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Josh the Hedgehog x The Realm of Elements is a Sonic Fan Anime, only with TRoE crossovers hailing from the planet Reathmos. This is about the story where Josh and co. met Nemeus and pals and teamed up together to defeat the unknown evilness invading the two planets Ancient Dimension and Reathmos.


  • Josh the Hedgehog (Founder)
  • Spongebob100


This series are mainly focused on action and adventure. Comedy is kept to a minimal. Some of the characters (even the crossovers) can provide comical relief each episode.


Underlined charas = Adopted charas

Boldfaced charas = Fursonas

Italicized charas = TRoE personas

Sonic Fanon Charas

JTH's Fandom


  • Josh the Hedgehog
  • Thomas the Echidna
  • Jetris the Hedgehawk
  • Louie the Fox
  • Arthur the Hedgehog
  • Jameskie the Hedgehog
  • Rey the Hedgedragon
  • Yuki the Hedgecat
  • Alice the Cat
  • Sandy the Cat
  • Jesse the Hedgehog
  • The Centrifugal Gang
  • Solar the Hedgehog
  • Lunar the Hedgehog
  • Jonathan the HedgeReploidfox (first appears in Episode 1)
  • Golver the Mineralhog
  • Silvold the Mineralhog
  • Frost the Skunk-cat
  • Scorch the Skunk-cat
  • Shizuku the Hedgecat (first appears in Episode 28)
  • Aerether XII the Ethereal Humanoid (first appears in Episode 2)
  • Magna the Phoenix (first appears in Episode 2)
  • Tsume the Wolf (first appears in Episode ?; later appears as the main hero in Movie E)
  • Ashley the Skunk (first appears in Episode 6)
  • Astra the Skunk
  • Chroma Spectro / Chroma the Fox (first appears in Episode 1)
  • Fiera Spectro / Fiera the Hedgehog (first appears in Episode 1)
  • Ultravia Spectro / Ultravia the Echidna (first appears in Episode 1)
  • Sonaria Spectro / Sonaria the Cat (first appears in Episode 1)

SB100's Fandom

The Realm of Elements' Universe

JTH's Charas

  • Nemeus ae Elementum
  • Nemenia ae Elementum
  • Bryan iem Hertz
  • Celerino hy Acurea
  • Omnimagus om Mahoua
  • Titanium Man
  • Nykros um Mortem
  • Arshon pyr Enferrhnu
  • Lanzid pho Enferrhnu
  • Barbarius ge Dendro
  • Tempesto typh Atmosphor
  • Magmus, the Magma Humeslime
  • Zepyrrhe met Techmagno
  • Athmur phno Caelumia
  • Aalthare vae Vaporus
  • Meta Scentaur
  • Aerditt ae Vento
  • Perglad ae Raptorus
  • Omnibeast / Ultimex
  • Pyressa tha Abyssa 
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