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This page contains the elemental affinities and more info about elemental logic.


Natural Elements

Elements Characteristics Advantages Disadvantages
Fire The most destructive element; the offensive. It cannot be extinguished by wind (and instead its power increases) if the fire has larger amounts. It is easily extinguished by water.
Water The most versatile element. It can extinguish fire. Pressurized water can break through stone. It can be frozen by wind.
Earth The toughest element; the defensive element. It is a good defensive measure against fire and wind (if the wind is weaker).  It can be broken with pressurized water.
Air The most dynamic element. It can freeze water (if the wind is strong and has low temperature) and extinguish fire (if the fire is small). Lastly, it can cut through earth (if the air is kneaded into a sharp blade). It can increase the destruction of fire (if the fire is large).

Antipodal Elements


  • If a person is innately attuned to an element, he can consume less energy and can execute stronger attacks associated to his/her affinity.
ex. A fire-elemental person can easily execute stronger fire attacks and doesn't tire easily after doing a number of moves.
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