This article is a list of Fanon Ex Gears that are owned by the Sonic fan characters in JTH database.

You can only add your Extreme Gear if you have participated in EX Riders.

EX Gears 

Ultra Cyclone

Josh the Hedgehog created his own Extreme Gear called Ultra Cyclone. His Extreme Gear is one of the fastest Extreme Gears in JTH's database. It is faster than some of the Extreme Gears because of its advanced engines and power source of Ancient Energy in it. It has high stats, but the Ultra Cyclone's disadvantage is its strength. It can only hit any Extreme Gear with less efficiency, unless Josh does his Almighty attack. 

It has lots of features in it. Its aerodynamics are greatly improved. This Extreme Gear is a board-type. When the white button on the rear is pressed, the Ultra Cyclone becomes an air-ride-type Extreme Gear named Ultra Aerodynamo. It has balanced handling, superior speed & acceleration, but power only increases by a tiny amount.

This Extreme Gears proves to be outstanding due to its advanced technology it possessed, making it one of the fastest Extreme Gears ever existed.

DASH ★★★★★
LIMIT ★★★★★★
POWER ★★★★
CURVE ★★★★★★

Ultra Glacier 

Yuki the Hedgecat has her own personal Extreme Gear by the help of Josh & her skills in machinery, & she dubbed it, namely Ultra Glacier. Her Extreme Gear is flexible in any field, making it versatile. 

This Extreme Gear is a skate-type. It has a special engine on the heels that makes its handling easier. It also has high speed, due to Ancient Energy as its energy source. As a skate-type, it has average strength, added by Yuki's impressive kicking power. She can also augment her attack with supportive magic.

This Extreme Gear is made as one of the most flexible Extreme Gears ever existed, due to the advanced engines it has. It proves to be a flexible freestyle machine, enabling Yuki to do astounding moves.

DASH ★★★★
LIMIT ★★★★★★
POWER ★★★★★
CURVE ★★★★★★
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