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  1. JTH12


  1. First, a user must lead a game on each round. 
  2. You put 1 to 10 in your Notepad. (computer or IRL paper)
  3. List down any category corresponding to a number (ex. 1 = name)
  4. If filling up is complete, make your hilarious sentence, but remember, don't post it before the listing down of categories to make the result humorous.
  5. Fill up the sentence with the answers on the corresponding numbers.
  6. Post the filled-up sentence in this page, so we'll see how funny it is.

Examples of Former Games

Note: This is from CSFW chat. Italicized words in the sentences are answers in the corresponding category.

  1. your name or alias = JTH12
  2. weapon = Laser Rifle
  3. element = Wind
  4. YouTuber = xXSpiderboyXx
  5. a chiLL user = Apallo The Hedgehog
  6. anime = Code Geass
  7. adjective = Swift
  8. animal = Hedgehog
  9. job = JTH Wiki Founder
  10. hazardous chemical = Silver Cleaner

Sentence made by Flametfh.

My name is JTH12. My arm is a Laser Rifle, yesterday I made it's element wind and hit xXSpiderboyXx with it. Last night I caught Apallo The Hedgehog drawing questionable things from Code Geass. When I grow up I wasn't to be a swift hedgehog JTH Wiki Founder and poison my co-workers with Silver Cleaner. 


Current Games

...will begin when the contestants have joined.

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