• SteampunkFox001

    After having many ideas during the roleplays of both "The Ice Explorer: Mordecai's 1st Adventures" and "Noah the Hedgehog: The End" I decided to make it one big saga with it ending with one last roleplay that will start after the completion of both of these roleplays. At the current rate I believe that it will begin at late 2015 or early 2016. This of course is subject to change.

    Roleplay Year
    Noah the Hedgehog: The End 3244 ATS
    The Ice Explorer: Mordecai's 1st Adventures 3258 ATS
    *The Black Heart Empire: War 3265 ATS
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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    Ladies and gents, it's the Awesome Void Ray reportin'!

    It's been two years since the last Featured Article Awarding. But it's back, still alive! Its the JTH April 2013 Feature Awards: now revamped! Get yer articles ready, so we'll nominate 'em and become the featured article for the month! And also, users can be nominated to be the featured user! Get ready... fo' nomination! 

    The featured articles will be posted on the home page on April 17, 2015, after the voting.

    1. Before the nomination, be sure to clean up and complete the nominated articles.
    2. You can only nominate ONE article for each section. When you exceed, you will be disqualified.
    3. The nominated article must correspond to a matching section.
    4. If you wanna nominate your article, jot 'em down on …

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  • SteampunkFox001


    March 9, 2015 by SteampunkFox001

    I had an idea that can help with the timeline of the whole universe and that is, an actual timeline. Yeah, A timeline, it's actually pretty useful and I'm gonna start it off. It goes from early events to later events going from up to down. The first info was collected from pages on the wikia. By the way this is Spider if you didn't know, got a name change since this is my new name I use for stuff.


    The current information may be incorrect due to using information found on multiple pages and using math to get some years. Some pages I used include Ashley the Skunk, Josh the Hedgehog, NXT Generation, ITS's page, The Being of the Wind Chapter 1. I had to use math on Noah and Luna's birth, Noah the Hedgehog: The End and Th…

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  • SteampunkFox001

    Now that it's 2015 I've decided to come back due to me being able to be online more often. With a new year for me there will be new things coming. New characters, stories, places, all of that. Now, I want to go through some plans. I'll just uh, list them.

    2015 Ideas

    • Having Noah the Hedgehog return for one last story.

    Yep, I feel like I didn't really give him an ending like he deserves because after all, he is a character I have used since around 2008-2009. So basically this will be the canon ending to Noah's story in ALL universes.

    • New Characters!

    Of course, with Noah being gone forever I'll need new characters. I already have one planned but I won't reveal any information about them. But, I'm just gonna say now. Some old characters MAY return,…

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  • Meme the fox

    k niggas im changing acounts,transfer all of that boorocat shit to the account known as crunchytommy,kthxbaaaai

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  • SteampunkFox001

    New Start

    September 19, 2014 by SteampunkFox001

    As you can see I deleted all pages of my roleplays and characters. This is because I was no longer happy with my characters and the one roleplay wasn't really that well done. I already have a character design for a new main character but no name. I also might not be very active at all due to school and other stuff I do. Well, this is a new beginning for me and I will still use Noah for some things, so he's not 100% gone. Okay, I'll see you guys later.

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  • SteampunkFox001


    April 20, 2014 by SteampunkFox001

    Lately, alot of people have been inactivate including me because of school, lack of ideas and other stuff. Some people might have the same problem, so thats why I wanted to try to help the community of this wiki become more active than it is currently.

    Spiderboy2012 - SA

    Josh the Hedgehog - A

    Spongebob100 - SA

    Memethefox - I

    Jamestechno998 - I

    Assassinhedgehog - I

    VenomtheEchidna -  I

    Chromathefox7241 - I

    Guilmon1337 - I

    LockheedF16 - I

    SeafireTiger - I

    Flamelord333 - I

    Frozen Scorpio - I


    SplashtheHedgehog - I

    RayxCreammaker -I

    Sonicpal1337 - I

    Knuckles the Echidna Lover - I

    Mr. gameandfight - I

    Active: Try to edit pages every 1-3 days.

    Semi-Active: Try to edit pages every week.

    Inactive: Editing once or twice a month.

    Quit: Quit th…

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  • VenomTheEchidna

    Chibi Requests~

    December 24, 2013 by VenomTheEchidna

    Well, tis' the season of giving, so why not take free drawing requests? Just tell me which character you want, and I'll draw em'. Here's an example - 

    So what're you waiting for? Get your lil' "chibi" today!

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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    Ask mah Charas!

