....Hmm.. that expression on your face... Your confused about something, aren't ya? You might be looking for Josh the Hedgehog, the 2nd Lesser Deific King of Parallel Ventilus. This right here is Joshua the Hedgehog, the young leader of The Jkirk Federations (in the process of being changed). Hm? Still confused? Alright, get outta here.

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"This '15 Year Old' knows how to control an army well, now shut up, quit acting like a Man-child, and lets get this battle over with".

Joshua the Hedgehog is the known Leader of The Jkirk Federations (This is being changed), even though hes 15 years old.

Basic Info

Name: Joshua the Hedgehog

Species: Mobian Hedgehog

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Alignment: Neutral/Lawful Evil

Size: 3"7 (3 Foot, 7 Inches Tall)

Weight: 74 Pounds

Eye Color: Blue (Normal Form), Red Dots (Dark Form), Dark Blue (Super Form), N/A (Plasma Form, Green Dots (???)

Nicknames: The Faction Leader (Used by most Jkirkian Troops), Officer Tenpenny (Used by Blade Eastwood)

Membership: The Jkirk Federations (Faction Leader [Being Changed])

Primary Goal: To make the Universe a safe haven (Aka, bring Order to it), but sometimes he needs to get hostile and aggressive with other Factions.

Basic Stats

1 is Worse, 10 is Excellent, Total Cannot be Higher than 40, otherwise it will be classified as a Mary-Sue, Overpowered, or a God Mod Character, Gadgets and Weapons DO NOT influence these Stats.

Strength: 6

Perception: 7

Endurance: 4

Charisma: 4

Intelligence: 8

Agility: 5

Luck: 6

Total: 40

(Note: The Stat System is that of similar to S.P.E.C.I.A.L from Fallout)

More Specific Stats

(Weapons and Gadgets don't influence these either)

HP: 2000/2000

Attack: 30

Defense: 36

Special Attack: 75 - 150

Dodge: 30

Speed: 14 MPH

The Stats when involving Weapons

HP: 2000/2000 +500 w/Chaotic Shield

Attack: 30 + 25 w/C-T57 Plasma Rifle & M7-Z1 Dark Matter Sword, + 30 w/WNV5-11V7 Dark Matter Rifle

Defense: 36 + 12 w/ Chaotic Shield

Special Attack: 75 - 150 (No Changes)

Dodge: 30 + 15 w/LZA Jetpack

Speed: 14 MPH + 30 - 65 MPH w/LZA Jetpack

Physical Appearance

Red Furred/Skinned Hedgehog, Has 3 Spiked Hairs upon his forehead, and has 7 quills, 5 on the back of his head, and 2 on his actual back. He his 3 Foot and 7 Inches Tall, weighing about 74 Pounds. His eye color is Blue as well. He wears a Green T-Shirt with 2 white lines going across, on the back of his T-Shirt, he has his LZA Jetpack shown, as he has it equipped at all times, his Standard C-T57 Plasma Rifle (or his WNV5-11V7 Dark Matter Rifle, or G5-31A Laser Rifle Mk II, or all 3, it depends) is in-placed on the back of the Jetpack, when needed to enter Ranged Combat. He has Cyan Shorts with 2 frontal pockets, on the sides of his shorts has 2 M7-ZL Dark Matter Swords in-placed if needed to go into Close-Quarters-Combat (CQC). He wears Black shoes with his white socks being shown in the middle, and he has Blue Gloves with bit of black. His Battlefield Viewer is inside his Right Pocket, and his Mecha Emerald is inside the left pocket. For some strange reason, he has 3 Fingers (Thumbs are not included, but he still has Thumbs) due to some sort of Birth Defect. His Jkirkian Tactical HUD would usually be on his forehead when not used.


"I am Joshua the Hedgehog, Faction leader of The Jkirk Federations" Says when hes introducing himself

"Fire the X4-GB Plasma Cannon, cause why the hell not?" Says when hes going to fire the X4-GB Plasma Cannon.

"Well, isn't this a good time to mess up, isn't it?" Says when he himself or an enemy combatant is already making a mistake in the start of a fight.

"Guess what? Your screwed" Says when hes winning a battle

" can't possibly be serious?" Says when his enemy is using the infamous "Bullshit Skills"

"Okay, now i am at to the point where i'm at my limit" Says when hes about to go into his Dark Form

"Time to meet your match!" Says when hes about to go into his Super Form

"You are just about to enter the city of Plasma." Says when hes about to go into his Plasma Form

"I wonder what happens when i combine two powerful forms... Oh i know, TOTAL DEVASTATION" Says when he combines his Dark Form and Plasma Form

"Well, this battle is unwinnable. I'm just gonna go, now" Says when he goes into Full Retreat

"Welp, since I clearly can't win, I'll just leave. *5 minutes later*. Annnnd, i'm back." Says when he retreats, but later comes back.

