Noah is a Half-Ancient Hedgehog who reigned as the Ancient King of Cryolus from 3234 ATS to 3244 ATS.

Noah the Hedgehog
Noah's newest and last design

Full Name

Noah Wyverstone



Birth Date



Noah is a light blue hedgehog with grey eyes. Noah usually wears clothes with blue and black on them. His shoes however have a bit of yellow and his goggles have a grey color.


A kind person who is easily frustrated. Noah tends to help whoever needs it.


He can perform Cryokinesis. He can also fight in hand-to-hand combat.


Early Life

Noah was born on Cryolus in 3217 ATS, to a father that was an Ancient and a non-ancient mother. Because of this Noah's Cryokinesis powers are weaker than complete Ancient Cryomancers. Even though he lacks cryokinetic strength he makes up for it with his high intelligence and combat skills.

Later in Noah's life he was sent to visit a neighboring village on Cryolus. Once he returned he had discovered that his village was being assaulted by unknown forces. Noah was able to get his younger sister Luna who was just three years old at that point at that time and get her to a safe place. After moving Luna Noah attempted to fight off the attackers but was forced out of the village by the local guards. There were many casualties in this invasion including Noah and Luna's parents.

Meeting New Friends

After the attack survivors were gathered up into a refugee camp. At the camp the survivors were being sent to other villages and cities. Noah and Luna were both sent to the capital city of Cryolus. When they arrived they were instructed to report to the adoption center. On arrival Noah met the owner who took Luna and put her in the little children's section. During that moment a worker came up to Noah and escorted him to his new room, which he was sharing with two others. When entering the room Noah met these two, known by Kitana the Hedgehog and Blade the Hedgehog.

New Family

Years later after he was put into the Adoption Center Noah and Luna both were adopted by the inhabitants of the Blizzard Frost. Even with Noah's new family he still kept communications with Kitana and Blade up. With his new family Noah trained his Cryokinesis a majority of his time. Occasionally he would practice hand-to-hand combat, sword combat, and archery.

Becoming the Cryolus King

When Noah became seventeen he was required to become the king of the ice continent due to the loss of the previous one. Due to his young age he often required help from the other continental leaders to help control Cryolus and to make decisions.

The Age of Peace

After years of battle Cryolus has finally entered it's first age of peace under Noah's leading. During this time Noah created the Cryolus High Council out of trusted members of the Blizzard Frost royalty. This age was ended after six years due to an internal issue of the Cryolus High Council.

Fighting The Black Heart Empire

After a fight with a former High Council member it is revealed that a new evil force has formed. Later Noah learns that old foe, Joker the Demonhog is apart of this organization. In a calm meeting with him about this empire he learns that his younger brother Caesar is the leader of the Black Heart Empire. Joker remained at his home for the duration of the first battle between Noah and Caesar. Noah and friends encountered Caesar and a few soldiers at a secret underground facility beneath Cryolous and the final battle was fought.


During the final battle between Noah and Caesar the self destruct feature on the facility was activated by a member of the Empire. In order to save his friends from the explosion Noah froze everything to contain the explosion which ended up killing Noah, Caesar, and the remaining Black Heart Empire members in the facility.

After Death

In his life Noah created a holographic version of himself with the help of his best friend Target the Wolf which was contained in an octahedral shaped artifact. Fourteen years after Noah's death his nephew Mordecai found the artifact in a cave guarded by the Cryolus' Elemental Guardian named Frigulac the Echidna. It wasn't until one year later when Mordecai and friends arrived at the trashed Black Heart Empire facility that the artifact activated and showed Noah in his holographic form. Holograph Noah now helps Mordecai and friends on adventures.


Abilities and Forms


  • Cryokinesis
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Sword Combat
  • Archery Skills


  • Cryo Noah - Noah can achieve this form by using his Cryokinesis. With this form his stats increase, including his Cryokinesis.
  • Super Noah - Noah can achieve this form by using the seven chaos emeralds. With this form all his base stats increase but his kinesis, which remains the same.
  • 'Holograph Noah '- This is Noah's form that was created by Noah and Target to keep Noah's mind alive. This form was discovered 3259 ATS when Mordecai and friends were having the final battle between Antiquus and the Black Heart Empire.


  • Pyromancers - In many battles with Pyromancers it is shown that Noah is very weak towards their attacks. Due to the nature of fire melting ice it sometimes renders Noah's Cryokinesis useless. When Noah enters Cryo Form this weakness strongly increases due to his body being fused with ice. Because of this he usually avoids using his Cryo Form in situations regarding Pyromancers.


  • Kuraio - Kuraio is Noah's sword. Noah can summon Kuraio anytime using his Cryokinesis. This is his primary weapon and most used one.
  • Korinoyumi - Korinoyumi is Noah's bow. Noah can summon Korinoyumi using his Cryokinesis just like Kuraio. This is secondary weapon and is usually used when fighting a flying opponent.




  • Josh & Jack's All Star Battlers

Theme Songs

Noah's Main Theme:

Noah's Battle Theme:

Cryo Noah's Main Theme:

Cryo Noah's Battle Theme:


  1.  Mother
  2.  Father
  3.  Luna the Hedgehog (Younger Sister)
  4.  Target the Wolf (Brother-In-Law)
  5.  Melody the Hedgehog (Niece)
  6.  Mordecai the Wolf (Nephew)

Friends (Add your character if they're friends with Noah)

  1. Blade the Hedgehog
  2. Kitana the Hedgehog
  3. Mirabelle the Dog
  4. Socrates the Mouse
  5. Alfred the Cat


  1. Archimedes the Echidna
  2. Ito the Hedgehog
  3. ???


Type Regular Form (?/10) Cryo Form (?/10) Super Form (?/10)

Holographic Form


Attack 7 8 8.5 0
Defense 7 8 8.5 0
Speed 6 7 8 0
Intelligence 8 8 8 8
Kinesis 7 8 7 0


  • "Kuraio Shokan!" -Noah summoning his sword, Kuraio.

Trivia and Facts

  • Noah's concept was redesigned multiple times. (More than ten.)