Jetris the Hedgehawk is the Lesser Deific King of Geomus. He is the second Geomus King and the successor of Terra the Earth Ancienthog. He reigns the continent Geomus in Ancient Dimension. He is currently the oldest Ancient King among the Lesser Deific Kings.


He was born in Pyramus on January 7, 2000. As the Geomus King, he also allied with the other Ancient Kings in the planet. He along with his fellow Ancient Kings, help Josh in their adventures.


He is a level-headed person. He doesn't underestimate his opponents because he knows that any opponents can be strong. He is very serious when settling things.


He has the element affinity earth. He can form stalagmites in the battlefield. When in a roofed battlefield, it enables him to form stalactites. He can also control rocks around him and use as ammunition. He can create earthquakes and protect his allies with an earthen wall. He can also increase or decrease the mass of the ground, causing the ground he steps to rise or fall until the control is stopped. He can also create a tough armor made of stone to protect himself.

He can also use his hawk wings to attack. As an Ancient, he can levitate and fly without wings. He can also use his wings to increase his flying speed. He can shoot exploding feathers at the enemy and flap his wings to whip up a pushing force that could knockdown frail enemies. 


His stone armor can be broken by a physical attack that has enough force to outmatch the defense of the armor, like a punch from a being with superhuman strength. He isn't adept in a place with low temperatures and may hyperventilate when he is in that place for a long period.


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