Gorillasaur is a BakuFusion Bakugan which is Jack the Hedgehog's Guardian Bakugan and the main Bakugan deuteragonist of Josh & the Bakugan Battle Brawlers series. He always protects his master, Jack from evil doers. He always ready for a fight. He is always ready to protect innocent bakugan from evil Bakugan and Mechtogan and helps Aeronoid. He is secretly a Legendary Bakugan, because he is within the bloodline of the Berserker Bakugan of eons ago and the possession of the primeval Dinosaur Core.


He is very aggressive against the enemies because he is a dinosaur and sometimes does not get what everyone is talking about.


Darkus Gorillasaur


  • Sonic Roar - Adds 300 Gs to Gorillasaur and subtracts 300 Gs to all opponents.
  • Banana Bomb - Adds 200 Gs to Gorillasaur and subtracts 400 Gs to all opponents.
  • Banana Juice - Adds 400 Gs to Gorillasaur.
  • Banana Slammer - Adds 500 Gs to Gorillasaur.
  • Ape Blazer - Adds 200 Gs to Gorillasaur and halves the opponent/s' G Power.

Fusion Abilities

  • King of Apes - Adds 600 Gs to Gorillasaur and deflects any of the effects of the Opponents Ability Cards (Requires [Ability Card])
  • Kong Crusher - Adds 700 Gs to Gorillasaur and subtracts 700 Gs to the opponent. (Requires [Ability Card]) 

Dinosaur Age Core Abilities

  • Aggressive Dragon - Adds 1000 Gs to Gorillasaur.
  • Defensive Shell - Negates all abilities, but Gorillasaur cannot activate abilities when this ability is under effect. Effect Limit: 5 Turns

Legendary Abilities

  • Monstrous Boost - Adds 1600 Gs to Gorillasaur, subtracts 900 Gs to all opponents, and negates all opponent abilities (except Special Core and Legend) & gate cards.
  • Twilight Star - Adds 900 Gs to Gorillasaur and negate all attacks from the opponent for the rest of the round this ability is activated.

Bakugan Gear

Normal Battlegear

Silver SilverArms

Compatible with Gorillasaur. When played, it adds 100 Gs to Gorillasaur.

Special Effect: Destroys the opponent's Gate Card immediately after this Battlegear is played. When the said Gate Card is activated in response to this Battlegear being played, it is canceled and destroyed.

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