This page lists the policies of this wiki. Every users or any article must adhere to these policies.

Note: If you have a suggestion, go comment below.

Section I: Articles

  1. NO one-liners! If an article has only one line of info, no template, no categories, & no headers is not acceptable, & is considered spam.
  2. If the article's info isn't really understandable, go edit it & improve its quality. If you didn't make an improvement edit to it, the article shall be deleted. Under special circumstances like leaving wikia, etc, the article will have a mark for deletion. If the user (creator of the article) goes back here, it is recommended to improve the article's quality.
  3. If the owner of the page responds but is unable to make the necessary changes in time, it is recommended to place the Template:Under Construction in the page, & if necessary, the Stub Template.
  4. Any user can edit a page to correct mispelled errors & grammar errors.
  5. If the page that requires construction hasn't been edited within 3 weeks, another user must mark it for deletion. The user that created the page that requires construction blanks whatever information in the page will have the page deleted.
  6. Do not steal content from other pages here owned by other users.

Section II: Standards

If you don't like to have your page deleted, make the necessary changes in time.


  1. ...must have an infobox template or table (substitute for long info) with at five parts regarding character information filled.
  2. ...must have at least 3 headings with 3 to 5 complete sentences of info.
  3. can add a correct category into it, but don't have a spam one.
  4. ...must have minimum spelling/grammar errors.
  5. ...recolored sprites are fine, but no horrid pics.


  1. ...must have at least two-to-four sections regarding population, signficant areas within location, ecology (climate, terrain, weather etc.), and if possible, history. If the location is uninhabitated and/or has no significant history, those headings are permitted to be left out.
  2. ...all headings must have at least three complete sentences of information under each section. Trivia does not count.
  3. ...must be properly categorized.
  4. ...must have minimum spelling/grammar errors.


  1. ...must have at least four headings, under which members of the group/race, the policies/religion of said group/race, the primary base of operations/habitat of the group/race, and the general abilities and/or style of operation (tactics, strategies, etc.) of said group/race must be adressed.
  2. ...must be properly categorized with at least three pre-existing categories.
  3. ...specific characters (if any) that have articles must adhere to the above standards for characters.
  4. ...must have minimum spelling/grammar errors.

Section III: Chat

  1. If you want to enter chat, you need to have 20 constructive edits, not spam.
  2. Be civil.
  3. Don't overreact.
  4. Don't cuss. Cussing three or more times without censoring is equivalent to the number of days every curse is spoken.
  5. Do not discriminate what others like or dislike. 
  6. Don't harass others.

Section IV: Promotion Requirements

  1. To be a chat moderator, you need 200 constructive edits.
  2. To be an admin, you need 500 constructive edits.

Section V: Recolors

  1. We do not allow HORRIBLE recolored images. We only allow recolored sprites that are given credit.
  2. When you recolor a sprite, give credits to the original sprite creator.
  3. DO NOT EVER steal artworks of other users. It is plagiarism.

Section VI: Messages

  1. If a user doesn't want to be sended by message about roleplay turns, meet him/her in chat. We know that the users must know how to enter chat.
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