"Just because i'm a 15 Year Old, doesn't mean i'm not capable with running a functional faction." Says when questioned how he's able to run a Faction at his age.

"no, no, no, no, No, No, No, No, NO, NO, NO, NO. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Says when within a battle with his forces, he's showing signs of being overwhelmed.

"Who the hell is Officer Tenpenny?" Says when being referred by his nickname given by Blade Eastwood.

"Did someone just take out my BFV Satellite?! How am I gonna communicate with my for- oh yeah. My Tactical HUD. "Says when someone just took out his Battlefield Viewer's Satellite, and he switches to his Jkirkian Tactical HUD.


Joshua is a very Brave Natural Leader, who cares for his Faction's people and others, his Intelligence in Military Tactics allows him to command troops with ease, making him one of the finest commanders out there. However, due to his Young Age, he is somewhat inexperienced, which leads him to get easily frustrated in certain situations, causing his temper to be short, in which his Calm Nature is replaced with Utter Rage, which can cause him to go into his Dark Form. He will try his very best to make a better tomorrow for his People, though due to his young age, his actions can cause more harm than good at times.

Relations with other Characters in Canon


Anyone in The Jkirk Federations and their Allies



Grief the fox (New Order/Anti Mobian Army): Although they have never met canonically (I think), Joshua and his Faction have taken slight notice of Grief's Faction: The New Order's, existence, and sees them as a potential Rival or Enemy due to their Racial Policies towards Hedgehogs and Echindas.


Anyone who is At War with The Jkirk Federations.

Dr. Ivo Robotink, AKA "Eggman": Although they personally have never met, Joshua had seen Eggman and his Army as an Dangerous Enemy, ever since the Tashiyki Event. Ever since, their Factions had been at War, although every few conflicts have happened.

Blade Eastwood: Met during the events of Blade's Adventure (RP), Joshua attempted to put Blade into Genesis City Prison, until a whole punch of events unfolded, Joshua even managed to Kill Blade, although it was accidental. They are now enemies due to Blade joining the side of New Jkirk during The Jkirkian Civil War when Blade got revived... Until Blade died again by committing suicide.

Gadgets (Non-Weapon)

Battlefield Viewer (BFV)

Joshua's Battlefield Viewer is a tablet-like device that allows him to see upon the battlefield via Satellite, giving him an extra Strategic Boost. He can also scan for enemies Planet-Wide, but can't scan enemies that are near Satellite-Jammers. Joshua always use this device so he can Command his troops and see the enemies, Issue instant Transport and Orbital Strikes/Bombardment, and summon his Personal Combat Suits/Vehicles. however if the satellite giving Joshua's BFV access to global view is either EMP'd or Destroyed, the BFV will only show static until the Satellite regains power or another one is built.

Mecha Emerald

This is BY FAR Joshua's most greatest achievement and creation. The Mecha Emerald was created by Joshua himself, by extracting 45% of a chaos emeralds Positive and Negative energy, and inserted into the Mecha Emerald. This however took a long Time. The plans for the Mecha Emerald originated from The Jkirk Empire Era and took them all the way to the early start of The Jkirk Federations Era to complete it (and thats pretty damn long). This Gadget allows Joshua to turn into his Super Form, and 25% of his Plasma Form. The Emerald also produces a small chaos shield around Joshua to reflect or absorb projectiles and thrown objects, but the shield will deplete after several blows, it is also rumored that he could use Chaos Control with it, but it is not known for sure. Later on, he decided to upgrade to shield to protect him from both Ranged and Melee attacks, and the shield can last much longer, but it can still be depleted. Once the Shield is Depleted, the Shield will disburse into a Powerful Shockwave, which can surprise an Opponent, and knocking over his Balance/Concentration.

LZA Jetpack

The LZA Jetpack allows Joshua to transport himself in the air at decent speeds but great heights. He typically uses this when he wants to take the battle to the skies. The Jetpack is able to fly at 65 MPH, and able to fly at the maximum of 16,000 Feet into the Air (If activated in Space, the Jetpack will function normally).

