"This majestic sword is the signature weapon of the Deific Kings. It is known to be the mightiest weapon of Antiquus. Many of these swords are used by the Greater Deific Kings ages ago. It is known that it can haunt a non-Ancient individual who uses this sword, disabling them from using the greatsword. It signifies that only the Ancients have the power and the right to use it for good purposes. However, only the ones blessed with the Antiquian royal hierarchy can release its full potential."
—Primordial Codex of Antiquus

The Ancientcalibur is a runic greatsword imbued with pure Ancient Energy. It is also one of the Sacred Relics of Antiquus. It also has psychic powers that prevent non-Ancients from using it. 



  • (Melee) High
  • (Long Range) Moderate


Can fire slash projectiles at a slow pace, but deals high damage and can fire fast projectiles at a rapid pace, but deals moderate damage. Charged shots are lasers that deal progressive damage.

Obtained in

Ancient Fortresses


These weapons are made by the Greater Deific Kings. They are the first wielders of the Ancientcaliburs. When Reff died, they have passed the relics to their descendants, the 1st Lesser Deific Kings, then after their reign has reached to an end, they also gave the swords to their great-grandsons, the current 2nd Lesser Deific Kings, so that they will be certified heirs to their corresponding thrones and will be able to use them against evil.

The Greater Deific Kings forged rapier-like Ancientcaliburs for the Greater Deific Queens, which were now passed to the next generation. The only known current Deific Queen to wield a rapier-like Ancientcalibur was Caitlineia the Hedgecat.


It is a diamond greatsword imbued with Ancient Energy. It has a hawk-like crest with a crimson gem embedded on it. It glows in a specific color depending on the element harnessed by an Ancient King wielding it. When it is being naturally charged with Ancient Energy in the surroundings, it glows white.


  • Greater Deific Kings
  • 1st Lesser Deific Kings
  • 2nd Lesser Deific Kings


They have a wide spectrum of abilities.

Extreme Sharpness

These greatswords can cut through many varieties of metal with no problems. It can cut through diamonds.

Movement Control

These greatswords can move by themselves. However, it rarely occurs.

Laser Projection

These greatswords can be charged with Ancient Energy, enabling them to fire a multicolored beam that deals large damage at multiple targets. It is often used as a surgical attack against a single opponent, allowing a high percentage of magical damage due to being periodical.

Psychic Manifestation

These greatswords haunt the user if he/she is not an Ancient, preventing them from using them.

Ancient Energy Orbs

These greatswords can release medium projectiles at multiple targets.

Extreme Durability

These greatswords can withstand a load of projectile attacks without a dent.

Natural Charge

These greatswords can charge by themselves to unleash a laser beam attack or a huge slash attack.

Elemental Enhancement

These greatswords absorb elemental energy released by the user and can unleash an elemental attack corresponding to the Ancient Leader.


  • Ancientcalibur is one of the Ancient Relics.
    • The others are Ancient Amulets, Ultra Emeralds, & the Infinity Emeralds.
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