an Hydra in under 2 hours. And this is all it's left after Layla killed it (pulls out the Bones & Skin of a Hydra) Sheeesh & Layla's mean ! If she ever catch us... Ohhhhhhhh, what'll she do to us.

Josh: I've seen her fight, by the way. She's on par with my w-- That's a secret, by the way.

Patricia: Uh guys, I think we got company !

(Dark Jack-4 Bots appears out of nowhere)

Jack: Ok then, here we go ! (spindashes at the Dark Jack-4 Bots) Careful, those Dark Jack-4 Bots Layla made are twice more powerful than the Original ones

Josh: Don't get too cautious, let's just beat 'em. Just saying. Those Jack-4 Bots are just pathetic pawns. (backflip-kicks a Dark Jack-4 Bot)

-as Inferno walks away to absorb the Tri-Dark Golem...-

Jeff: So, we meet again...

Inferno: Not right now. I'm busy.

Jeff: With what?

Inferno: I just stole an all-powerful monster and i'm about to absorb its power.

Aero: Those robots are such scrap heap. (extends him palm and uses Aero Cannon at a Dark Jack-4 Bot)

Patricia: Come & get me Dark Jack-4 Bots. Cover your noses ! (sprays Skunk Scent at the Dark Jack-4 Bots, causing them to malfunction)

Josh: Ooh, they'll burn. Nice work.

Patricia: Thanks & uh, is your nose clogged like I told you too?

Jeff: Typical. you always boast about how much power you have yet you are always searching for more.

Inferno: If I remember correctly, YOU were drained of your power when you woke up too.

Jeff: So I'm guessing that you aren't as strong as you were way back then...

Inferno: Neither are you. It took you and two others to defeat me last time. Do you really think that you can win against me alone?

Josh: Um, no. (is immune to the skunk scent) My nose isn't clogged.

Jack: It's Layla the FoxSkunk, she had drained everyone's powers on Planet Mobius & into her power to be the Most Powerful Witch on Planet Mobius, she also has Dark Powers & she needs Pure Dark Powers to take over the Entire Planet

Josh: Planet Mobius. 'Kay. She must be perished once & for all!

Jack: Yeah before she perishes us! (gulps)

Josh: (sighs) You're the worst actor, by the way.

Patricia: She is my Arch-Nemesis though, maybe I can help you find Layla's Weakness & use it against her, Josh.

Josh: I know, & it is light, as she is darkness.

Aero: Yes. My servants, it's time for you to rest.

Golem Guard Trio: Yes Your Majesty. (disappears)

Terra: Layla? She must be the witchiest of all witches!

Aqua: Hey, stop making recurrent gags...

Terra: I know. And it's not one of them.

Pyro: I have seen Neo Rey's minions coming this way!

Josh: Neo... REY?! Rey!

Pyro: Josh, that Neo Rey isn't your friend Rey the Hedgehog. Neo Rey is Rey's clone.

Josh: Uh-huh.

Pyro: There they are, his minions, coming right up!

Neo Equera Bot: Rrrawr...

Josh: Whoa, they used to roar even they're robots.

Aero: They're robots, controlled by the Equera Virus.

Neo Rey: .....

Josh: Rrgh!

Neo Rey: Minions, attack them! (points to the heroes)

Josh: o.O Not good...

Aero: We must attack! Josh, Jack, & Patricia, initiate assault at the minions, while we Ancienthogs take care of Neo Rey!

Josh: Got it, Your Majesty!

Patricia: Understood !

Jack: Leave it to us !

Jeff: I don't get it. You always take advantage of a moment to eliminate a threat. Why aren't you attacking me?

Inferno: I have more important business to attend to... -walks away-

Jeff: *hears the action* Stop Inferno or help those peole... Sometimes i hate being the good guy *flies toward them*

Jack: (spindashes at the Minions)

Patricia: (spindashes at the Minions as well)

Jeff: -arrives and watches-

Josh: Spindash, eh? (uses Hurricane Snipe at the Neo Equera Bots)

Aero: (attempts a punch at Neo Rey)

Neo Rey: (goes left, dodging the attack) You should learn how to attack me, fool. (uppercuts Aero)

Aero: (jumps and follows up a Tachyon Kick at Neo Rey)

Neo Rey: Aaargh! (knocks down, then rises up) That's great for an Ancienthog. Aha ha ha!

Terra: Oh, he doesn't know. (giggles) (summons a sandstorm that makes others' eyesight blur)

Josh: Whoa. (sharpens his eyesight)

Aero: That doesn't affect me.

Terra: I would make Neo Rey's eyesight blur.

Neo Rey: Do you think that it would affect me? (summons his Neo Evil Whip, he spins it, & he isn't affected)

Terra: Uh-oh.


Neo Equera Bot: (its mechanical body was destroyed by Jack's spindash, but his life force, the Equera Virus, was still alive)

Equera Virus: (sticks on Jack, proceeding to get in him)

Pyro: Wait! I will burn that. (burns the virus)

Equera Virus: (decays)

Neo Equera Bot: (its mechanical body was destroyed by Patricia's spindash, but his life force, the Equera Virus, was still alive)

Equera Virus: (sticks on Patricia, proceeding to get in him)

Pyro: I'll burn it to make it decay, Patricia, please don't move.

Patricia: (Doesn't move)

Jeff: They could use a little help with the guy with the whip, but I think that I'll watch some more so i can figure out a weakness...

???: (shoots 3 fireballs from his Rouzer, thus decaying the virus)

Pyro: Now... Let's dec-- (sees that the virus has decayed) I'm too late, I suppose. Eh? (sees ???)

??? #1: (lands safely on both feet, as a shadowy figure)

Josh: Fire?

??? #1: (the shadow disappears, revealing himself as Diamond the Hedgehog)

Diamond: Hey there.

Josh: Oh, it's Diamond!

Diamond: Hello, Your Majesty.

Josh: Where are the others?

Diamond: Um, they're helping to kill those Neo Bots or whatever you call them.

??? #2: (destroys a Neo Equera Bot with his sword, also pierced the robot's armor & life force: the Equera Virus)

??? #3: (shoots arrows at a Neo Equera Bot, piercing the robots armor & life force: the Equera Virus, & she makes the arrows explode)

??? #4: (does a Blizzard Crush at a Neo Equera Bot, destroying its armor) Some help here?

Diamond: Yeah, Clover. (burns the virus, decaying it)

Clover: Thanks Diamond.

??? #2 & ??? #3: (reveal themselves, as the ??? #2: Spade the Echidna & the ??? #3: Heart the Cat)

Spade: Hey y'all.

Heart: Your Majesty! (bows at Josh)

Josh: Welcome, my servants.

Diamond: I am Diamond the Hedgehog, the Marksman of our organization.

Spade: I'm Spade the Echidna, the Blader of our organization.

Heart: My name's Heart the Cat, the Archer of our organization.

Clover: And I'm the Lancer of our organization, as I am Clover the Bat.

Diamond, Spade, Heart, & Clover: And we are... the Four Royal Knights!

(A Darker Blast blasts them down & it comes from Layla the FoxSkunk)

This music plays.

Layla: (From up above, hovering on her Dark Flying Broom) And your doomed! (waves her dark magic wand & fires with her Darker Magic Beams at the heroes)

Jack: LAYLA!!!

Layla: (activates 750 Darker Jack-4 Bots)

Patricia: Watch out !

Layla: That'll keep you busy (dissapears)

Josh: That-- Rrgh! 750 of 'em?! o.O Not good.

The Four Royal Knights: Let's go!

The Ancienthogs: We must defeat them!

Josh: Ooh yeah.

Neo Rey: Where are you going, scheming witch?! (follows Layla)

Jack: Be careful, those Jack-4 Bots are darker than the first wave

Josh: Nah, I know.

Neo Equera Bots have made an alliance with the darker Jack-4 Bots.

Josh: o.O They've made an alliance...

Aero: Let's just defeat them!

Josh: Yes, Your Majesty.

Aero: Josh, Jack, Patricia, Diamond, Clover, you initiate assault at the Neo Equera Bots. Pyro, Aqua, Terra, Heart, Spade, & I will initiate assault on those scrap heap Jack-4. Let's go!

Josh: Got it, Your Majesty. (snipes at the Neo Equera Bots)

Jack: Right ! (spindashes at the Neo Equera Bots)

Patricia: Okey dokey (uses Iron Tail on the Neo Equera Bots)

???: Don't drink all the juice! (punches a Neo Equera Bot, thus hitting the other Neo Equera Bots, like bowling-style)

Josh: Rey?

Rey: Yeah, this is me.

Josh: Nice one.

Rey: I'll help you! Let's brawl!

Darker Jack-4 Bots: (starts their attack on the heroes)

Heart: Let's do this, Spade!

Spade: Yo, got it!

Both: Torna-Jolt!

Heart flings a tornado & Spade puts lightning in it, thus destroying a line of darker Jack-4 Bots.

Darker Jack-4 Bots: (appears)

Spade: They're getting too many!

Josh: This is like torture.

Patricia: We've taken down the Neo Equera Bots.

