My newest character is Growler the Hedgehfox.


Growler was always the one breaking the rules where he lived in his childhood. Eventually, they tried forcing him out of the area, but he didn't leave. And when they threatened to kill him, he forced them away instead, being the type to just be alone. One day, though, some others like him came, and they formed a team against all who tried to stop their ultimate goal. No one, however, except Growler had a goal in mind. Growler wanted to get revenge on who one day, stopped him from forcing people out of a town. No one knows who it was, but all Growler knew, it was a green fox.

Family & Friends


Ace the Fox

Zoru the Dino




  • Growler doesn't accept being forced to be at peace, until he knows that Ace and anyone else that tries to stop him gets into a state where they will listen to him, no matter what.
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