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Josh the Hedgehog x The Realm of Elements: The Game is a hack-and-slash RPG presenting JTH's Sonic fan characters and also starring JTH's original characters in The Realm of Elements.


This is a hack-and-slash RPG. 

Character Perimeters

This is a list of character perimeters. These perimeters measure the affinities of the character.

Health Points (HP) - This perimeter measures the length of a character's vitality. It is the most important perimeter of a character. If a character's HP reaches zero by battle, it is K.O.ed, which results to a Game Over. You can restart from your save file after a Game Over. It is best for a character to increasing his/her max HP by increasing his/her current level, to attain or avoid certain conditions, including:

  • If a character is underleveled while fighting a boss, the character can easily be K.O.ed, due to:
    • The boss has a large amount of attack.
    • The boss has a large amount of magic potency.
    • The damage of the boss' Overdrive cuts more than the character/s' current HP.
  • When fighting a number of strong mooks, they may overwhelm the underleveled character with attacks that cut a large portion of his/her HP.
  • When using skills consuming dependent portions of the underleveled character's HP, he/she can be easily K.O.ed by the boss' Overdrive. The enemy used the advantage of the reduced HP to strike the character with the Overdrive (dealing damage points higher than the character's current HP).

Magic Power (Mana or MP) - This perimeter measures the length of a character's mana. To cast elemental spells, the character need mana to cast one. If he/she has no mana left during a battle, he/she cannot temporarily cast elemental spells. If he/she has no fixed mana, he/she can't recover it, even with any expendable item. It is best for a magically-attuned character to possess a large amounts of mana, in order to attain or avoid certain conditions, including:

  • When the character attempts to cast a powerful spell, he/she will not be successful, because his/her magic power is inefficient to cast the said spell.
  • The character can cast lots of spells and even powerful ones in a row when he/she possesses a large amount of mana.


You can choose from the following options:

Story Mode

In this mode, the player can choose his/her character in the selections to start the Story Mode. At the beginning of the story, the chosen character starts from Level 1. 


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