Jack: Can we help you take down the Darker Jack-4 Bots?

Spade: Sure, Sir Jack. Thank you.

Jack: Your welcome. (spindashes at the Darker Jack-4 Bots)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on the Darker Jack-4 Bots) 50 down & 700 to go

Josh: Nice work, Patricia.

Rey: Here we go! (headbutts at a line of 50 Jack-4 Bots) Now, Josh!

Josh: Got it. (sees a Dominion Megatank) Ooh yeah. (uses the Megatank nearby & fires numerous megacannon shots at the Jack-4 Bots) 50 down, 650 to go.

Jack: (uses Chaos Zap on the Darker Jack-4 Bots) Make that 560 to go

Josh: Thank you.

Rey: Jack, ride on! (rides a Megatank)

Josh: Let's ride, Megatank forces! (fires the megacannon from his Megatank)

Jack: No thanks, I got this ! (does a Spindash Chain Combo on the Darker Jack-4 Bots)

Josh: Oh, you're just exhausting your energy.

Rey: Yeah, why don't you ride? It won't waste me rations or energy. (fires the megacannon, thus destroying 100 Jack-4 Bots)

Josh: Nice one, make that 460 to go.

Rey: You know, megatanks eat many tanks like nachos. And, if they receive damage from ordinary tanks, they just face their mega doom! Bam!

Josh: However, they have heavy armor, so they're slower than ordinary tanks.

Jack: Because Rey, I'm always stopping enemies, the old fansioned way

Patricia: Me too. (sprays her Skunk Scent at the Darker Jack-4 Bots, causing only 150 Darker Jack-4 Bots to malfunction)

Rey: Old fashioned way? Okay, suit yourself...

Josh: Yeah. (fires the megacannon at 300 darker Jack-4 Bots, thus creating an explosion) Yummeh, nachos.

Rey: Lemme finish. (thinks) Oho, I know machine guns are weak against medium or heavy armor, so let's get a dispersion boost! (increases his dispersion rate to easily destroy the Jack-4 Bots) I'll eat ya, nachos! (fires his megatank's machine gun at 10 Jack-4 Bots, destroying them)

Josh: Done.

Rey: Nothing left, only my clo-- Where did he go?!

Jeff: -walks up to where Neo Rey is- "running away?"

But he didn't see Neo Rey.

Jack: It's great exercize when your doing it the old fashioned way

Patricia: Yeah & Jack & I are not even tired.

Jack: Like Sonic said, "An adventure's no fun when it's too easy"

Josh: I got you. Well, let's go!

Rey: Right. You must sometimes have fun with using hi-tech.

Josh: Yeah, like me. So, Next mission, eh?

Rey: Yeah, attacking the air forces of Neo Rey's robots. So, let's go!

Josh: You can use this stealth fighter. (transports a stealth fighter) Hmm...

Rey: Josh?

Josh: Yeah?

Rey: There are the enemy air forces coming this way!

Josh: Okay.

Computer: This mission is to destroy Neo Rey's air forces. Requirements are:

  1. 2 Stealth Fighters (ready with full fuel & ammo)
  2. 1 Megatank (if there are anti-air vehicles on the way)

Josh: That's it?

Computer: Rules available:

  1. You need to get on the stealth fighter.
  2. If a stealth fighter is destroyed, teleport immediately on the big ammo-ed ship, called the A & T Ship
  3. A member must be needed to control the megatank.
  4. Deploy the A & T Ship immediately before attack.
  5. You are not to proceed to the mission without a stealth fight, because it's hard to fly in the high sky. We will take flight by 28,000 ft. If you fall, pity for you.

Josh: Let's go! (rides on the stealth fighter) C'mon, ride in.

Jack: Don't worry about Layla, we'll take her on

Patricia: She's our main enemy.

Jack: We'll show you how it's done the old fashioned way

Assassin: And I'll help you guys!

Josh: Hai Assassin! How's it going right now?

Jack: Hey there

Patricia: Hi there, Assassin

Assassin: Who's Layla?

Josh: Layla the FoxSkunk. She's the most evil witch all over the world... I suppose.

Assassin: Witches don't scare me

Josh: Me too.

Jack: Me neither

Patricia: (smirk) Heh! I'm already her #1 Arch-Nemesis! I'm not scared of her either.

Assassin: I can take her on.


Neo Rey: Show yourself, Layla!

Layla: (giggles) (appears behind Neo Rey on her Magical Dark Flying Broom) Hello there, tall, blue & robotic. What brings you here into my Dark Forest of Doom?

Jeff: -watches because he followed Neo Rey-

Neo Rey: Don't call me robotic, you scheming witch! Lemme show your power if you're a deity killer enough! If you lose, you'll be in my command. If I lose, I'll be in your command. Fair enough?

-A Hurricane swiftly sped in and knocked Layla to the side-

Max: -Spinning skateboard on finger- Sorry im late

(But the Layla that got knocked out just dissapeared into thin air, meaning that it's a Fake Clone of Layla)

(The Real Layla appears & attacks Max from behind)

Neo Rey: (punches Layla away) Deal or no deal?

Layla: Deal. Let the battle begin! (makes a Force field around her & Neo Rey, so that others can't interfere)

Special Pt. 3: Battle: Layla vs. Neo Rey (JoshTheHedgehog12 & Spongebob100 ONLY)Edit

Layla: Let's begin !

Neo Rey: Now you know. (shoots numerous shots of slimes at Layla) Your witchcraft won't work on my dear slimes. Slimes, attack!

(The slimes rush at Layla & they all latch on her)

Layla: (giggles) What do you call that? It kinda tickled when it burns. (shakes the slime off of her, causing the slime to be latched back at Neo Rey & then Layla kicks Neo Rey at his head) I love it when my opponents are strong (giggles) Don't say I didn't warn you. (Fires a Dark Beam on Neo Rey)

(The Beam gets darker & darker when it rushes at Neo Rey)

Neo Rey: Impertinence. (smirks and absorbs the dark beam, because he is affiliated with darkness) Analyze me first before you strike. And those slimes are my dear pets, & they can't damage me. How about try this for size? (uses Chaos Slimy Flush) Beware of my dangerous powers when it comes to slimes. BTW, your seductive charms are useless to me. Wanna have fun with my dear pets?

The slimes latch on Layla's body & they drain off Layla's energy by 25% only.

Neo Rey: Come, my dear pets. (was latched by slimes & they give him energy) Come on, Layla, anything nice yet? Something?

Layla: Yes. This ! (latches onto Neo Rey & tries to drain Neo Rey's powers) Your not the only ones who can drain energy. And I love the smile, it feels soo good (wicked smile appears on her face) (sprays her Toxic Skunk Scent at Neo Rey)

Neo Rey: (isn't a robot) If you also do that, I'll get 'em too! (fires slimes at Layla & they latch onto her)

The slimes drain Layla's energy off her by 25%.

Neo Rey: (receives the energy)

Layla: I like where this is going, your not bad. But the battle still goes on ! (Uses Iron Tail on Neo Rey)

Neo Rey: Ouch! Pfft, you're strong too. But I must see some of your powers! (throws a slime at her) Heh heh heh. (grins) That's a bomb, & she didn't know.

The bomb explodes.

Neo Rey: Don't get too cocky, 'cause I got more.

Layla: And don't yourself too cocky yourself. It'll be your defeat pretty soon (waves her magic wand, making 3 Bombs appear out of nowhere & throws it at Neo Rey)

Neo Rey: You impersonator... (charges his feet with dark energy, kicks the bombs away, and jumps high) Leeching Strike! (delivers a side kick charged with draining energy at Layla)

Layla: (dodges the attack, restoring her energy & jumps up) And take this (flips) DEVIL STRIKE ! (uses Devil Strike at Neo Rey) (chuckles evily) You fool, you'll reach your life's end in a matter of minutes!

Neo Rey: You're such a scum, copying my abilities. (sidesteps) Slime Rusher! (extends his two palms and uses Slime Rusher at Layla) Combination attack! (spindashes at Layla)

Layla: Gah! (smirks evily) Think again! (Uses Devil Rush at Neo Rey) And take this! (uses Iron Tail, with an additional Light effect)

Neo Rey: Graagh! (knocked down)

Layla: Looks like you don't stand a chance! I know you don't like Light, how's about I give you...MORE LIGHT !!!!! (traps Neo Rey in a Light Barrier)

Jeff: (from outside the barrier) Just as I predicted. there is a big gap between their power levels. And with the ability to copy other abilities, I should hope that I'm not her next target...

Neo Rey: Fool! (his irises turn bloody red) This is your greatest mistake! (breaks the barrier of light) Prepare for your punishment, scum! (summons 4 Nega Emeralds and turns Nega)

After his transformation, a typhoon stirs over the field and the raindrops shoot at Layla. Moments later, the raindrops explode.

Nega Neo Rey: (unleashes his wrath, causing a typhoon all over Zynari) RRGH!

Layla: (smirks as she unlockes her true evilness inside of her)

Nega Neo Rey: (harsh voice, but not evil) What are you smirking at?! (rams Layla away)


The raindrops fall over 'em, the lightning roars at the skies, & the wind blows over 'em strongly.