Jkirkian Tactical HUD

The Jkirkian Tactical HUD is a mobile Heads-Up-Display headgear that anyone can wear at anytime to see the following: How much Ammo/Shots until Overheat their Weapon has, how much damage their Shields can take before dispersing, Marking people as: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile, and even as a Mobile Communication Device. Joshua usually has this equipped during Army and Personal Battles, or if his BFV's Communications are down.

Personal Combat Suits/Vehicles

Armored Assault Suit Mk III

The Armored Assault Suit (A.A.S) Mk III is the first Personal Combat suit that he will bring into battle. Parts of the suit can easily attach to him, and it will automatically come online. The Suit is equipped with 2 Arm Cannons, each that can fire different weapons. On the Left Arm Cannon, it is able to fire Superheated Plasma and Dark Matter. On the Right Arm Cannon, it has a flamethrower that fires blue flames that are 5,000 Degrees C, and it can also fire an EMP Missile that can very much disable electronics in a 50 foot radius. On the shoulders lies small Plasmatic Missile Launchers that can defeat Infantry with ease and damage vehicles. The Suit also as a Jetpack, and it has very strong shields and armor. And, if needed, it can fire a Very Strong Chaos Blast named the Supremacy Beam, however, it disables the entire suit and the parts fall out and they retreat back to nearest Jkirk Base. The Suit is still in use to this very day.

The Joshua Colossus Mk I

The Joshua Colossus Mk I is a Gigantic Very Heavily Armored/Shielded Mech similar in size to a Galactic Destroyer Experimental Assault Bot Mk II. The Colossus was designed to overwhelm weaker and smaller Enemies, and challenge Similar Sized Enemies in Giant Kaiju Fights. The Mech is armed with a Giant Sized C-T57 Plasma Rifle, along with 2 Giant Sized M7-Z1 Dark Matter Swords. Along with those two weapons are Multiple Plasma SAM Turrets that can emerge from the shoulders incase Aircraft would come around. The Colossus also has a Railgun that is able to emerge from the Chest and it's used against pretty much anything. Due to the Colossus's Massive Weapon Size, it can destroy Infantry, Smaller Aircraft/Land Vehicles with very much ease. Though, Airships may be a problem, but luckily the Colossus has a Massive LZA Jetpack, so the damned thing can fly. However, like all Electronics, the Mech is vulnerable to EMPs, and due to its sheer size, its very slow. It is also weak when faced with overwhelming smaller forces. The Mech is operated by Joshua personally (otherwise it wouldn't be listed on this).

F4-9T7 Tank/VTOL

Specifically designed for only Joshua to use, the new Jkirkian F4-9T7 Tank/VTOL is a combination unit, being able to take a form of a Battle Tank and a Assault VTOL, able to quickly transform between the two. The Tank Form consists of a Tyrant Class Heavy Plasma Cannon, which is able to tear apart most Vehicles with ease, with its 2 GT4-9 High-Velocity AA Plasma Cannons, which is deadly against Aircraft and Infantry. When transformed into VTOL Form, the Tyrant Class Heavy Plasma Cannon splits into 2, making them 2 Hydracon Auto Cannons, which is also deadly against Vehicles, but not as much as the Tyrant Class. The 2 GT4-9 High-Velocity AA Plasma Cannons are replaced with 2 R615 Lock-on Plasmatic Missile Launchers, deadly against Vehicles and Aircraft/Spacecraft. The VTOL Form can also go into Space, when Joshua is needed to participate in Space Battles. The F4-9T7 Automatically reloads it's ammo, making it Joshua the Driver and Gunner. The F4-9T7 is Very Heavily Armored and Shielded as well. The Downside of this Vehicle though, is that the Plasma Weapons can overheat when used too much at one time (But it usually has a cooldown perioid), and it is weak against both Anti Air and Anti Tank Weaponry (though, you gotta get past the shield first), and also of course, EMPS.

Personal Combat Suit/Vehicle Stats



(Note: These are what Joshua is able to bring into Combat, not what he always Equips. Joshua can enter battle with just his Swords, or his Plasma Rife, or even all 4 if he really wanted to.)

C-T57 Plasma Rifle Mk I

Typically the weapon favored by the Robotic 7 Combat Quality Terminators, it is also favored by Joshua as well. This Rifle uses Superheated Plasma that can cut right through Iron and sometimes Steel (If not very thick), and can cause very painful wounds. He typically uses it when he gets involved in Ranged Combat and typically the first weapon he brings out into combat. While there is a Mk II of the C-T57 Plasma Rifle being developed, Joshua for some reason prefers the Mk I.

