This game is the revamp of Dual Technological Agency Defense. The two hero factions: The Intelligence Technology Systems and the All Star Rebel Republic, were the protectors of the Planets Antiquus and Mobius, from the two villain factions: The Equera Empire and the EggPlankton Empire. However, they were all warped to a different timeline, when in 2400, there was a space war throughout the Milky Way, as four factions: namely the Bagua's Web, King's Boulder, Dragon Core, and the Arctic Flame, were trying to fend off the forces of the Shadow Crystal Systems and the Xenumbra Hive, to prevent them from conquering Earth. 


This game is a military, science fiction, real-time strategy video game, wherein there were two separate timelines: the Year 3237 and Y2400; each of them was facing war conflicts.

Mobius: 3237

This timeline depicts the war between the Ancients and the EggPlankton Empire, namely "The Antiquus-EggPlankton War". The Ancient commander of Intelligence Technology Systems, Josh the Hedgehog, has allied with the Mobian commander of All Star Rebel Republic, Jack the Hedgehog, to stop the Equera Empire, led by Dr. EggRey, and the EggPlankton Empire, led by Dr. EggPlankton, from conquering both planets (world domination).

Earth: Y2400

In this timeline, there was a planetary war between Earth and Klebzebes, wherein the Earth's people were struggling to stop the invasion of Klebzebes' broods. However, a new problem arose. The Shadow Crystal Systems were trying to conquer Earth for their horrible experiments to gain success.




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