Aero: A typhoon!

Josh: Who did that?!

Terra: I sense a surge of energy from the north of Zynari!

Josh: Whoo... This is trouble right now! We must prevail! Let's go, stealth forces! Assassin, you ride with me right now, alright? Jack, Patricia, come with his Majesty, Aero. And, Your Majesty... Can you do it on your own?

Aqua: Quite, Josh.

Terra: Yes, we will make it, Josh!

Pyro: Yes, so we must go & destroy Neo Rey's air forces!

All: Right!

All of them got in their corresponding stealth planes.

Computer: Ready to deploy stealth planes. Deploying A & T Ship by 1 minute.

After 1 minute...

Josh: Ready guys?

Computer: Launching stealth planes at 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Ignition. BLAST OFF.

Josh: Yeah-- (noticed all the planes launched) YAHOO!

(Suddendly, Layla the FoxSkunk's Gaia Bombs appears from the skies, heading straight for the Stealth Planes)

(With Jack & Patricia)

Jack & Patricia: (with Josh's Majesty)

Aero: Let's initiate attack!

The stealth planes gets invisible & they all fire omni-missiles at Neo Rey's Neo Equera Bots - Aerial Type. They're also dodging the Gaia Bombs, as they're too dangerous when they explode.

Max: *Called Jack on his phone*

Jack: Hello?

Max: Its max, i found neo rey, put josh on the phone

Josh: Yo, Max. What is it?

Max:I found neo rey

Jack: And we still need to find Layla

Max:I found her too *plants tracking device on ground*

  • Teleports ontop of josh's stealth fighter*

Max:*Hadouken!*Fired a orb at the gaia bomb before it got too close

(10 More of Layla's Gaia Bombs appears from the sky & starts raining from the sky)

Patricia: What can Jack & I do?

Josh: Let's destroy 'em! (shoots omni-missiles at the Gaia Bombs via Stealth Fighter, destroying 'em)

Jack: But how?

Aero: (to Patricia & Jack) Let's send Anti-Bomb Vehicles right here. And bombard those bombs to keep the planes safe. (rides an Anti-Bomb Vehicle & shoots vulcan shots at the Gaia Bombs, destroying 'em)

Josh: Heh, those bombs are useless against invisibility.

Patricia: (hops on her Flying Broom & flys with Jack riding with her)

Jack: We're coming!

(50 more Gaia Bombs appears again & attacks the Anti-Bomb Vehicles with full force)

Aero: (hops, holding Jack & Patricia safely) Whew. (rides another Anti-Bomb Vehicle and shoots at 80 Gaia Bombs, destroying 'em)

Josh: We've already deployed the Defense Systems.

The A & T Ship fires numerous missiles at 250 Gaia Bombs, destroying 'em.

Josh: Let's rest at the ship's deck! (rides the plane to the ship to repair damage & restore ammo & fuel)

All the stealth planes land on the massive ship's deck.

The A & T Ship is a massive-sized ship that has extremely high defense that even the Gaia Bombs just deal little damage.

Jack: Looks like they're safe. No one can shoot a Massive-Sized Ship out of the sky

Terra: Wait. If any Gaia Bombs are bombarding this ship, they can only damage it by 1% when I use this. (uses Earthen Armor in the ship)

Pyro: And if they bombard it, we better avoid damage. (puts fire-based missiles at the cannon)

Josh: Yeah. Hey, some of those are coming!

Pyro: Let's destroy them! (fires the cannon, shooting fire-based missiles at the bombs, burning them down to a crisp, thus destroying them)

Patricia: (fires her Energy Orbs at the Bombs, destroying them) Got them !

(20 more Gaia Bombs appear from the sky, aiming at the massive ship)

But, the ship doesn't even receive damage, just like a germ's size.

Josh: Uhh, useless bombs, Where are they comin' from?!

Aero: They're raining from the sky. (sighs)

Josh: (senses more) Uh-uh-uh, where are you goin', freakin-- Eh?

Pyro: (destroyed them already)


Nega Neo Rey: .....RRGH!

The typhoon is still in effect, but luckily, it makes all the deployed Gaia Bombs to malfunction, making them explode calmly.

Layla: (smirks) You have no idea who your dealing with (her Purple Aura appears)

Nega Neo Rey: I should say the same to you!

Josh: (chuckles) Really?! You can't deploy Gaia Bombs, & you can't stop this weather either.

Aero: What's with the aura?

Josh: She's losing her mind!

Rey: Eh? This typhoon was made by Neo Rey, I guess.

Josh: Right. Well, I have an idea who I'm dealing with!

Rey: (laughs)

Josh: Purple aura, eh? Let's see what you've got! (his cyan aura appears & it grows larger than Layla's)

Ancienthogs: (their aura appear)

Layla: Now if you excuse me, Neo Rey & I had our match to do to see who's in charge. (dissapears with Neo Rey)

Josh: Fools...

Jack: What's the matter?

Josh: (does not snap) We must create countermeasures as soon as possible. There's no room for trial and error now.

Jack: Right, but how?

Josh: Exploit her weaknesses, so that she could be dispatched immediately without any problem...

Aero: That's right, we must exploit her weaknesses. Since she's a dark witch, we know it.

Aqua: Terra?

Terra: Yes?

Aqua: You know what to do, am I right?

Terra: Yes, I know it. Everyone, I have something to tell. To remove that disadvantage, I'll make an Earthen Barrier on you all, so that she can't drain energy from us.

Aqua: And of course, if she attacks us...

Pyro: I know it. If she uses dark spells and attacks us, we Ancients have the innate ability to convert dark energy to pure light energy.

Max:Charging the shin hadouken,a much more powerful version of the normal hadouken

Josh: I know Hadouken.

Jack: Well, you guys betta do it fast !

(Layla's Dark Beams appear, heading straight to the heroes)

Aero: (repels the beam) Not a chance!

Terra: Mass Earthen Barrier! (protects the group with Mass Earthen Barrier, blessing them with immunity against energy drain)

???: (arrives with her mom, Alice) Look, Mom!

Alice: Sir!

Josh: ...? Alice? What are you doing here?

Alice: We called you, but you didn't answer the phone.

Josh: Sorry, Alyssa, but we meet a nuisance here.

Alice: Hm, I know, so that's Layla the FoxSkunk, the nuisance that you meant?

Josh: Yeah. Wait a minute, why did you bring Sandy?

Alice: She's lonely when alone, you know.

Josh: Uh-huh. Eh? LOOK OUT! (grabs them both)

Neo Rey: (fires a slime beam at the heroes)

Josh: Whoa! (jumps to dodge the beam)

Neo Rey: Heh heh heh... Don't expect that I helped you with the weather. (evil chuckle)

Josh: Uh-uh-uh, really?

Neo Rey: Really really. Hm? (feels something cold on his feet)

Josh: (grins)

Neo Rey: Nooooo! (he is freezed by Josh's Cold Stare)

Josh: Hmph. Are you both okay?

Alice: Yes, thank you, Sir.

Sandy: Thank you, Teacher!

Josh: No prob.

Alice: Can I help, Sir?

Josh: Sure, both of you.

Sandy: Thank you, I can fight her!

Rey: Let's go!

(Suddendly a Dark Lightning Bolt is shot at the heroes)

Jack & Patricia: (dodges out of the way)

Jack: Where did that come from?

All (except Jack & Patricia): (they absorb the bolt, making themselves stronger) (smirks)

Josh: All her dark powers & energy drain are useless.

Patricia: But let's be careful, I sence that Layla is closer into unlocking her true pure evilness inside of her. Let's move quickly. I fear a disaster is upon us by Layla's Pure Dark Powers herself

Josh: Alright.

Jack: Let's move!

Josh: Right.

They all moved out from the area & arrived in Ventilus to tarry

Pt. 4.1: Layla's Pure Dark Energy (Villains Only)

Layla: (noticing Dr. EggPlankton is still sitting on his chair) (Thought: One day, EggPlankton. Your Empire will be mine.)

???: (arrives) Did you have a plan now, EggPlankton? I already have.

Neo Rey: (arrives) I'm back. Heh heh heh... 

???: But, it is time for this fox-skunk to increase her pure dark energy... Aha ha ha!

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh yes, Layla's almost unlocked her true Darkness. And she has the Pure dark powers of the Monstrous Beast himself....Dark Gaia. She has the only power that can destroy the Ancients, Jack & Patricia for good

Neo Rey: I don't think that's true...

???: (punches Neo Rey) Shut up, that will be true!

Neo Rey: Just kidding.

???: Wait a second, Dark Gaia, eh? I thought that he was been destroyed... And his powers are gone...

Neo Rey: EggPlankton meant-- Layla had some Dark Gaia energy before he was destroyed. Am I right, EggPlankton?

Dr. EggPlankton: Correct.

Layla: (her Purple Flame Aura appears) (giggles evily) (her wicked smile appears on her face) Don't worry, I can take those Ancients down & they'll be drop dead in their new Graves in their own Graveyard.

Neo Rey: (sighs) Alright then.