M7-Z1 Dark Matter Sword

The M7-Z1 Energy Sword is the main Melee weapon Joshua has (It used to looks like the Energy Sword from the Halo Franchise, but was modified to avoid Copyright). The Sword is Triple Bladed, and ran on Dark Matter, so typically anything within his Melee Sight is going to have a really rough time. This is his main Melee Weapon he uses in Combat.

WNV5-11V7 Dark Matter Rifle

The 2nd Ranged Weapon used in Combat, the WNV5-11V7 Dark Matter Rifle was specially made for Joshua, and it is more powerful than the C-T57 Plasma Rifle. The rifle uses Dark Matter Rounds that are powerful enough to take down Medium Armored Vehicles. The Rifle can shoot up to 135 Shots before Recharging, but it never Overloads. The Rifle also has a mini Blade upon the front, made out of Steel, in case if he needs to get up close. The Accuracy is also good, but the Rifle can only reach targets up to 45 Yards. This is the 2nd Ranged Weapon that Joshua brings into Combat.

G5-31A Laser Rifle Mk II

Although he never uses it anymore, it is known it is in his possession and is able to use it if he wants to. Originating from The Jkirk Empire 2 Era, the G5-31A Laser Rifle Mk II is a powerful Laser Rifle able to cause very painful/damaging wounds to his enemies. Equipped with a 2X Scope, and a Laser Sight for accurate fire, and features a Overcharged Blast if he wants to cause more damage. This can possibly be Joshua's 3rd Ranged Weapon he can bring out into Combat. The Rifle, although powerful, is very old, so it cannot damage enemies like it used to, but it will still do hell of damage.

Signature Attacks (Or Special Attacks)

Galactic Buster Blast: Joshua's Galactic Buster Blast is a very powerful blast of Plasma that is used when in Joshua's Plasma Form. the blast uses all the leftover Plasma he has and concentrates it into one powerful blast. The blast can be powerful enough to destroy a minimal of a 6 story building to a maximum of a Large City.

Chaos Shield Blast: This attack is used when Joshua overloads the Mecha Emerald's Chaotic Shield to make it burst and form a shock-wave (that cannot affect Joshua in the process, as the Burst is shot Outwards, not.... Inwards and Outwards..) powerful enough to sent people flying (If close enough) or to knock them off their feet (when not so close), The shockwave can reach Enemies from a Maximum of 350 Yards (50 Yards and below that is the "You're Fucked" point, but anywhere above that, it will do so only as make you lose your balance and fall down). The Shockwaves can reach speed to a Maximum of Mach 1. Pointed the downside however is that it fully drains the shield, however, while activating this Attack, the Shield will go into a state of Temporal Invincibility.

C-T57/WNV5-11V7 Dark Plasma Attack: This attack is used when Joshua uses both his C-T57 Plasma Rifle AND WNV5-11V7 Dark Matter Rifle, And concentrates the fire upon one single target, which will of course cause heavy damage to the target, as these are very powerful weapons. The problem is, he has to carry both those Weapons, causing a bit more weight upon him.

A.A.S MKIII Circular Missile Barrage: This attack is used when Joshua is in his Armored Assault Suit MK III and activates the C.M.B protocol. He will then automatically go high up into the air (if the Jetpack is disabled, the attack will not work), and fire 8 Missiles in a Circular Fashion. The missiles will stay in place for about 8 centers, until Joshua points in the middle of the Circle, where the Missiles will then head towards the designated target, being locked onto them, at very high speeds. At least one of the Missiles will hit the target (unless if they start teleporting, then thats going to be a problem).

The Chaos Armageddon: This attack is used when Joshua is in his Super Form. The attack uses a Large Concentration of Chaos Energy upon a Target. He will then fire this Large Chaos Beam at the Target, and upon Impact, a Massive Chaos Explosion will occur engulfing an area of 8 Miles, so good luck dodging that. The Blast however will use up a whole lot of Energy, so he doesn't use it that much. However, he can fire multiple of these Beams, at the cost of more energy.


Dark Form

This Form is usually accessed when Joshua is at the point where is his pretty freaking pissed. When in this form, he pretty much looks the same, except his eyes are black with glowing red dots (i know, i know, Sonic.exe reference, i get it, i'll be receiving the pelting of muffins now). And his melee power is increased by 150%, and blast power increased by 50%, and he can fire blasts of Dark Energy, and can teleport short distances. However, he is weak against blast attacks and doesn't really listen to reason when in this state... however, there has been incidents when he has gained control over his Dark Form.

