This restaurant is founded and run by Frigus the Hedgehog. This is where Frigus cooks delicious food for the public to eat. The restaurant's main branch in Arctical Island has a big building and has fourteen branches, two in each continent.

The name itself does not mean that the restaurant always cooks sophisticated food. The restaurant also cooks common but spiced-up foods for common people to dine in. Frigus' dream is to show the people his magnificent culinary skills by creating this restaurant.


The restaurant theme is that of a snowy village with snowman figures. It also has an unusual pine tree bearing any kind of fruit inside the counter. There are hollies on the walls as decor. The light bulbs in the restaurant are partially covered with igloo-like glass.



Caseum Pita Rolls

These pita rolls are stuffed with Caseum cheese and various leafy veggies.

Baked Yellow Nachos with Caseum Dip

Arctical Cap Soup

Prawn Ball Creek

Verdant Salad with Spicy Snow Sauce

Garlic Bread Sticks with Infernal Pepper Dip

Pork & Lamb

Beef & Veal



Infernal Linguine

This is specially made by Frigus himself. It has creamy spaghetti sauce mixed with some jalapeno for mouth-searing kicks. It also has meatballs and cheese added for more piquancy.


Side Dishes


Drinks & Beverages



Arctical Lemon-Lime Soda

It is the leading brand of lemon-lime soda in Ancient Dimension, due to its pure fruity goodness. Its soda has no caffeine, so it's more natural than any soda. 

Arctical Cola

It is the leading brand of cola in Antiquus. It doesn't contain much caffeine. It has two prominent flavors: Arctical Cola Cinnamon and Arctical Cola Vanilla.

Natural Juices

Dairy Milk





It is the restaurant's signature smoothie brand. It is invented by the founder himself, Frigus the Hedgehog, because of his love for fruits. They're made from natural fruit juice. They come in 20 lush flavors.

  1. Strawberry Smoothie
  2. Banana Smoothie
  3. Mango Smoothie
  4. Orange Smoothie
  5. Coco Smoothie
  6. Grape Smoothie
  7. Raspberry Smoothie
  8. Melon Smoothie
  9. Watermelon Smoothie
  10. Four Seasons Smoothie
  11. Peach Smoothie
  12. Blueberry Smoothie
  13. Blackberry Smoothie
  14. Honeydew Smoothie
  15. Jackfruit Smoothie
  16. Lychee Smoothie
  17. Pineapple Smoothie
  18. Mangosteen Smoothie
  19. Plum Smoothie
  20. Date Smoothie
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