???: Hohoho, I smell victory! Aha ha ha!

Dr. EggPlankton: Computor, commence the mission!

Computor: Understood. Commencing "Project Witch Gaia". (the big red button appears) Requesting final clearance.

Dr. EggPlankton: Granted. (slams on the big red button with his fist)

Layla: Finally, my ambitions will be achieved! Soon I'll kill the Ancients & they'll will be going to be sleeping with the fishes after I'm destroying them forever! Gaah ha ha! (evil witch cackles)

???: We will smash everyone who opposes to our plan! Aha ha ha!

Neo Rey: Anyways, bros, I'm going out for a minute to cool down.

???: Ahh, sure. BTW, wanna eat? I'm hungry right now... (his stomach grumbles)

Dr. EggPlankton: (to ???) Alright, I know it's you...Dr. EggRey, you can come out of the shadows now.

Dr. EggRey: Ehe he he... I'm hungry right now, so... Wait a minute, wanna eat too?

Neo Rey: Yeah, I'll buy 'em for you, doods.

Pt. 4.2: Heroes' Planning Time (Heroes Only)

All: (arrives in Ventilus)

Josh: We're here now.

Assassin: who's got a plan?

Josh: You know, the villains are also planning to destroy us. Now it's our time to stop their evil plans!

Aero: First things first.

  1. You must be careful of Layla, she'll just appear anytime. She has dark powers, but it'd be our advantage. However, we must be cautious of her power mimicry.
  2. That Neo Rey. He'll cause typhoons once a week, so make it still as an advantage. How? We know it now. Anyone who can drain energy from rainy weather must supply energy to everyone to prevent ourselves from being drained. It's a great advantage, while Josh could do the converting.
  3. When EggPlankton's robots, as well as EggRey's robots invade, destroy them immediately. Now, we won't have trouble battling big robots like Chum Galactus, or any, using the Anti-Bot Laser Rifles. These rifles do medium damage to big robots, ignoring any nullifications, any repellants, any drainers, or any converters. These rifles pierce armor, no matter how it is tough. However, those rifles carry only 20 shots, & it needs to recharge by 10 seconds. Each recharge refills 5 shots.
  4. The big problem is those Gaia Bombs. How to eradicate them? Simple. We need Terra's Earthen Barrier skill to harden the massive ship's defense. Don't worry, that skill also harden the defense inside its systems. Also, we need Aqua to maintain the ship by letting him use Ocean Wash skill inside & outside of the ship.

Josh: Ooh, nice plan. Do you agree or disagree? Agreed for me.

Jack: Uh, there's too much info. Can someone please talk in short?

Assassin: I say we get this Neo Rey dude outta the way first.

Rey: Yeah, he's like a wall of slime or somethin'.

Sky: *crash lands them* owww that really hurt *gets up and looks over* heya josh long time no see

Josh: Hey Sky.

Assassin: Who are you?

Sky: The names Sky...Sky The Hedgehog nice to meet ya

Patricia: Anyways, let's just remember Aero's Instructions ok?

Rey: Right.

Aero: Alright... 

They suddenly hear a rumble...

Rey: Guys?

Josh: Whatever, it's troublesome outside. Let's clear them up.

Pt. 5: Battle Against the Legendary Beasts

Josh: How many times do those monsters revive?!

Rey: Uh, don't know. Maybe they don't die or--

Gaia Wyvern: (flies around, falling bombs all over)

Rey: (avoids a Gaia Bomb, which explodes on the ground) Whoa.

Rey: I think we should need a Super Form right here.

Alice: Yes, because they're 2x stronger than before

Josh: (turns Super) (levitates)

Alice: I suppose we must do this. Attribute enhance. Haos! (turns Haos / Rising)

Rising Alice: Let's go!

Rey: Let's... BEAT DOWN! (turns Super)

Sandy: Mom? How am I--

Josh: Leave it to me, Sandy.

Sandy: Yes, Teacher.

The other Ancient Leaders appear.

Thomas: Let's brawl! (jumps & attacks the monsters)

Jetris: Sandy, let's go.

Sandy: Yes, Teacher!

Jetris: (teleports with Sandy)

Louie: Yeah, burn to death, suckers! (shoots fire at the monsters)

(But the Monsters dodges the blast & fires their dark beams at the heroes)

Jack: Watch out !

Patricia: (appears) Look out !

Layla's Darker Golems: (appears & attacks Josh & his friends)

Super Josh: (slams the darker golems down to the ground)

Golem Guard Trio: (appears) Let's help!

Infernal Golem: With our new power, you'll be vanquished! (holds up the Pure Light Amulet)

Rey: o_O Unbelievable...

Dark Golem: Let's beat 'em down!

Quake Golem & Infernal Golem: Yeah! (headbutts their copies)

Dark Golem: For now, I'll lead thou army whilst thy ancestor have gone.

Josh: Gone?

Infernal Golem: Well, they went to lead the massive ship.

Josh: Alright. Jack, Patricia, let's go!

Everyone dodges the dark beams...

Jack: Right, but do not be overpowered remember? You taught me that

(3 of Layla's Darker Golems fuse together, forming into Tri-Gaia Golem, but only stronger & more powerful with 6 Arms & has Dark Purple Amulets)

Tri-Gaia Golem: (Evil laughter & then slams at Super Josh down full force, only 1.5x weaker)

Jack: Let's go super!

Patricia: Right !

(Jack & Patricia uses the power of the 7 chaos emeralds, turning into their Super Forms)

Super Jack & Super Patricia: LET'S GO !!!

Super Josh: (receives medium damage) Got you in the ropes! (stares at the Tri-Gaia Golem & damages him with Cold Stare) Jack, Patricia, let's fuse! Chaos Fusion.

The three fused together.

Super Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* C'mon, let's beat 'em! (Jack's Voice) Right ! (Patricia's Voice) Let's do it, to it !

Tri-Gaia Golem: (breaks out of the Ice & tackles Super Jashtricia)

Super Jashtricia: (Jack's Voice) Oh no you don't ! (punches Tri-Gaia Golem's 3 Heads) *Josh's voice* Gaia, eh? We're beating that out! (fires a holy beam at the Tri-Gaia Golem)

Super Rey: Let's beat 'em down! (pounds Tri-Gaia Golem with full force)

Rising Alice: (summons lightning bolts, damaging Tri-Gaia Golem)

Louie: (shoots fire at the monsters)

Tri-Gaia Golem: (asorbs the fire & turns it into Dark Purple Fire) You fools! (shoots large ammounts of Dark Purple Fire)

Louie: (turns Supernova form)

Supernova Louie: (absorbs the fire, converting it to crimson fire)

Assassin: *joins Super Jashtricia*

suddenly, a small cloaked child appears behind Super Jashtricia...

??: (creates a large image of a large fiery gate with chains out of nowhere, which somehow actually becomes an actual fiery gate with chains which then wrap around Super Jashtricia, preventing he/she/whatever it is from moving) ...

Assassin: GUYS! *helps them*

??: (pulls out a large paintbrush, which then becomes a large flamethrower, and shoots fire at Assassin) (more chains protrude from the large fiery gate, which then wrap around assassin, and begin to pull both jashtricia and assassin towards it)

Assassin: *squirms*

Sky: *appears in the sence* hold still I got you *try to pulls the chains off of assassin*

Super Jashtricia: (To ??) (Jack's Voice) Show yourself whoever you are! *Josh's voice* I sense ominousness... She is...!

Assassin: thanks, Sky.

Super Jashtricia: (Patricia's Voice) How do we stop this mysterious man with the paintbrush.

Assassin: I dunno, but there must be a way.

Super Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* C'mon, we need to drench its mind. :D

Assassin: But how?

Super Jashtricia: (Jack's Voice) Guys, do you have any other ideas?

Assassin: Take his paintbrush away? *smirks*

Super Jashtricia: *Josh's voice* Drenching its mind means to attack him with water. Do you remember that he pulled out a flamethrower & he also summoned a large "fiery" gate? I guess he's a fire-based enemy, so his weakness is water. Get it?

Assassin: Yeah. *gets out Super Soaker*

??: (removes cloak, revealing to be a girl wearing a blood-stained white shirt and plaid skirt) (the flamethrower changes back to a paintbrush, which then becomes a long, bloody, spiky, electric-charged whip, and wraps it around Super Jashtricia, causing Super Jashtricia enough pain from static discharge, whipping, and skin punctures to change back to Jacktricia, meaning that Josh has been forced out of it) (the chains are sucked back into the fiery gate, which then closes and dissapears)

Assassin: Guys?

Jacktricia: (Jack's Voice) We're ok (Patricia's Voice) It's a Girl. Could it be Layla in disguise? (Jack's Voice) Not sure, but Josh is hurt really bad. (Patricia's Voice) And our Super Form has been defeated by that Girl (Jack's Voice) Who could she be?

Josh: (absorbs the electricity) I'm fine. Don't wo

Assassin: I dunno, but I'll find out and kick her a**.

Jared: (appears behind them) I have seen how you guys fare against her.

Noa: *appears from ice holding icecalibur* need help?

Assassin: I could use it so why not?

