This is the fourth episode ofJosh the Hedgehog X: Ancient Adventures.

"Battle Training"
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date May 16, 2013
Written by Josh the Hedgehog, Spongebob100
Directed by Josh the Hedgehog
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Interrupting Interception
Incoming Ice Age


Josh: We're back, at last.

Rey: (walks nearby the training hall)

Jesse: Where are you going?

Rey: To the training hall. I gotta bulk up my muscles & train my mind for battle! (enters training hall)

Jack: Battle? What battle?

Josh: It's just training. Rey's going to improve his strength. Wanna join?

Jack: Sure thing. Patricia? You wanna join in too?

Patricia: Yes please.

Josh: Alright, let's start the training.

Jonathan: Onwaaaaaaaaaard! (zooms off to the training hall)

Josh: Jack, the last one of the two of us to the training hall is a rotten snail! Start the SPEED training! (zooms off to the training hall)

Jesse: I'll join too! (zooms off to the training hall)

Ultravia: I'll start my meditation right away. Come with me, Sonaria. *teleports to the training hall*

Sonaria: R-right! *teleports to the training hall*

Chroma: Pfft. *flies to the training hall*

Fiera: Let's test my burning passion for training. *runs off to the training hall*

Jack: (zooms off to the training hall) Wait for me!

Patricia: Have fun, guys! (enters inside the training hall)

Josh: Heh heh! (still running)

Metal Patricia: (sighs) (was worried about SPARKY)

Alice: (puts SPARKY in her [Alice's] room & gives her a rest) There. (generates electricity & makes it flow to SPARKY to slowly heal her)

Metal Patricia: Alice, will SPARKY be alright?

Alice: Of course. I generated 5% of my electric energy to SPARKY to heal her. She'll be alright soon.

Metal Patricia: Ok. SPARKY, get well soon. And good luck Alice. (goes to the training hall)

Alice: Thanks. 

Metal Patricia: (enters in the training hall)

In the training hall...

Rey: (punching dummies) 

Thomas: (concentrates his energy on his right fist & releases it by punching a stone dummy)

Josh: Nice training on strength y'all got there, guys. (summons Geasscalibur & slices a wooden dummy in half)

Jack: (spindashes at the wooden dummies)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the wooden dummies)

Rey: Watch this! (grows his dragon wings & flaps it against a wooden dummy, creating a gust of wind that cuts the dummy to four parts)

Jack: Nice one Rey.

Rey: Thanks Jack! How about you show your skills?

Jack: Ok then. Chaos Ninjago! (uses Chaos Ninjago against about 4 dummies)

Rey: (claps hands) Cool!

Patricia: May I have a go please?

Josh: Sure.

Patricia: Thanks (uses Iron Tail at a wooden dummy)

Rey: How about a new skill, Pat? I would like to see your new skills! :D

Jonathan: (slices wooden dummies with his beam saber)

Patricia: Sure thing. Mind if I'm asking, which new skill would I use?

Jetris: You can use your magic.

Patricia: Sure. (uses her magic against the dummies)

Louie: Using shape transformation to mold magic into spheres, hm? Impressive.

Patricia: Thanks. (makes 8 more Skunk Tails appear behind her, making that 9 Skunk Tails)

Thomas: Nanda? Can a skunk do that thing?

Josh: Through her magic.

Thomas: Oh, right.

Patricia: (coats her 9 Skunk Tails with energy) Here I go! (uses Iron Tail at the dummies with her 9 Skunk Tails)

Rey: Cool!

Patricia: Thanks. I wish SPARKY is here to see this, but she needs to rest.

Rey: Hm... I hope she's alright.

Arthur: (senses the room where SPARKY is resting) It seems Alice is taking care of her.

Aerether: Yes.

Jack: Now then. Let's get back to training.