    December 11, 2013 by Josh the Hedgehog

    Hey guys! JTH here for more blogging. :P 

    Representing: Ask mah charas! You can ask 'em if you want to.

    1. The Ancient Leaders
      1. Josh the Hedgehog
      2. Thomas the Echidna
      3. Jetris the Hedgehawk
      4. Louie the Fox
      5. Arthur the Hedgehog
      6. Jameskie the Hedgehog
    2. The Ancient Queens
      1. Yuki the Hedgecat
      2. Sara the Echidna
    3. Alice the Cat
    4. Sandy the Cat
    5. Jesse the Hedgehog
    6. Rey the Hedgedragon
    7. Jonathan the HedgeReploidfox
    8. Koji the Shock Fox-Bat
    9. Raven the Flamehog
    10. The 4 Ancienthogs
      1. Aero the Wind Ancienthog
      2. Pyro the Fire Ancienthog
      3. Aqua the Water Ancienthog
      4. Terra the Earth Ancienthog
    11. The Four Royal Knights
      1. Diamond the Hedgehog
      2. Spade the Echidna
      3. Heart the Cat
      4. Clover the Bat
    12. Equera Empire
      1. Dr. EggRey
      2. Neo Rey the Dark Hedgehog
      3. Skyflame the Hawk
      4. Platinum the Mineralhog
      5. Ultra Elemental-J Set
      6. Aeron the Hedgebat
      7. Neon the …

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    This is the prophecy of the Storm Legacy:

    "The day shall  come when a child is born in Apocalia on the Moon of the Hunter, the child will be birthed from a human and he shall grow to be the greatest warrior-king known to all of Apocalia. The Child will be able to posses our power and be unbeatable. He will be the protector of the Realms, he has two split personalities, aside from his human side, he can split between the demon and the angel."

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  • SteampunkFox001

    Hello people of JTH Wiki my name is Spiderboy2012 and I am here to show noobies how to make RolePlays and Stories in different formats like the ones i mostly use.

    For Exp. go to Ultimate Prototype. (My only finished RP)

    Ok first I am going to show what I do to set up a Roleplay.

    Step 1. Write a summary at the top like this. But of course with words.

    Step 2. Add the rules.

    1. Dont G-Mod

    2. Don't Speedhack

    3. Keep it PG-13

    4. Keep on track of the RP

    You can add as many rules as you want!

    Step 3. Add a strike/ban box. You should have atleast 3 strikes for the person to be banned.



    Step 4. Make the characters box.

    • Noah the Hedgehog (H)
    • Joker the Demihog (V)

    • Billy the Cat (H)
    • Natso the Dragon (N)

    Step 4. Add the first Chapter/Part.


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  • Meme the fox

    a new project

    July 18, 2013 by Meme the fox

    greetings JTH wiki! I am planning something that will be super cool,I will release teasers of stuff,from art to short 

    bios to extracts from this fanfic,so enjoy

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  • SteampunkFox001

    Im Back

    June 7, 2013 by SteampunkFox001

    Hey guys i just wanna say im back... again.

    It's summer where i am now and i will be able to more stuff now because well, NO SCHOOL and you can see i updated Noah's Page with a new theme and lyrics. So ill be doing more rps and stuff so ill see you on them!

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  • Meme the fox

    im back

    May 12, 2013 by Meme the fox

    hey guys,im back to wiking,I quit last year,but decided to give it another chance,but ill also be editing the club penguin fanon wiki aswell,so it looks like im out of paper so this is

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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    Time to vote!!!

    If there's something missing, lemme know! 

    PS: Categories with only ONE nominated article in it is automatically awarded.

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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    Welcome to JTH's blog, JTH April 2013 Awards! Get yer articles ready, so we'll nominate 'em & become teh featured article for teh month! And also, users can be nominated to be teh featured user! Get ready... fo' nomination! 

    For each section, only four articles must be nominated. Anyways, if you wanna nominate your article, jot 'em down on the comments.

    1. You can only nominate ONE article for each section. When you exceed, you will be disqualified.
    2. The nominated article must correspond to a matching section.
    3. Remember to link your article. We need articles in the wiki to put prior proof. 
    4. There are special sections that don't need links, but it needs prior existence.
    5. Remember, NO CROSSOVERS. It is LAMESAUCE.


    • Rey the He…

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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    Welcome to mah blog!

    If you wanna join these RPs, just send me a message.

    • Zathura: JTH Special
    • Lost in the Metroid Universe
    • Mushroom Kingdom Adventure
    • Reploid World

    That's my first RPs. Coming soon!