Jacktricia: (Jack's Voice) Let's deal with her later, right now we have Layla the FoxSkunk to stop. (Patricia's Voice) Do you think that Girl that attacked us is working for Layla?

Josh: Rey.

Rey: Yo.

Josh: Let's fuse, now.

Rey: Right, you said it, bro.

Both: Chaos Blitz Fusion.

They both fused, with increased stats.

Rosh: *Josh's voice* Let's do this. *Rey's voice* Ooh yeah, time to brawl.

Jacktricia: (Jack's Voice) Let's get them ! (Patricia's Voice) Right, time to wipe out those villains in the dust

Rosh: Actually, Thomas can fuse with us.

Thomas: That's right. Chaos Blitz Fusion.

Thomas merges with Rosh, making 'em three.

Romas: *Josh's voice* Let's beat 'em with all we've got! *Thomas' voice* Ooh yeah, let's go. *Rey's voice* Alright then, let's crush 'em to dust!

Jacktricia: (Jack's Voice) What about me & Patricia? We can fuse as well

Romas: o_O That'll overload.

Jared: I know, right? That's so weird how people can fuse without any bad side-affects.

Jacktricia: (Patricia's Voice) I'm sorry, but it's our only chance on defeating the Dark Witch.

Romas: *Thomas' voice* Maximum is three, Jared! It's Ancient magic, not some kind of trick! Is that even weird to you?

Jared: Unless it's plants, the undead, or machines that fuse, yes it is weird.

Assassin: C'mon lets do this

Jacktricia: (Jack's Voice) Come on Assassin, let's fuse together

Romas: According to my TechnoScanner, it's not compatible.

Assassin: Why not?

Romas: Don't ask me.

Jacktricia: (Patricia's Voice) Then who should we fuse with? I'm getting really confused

Max: Go! Stylechanger! Electeam!

Electeam Max:noa,pass me your power!

Sky: Is it possilbe then I can fuse with Them

Assassin: you can try.

Noa: Alright *passes*

Romas: Or better yet..

Alice: Sir, let's do it.

Romas: (splits to three)

Josh: Right.

Both: Chaos Shining Fusion.

Both of them fused, with 2x increased stats.

Jolice: *Josh's voice* Let's defeat her with all we have! *Alice's voice* For peace in this Ancient World... *Both voices* We must prevail.

Assassin: Let's do this

Rey: I'll do that. (checks his TechnoScanner) Hm, 90% compatible, eh?

Thomas: Or else... (checks his TechnoScanner) 90%, too? :D

Assassin: Let's fight.

Electeam Max:Now with Noas power,i summon elecalibur! *Hand turned into electro sword with ice shards surrounding it*

Pt. 6: The Argument & the Rise of Dark Ogre JackEdit

Jolice: (ears twitch) (splits to half)

Josh: ....Urgh...

Alice: Sir, what is it?

Josh: (feels pain) Urrgh, I can't withstand.... this immense power... coming from... someone... (unconscious)

Alice: Sir!

Jacktricia: Oh no! (splits back to normal)

Jack: What's going on with Josh?

Patricia: Not sure, but he said he can't withstand the power coming from someone

Jack: She's too strong, we need to pull back, A.S.A.P.!

Alice: He meant that it isn't Layla. Someone has immense power here. I think he/she's invisible.

Assassin: Show yourself, you coward!

Alice: Assassin, she's not-- (notices that the energy was gone)

Josh: (wakes up) ...I'm back, guys. It isn't Layla..

Assassin: If it's not Layla, then who is it?

Josh: I dunno. I felt some unknown visions... and felt such immense energy.

Electeam Max:*Frozen in fear* cant be

Assassin: What is it, Max?

Josh: It can't be, he can feel the energy too.

Electeam Max: I..Its nebula grey!

Assassin: What's nebula grey?

Max:Nebula grey is a entity made of corrput energy,it has the power to corrupt all of mobius..I fought the beast once

Jared: I remember reading about Nebula Grey before. It's said that it was defeated many years ago, and was sealed away under the deepest regions of the ocean's abyss. I even remember encountering it before it was sealed, and I was one of the very few that survived. Literally, it destroyed a massive army of over a hundred elite soldiers.

Jack: Come on guys, Layla is our #1 Priority now. What happens if Layla controls the Nebula Grey guy?

Assassin: Then that means we have to defeat them both!

Josh: No! Layla... she can't control that Nebula Grey guy. Nebula Grey is much stronger than Layla. I know it because of the vision I had earlier.

Jack: No, no & no ! How many times do I have to say it to you "Layla took down a Monstrous Hydra in under 30 Seconds & she's the strongest dark witch ever, even stronger than all the other enemies combine!". I told you it's the TRUTH ! (goes up to Josh) How's about one of us should go after Layla, while the other finds Grey Nebula.

Josh: (senses dark energy within Jack) Snap out of it, man!

Patricia: (goes in between Jack & Josh) (Yells) THAT'S ENOUGH ! BOTH OF YOU!! (normal voice) I'm sorry, did I said that out loud?

Josh: Whoa.

Aero: Hm?! Everyone, step back!

Jack: YOUR THE ONE WHO KNOWS THAT LAYLA'S THE STRONGEST !!! (turns into Ogre Jack & then turns into his Dark Version of Ogre Jack which is Purple with Black Horns, Red Teeth, Blood Red Eyes, Long Sharp Claws & his right arm is composed of many small black snakes entwined together, has red spikes on his back, large arms & long large tail & his Wings are now Black with Red inner)


Aero: (teleports behind Dark Ogre Jack and traps him in a tempestuous barrier) Max, now!

Patricia: JACK !

Max: *Activates the Hub.batch,it turned him into his human form,which was 100x stronger than his mobian form*

Hubmax:Lets go *made quick work of the dark ogre,soon returning jack to his regular form* Assassin: I will go after Layla


Patricia: Jack & I will go after Layla as well

Jack: (struggles to fight his Dark Ogre Form)

Assassin: *hugs his adoptive mother* Thanks for the help, Mom

Aero: We have not planned everything yet. You are not to go without--

Jack: I'm sorry, but we have no other choice. I'm gonna go up to Layla & face her, either you like it or not ! No matter how angry you get, I'm still going to face Layla, cause I'm making a Sacrifice when I go face to face with Layla & no one is gonna stop me & it's just fine by me! (runs off in super sonic speed)

Aero: Hm, look at that. 

Patricia: You know he can hear you. But he's very brave to make his sacrifice.

Aero: So what if he hears me? I'm not the one who is afraid of a mere 15-year old hedgehog! He's going to do this, but--

Patricia: But it's already too late. He's on his way. We gotta go after him, but he told us not too

Josh: Not yet, Patricia, not yet.

Aero: We must help! He'll just end dying there! Let's go, Josh! (teleports)

Josh: Ancient Control! (teleports everyone to an unknown destination)

Meanwhile, in an unknown place...

Jack: (arrives & notices Layla is in front of him)

Layla: Hello Jack, what took you so long

Jack: Look we're gonna settle this in a match, you & me, no interuptions.

Layla: Excellent choice (creates an Aura Dome around her & Jack, keeping everyone away from interfering) Now then Jack, your powers will be mine !

Jack: Then let's finish it !

Josh: (appears before Layla

Layla: (Electrocutes Josh, trying to drain a lot of Josh's powers) I think not! This battle is between me & Jack. He said "No Interuptions"

Josh: (nullifies the electricity) I just did the interruption. You can't stop us now!

Patricia: You stop right here !

??: (flies in from out of nowhere, and releases a stream of fire from her paintbrush to burn Patricia)

Patricia: (dodges the Stream of Fire)

Layla: Well, well, well. If it isn't my partner, Ib the Human.

Josh: That girl again!

Ib: I serve thee, Master Layla. 氷河の! (paintbrush becomes light-blue, and several icicles form on the bristles of the brush)

Layla: Now then, finish them! (points to the Heroes)

Josh: (executes Tachyon Kick at Ib) Hmph!

???: Layla, why would you desire more power, while you're still very powerful?

Aero: Let's see how Josh and Jack beat her up!

Layla: Then it looks like I have to destroy you both completly ! (grabs Jack & Josh & drains both of their powers & into her body)

Jack: Let us go!

Josh: Rrgh!

???: No!

Josh: (the energy drain makes his pupils turn crimson red)

Layla: This should be fun

Jack: Josh? Are you ok?

Josh: Urrrrgh!

Pt. 7: Final Battle - Josh, Jack, Patricia, Rey, Koji, & Yuki vs. Layla the Fox-Skunk

Josh: (appears in crimson aura, & lets go from the energy drain)

Aero: Hm, looks like he activated his Special Psychokinesis.

Jack: Anyways, let's get him!

Patricia: You can do it Jack !

Layla: This should be fun (chuckles evily)

Josh: (glares at Layla) 

Jack: This is a battle that is worth waiting for !

Josh: (uses his hidden power & transmits it to Jack) You need that power, that's the key..

Jack: (his Orange Aura appears & then his Pupils turn into International Orange [Aerospace] ) Thanks. Let's do this ! (aura grows stronger)

Josh: Someone gave me this power. Anyway, let's end this, once & for all! Chaos Fusion.

