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Welcome to Josh the Hedgehog's Database! This is the base of operations of JTH's Universe, a Sonic Fandom created by User:Josh the Hedgehog, the founder of this database. Unlike most fandoms, the setting of this fandom is on another planet based on the founder's original series "Ancient Kings", which involves a medieval theme; incorporates fantasy and more other genres.

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This wiki is about Josh the Hedgehog and co. in awesome adventures, epic battles, and other stuff that pumps you up! 

Except stuff that you are not supposed to see. Whatever.

Most of the stories take place in the planet Antiquus, where the pacifistic Ancients reside. In each of the eight continents on the planet, there are Antiquians that wield a specific element, due to the fortitude of each Greater Deific King. These kings have descendants, otherwise called the Second Lesser Deific Kings. One of them is the Primordial Lesser Deific King of Tempests, which is no other than Josh the Hedgehog! His fellow kings are Louie, the King of Flames; Jetris, the King of Boulders; Thomas, the King of Oceans; Noah, the King of Blizzards; Jameskie, the King of Storms; Arthur, the King of Crepuscularity; and Patel, the King of Cosmos.

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