Super Form

This Form is accessed when Joshua activates his Mecha Emerald at any given point and time. When in this form, his quills (since hes a Hedgehog) will spike up, his fur/skin will turn Yellow, and his eye color turns a dark blue, and also somehow a Cape appears. His Melee Power is increased by 200% while his blast power is the same, he can fire blasts of Chaotic Energy, and he can also fly at 80 MPH Maximum. However, he is weak against Melee Attacks. Also, his Mecha Emerald's Chaotic Shield's defense capability increases 2 times its normal limit.

Plasma Form

This is Joshua's 2nd-Last Form. It is accessed when he is in his Super Form, and absorbs the X4-GB's Blast, giving him the power of Plasma. His Fur/Skin will turn Cyan, his quills will stay in its spiked up fashion, his pupils will be gone (but the eyes will not go black), and his Cape will emit on fire.... without it spreading towards him somehow. His Chaos Shield is also 3 Times as Powerful than normal. His Blast is increased by 300% (Holy Shit), and is able to fire blasts of Super-heated Plasma, is also able to fly, but speed is increased 2 times its usual limit (160 MPH), and is able to use his Galactic Buster Blast, where he uses all of the left-over plasma in him, and concentrates it into one very powerful blast of plasma. Depending on the amount of plasma he has, the damage can range from just destroying a 6 story building, to obliterating a large city. However, his Melee Power is decreased by 50% and is also weak against Melee Attacks.


All that is known of this thus far, is that this comes after Joshua's Dark Form.... and that hes extremely livid(No. I'm not making Josh the Hulk. Go take those slightly disturbing fantasies somewhere else)... And that hes never used it... Yet. His eyes would also be Dark, but instead of Red Dots, they're Green.


Advanced Weaponry and Gadgets

Joshua has a Variety of Advanced Weaponry, Gadgets, and Advanced Armored Mechs, making him a much more dangerous foe.

Firearm Combat

Joshua is an expert with Firearms, especially with his Advanced Plasma and Dark Matter Rifles.

Pro Swordsman

Joshua is a Pro Swordsman, using his M7-ZL Dark Matter Swords in Close-Quarters Combat.


Joshua is Smart, and will (usually) fight his battles with Strategy and Tactics, though sometimes his Strategies/Tactics doesn't work... I said Sometimes.

Faction Leader

Joshua is widely known as The Faction Leader of The Jkirk Federations, meaning he has an Entire Army under his command, which makes him a more feared opponent to some people

War/Tactical Expert

Joshua has been involved in Multiple Wars, giving him Combat and Strategic Experience, and more decisions in Military Tactics.


Although nowadays he relies on his faction's Atom-Construction Technology. He is experienced in Mechanical Hardware and is capable of constructing some forms of Machines, and also able to program the machines however he wanted. However, since it's kind of been a long time since he last built/programmed something himself, his Skills are kind of rusted.


Weak to Electronic Magnetic Pulses

Joshua's Advanced Weaponry, Gadgets, and Combat Mechs are mostly Electric, making them vulnerable to EMPs.

High Valued Target

Since Joshua is widely known as a Faction Leader, he is also personally or publicly targeted by some factions and some individual people.

Young Age

Since Joshua is basically 15 Years Old, even though he's been involved in Multiple Conflicts, he isn't that much Experienced.

Most forms require Gadgets

The way Joshua can access his Forms, is his Mecha Emerald, take that away, and he no longer has his Forms... Well, except for his Dark Form and ???.

Short Temper/Overwhelmed Easily

Due to Joshua's Age, his lack of Experience can cause him to get into a temper, which can be bad in most situations, or it can caused him to be overwhelmed easily. One of the two will occur.

Weak against Shield/Armor Piercing Weapons

If any weapons that feature some sort of Shield/Armor piercing features, Joshua will be heavily vulnerable to them

Strategies and Tactics will sometimes Fail

Due to him being young, his Tactical and Strategic Plans will sometimes fail. But even if he was older, they would still sometimes fail. I mean, come on, He's not PERFECT.

History (2000 - 2016)

(Note: The History is being re-modified into a New Format. While most of the history will still occur, some parts will be edited to "Fix" some stuff. This may or may not solve problems.)