Aerether: Of course. (blasts a stone dummy with an ethereal lance)

Metal Patricia: (uses his metal hands to punch at the dummies)

Jetris: We would like to see some challenge. (bombards the dummies with feather bombs)

Jack: Oh ok.

Metal Patricia: You mean like this? Initionating, Brand new Battlesuit mode. (transforms into Battlesuit Mode, which is transforming her body into a body that is similar of Eggman's battlesuit, the "Egg Beater" or EggPlankton's battlesuit, the "Chum Beater") Battlesuit Mode, activated. Prepare for some challenge that you've requested!

Josh: Very well. (presses a button)

Suddenly, a large robot named IntelletechnoBot emerges from a huge pod, fully-armed.

Josh: Let's see how you fare against my new invention.

Jack: This should be intresting. Can Patricia & I help Metal Patricia please?

Josh: Sure, you can. But you are not allowed to transform to any of your forms in your arsenal.

Patricia: Don't worry, I have an idea. (forms pink aura around Jack, preventing him from transforming into any of his forms) I've learned a new spell called "Transformation Blockage".

Josh: Alright. Onto your positions!

Arthur: This battle will be interesting.

Rey: Yep.

Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia: (gets into their battle stances)

Josh: 3, 2, 1.... Commence the battle!

IntelletechnoBot: (forms a Tesla Point Cannon on its left arm & a Javelin Cannon on its right arm)

Jack: (spindashes at the IntelletechnoBot)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the IntelletechnoBot)

Metal Patricia: (launches missiles at the IntelletechnoBot)

Josh: ....

IntelletechnoBot: (got damaged by the missiles, knocking it back to a wall) (fires a stream of electricity at Patricia & launches a heavy-mortar shell at Jack) 

Jack & Patricia: (got hit by both attacks) GAH! (falls down on the ground in pain)

Metal Patricia: Jack! Patricia! (fires more missiles at the IntelletechnoBot)

IntelletechnoBot: (got damaged by the explosion, then knocks back, crashing on a wall) Initiating Destruction Protocol.

Jack & Patricia: (gets up slowly)

Metal Patricia: Prepare yourselves Jack & Patricia.

IntelletechnoBot: (its chest armor opens, showing a metal body, with a blue core on the center)

Metal Patricia: (activates her partical arm cannons & aims them at the IntelletechnoBot)

Jack & Patricia: (gets behind of Metal Patricia, getting ready for their attacks)

IntelletechnoBot: (scanning the particle arm cannons) Hazard weapon detected.

Josh: Hazard weapon... (determines the weapon) Hey, those are particle arm cannons. [to Metal Patricia] Looks like we analyzed the trick up your sleeve. Also...

IntelletechnoBot: Holy Particle Beam. (fires a huge bright particle beam at Jack, Patricia, & Metal Patricia)

Metal Patricia: (fire her partical arm cannons, firing 2 big partical beams at the huge bright particle beam, trying to push it back)

The beams are struggling to push back each other.

IntelletechnoBot: (scans Metal Patricia's actions through its Retractable Sensors) Exploiting weakness. Target's weakness is now exploited. (its Quantum Turrets retract from its head & fires a deadly thin red beam at Metal Patricia, sniper range)

Metal Patricia: (got hit by the beam) Gah!

The particle beams stop.

IntelletechnoBot: (charges at Metal Patricia & bashes at her with a pointed elbow)

Metal Patricia: (got punctured in the stomach) Ack! (Uppercuts at the IntellitechnoBot)

IntelletechnoBot: (got hit on the chin, causing its head to face upward) Powerful punch. (tilts its head back) '(fires red lasers from its eyes at Metal Patricia)

Metal Patricia: (tries her best to dodge the red lasers) Whoa! 

IntelletechnoBot: Protocol: Periodic Trap. (two turrets retract from its shoulders and it fires a red electric surge at Metal Patricia)

Metal Patricia: (got electrocuted by the blast) GAAAH!