Josh & Jack fused.

Jash: *Josh's voice* Now, bow down to the Ventilus King! And to the Orange Blur!

Assassin: *goes Super* You're going down, Layla!

Layla: So, looks like this your final battle, that's the last battle you'll gonna face me

Jash: Assassin, that's not gonna work, you're outside the barrier.

Assassin: aw c'mon guys I never get to be in Final Battles

Jash: (Jack's Voice) Anyways, let's take that Witch Down ! *Josh's voice* By the power of teamwork!

Layla: (snickers)

Jash: *Josh's voice* That's not all. (pupils shine crimson red)

???: You can do it, Josh & Jack, I'm with you.

Patricia: Me too. You can win, Josh & Jack !

Jash: (Jack's Voice) Thanks Patricia & the mysterious person that I don't know. *Josh's voice* Thank you, Patricia, & my 1st ranked officer. *Both voices* Well then, let's end this! (pupils shine crimson red)

Suddenly, the Chaos Emeralds appeared, surrounding Jash.

Jash: (Jack's Voice) Time to finish you once & for all Layla! *Josh's voice* Now, to turn Super! (both of them turn Super)

Super Jash: *Josh's voice* Well then, it's time to beat you down, scheming witch! (Jack's Voice) Super Sonic Style!

Layla: I think not ! (turns Dark with the power of Dark Gaia)

Dark Layla: (now her skin & clothes more darker with Purple & Black Aura around herself) Now then, let the Final Battle begin ! (fires Dark Fireballs at Super Jash)

Super Jash: (dodges but got hit by a mere fireball) *Josh's voice* Ow. Huh? Who's that?


Patricia: (teleports inside the dome as well) Don't worry Josh & Jack, I'm here to help

Super Jash: *Josh's voice* Thanks.

??? #2: RRRRAAAAAH! (charges at Dark Layla)

Super Jash: *Josh's voice* Prepare for a holy blast! (Jack's Voice) And you'll be down & out !

Dark Layla: And prepare yourself for a Dark Blast !

??? #2: INCOMING! (prepares to hit Layla's weakness)

Super Jash: *Josh's voice* Let's beat her down! (Jack's Voice) Down to DarkTown!

Dark Layla: (fires her Dark Blast at ??? #2)

??? #2: (absorbs the attack, because his element is darkness) FOOL.

Super Jash: (fires his Holy Blast at Layla, directly) (Jack's Voice) Did we get her?

Dark Layla: (only gets small damage) YOUR THE FOOL! (starts to control Jack by using her Dark Powers, controling Jack into transforming into Dark Ogre Jack)

Super Jash (Jack's Voice) AHHHHHHHHH!!! Get out of my head! Leave my brain alone ! *Josh's voice* Shoot, she can't be...!

??? #2: No, wait!

(But it's too late, Super Jash defuses, due to Jack turning into Dark Ogre Jack)

Super Jack: (turns back to normal, then transforms Ogre Jack & finally turns into Dark Ogre Jack)


Layla: One thing for me...(points to Josh, Patricia & ??? #2) DESTROY THEM!!!

Dark Ogre Jack: YES MISTRESS LAYLA!! (charges at the heroes)

Super Josh: Oh shoot!

??? #2: Not good, he's controlled!

??? #1: That's fine, I'll defeat him with this! (sees the 7 Chaos Emeralds floating around her) (transforms to Super)

Super ??? #1: You must stop that, Jack!

Super Josh: Layla!!! (sheds a tear) You'll pay for what you've done to my friend!!! (transforms to Hyper via Super Emeralds)

Patricia: Josh remember this, don't let anger get into you. Ok? Josh, let me help you out.

Hyper Josh: Don't worry, I will not let it. 

Patricia: Then I need extra help with the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds, the 7 Spirit Emeralds & the 9 Power Orbs. The 7 Spirit Emeralds can unlock my Ultimate Form & the 9 Power Orbs can unlock my Maxus Form which is more powerful than the Ultimate Form & the Super Form. I'll save my Maxus Form for Emergencies. For now...(notices the 7 Chaos Emeralds are floating around her) It's time that we save Jack the Hedgehog! (turns into Super Patricia)

Super Patricia: SUPER PATRICIA !

Hyper Josh: Let's go.

Super Patricia: Right !

Dark Layla: I think not ! Dark Ogre Jack, get them !

Dark Ogre Jack: (Charges at the heroes)

Super Patricia: Watch out !

Hyper Josh: (gets to battle stance) Here I go! (charges for his Light Wave)

Super Patricia: (gets into her battle stance) And here I go ! (charges for her Iron Tail)

Dark Ogre Jack: (breathes Dark Fire at Super ??? #1, Super Patricia & Hyper Josh, trying to hit them) NO ONE ESCAPES FROM LAYLA!!!

Super Patricia: Eek!

Hyper Josh: (dodges) Blah, just shaddap, evil being. Jack, I'm saving ya! (fires his Light Wave at Dark Ogre Jack)

Super ??? #1: Ow... It's hot...

Dark Ogre Jack: Huh? Wha? (tries to fight Layla's Mind Control, but fails) (Roars)

Super Patricia: I'm ok. Can you please teach me how you do that attack, Josh?

Hyper Josh: Heh, alright. You just need a Haos Emerald.

Super ??? #1: This isn't good, he failed to clear out the mind control!

Super Patricia: But all I have is my 7 Rainbow Emeralds on my Attribute Arm Brace that changes my Attributes. My options are, Pyrus, Haos, Aquos, Sub-Terra, Ventus & Darkus.

Hyper Josh: Yes, use the Haos Emerald.

Super Patricia: While still in my Super Form?

Hyper Josh: Don't transform, just get it. It can lessen mind control's effect.

Super Patricia: But they're Rainbow Emeralds on my Attribute Arm Brace & Jack has the Attribute Arm Brace. Are you sure I can't use my Attribute Arm Brace?

Dark Ogre Jack: (behind Hyper Josh getting ready for an ambush)

Hyper Josh: (ears twitch) Shoot. Light Kick! (kicks at his face with a light-attribute)

Dark Ogre Jack: (got hit, only gets small damage) No one's going anywhere till you deal with ME! OGRE PUNCH!!! (Ogre punches Hyper Josh)

Super Patricia: (gasps) Josh! (goes up to Hyper Josh) Are you ok?

Hyper Josh: That hurt! (has a bruise on his left arm) What the-- He knows my weakness!

Super Patricia: Oh dear. That's one big bruise. We gotta figure out a way to stop Dark Ogre Jack, but how? If I'm Jack's Bestest Best Friend, what can I do?

Dark Ogre Jack: (roars deeply)

Dark Layla: (giggles) It appears that Dark Ogre Jack had managed to hurt you Josh, how does that feel when my Hypnotised Slave does whatever I do? And I'm the one who said all those nasty things to Aero saying that he's nothing. And now that I have your Childhood Friend as my slave & no one's in the dome that can help, there's no escape from ME! (devil laughter)

Super Patricia: (protects Hyper Josh) Jack! Stop your madness right now!

Hyper Josh: No choice, but, I'm going to defeat you! (eyes turn crimson red)

Dark Ogre Jack: (eyes turn bloody red) Not if I defeat you first ! (getting ready to Ogre Punch Josh again)

Hyper Josh: (holds the fist) You're going too far by now. I'll do this, for your sake, Jack!

Super Yuki: General, no!

Hyper Josh: Yuki, I must do this, for my friends' sake! Now's the time...

Super Yuki: I know now. (sees the Super Emeralds floating around her) To defeat Layla, once & for all! (transforms to Hyper)

Hyper Yuki: Let's go, General Josh!

Hyper Josh: (holds up a Super Emerald with two hands) Chaos Fusion!

Both fused, & suddenly.... with the bonds of their friendship, they appear, shining in a very bright rainbow light...

Hyper Juki: *Josh's voice* The ITS General comes here... *Yuki's voice* And his 1st ranked assistant... *Both voices* To defeat you, Layla!

Dark Layla: I think not ! (her dark power increases & activates the Devil Gene inside of her, turning into Devil Layla)

Devil Layla: (evil devil laughter)

Super Patricia: Guys! Please Josh & Jack, you two we're best friends. Jack had saved me lots of times, so it's my turn to save Jack! (7 Spirit Emeralds floats around her) Don't worry Jack, I'M HERE TO SAVE YOU! (turns into her Ultimate Form)

Ultimate Patricia: ULTIMATE PATRICIA!!