Early Childhood: Before the Tashiyki Event (2000 - 2010)

On the Eighth of November, at 2:45 PM, Joshua the Hedgehog was brought into the world at a local hospital at Tashiyki Village, a Independent Village within Northern Mobius. His parents, ????? and ????? (These are still being thought of) were however quite surprised when their child had 3 Fingers (And Thumbs). They had no idea why he was born of this, and nobody knows even to this day. They, however, still cared for him. Now, like most Infants, Joshua was treated and cared normally for the first 2 Years of his life. At the age of 4, while there was a public School within the village, his parent's thought it was best to Home School him, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is so that, since his parents were apparently the leader's of the Village, they wanted to make sure Joshua would become next-in-line for Village Leadership and use that leadership wisely (and we all know what happened in the future). After 2 Years, Joshua showed to be non-social, meaning he never wanted to leave the House and play outside with the other kids. This proved to his parents that in that stage, he prefered to be Alone in his spare time, although it took another 2 Years to get them to understand, they respected his decisons. About the age of 8, Joshua had gotten a Computer for his Birthday. The ONLY reason they got him that computer was so Joshua could access more places to Learn. However, while he did use it to access more sites for learning, He accidently stumbled upon a site featuring an Real-Time Strategy Game. Of which, after watching the game's trailers and even playing it himself, Joshua thus developed an interest for Strategic Decisions and Tactical Planning, and even getting the idea of having his own Army (which might sound crappy to you, but at this point i'm out of ideas). After 3 months when he turned 9, he developed an interest in Machines when he discovered the War Machines of the Guardian Unit of Nations, and thought he could make one himself, thus he developed an Idea of an Armored Suit dubbed "The Armored Assault Suit Prototype". But as you can tell, building an armored suit at Age 9 was hard, and he doesn't really have the resources to do so. Luckily, his parents had developed Relations with the Eggman Empire, and while not asking for an Alliance, they developed an Non-Aggression Pact, when Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotink sent some supplies to the village to show he was serious (What he was really planning though was to lower the Village's guard to make way for an easy invasion). So, with the spare parts Joshua had gotten permission to use from his Parents. He, however, needed a lot of help as he had very little experience from this sort of thing. Now, his Dad, was an Mechanic before he hit Leadership Role, so he got a lot of help from his Father when he got some spare time. After a bit, he eventually got used to Mechanics and learned on how to build stuff himself, so the 8% of the Prototype that was needed to be finished, he could now do that himself (although not easily, he can still do it). On the expected day of when he able to finish the Mech, though, Joshua was about to experience one of the harsh elements ever since the start of Civilization...... War.

Early Childhood: During and After the Tashiyki Event (2010 - 2012)

