"These kind of bots are versatile against any enemy. They have immense speed, ranging from 299,792,458 metres per second until a hypothetical measure of unreachable speed. Slower Bots cannot slow down time itself, since they are machines. They can slow down opponents by affecting their perception of time to a great level, delaying their reactions. Haster Bots can move in the speed of light until near the speed of tachyon. The strongest type of ITSZECT Bot is the Slowhaster Bot. It can do any ability that a Slower Bot and a Haster Bot possesses."
Intelligence Technology Systems' Arsenal: Vol. 1

ITSZECT Bots (Intelligence Technology Systems' Zinciferous Ergokinetic Contrivances of Time) are the 3rd type of infantry introduced in the organization Intelligence Technology Systems.


Their head is shaped like the top side of an hourglass. They also have sword-like shoulder plates. Slower Bots have a bit large body build, while the Haster Bots are slender. On the other hand, the Slowhaster Bots have normal body build, but are taller than both ITSZECT bot types.

Some ITSZECT Bots are customized to have exclusive items. Examples of these customized bots are Slow, Decelerate, and Hinder, Rush, Hustle, Accel, Temporal, Adeclarate, and Tachyargo. 

  • Slow has a small clock mounted on its torso. 
  • Decelerate has arm-mounted stopwatches.
  • Hinder has a clock head.
  • Rush has air-gliding feet.
  • Hustle has clocks mounted on its two palms.
  • Accel has friction-nullifying feet.
  • Temporal has mecha wings mounted on its back and a large clock mounted on its torso.
  • Adeclarate is much more royal-themed, being the strongest ITSZECT Bot ever made by I.T.S. It wears a royal crown, golden-plated armour, and clocks mounted on its shoulders.
  • Tachyargo has a laser vision visor and clocks mounted on its back.


General Abilities

Time Perceptive Deterioration - Slower Bots can affect its targets' perception of time by emitting "antitachyon waves" around the battlefield. The number of Slower Bots activating this kind of effect doesn't affect the increase or decrease of effect potency.

Extreme Speed - Haster Bots can move in blinding speed through a tachyon accelerator implanted inside their body. If there are multiple Haster Bots in a battlefield, effects would be devastating.


Time Buster - the default ranged armament of the ITSZECT Bots.

Omega Buster - upgraded equipment of an Amalgamated ITSZECT Bot.

Photochronus Gladia LF - default equipment of the Slower and Haster Bots. These beamswords are strong enough to cleave through most normal metal alloys with low frequency. 

Photochronus Gladia MF - default equipment of the Slowhaster Bots. These can cleave through most metal alloys with no problems.

Photochronus Gladia HF - an exclusive upgrade equipped to Adeclarate. It is the strongest melee armament of the ITSZECT Bots.



Even the ITSZECT Bots are very potent, they suffer some weaknesses. They can only be defeated by stronger chronokinetic characters like Josh. Their armor is not as tough unlike other ITS infantry. 


  • The ITSZECT Bots have a resemblance with the Japanese TV series Kamen Rider Kabuto, ability-wise.
    • However, ITSZECT's definition is different from the organization ZECT. 
  • The ITSZECT Bots were created by Josh the Hedgehog for a specific reason. It is to overwhelm villainous organizations with chronokinetic powers of multiple users.
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