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He is Rey the Hedgedragon's biological clone, created by Dr. EggRey, as a biological weapon. He was created in order to outmatch Rey. 

Neo Rey the Dark Hedgehog
Neo Rey's modified body.




Biological clone from Rey's DNA & blood (created by Dr. EggRey)


Formerly, he has indigo fur, black streaks, red eyes with black sclerae, & tan muzzle & belly. Currently, he has yellow fur, black streaks, peach muzzle & belly, & his black sclerae are omitted.




His personality is the complement of Rey's personality.


Formerly he has dark-type water abilities, like slimy substances. Currently in his new body, his affinity attribute is Rey's complement affinity, obviously electricity.


Since a possessed Rey the Hedgehog was defeated by Josh, Reff the Ghosthog took a sample of Rey's hedgehog DNA & blood & kept it in a tempered glass tube. 

As Dr. EggRey appeared, Reff gave him Rey's hedgehog DNA sample. Dr. EggRey thought of something to use the DNA. Like Shadow the Hedgehog's case, he was created by Rey's hedgehog DNA & blood. 


He is prominent of using slime-based attacks & seldomly uses water-attacks. He can turn orbs of water into living slimes. After he has been fatally weakened by Josh, Jack, & Patricia in The New Organization, he was modified. His slime-based attacks & water attacks have been replaced by electric attacks. His strength has increased 1.5x than normal. While his enemy is distracted, he abuses his physical attacks & paralyzing his enemies with a wide electric current. 


Three elements are super-effective against him: he is vulnerable to fire by 1.5x, light by 2x damage, & electricity by 2x damage. His intellect is higher than Rey. As he was upgraded, he became weak to water.


  • Dr. EggRey (master)
  • Dr. EggPlankton 
  • Layla the Fox-skunk (GF)
  • Aeron the Hedgebat
  • Skyflame the Hawk


He has lots of obvious enemies.


  • He is the only villain character of JTH to have a girlfriend.
  • He is the only villain character of JTH to be modified.


Neo Rey

Neo Rey's former body.

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