On November 24th, 2010, 11:54 AM, the Tashiyki Village was undergoing one of it's usual days, it's citizens living peacefully and it's guards going on it's routine patrols. However, that was all about to change. About 6 minutes Later, about a full battalion of Eggman's Robotic Forces, escorted by one lone Mako Shark Gunship, had appeared over the horizon of the Village, and they looked aggressive. The guards, totally obvious of what was about to happen, thought that the Force's were just passing by, on way to a different target. That later proved false when the Mako Shark Gunship opened fire upon the Village, with the ground forces doing the same thing. The guards, now aware of what was happening, went on to fight back. However, it was hopeless. About 5 minutes later, the Village Walls were breached, and Eggman's ground forces entered the Village. Evacuation protocols were quickly commenced, but only few could escape while the rest were being captured to be Roboized, or Killed in Battle. During all this, Joshua was in the basement of his house, working on his Mech, when he noticed the sounds of Gunfire and Explosions. Being the smart person he is, he decided to stay in the basement and continue on his Prototype, of which needed last-minute adjustments before it was ready to be Deployed. Meanwhile, the remaining guards of the Village garrisoned within the "Town Hall", and fought on from there, protecting Joshua's parents (remember, they were the Leaders). Although it took way longer than it should've, Eggman's Ground forces finally breached the Building. Minutes Later, a fight would go on between Joshua's Parents and a Fireteam of Eggman Special Forces. The Fireteam proved to be victorious when Joshua's dad took a .40 Caliber bullet to the Skull, and his Mom taking multiple .35 Caliber Shots to the Chest. At the same time, Eggman's Troops were about to breach the House Joshua was in, until Joshua showed up in his Armored Assault Suit Prototype when he kicked the door open. The Suit was built with a Left Arm Cannon, containing a M134 Minigun able to fire .40 Caliber Rounds, a Katanna-shaped Sword on the Right Arm Cannon, and a couple of Mini Mortars on the Shoulders, it even featured Jetpacks that could sent him 8,600 Feet into the Air! Now, while this seemed to be a lot heavy for Joshua, he had put in a function that would make the suit feel a lot lighter than it should've been. After a long 45 Minute Battle, Joshua eventually prevailed victorious when he somehow managed to board the Mako Shark Gunship, took out all of it's Crew Members and On-Board Troopers, and then forced the Gunship to crash right into the Town Hall. Without Air Support, Eggman (who was leading his Troops in a Base somewhere) saw no point in wasting a bunch of Robotic Scrap for a wrecked Village. Thus, he called off the attack, and his forces Retreated. Joshua, on the other hand, was left with a damaged Katanna, a malfunctioning Jetpack that was damaged when he landed after he abandoned ship from the Gunship, and a Injured wrist on the left side of his arm. After what had just happened, Joshua had to leave the Prototype there, among the wrecking ruins of the Tashiyki Village (It's still there to this day, probably claimed by Nature). He never bothered to check any of the wreckage for survivors, and therefore left the Village, never to return (Well, until 2016.). After the Event, Joshua was practically homeless, traveling around Northern Mobius. At first, he was struggling on his journey, because let's face it, a 10 Year Old wandering around homeless is very much screwed, at a couple times, he had almost starved to death. However, on January 10th, 2011, he had come across the Town of Teratops, the Capital of the North Mobian Government. Once arriving at the Town, he had decided to make it his Home. Although taking days, he found a abandoned One Story House in a run-down neighborhood that rarely had people in it. Even though it had no electricity and plumbing, he was finally relieved to have a roof over his head, thus making him suffer less. After 8 months of living in that house, he had managed to build a Working Makeshift Generator, and made the house more comfortable to live in. Meanwhile, the NMG had just elected a new leader: Yanks Eradamo, a Tyrantical Dictator that he soon showed himself to be in 4 weeks of Leadership. He had declared Martial Law on multiple civilian areas, raided treasuries, typical Corrput Dictator Crap. Now, Joshua was effected because he almost got confronted by NMG Troops one day during his average schedule, and soon Rebellion Militiaman on another day. He, like most people in the territories of the NMG, had to pick a side. Although taking a week to decide, he finally decided to join the Rebellion in order to take down the corrupt NMA. He had then fought his 2nd Battle upon a small village (The 1st Battle was a Raid on a Rebel Stronghold) led in Rebel Territory. During the battle, while Joshua was using a AK-47 to fight (Come on, don't tell me you didn't expect this weapon to be used in an Militia?), his squad's Captain had been shot in the neck, dying almost instantly. Joshua, realizing the situation, had decided to take it on himself to command the Defense Force. Although at first nobody listened to him, a few people took his plans to consideration and went along with it. His defensive Strategy actually proved quite effective, and soon more people followed the defense Plan. The battle was over within an Hour after Joshua assumed command and they had achieved a Victory, while if his Captain were alive, it would've been shorter, and they would've lost. When the rebel leaders heard of this, they decided to put him into Fireteam of his own command. His fireteam had consisted of a Medic, a Radioman, a Demolitions Expert, and, of course, the Leader (which was him). Their fireteam was involved in multiple battles throughout the War, about 63% of the battles they were in were Won. A major turning point for Joshua's career as a Leader occurred during a battle at the Main Rebel HQ, taking place 2 months from Joshua's Entry into the war, of which during the battle, All of the Rebel Leaders were taken out, along with their General. Although the battle was won, the Rebel Leadership had been taken out, and everyone had no idea on who to elect as a Leader. The only candidates for Rebel Leadership were Joshua and another named Colton Boulevard. After consistent debates on who to elect as Leader, Joshua ended up being the leader due to having more followers and such. Within 2 Months, Joshua had made plans and preparations to declare Independence from the NMG, so they won't just be a bunch of petty rebels. Thus, would soon lead to the Foundation of the Jkirk Empire.  

