Innia the Shining Light is the Omniadescendian of Light and Thunder. She is Omnia's first daughter and was greatly blessed by PHOTOS with immortality and a peculiar ability she and her following daughter can possess.


She is a very compassionate and level-headed woman. She never gets angry regardless of any situation.



She wields immortality and a unique ability called Manageable Conception, in which the wielder of the ability can conceive children painlessly regardless of number of offspring. Amorea was her only daughter, passing to her the Manageable Conception as well. However, only Innia can do this ability without involving any other entity, by magically molding biological material inside her womb and infusing with life, while PHOTOS Himself creates the soul to meld with the material. However, instead of being afflicted by pain, she requires high amounts of energy to continuously use this ability.

Aside from these traits, she has enormously strong powers like Du Alpha Photokinesis and Du Alpha Electrokinesis. These are the core elements that are even stronger than the Ancient Magic of each respective element.


She is solely weak to strong dark spells and the powers her mother wields due to the fact that her own powers rooted from the muti-elemental attribute.



She is depicted as a slender, well-endowed woman with a height of five feet and seven inches. She has golden irises and flowing golden hair. Only the Lesser Deific Kings up to PHOTOS' rank can see through her shining aura that conceals herself from other beings by blinding them on eye contact.


She wears a turquoise silk robe flowing down to her knees. She also wears a silver headband with a citrine crest.

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