Dark Ogre Jack: (roars loud & very deep)

Hyper Juki: (rushes at Dark Ogre Jack & blasts a huge rainbow beam at him)

Dark Ogre Jack: (got hit with only medium damage) (Roars) (Ogre Punches at Hyper Juki)

Ultimate Patricia: (charges at Dark Ogre Jack)

Dark Ogre Jack: (charges at Ultimate Patricia)

Hyper Juki: (grabs Dark Ogre Jack's fist) *Yuki's voice* Calm down, Jack! *Josh's voice* Try THIS! (uses his hidden power to free Jack from hypnotism)

Devil Layla: (giggles) Oh no you don't (uses her hidden Devil Power to keep on controling Dark Ogre Jack)

Dark Ogre Jack: (trying to fight the Darkness off of himself)

Ultimate Patricia: Let me help! (uses her Light Powers to help Hyper Juki free Jack from Layla's hypnotism)

Hyper Juki: *Yuki's voice* It's a problem if you're consumed by darkness. It wil be indirect contact, but let's worth a try! (a sigil appears on his/her forehead, thus activating her hidden power, making Jack fight the darkness inside him)

Ultimate Patricia: (her eyes started glowing white, unleashing her hidden Light Power)

Hyper Juki: *Both voices* By the power of teamwork... We'll free you, Jack! (his & her powers strengthen & the three of them freed Jack)

Dark Ogre Jack: (turns back to Jack)

Jack: (slurry) Buttermilk biscuits (falls on his belly)

Ultimate Patricia: We did it !

Devil Layla: (smirks evily)

Hyper Juki: *Josh's voice* Hah, you can't easily beat me like this, Layla!

Devil Layla: Still not tired, eh? We can soon fix that. (snaps her fingers & Dark Jack-4 Bots appears) I've been planning to take over the EggPlankton Empire even since I joined in the EggPlankton Empire. It's my plan for a very long time.

Hyper Juki: *Josh's voice* Really? *Yuki's voice* Not going to happen!

??? #2: (notices that the Ultra Emeralds floating around him) One down, & you're the next to get beat, Layla! Onto the Ultra...!!! (transforms to Ultimate)

Ultimate Rey: Let's beat 'em down!

Hyper Juki: *Josh's voice* I guess we must ascend to Ultimate. *Yuki's voice* Alright.

Ultimate Rey: Josh, Yuki, you're next.

Hyper Juki: *Both voices* Right. (ascends to Ultimate)

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* Level up! *Yuki's voice* It is time... *Both voices* To defeat you once & for all, Layla!

Jack: (holding the power of the 7 Spirit Emeralds & transforms into his Ultimate Form)


Ultimate Patricia: Time to fuse!

Ultimate Jack: Right

(Ultimate Jack & Ultimate Patricia fuses together)

Ultimate Jacktricia: ULTIMATE JACKTRICIA!!!

Devil Layla: (her aura grows even more)

Ultimate Juki: *Yuki's voice* Guys, we must save more for our energy to our strongest forms. *Josh's voice* Rey, may you do the orders?

Ultimate Rey: Yup! (runs fast as he could just to collect more rings)

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* I know that all forms need rings to maintain its state. *Yuki's voice* That's right, if we have no rings left, we revert to normal.

Ultimate Rey: (runs at the rings, collecting them)

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* I know that you cannot cheat in this battle by stealing our rings. *Yuki's voice* Wait. General, her aura... It's increasing! *Josh's voice* Yup. But, she can't really ascend to a higher form if she lacks rings. Super Form needs 50 rings. Hyper Form needs 80 rings, for sure. Ultimate needs 150 rings. And, finally, Infinity need 300 more rings, higher than Maxus itself. Higher cost means that it's more powerful.

Ultimate Jacktricia: Right! (runs at the rings, collecting them)

Devil Layla: Oh no you don't ! (starts collecting rings, turning them into Devil Rings, the devil gene version of the Rings)

Ultimate Rey: She's outnumbered!

Ultimate Juki: *Josh;s voice* Yup. (continues to collect more rings)

Ultimate Jacktricia: (Jack's Voice) There's only 5 of us & only 1 of her (Patricia's Voice) She could be very crafty, so watch out.

Devil Layla: (summons her Dark Female Succubus Devils) You think that I'm outnumbered. Then think again.

Ultimate Jacktricia: (Jack's Voice) Now that's a group of Dangerous Devil Divas (Patricia's Voice) Let's defeat them together...(Both voices) As a team!

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* Those morons... They're pointless at the face of an Ancient! *Yuki's voice* We must eradicate them... *Both voices* As heroes, ourselves, with the power of teamwork!

Ultimate Jacktricia: Let's go guys (starts attacking the Dark Female Succubus Devils) Juki, we'll take care of Layla later. Right now we have a bigger problem.

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* That's alright, bro, we need to eradicate those dirtbags! *Yuki's voice* That's right. (fires their Gamma Spire at the dark devil succubi)

Ultimate Rey: Ooh yeah! Beat down, dude! (jumps to collect a box of rings, collecting them) And then... (got bumped at ???) Ow! (both land on ground) Uh, who're you?

???: Hey Sir! Remember me?

Ultimate Rey: (thinks) I recognize you. You're Koji!

Koji: Yeah, right, bro. I see that you're having a battle with a witch. She's... um... a dirtbag. May I join? (notices that the Ultra Emeralds are floating around him) I get it now, I'm now a member! (suddenly transforms to Ultrashock)

Ultimate Rey: Chaos Fusion.

While the light shines during Ultrashock Koji's fusion, the light brightens even more, with Rey on fusion process, & they came out, shining in obsidian black aura.

Ultimatra Reji: *Rey's voice* Beat down! *Koji's voice* Good, now we must... *Both voices* Defeat that witch once & for all!

Ultimate Jacktricia: (Jack's Voice) Let's get'em! (Patricia's Voice) Okie dokie. (fires a Magic Fire Orb at the Dark Devil Succubus)

Ultimatra Reji: VORTEX SABER! (spins like a very fast top & impales at the dark devil succubi)

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* Let's do this. (pulls out Ancient Cannon)

Computer: Ancient Cannon systems on. Charging at 50%.

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* It won't take long by now.

Computer: Charging complete. Ready to fire.

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* (aims Ancient Cannon at the dark devil succubi)

Computer: Lock-on until 5 seconds. Lock-on complete, & ready to fire.

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* FIRE!!! (fires Ancient Cannon)

A huge gamma beam rushes at the succubi, leaving a huge explosion.

(Layla's Theme Plays:

(Suddendly the explosion causes the Succubus to fuse together into one giant Succubus)

Devil Layla: (evil laughter) Close but no banana! And thanks for the Fusion Attack. I needed that

Giant Succubus: (fires a huge Devil Beam at Ultimate Juki)

Ultimate Jacktricia: Watch out! (creates an Aura Shield around him/herself & Ultimate Juki) Hold on!

Devil Layla: (her form upgrades into Succubus Layla)

Succubus Layla: (appears in her Succubus Form, with Purple Foggy Aura surrounds herself) Now that I've unlocked my Ultimate Final Form, it's time I've finish you all what I've started! (creates a Gigantic Devil Beam & then open fires at Ultimate Juki & Ultimate Jacktricia)

Ultimate Juki: (creates a huge psychic barrier) *Josh's voice* Urgh! *Yuki's voice* We... need help!

Ultimatra Reji: (points at Layla) You forgot about us. Now it's time to beat you down! (fires a holy beam at the Giant Succubus)

Succubus Layla: Crush this weakling, my Giant Student!

Giant Succubus: (got hit by the blast & tries to blast Ultimatra Reji back with an Unholy Devil Blast)

Ultimatra Reji: *Rey's voice* Don'tcha know my strength? Well then, here it is! Whatchaaaa! (Mega Punches the beam, trying to hold it)


Ultimatra Reji blocking the Unholy Devil Beam using his Mega Punch.

Succubus Layla: My Giant Succubus will keep you busy for a while. Now about you two Fusions.

Ultimate Jacktricia: (Patricia's Voice) I'm sorry Josh & Yuki, but we have to do the Fatal-4-Way Fusion. (Jack's Voice) It's now or never!

Ultimate Juki: *Josh's voice* Alright then, let's do our best. *Yuki's voice* Let's go. *Both voices* Chaos 4-way... Fusion!!!

The 4 of them fuse, & a very bright light shined.

Succubus Layla: (gasps at the 4-Way fusion) It can't be...!

Kamen Rider Blade - Awakening (Kakusei) plays during their 4-way fusion.

Ultimate Jashukitricia: *Josh's voice* Let's beat those abominations down! *Yuki's voice* And we'll rise with the bonds of our friendship...(Jack's Voice) The Powers of Truth, Justice & Light. (Patricia's Voice) And now, the time has come for us to stop Layla the FoxSkunk...*All 4 Voices* ONCE & FOR ALL!!!!

Succubus Layla: Then let the final battle begin! Crush this 4 Way Fusion my Giant Student. Crush them!

Giant Succubus: (charges at Ultimate Jashukitricia)

Ultimatra Reji: (stands in front of Ultimate Jashukitricia) Come, chase me, giant bro! (sticks his tongue out & distracts the Giant Succubus by running around it very fast)

Ultimate Jashukitricia: *Josh's voice* Here we go. (charges for their Holy Barrage) (Jack's Voice) Get ready! (Patricia's Voice) Cause we're coming to get you! *Yuki's voice* So, shall we fire? (Jack's Voice) There's only one way to find out.

