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Nitro the Techno Echidna is a Mobian that originally lived in Seaside Hill. He is the founder of the NitroCar™ company in Mobius.


Since Nitro was in his childhood years, he became one of the technological specimen of Dr. Eggman. As he grew to be a teen, he assists Dr. Eggman in terms of creating more inventions. As he grew to be an adult, he realized that Dr. Eggman is doing evil, & Nitro didn't like it. He fled from Dr. Eggman's grasp secretly. After 2 years of deserting the evil empire, Egg Pawns are searching for him in the whole Mobius. He made the NitroCar™ company to fight back against the evil robot forces. He acquired intelligence from his former master, thus enabling him to make his own inventions to counterattack. These weapons are battle vehicles with an equipped nitro-booster, named NitroCars. They are based on animals & special creatures & each of them has a wide arsenal of weapons. 



He is a passive & cautious creature. He is also helpful to others, able to assist his friends in battle. He isn't gullible, as shown that he realizes who he's assisting. He is a bit irritated when he hears something weird. He hates literalistic hyperboles, weird ideas, & crabs. 


He has incredible intellect, because he has been taught by his former master, Dr. Eggman himself. He has robotic abilities, able to unleash metallic weapons, grow robotic arms from his cyborg back, or activate his rocket boots. He can also activate his main weapon: the Nitroglycerin Cannon, that can fire grenade-like projectiles, used to bombard bases of attack with a wide-ranged style. The shells that this weapon fire has an average radius size and packed with explosive nitroglycerin.

He is permanently equipped with a nitro booster on his feet. However, it is only used to outmatch the running or flying speed of a fast enemy.


He is weak to electricity, because it disrupts his robotic abilities, having potential to shut him down, making him 85% powerless. He has a long recharge rate, making him useless when his energy battery becomes very low.

He really dislikes real crabs, because he doesn't like their smell.


  • His name is a pun on nitrogen fuel, used to dramatically boost a racing car's speed temporarily and the word nitroglycerin, which depicts his weapon Nitroglycerin Cannon which is some sort of heavy grenade launcher.
  • His vehicular inventions are all equipped with nitrogen turbo, hence his name.
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