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Equera the Dark is Josh the Hedgehog's "Moebian" counterpart. He is actually one of Reff the Ghosthog's creations with his own manifestation of dark power.


He is truly a manifestation of semi-dark power that Reff created. He knew that each Mobians had their own Moebian counterpart, so he made his semi-dark creation resemble Josh's characteristics, only has a difference: dark powers. 

As he was created, he has been taught by Reff himself to fight his Mobian counterpart, Josh. 2 years after creation, he was sent to Ancient Dimension to terminate his real counterpart, but always fail.

5 years after that, he developed his own free will. He was willing not to terminate Josh, but to test his abilities to defeat Reff himself. He had an anti-villain role. As months pass, he became a bit evil, joining Craig, Jack's Moebian counterpart, & Parkisha, Patricia's Moebian counterpart.

In Josh & Bakugan Battle Brawlers Season 1 Episode X, he becomes completely evil, because he was possessed by Reff. He became a hero in Season 2.


He is half-evil & half-good. When he is overcome by his innate dark energy, he serves his creator Reff with full loyalty. 7 years after, he develops a heroic personality, but his innate dark energy makes his personality unpredictable from gullible beings.


He also had the same abilities with Josh, but the difference is Equera has darkness abilities. Unlike Josh, Equera doesn't have a Ancientcalibur, as he was not fully Ancient, because he was just a manifestation.

He has high intellect as Josh, matching him when battling with Bakugan in Josh & BBB Season 1 Episode X.


His obvious weakness is light. 

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Season 1 G. Bakugan: Pyrus-Darkus Infinity Wyvernoid - 7500 Gs LEGENDARY (Aeronoid's Counterpart)

Season 1 G. Bakugan (Evolved: 2nd stage): Darkus Hades Wyvernoid - 8000 Gs LEGENDARY (Aeronoid's Counterpart)

Season 2 G. Bakugan: Darkus-Pyrus Cerberix Wyvernoid - 4600 Gs LEGENDARY (Aeronoid's Counterpart)

  • Mechtogan: Cerbertron
  • Mechtogan Titan: Cerberus Titan
  • Mechtogan Destroyer: Cerberus Destroyer
  • Battle Suit: Cerberus Gear

Other Bakugan in Season 1

Darkus Hellish Scorchwing - 2600 Gs LEGENDARY (Moltwing's Counterpart)

Darkus Legion Quakesmasher - 2600 Gs LEGENDARY (Terradriller's Counterpart)

Darkus Blackstorm Stormderra - 2600 Gs LEGENDARY (Zapderra's Counterpart)

Darkus Void Sphinxion - 2600 Gs LEGENDARY (Sphinxnoid's Counterpart)

Darkus Sludge Barracudix - 2600 Gs LEGENDARY (Sharknoid's Counterpart)

Other Bakugan in Season 2

Pyrus Flare Scorchwing - 1150 Gs LEGENDARY (Moltwing's Counterpart)

Subterra Seismic Quakesmasher - 1100 Gs (Terradriller's Counterpart)

Haos Shock Stormderra - 1150 Gs LEGENDARY (Zapderra's Counterpart)

Darkus Legend Sphinxion - 1150 Gs LEGENDARY (Sphinxnoid's Counterpart)

Aquos Splash Barracudix - 1100 Gs LEGENDARY (Sharknoid's Counterpart)


  • His voice is the same as Josh but a bit darker & deeper.
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