Patricia: Hey! (summons Magical Orbs & then uses Magic Orb Swarm at the IntelletechnoBot)

Jack: Let Metal Patricia go! (uses Chaos Bone Crusher at the IntelletechnoBot's parts)

Josh: No can do. This is a battle. 

IntelletechnoBot: (forms a magical rune barrier around itself and fires a homing stream of psychokinetic electricity at Jack)

Jack: (tries to dodge the electricity) In that case (rams at the IntelletecnoBot with his strength)

Patricia: Then how do we stop this monstrous machinery?

Jack: Yeah, thinking's hurt my head...and I don't think it's my strong point

IntelletechnoBot: (attempts to swat off Jack) 

Jack: (tries his best to dodge the attack)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the IntelletechnoBot at the back)

IntelletechnoBot: (activates the Thunderbird Turrets from its shoulders, then fires a stream of electricity at Patricia)

Metal Patricia: (goes in front of Patricia, taking the shot for her, getting hit in the process) GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Jack: Now's our chance to take that bot down from the inside out (uses his spindashes to try to make a hole on the IntelletechnoBot's chest)

IntelletechnoBot: (gets pushed by Jack's strength, but a small dent is on its chest)

Patricia: (panting) We're nearly run out of gas, but we can't give up now.

IntelletechnoBot: (spawns 5 CN-1040 Aerial Type from its abdomen)

The CN-1040 Aerial Type Bots charge at Jack, Patricia, and Metal Patricia and commences their assault by firing rockets at them.

Jack: Oh no, not again. (Tries to dodge the rockets)

Patricia: We can only use our physical attacks, how can we take this robot out. We can't hit him in the outside.

Jack: And I tried to make a hole to try & enter the robot & destroy it from the inside, but that thing's armours too thick!

Patricia: What can we do to stop it?

Jack & Patricia: (begins to try & think of a situation)

Metal Patricia: (getting up slowly, sparking a lot)

Jack: (gets an idea) I have...

Metal Patricia: (realized Jack has a plan) Oh no.

Jack: A plan.

Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia: (huddles into a circle & quietly whispers out the plan to each other)

Josh: Good, good. Now that's what I'm talking about. You are improving. IntelletechnoBot, initiate Invigoration protocol while they're busy.

IntelletechnoBot: Affirmative. Proceeding to initiate Invigoration Protocol! (heat is released from it, causing small dents to be melded with new metal) (turret-like structures retract from its limbs, revealing its Shredding Cannons)

Josh: Finished planning? We're ready.

(JTH: LOGIC TIME - Alice's room is shut tight yet it's not locked, but Sage can't enter, since he's still very young to open the door. And SPARKY didn't know that there was a battle in the training hall.)

Preview of Episode 5

Josh: (captures some transmission in the radar) Not good...

Yuki: What's the matter?

Josh: Now EggRey's looking for the Cryogenic Crystal.

Rey: What's the Cryogenic Crystal?

Josh: It's a mystic crystalline beryl that is imbued with ice energy that has the potential of freezing a whole town. The Freeze Cave's the host of the crystal.

Jack: Sheesh, no wonder EggRey wants to freeze this town so badly, I'm starting to get the shivers just thinking about it.

Patricia: Prehaps it's now time to get some help

Metal Patricia: Right, let's contact Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega.

SPARKY: Very well, we need all the help we can get.

Jack: I just hope EggPlankton is not too far away just to help EggRey. Cause the last time he tried to take the treasure, he & EggRey nearly succeed

Josh: Hope so. 

Alice: We must stop EggRey, together!

Jackbot Nega: Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega, at your service

Combot Nega: We're here to help.

Chroma: The more the merrier.

Ultravia: Let's do this!

Thomas: Onward!

Jack: We must stop the ice age! Cause I don't wanna do that ice age incident again, especially from Evil King Frost.

Next episode, Venture for the Treasure!

Josh: Two ice ages. One has happened and solved, and another is incoming!

(End of Preview)

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