This contains the aethereal chronologies of JTH's Universe.

GNS - Genesis Era

ATS - After the Separation (can be omitted)


General Timeline
Event/Roleplay Year
PHOTOS' Creation of Antiquus and Ictistopia undefined
PHOTOS' Creation of the First Antiquian (Omnia) 6000 GNS
Birth of the Seven Omniadescendians

5600 GNS

Birth of Amorea, Seraph of Love

4200 GNS

Birth of the Greater Deific Kings 2000 GNS
Psireff's Betrayal 1000 GNS
Supercontinental Separation XXX1 ATS
Reign of the Greater Deific Kings XX10-2957 ATS
Helia's Introduction of Homofenixians to Antiquus and Ictistopia XX26 ATS
Proliferation of Ictistopians in their Homeland XX74 ATS
Birth of the 1st Lesser Deific Kings X100 ATS
Coronation of the 1st Lesser Deific Kings X380 ATS
Reign of the 1st Lesser Deific Kings X380-2380 ATS
Birth of the 2nd Lesser Deific Kings (except Thomas) 2000 ATS
Birth of Thomas, the current Benthos King 2001 ATS
Birth of Yuki, Ventilus Queen and her twin Shizuku the Hedgecat 2002 ATS
Josh and Yuki's Duration of being Childhood Friends 2006-2011 ATS
Yuki's Slavery 2011-2021 ATS
Birth of Severina, Ventilus Princess and Josh's younger sister 2012 ATS
Coronation of the 2nd Lesser Deific Kings 2280 ATS
Reign of the 2nd Lesser Deific Kings 2280 ATS-current

The Apocalian-Antiquian War (Roleplay: The Apocalian-Antiquian War)

3007-12 ATS
Revival of Cryolus, Electronia, and Zynari 3011 ATS
Patel's Formation of the Antiquian Astral Sphere 3013 ATS
Josh and Yuki Meet Once Again (but just a glance) 3015 ATS
Josh's Visit on Electrochroma 3016 ATS
Josh's Implantation of Chromasapien DNA (electronullifying gene)
Birth of Noah, the current Cryolus King 3217 ATS
Dr. EggRey's First Arrival on Antiquus 3222 ATS
Birth of Target
Birth of Luna 3224 ATS
Josh's First Continental Adventures (The Being of the Wind Chapter 1: Josh's 1st Medieval Adventure) 3234 ATS
Dr. EggPlankton's First Arrival on Antiquus
Josh Finally Meeting his Long-Lost Childhood Friend
Josh's Second Adventures 3235 ATS
Josh's Third Adventures 3236 ATS

The Founding of Intelligence Technology Systems (Roleplay:The New Organization Chapter 1: The Eggmen Assault)

3237 ATS
Alliance with the All Star Rebel Republic (Roleplay:The New Organization Chapter 2: New Alliance)
Birth of Ashley the Skunk
Marriage of Josh and Yuki 3238 ATS
Birth of Tempest, Glacia, and Reiki
Founding of The Black Heart Empire

3243 ATS

Birth of Eguardo the Pisoas
Death of Noah the Hedgehog 3244 ATS
Disappearance of The Black Heart Empire
Birth of Mordecai the Wolf 3245 ATS
Founding of NXT Generation 3254 ATS
NXT Generation's First Adventures
Mordecai's First Adventures 3258 ATS
Reappearance of The Black Heart Empire


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