"My name is Corona the Cat... I'm very sorry about fighting against you good people, I was not really here to fight you guys...!"
—Corona when she first encountered the heroes
"Sorry, everyone... I have no choice but to fight. If I don't, I will be banished by the Dark Knight himself!"
—Corona when forced to fight

Corona the Cat or nicknamed Flaria, is an Ancient Mobian cat who formerly lived in Pyronia. She is currently a Solarmage Knight forced to serve under the Dark Knight.






Solarmagia Tech - This art involves the use of Corona's dual swords: Chromosphos and Photosphos and the harnessing of her heliokinesis. The Dark Knight himself taught Corona swordplay accustomed to her gender and style while incorporating her magic with it. She can also do it with her customized submachine gun named Prominence.

She can do the following Solarmagia Techs:

  • Solarflare Whirl - Corona fills her dual swords with the sun's flames and spins rapidly, scorching anything on contact.
  • Pyrotechnic Storm - Corona connects her dual swords through their handles and begins to spin them atop her head, causing small fire stones to emerge from the blades which home on the enemy and when they do: they explode on contact.

Heliokinesis - Like her brother, she possesses pyrokinesis. However, unlike him, her pyrokinesis is unique, because her powers become stronger when she is exposed to the sun, albeit at sunset or sunrise. Specifically, her powers are considered heliokinesis.





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