Giant Succubus: (growls) (chases after Ultimatra Reji)

Succubus Layla: Don't even think about it, weakling! (fires another Unholy Devil Blast at Ultimatra Reji)

Ultimatra Reji: *Rey's voice* Heeey, giant bro! *Koji's voice* Another blast! *Both voices* MEGA PUNCH! (Mega Punches the beam, trying to hold it) *Rey's voice* Ergh, this is stronger!

Succubus Layla: You won't be holding on any much longer, but let see what happens if my Unholy Devil Blast is set on High! (strengthens her Unholy Devil Blast)

Ultimatra Reji: *Both voices* We won't... give up!

This song plays.

Ultimatra Reji: HAAAAAH!!! (aura increases) Xtreme PUNCH! ("Xtreme Punches" Layla's Unholy Devil Blast, trying to hold it) *Rey's voice* Yeah, I feel that our strength increased!

Succubus Layla: My Giant Student, help me crush the 4 Fused Hero down to size.

Giant Succubus: (charges at Ultimate Jashukitricia)

Ultimate Jashukitricia: (Jack's Voice) Here it comes. If we have only one shot for this, then let's make that we hit 2 birds with 1 stone. (Patricia's Voice) Ok, let's do this! *Yuki's voice* Shall we? *Josh's voice* HOLY... WRATH!

Suddenly, a huge flash of light lunges at the Giant Succubus.

Giant Succubus: (notices the huge flash of light & tries to cover her eyes from the light being too bright)

Ultimate Jashukitricia: *Josh's voice* You got that wrong.

But the huge flash of light was a holy beam.

Giant Succubus: (screechs in pain & then got disintegrated by the holy beam)

Succubus Layla: What?! How was that possible?!

Ultimate Jashukitricia: *Josh's voice* That's a huge secret. *Yuki's voice* See?

Succubus Layla: The only thing I see is your Doom! (fires an Unholy Blast at Ultimate Jashukitricia)

Ultimate Jashukitricia: (Jack's Voice) Second dose! To the dirt ! (Patricia's Voice) Hold on, I'll try to use a Magic Force Field (makes a Magic Force Field with Energy, trying to hold on against Layla's Unholy Blast) *Yuki's voice* I'll help with my psychokinesis. (toughens the force field through her Psychic Durabilation)

Ultimatra Reji: *Rey's voice* Forgot us? *Koji's voice* Here's a bruise on your face! (powers up) *both voices* GRAAAAAH! (prepares an ambush, then delivers a Giga Punch at Succubus Layla)

Succubus Layla: (suddendly fires another unholy blast from her other hand at Ultimatra Reji, trying to foil his ambush) I can fire two places at once you know. One hand for that 4-way Fused freak & the other for you!

Ultimatra Reji: (blocking the unholy beam) *Rey's voice* Mistake on your part. *Koji's voice* We have many tricks up our sleeve. (their left hand fires numerous holy spheres)

Succubus Layla: (got hit very hard) Grrr! I'll kill you! (charges at Ultimatra Reji)

Ultimate Jashukitricia: (Jack's Voice) Layla's Distracted, let's go! (Patricia's Voice) Right! *Josh's voice* HOLY.... ASTRAL BLAST!

Succubus Layla: (notices Ultimate Jashukitricia) What the...?!

Ultimate Jashukitricia: (Patricia's Voice) Bye bye (Jack's Voice) Say goodnight. *Yuki's voice* Buh-bye. *Josh's voice* Time to end this. GRAAAAH! (blasts a holy astral beam at Succubus Layla)

Succubus Layla: (notices the blast coming towards her) Oh man.

Ultimatra Reji: :P (throws holy spheres at Succubus Layla for a fused attack)

Succubus Layla: NOO! (got hit by the fused attack big time, causing her to turn back to normal) (struggles to stand up) I'll have my REVENGE!!! (faints, due to the heavy damage on her body)

Ultimate Jashukitricia: *Josh's voice* We did it! (Jack's Voice) Yeah we did. (Patricia's Voice) We've manage to stop Layla as a team. *Yuki's voice* That's right. *Josh's voice* So, what's next? (Jack's Voice) I don't know. What should we do about this Nebula guy? Should we go after him or not? *Josh's voice* I bet Assassin & Max took care of him. (Jack's Voice) (sighs) Alright (Patricia's Voice) Anyways, let's go home & take a rest. *Josh's voice* Sure. You'll just have a gift soon. (defuses)

Josh: Bye guys.

Yuki: (winks) Bye.

Josh & Yuki: (teleports back to Josh's castle)

Rey & Koji: Bye guys. (they teleport back to Josh's castle)

Jack & Patricia: Bye! (goes back to the Planet Mobius Diemention in the Prime Zone)

Pt. 7 Final Battle 2 -- HubMax & Assassin vs. Life Virus, Nebula Grey, & Marx

HubMax: Lets end this, Marx.

Marx: I want you to meet my two new freinds first! *Nebula grey appeared and roared fearsomely at Max*

Nebula grey: HIK...AR...IIII!!!!

HubMax: Lame.

-Then from out of nowhere, a Life Virus appeared and shot a Life Cannon at Max-

HubMax: I'm gonna need help with this.

Assassin: Let's do this!

HubMax: Hey there, Assassin! *Blasted HubBuster at the Life Virus, damaging it heavily*

Assassin: *goes Super* Try me, Nebula

Hubmax: (Fighting fiercely against the Life Virus)

Assassin: (uses Chaos Blast on Nebula) got him! [1]Added by Meme the fox

Max:*Finishes off life virus*

Assassin: *takes down Nebula*

Marx:well done,but its gonna take more than a few tricks to beat me!

Assassin: C'mon then!

Marx:*splits self in half and turns into a black hole*

Assassin: time to die, Marx

Max:*held onto the asteroid as the black hole was sucking them in*

Max:Hold onto something,assassin!

Assassin: *holds on to something*

???: RAIDEN WALL! SPEAR! -tosses the spear towards the black hole and a wall of stone appears to block it.

???: Poyo! -reconizes Marx-

Junior: -flies down in his turbo form with kirby on his warp star-

Kirby: Baya!

Junior: -tosses Kirby a Super Sword-

Kirby: =swallows the s. sword and becomes Super Sword Kirby-- then he points his sword at Marx-

( Ok Isnt anyone going to edit besides me ~Apallo)

Assassin: Hey Max, Kirby seems to be helping us

Junior: -flies by- Me Too Ive Recieved a Job For Defeating Marx. As A Bounty Hunter and a Hero. I must defeat him as well

Kirby: YAAAAAA! -is swinging his sword at Marx- HAYAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epilogue: Gifts of the Heroes

Jack & Patricia: (relaxing on a hammock together)

Jack: (sighs) Finally, some peace & quiet.

Patricia: Now that the nightmare is over, it's time that we take a nap

Jack: Now your talking my language.

Suddenly a gift box appeared below the hammock.

Patricia: (yawns) Sorry.

Jack: That's ok, I think I maybe too tired to do anything right now. I felt very sleepy (yawns) Goodnight (goes to sleep)

Patricia: (goes to sleep as well)

A voice called Jack & Patricia.

Voice: Jack! Patricia!

Jack: (half-asleep) Huh? Who's...?

Patricia: (half-asleep) Wha? What is...?

Voice: Wake up fully! You need to listen to my explanation.

Jack: (wakes up fully) Did you hear something?

Patricia: (wakes up fully) Sounds like a voice calling us?

Jack: Oh well, must've been a ghost or something.

Patricia: Or it must've been an alarm clock.

Voice: Don't joke around, mortals. You need to open up the gift box below the hammock.

Jack & Patricia: Gift box? Below the Hammock? (looks below the hammock & notices it)

Jack: Oh there it is

Patricia: Sorry, it's just that we're too tired to notice. Can you forgive us?

Voice: There's no need to be sorry, mortals. Now, open the gift box.

Jack: Oh ok then. I wonder what's inside?

Patricia: Let's open it & find out.

Jack & Patricia: (opens the gift box)

A set of BakuEmeralds appear.

Voice: You have received a set of BakuEmeralds. Those BakuEmeralds lets you access the new Dextra Form, a strong form that has the powers of all the BakuAttributes.

Jack: Thanks

Patricia: Looks like we have the Spirit Emeralds for our Ultimate Form, the Power Orbs for our Maxus Form & now the all new BakuEmeralds for our new Dextra Forms.

Jack: But why would we need these Dextra Forms anyway?

Voice: To merge with Josh & Yuki, with a stronger form. The Dextra Forms will help you defeat the monsters that'll come over. Use them & good luck.

The voice fades & the BakuEmeralds place themselves on the hammock.

Jack: Ok then. No problem. We got it.

Patricia: I wonder who's voice belongs to?

Jack: I don't know. Wanna go back to sleep on this hammock?

Patricia: Okie dokie

Jack & Patricia: (goes back to sleep with the BakuEmeralds in their hands)

In the mountains of Mobius, there comes a being...

???: Now, they're worthless since I've returned... My pets are stronger than the enemy they have fought last time. And then, I have my presence, those heroes.... WILL BE TERMINATED! Aha ha ha... AHA HA HA!!!


Josh: See ya next time... In Chapter 2. BYE.

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