This page is about Josh & Yuki's romantic relationship.


Josh told Yuki about him being a king & her being a queen, & said, "I'm going to have the castle, & we will be together." Before they separated, he said to her, "Fate will come, & we'll still meet each other in the future." But Yuki didn't remember Josh due to amnesia. Her memories awaken at the final episode of The New Organization.

Since they meet again, Josh recognizes her face, but doesn't know that it's really his childhood friend. He knows what her favorite food is since her young years. He is very close to Yuki. He also buys pizza for her always.


Appearances For

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None at the time.


  • Tempest the Hedgehog ♂
  • Glacia the Hedgecat ♀
  • Reiki the Cat ♀


JTH "You've got this, Sonic!" —Shadow

SB100 "I'm Spongebob100 & I'm Ready!"

Spiderboy2012 "I'm Noah the Hedgehog!" -Noah



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Rin Oikawa - Each and All

Rin Oikawa - Each and All

Rin Oikawa - Each and All

Roleplays centering Joshuki

  • Joshuki/Roleplay: Josh & Yuki's Ancient Marriage
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