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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    Wiki Cleaning

    January 12, 2013 by Josh the Hedgehog

    Starting January 12, all admins & bureaucrats are required to clean the pages in this wiki. Those who do not adhere to this rule shall be blocked for 1 month.

    The page doesn't need cleaning or cleaning of a corresponding page will be approved if it has:

    1. Good grammar
    2. Good spelling
    3. Good format
    4. Good capitalization
    5. Good spacing
    6. Formal usage of words
    7. Correct use of symbols
    8. Correct capitalization of page title
    9. Correct usage of bold & italic fonts

    In case of Role Plays...

    1. Correct grammar & spelling
    2. Correct usage of punctuation marks
    3. Good capitalization & spacing between the character & what he/she says or acts
    4. Correct use of action symbols like "( ) & *"
    5. Formally, "-" symbol is not appropriate when typing an action, making the edit dirty
    6. Putting pictures the corr…
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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    RP Ideas

    September 2, 2012 by Josh the Hedgehog

    Konichiwa, guys! Josh here. Welcome to your free station: the RP Idea Center! If you have some ideas about making your own RPs, just let me know. But you can't center your ideas on cartoons, that's pretty complicated. Focus, on animes, robotic genre, 3D stuff, but NO cartoons. Got it?

    And yes, choose your genre to base for your RP.

    NOTE: But remember... Boldface genres are not recommended to be centerly based for your RP idea. Italic genres are mostly recommended to be centerly based for your RP idea. If it's just regular-written, that means that genre is not really centered for your RP idea.

    Just choose 3 genres for the RP idea.

    1. Action
    2. Adventure
    3. Comedy
    4. Drama
    5. Fantasy
    6. Horror
    7. Musical
    8. Mystery
    9. Romance
    10. Science Fiction
    11. Sport
    12. Thriller
    13. War
    14. Tournament

    Let me know if you hav…

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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    This is my blog for a problem in Josh & BBB that there are users insisting their villains to be main in each season. So, nomination may begin.

    Note: Voting may start if the slots have 2 or more villains. Hurry up! Add more MAIN villains! >:)

    Nominate here, I'll just make the poll.

    1. Damian hart and HD acadamy
    2. Rahkshi Tribes

    1. Layla the Fox-skunk & Neo Rey the Dark Hedgehog
    2. Twisted tempo the robot and damian hart

    1. Reff the Ghosthog (Ultimate Villain)
    2. Zane the Gorilla & Kai the Hedgehog

    1. Rya the Hedgedragon
    2. Skyflame the Hawk (New Diablontilus Army member)

    Thank you guys. By the way, I can't plan for the other future seasons, because a season would take 8 months-1 year. :/

    So, start nominating!

    Note: You must not vote two times in one season. That counts as che…

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  • Max the hedgehog

    {the following events take place at the same time as episode 10 of season 1}

    Rya:*Walking along with a purple aura in a canyon*

    -5 hedgehogs in black clothing jump down-

    hedgehog 1#:your coming with us!

    Rya:*Smiled devilishly* And how you gonna do that?

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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    This is the JTH July Awards! Nominations starting now. Voting will start until more users join this wiki. :) So, nomination, start!

    1. Josh the Hedgehog - (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)
    2. Jack the Hedgehog - (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)

    1. Rya the Hedgedragon (Votes: 1 for / 0 against)

    1. Dr. EggRey (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)
    2. Dr. EggPlankton (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)
    3. Tensai the Shark (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)
    4. Damian hart (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)

    1. Rey the Hedgehog - (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)

    1. Yuki the Hedgecat - (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)
    2. Alice the Cat - (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)
    3. Patricia the Skunk - (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)

    1. ??? (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)
    2. Josh the Hedgehog - (Votes: 0 for / 0 against)

    1. Roleplay:Josh & Bakugan Battle Brawlers Season 1: Darkness Invader…

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  • Max the hedgehog

    I will Host Battles one at a time,The Chosen Users Will Then Do the Battle in the comments the first Battle is


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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    'Ey guys, Josh here. We're having a sequel of Josh & Bakugan Battle Brawlers! It'll be a sequel when we reach Season 3! Are ya excited, guys? If yeah, thanks! If no, still thanks! :D

    • EDIT* June 11, 2012: Now, in Season 2, we have neo characters!
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  • Josh the Hedgehog

    This is about a sequel of the Ancient Battle RP. Um, who votes to have more chapters? To have its sequel, we must have Chapter 5! But, we must finish the other chapters soon.

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