The Inner Council is a group of ranked officials who congregate to consult, deliberate, or to make various decisions. This kind of council is considered secret even to the citizens of a certain continent.

List of Councils

Pyronia Dragon Council

The Pyronia Dragon Council balances the ties of the Draconians and the purebreed Pyronians. The members of this council usually possess high-level Ancient Pyrokinesis.


  • Louie, Pyronia King
  • Dubhiel the Hedgedragon
  • Caldera the Fox

Benthos Inner Abyssal Council


  • Thomas, Benthos King
  • Merakiel the Fox
  • Piscius the Echidna
  • Daedal, Benthic Lord

Geomus Subterranean Assembly


  • Jetris, Geomus King
  • Mezariel the Hawk
  • Magna the Phoenix
  • Suma the Phoenix

Ventilus Empyrean Conclave

The Ventilus Empyrean Conclave manages the protection of the Sky Temple's Continental Core, which helps Zephyr's job. They also make decisions about the military status of Ventilus. This council also includes the Four Royal Knights of the Ventilussian Knights of the Spiral Table.


  • Joshua, Ventilus King
  • Vegaea the Cat
  • Altairius the Cat
  • Megresiel the Echidna
  • Alcalaid the Fox

Ventilussian Knights of the Spiral Table

  • Diamond the Hedgehog
  • Spade the Echidna
  • Heart the Cat
  • Clover the Bat

Cryolus First High Council

The Cryolus First Inner Council is the primary council of Cryolus, but has disbanded after Archimedes the Echidna caused trouble in the council.


  • Noah, Cryolus King
  • Archimedes the Echidna (formerly)
  • Mirabelle the Dog
  • Alfred the Cat
  • Socrates the Mouse

Cryolus Second High Council

This council is yet to be founded since the disbandment of the First Inner Council.

Patel's Divine Kinsmen


Electronia Inner Council


Diablodia's Void Chamber


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