Attacking Dawn
Lockheed Sonic Style
Attacking's standard combat attire


Attacking Dawn




Mk. XIX Desert Eagle, M4A1 AR, P90 SMG, KA-BAR knife


6 foot 9


125 lbs


Commander of Infantry and Space Corps

Born in 19██, Attacking Dawn is a very harsh but funny guy. He is serving in a military force in the outer expanses of the Andromeda Galaxy protecting invaders from hitting his home planet Destioss (now merely fragments due to an assault ruining not only the surface, but Attacking's entire family).


Attacking Dawn appears to be an orange feline with rather remarkable leadership skills. He is 6 foot 9, and weighs in at around 125 lbs. His combat attire is a hoodie with black jeans, rugged combat boots, ammo belt, headset, gloves, and bulletproof vest (under hoodie). His prefered weapon is the Mk. XIX Desert Eagle .50 AE pistol. Attacking has a rather noticable sense of smell that rivals that of a dog. No one knows why, but it is what it is.

Early Life

Attacking Dawn had a fairly standard child hood, but all of it was taken away when Destioss, his home, was attacked by a robotic hostile lead by ██████ Dosak. He lost everything at the young age of 7 and soon enlisted for the army. The soldiers doubted him, but he rose through the ranks.

Life Right Now

At the age of 2█, Attacking Dawn is a commander of the Andromedan Assault Force (military he is in). As of December 28, 2012, 3:30 Universal Standard Time, his assault teams in the Milky Way are fighting back Dosak's soldiers with little luck. He knows it won't end until the last robot falls dead. However, some reports are coming in about Dosak near Mobius and was dispatched to the planet. Dawn's Command Neural Implants went dark near Knothole on March 1, 20██, but is presumed to be alive.

Affiliations (Former and Current)

  • Andromeda News Network
  • Intergalactic Arms Delivery
  • Andromedan Assault Force
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