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Chroma "Gammaray" Spectro is a Chromasapien that came from the planet Electrochroma.


Since childhood, he wished to be a gallant hero. Since his adolescence, a new king rose up to the throne. Years since the new king's reign, there came an evil race named Regimenians. They have defeated the Electrochroma's forces and the inhabitants fell into affliction, when the king was corrupted by the dark power of the Regimenians. King Gamma, while corrupted, made the Chromasapiens suffer. So Chroma woudn't like that to happen. In his adult stage, he was ready to fight the evil king. As he trained very well, he battles Evil King Gamma, but got defeated. King Gamma absorbs the Spectral Orb, causing a huge calamity in Electrochroma, causing quakes, tsunamis, etc. He got blasted by King Gamma, but barely survives. He uses a spell called "Light Descent" to teleport in any place outside the Electrochroma. He got transported to Planet Mobius, where Mobians live. He notices himself got Mobianized into a fox. He remembers to gather another energy source in Mobius, so that he can fight King Gamma once again and free him from corruption. His main quest is to gather the 7 Chaos Emeralds.


He is a big-hearted man. He longs to eliminate evil to have peace with his fellow Chromasapiens. He speaks in clear words, but sometimes speak in archaic English.


He can shoot rainbow beams from his hands. He can bright up a dark room with just a large single flash of light. He can fly. He has a special ability that makes him transport to any dimensions randomly. He can move at high speeds, at about 0.5 lightyear. He holds 100,000,000,000 joules (energy unit) in his body, making him do more activities.


He has no probable weakness. His camouflaged weakness is energy drain. If his energy is drained completely, he can only replenish 1000 joules every minute, unless if he drinks an Ergon Potion that boosts his energy production.


He has multicolored fur, grey furry muzzle, & cyan eyes. He wears a white trench coat, black pants, & jet boots.

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