Her regular attire and default costume in Elemental Combat

"Over the clouds! Past the sky! Im gonna crash on your plan like a raging meteor!" - Krystal using her signature move,Final Mana Missle


she is upbeat and fearless,always up for a challenge,she also has a multi-personality disorder

Berserker mode/Topaz the echidna

her spilt-persona often called Topaz is a tad psychotic and cockier than her usual self,she will take any opponent head on,she cannot use as much magic as Krystal though


she was originally the medic of Palutena's royal guard,she also had a crush on pit,some time between the events of the original Kid icarus game and Kid icarus:uprising however,Palutena sent her to mobius to guard it,when Pit was also mobianized they became partners along with pittoo(who had accepted it as his real name)and became team Icarus,she is the speed of the team,using her pegasus boots and magic to increase her speed drastically

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