Jkirkian Uprise: Foundation of the Jkirk Empire (2012 - 2013)

On February 4th, 2012, Joshua had announced to Northern Mobius that all of Territories belonging to the Rebels had officially declared their Independence from the North Mobian Government, creating the new faction of: The Jkirk Empire. Now having an entire Army and Nation to command instead of a 4 Maned Team, he was now able to put his Strategies in effect, and concentrate on the Offensive, instead the Defensive like the Rebel Leadership was doing. Thus, Jkirk Troops had invaded NMG Territories within a week of Independence. Mostly using Guerrilla Tactics to attack enemy troops, while few times having troops go on a full on Assault on some villages and towns, and rarely Military Forts. Running out of Morale and Troops, the NMG Dictator: Yanks Eradamo, was forced to put his troops on the Defensive, hoping to stop the Jkirkian Invaders. However, it was kind of hopeless. At the battle of the Town of Teratops, 2 months after the Jkirkian Independence, which was the capital of the NMG, The dictator had tried to use one last resort, and that was to release a Prototype Airship, to annihilate the invading army. However, before he even had a chance to get the crew members ready, Jkirkian Forces had found the prototype, and captured it for themselves to harvest and use for later (Which would result in their ability to create Airships), and by then, they pretty much took the Town. After capturing Yanks, it was clear that The Jkirk Empire had pretty much won the war. When Hanks was thrown into his own Prison, Joshua had renamed the Town: Jkirk City, named after the empire, making it the new capital of The Jkirk Empire. Top NMG officials were arrested and put into Prison as well, so they won't try to start a revolt. After the war, Joshua had issued a "State of Peace", which went on for 6 Months. During this peace time, Joshua had made and issued plans to Increase Military Funding and their numbers, make the life of the citizens better, and to repair all the towns/villages ravaged in the war. This state of peace ended on September 16th, when multiple small factions in Northern Mobius had allied into one banner, and soon, declared war on the Jkirk Empire, trying to take it over. When heard of this, Joshua had immediately took action, mobilizing his Military, and launching what seemed to be a Fleet of 5 Prototype Airships. 5 Days later after the declaration of war, Jkirk Forces went on the full offensive, invading multiple territories at once, due to their now Hugely-sized Military Force. Within 2 weeks, 3 out of 10 Factions apart of the alliance had been overrun and taken over by Jkirk. The other 7 realized their situation and planned for an Defensive - Offensive plan. 4 Factions would go on the Defensive and Dig-In. The other 3 Factions would go on the Offensive and try to invade the taken-over Territories. Although the plan was put into effect, the 3 Factions had to forcefully go on the Defensive, as Jkirk invaded them as well. The bright side is, the 4 Defensive Factions dug in and when Jkirk DID get to them about a month later, it proved to be difficult for Jkirk to break through the defenses. That's until the Prototype Airship Fleet had reached 1 Faction's defensive line, which the Airship's took out with ease. Of which Jkirk Forces had then started pouring into the Territory. The process happened with 2 other Factions as well. The last faction, not wanting to have their people being "ensalved" by the Jkirk Empire, had decided to launch a Nuclear Missile at the invading army as a last resort. However, while the Missile was launched, it never reached the target. The missile had blown up in the middle of the Sky by an unknown cause. It did however, spread Radiation upon the Jkirkian Invasion Path, so they had to go through a Detour, giving the last Faction a little more time to prepare. (More to be added)

Warfare: The Trinity - Jkirk War #1 (2013)


Refoundation: U.F.R and Jkirk Empire 2 (2013 - 2014)


Warfare: Trinity - Jkirk War #2 (2014)


Refoundation: The Jkirk Federations Era (2015 - 2016)


Death and "Resurrection" (2015)


Jkirk Federations: The "Eastwood Event" (2016)


Resurrection: Return of an Old Leader (No, Joshua didn't die again.)


Battle Win/Lose/Draw Count with other Characters in Canon.

Combatants                                                  Win/Lose/Draw Count Joshua the Hedgehog Vs Blade Eastwood: 2/0/0| 0/2/0.

Joshua the Hedgehog Vs Yamato Furea (Without army involved) ?/?/0| ?/?/0.

Joshua the Hedgehog Vs Josh the Hedgehog 0/1/0| 1/0/0


Appearances in Stories, Roleplays, Series, Etc. (Non-Canon/Canon)

Non Cannon

War of Mobius (Free Join Roleplay)

Conflicts of Mobius: Neverending Battleground


Blade's Adventure (RP)/Fall of The Jkirk Federations (Private RP) (Don't ya mean "Prevail?", because they pretty much failed at taking out Jkirk, just as I predicted. Also nicknamed "The Eastwood Event.")

Fun Facts

Originally Joshua was made in 2008 as a "Red Sonic", but was changed when he made a appearance in 2013 (Well, not that much, but was changed over time between 2013 - 2014).

Joshua was originally going to be 30 Years Old, but somewhere along the line, somehow, this was changed.

Joshua's Faction: The Jkirk Federations, is actually the Creators 1st Letter of his First Name, and all 4 letters of his Last Name. J-Kirk.


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