Hog-Matter 6 is a planet inhabited by a villainous race of giant warthogs with mohawks called the "Punk Hogs"


Hog-Matter 6 was a peaceful planet with the Punk-Hogs powerless & happy together, that is until a strange giant dark red & purple thunderstorm came covering the entire planet & begins electrocuting the Punk-Hogs, the lightning from the thunderstorm is so powerful that the Punk-Hogs gets an idea on how to collect such powerful electricity. They created dark thunder towers that can collect the lightning to store power into their kingdoms around the world. So after the big thunderstorm has passed, the Punk-Hogs felt power-hungry & begins training to become very powerful warriors, building their empire around the globe, creating an army of their own & using the electricity to power their weapons & their metal gloves. Ever since they created their empire all over the planet, all that the Punk-Hogs want after they become power hungry was domination.

Known Citizen

  • Fire Hog (General of Lavius)
  • Water Hog (General of Waterio)
  • Jungle Hog (General of Jungleopolis)
  • Sandy Hog (General of Sandigo)
  • Thunder Hog (General of Electromania)
  • Devil Hog (General of Devilicious)
  • Road Hog (Lieutenant of the Hog-Matter 6 Army)
  • Brute Hog (Giant Muscular Punk Hog)
  • Zoom Hog (Fastest Punk Hog)
  • Brainy Hog (Smartest Punk Hog)
  • Air Hog (Punk Hog Pilot)
  • Sea Hog (Captain of the Hog-Matter 6 Navy)


Their climate have a 50/50 chance of Sunny & Thunderstorms after the strange giant dark red & purple thunderstorm incident. 4 months could be sunny, 4 months for thunderstorms, 2 months cloudy & 2 months for rain. The climate goes on as a pattern of Thunderstorm, Sunny, Rainy, Thunderstorm, Sunny & Cloudy, over & over again.


Hog-Matter 6 has 6 known continents on this planet so far.


Waterio is a Water Continent that is the smallest, because it is mostly surrounded by water


Lavaius is a Fire Continent that is one of the hottest places in Hog-Matter 6 because of the lava activity that has happened most of the times during volcano eruptions.


Jungleopolis is a Continent that is mostly a jungle with a hint of grassy field.


Sandigo is a Desert Continent that is filled with Pyramids, a large oasis river & some Arabian villages


Electromania is an Electric Continent that has the most Electrical Towers to gain electricity for the power of the buildings & the Punk Hogs' weapons.


Devilicious is a Dark Continent that is filled with darkness, hatred & evil & the residents of this continent can get a little bit wild when there is no order.



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