Psireff, Deific Darkness is the Dark Greater Deific King of the Ancient Dimension. He is the main antagonist of Ancient Battle Chapter 3. Due to his hunger for power, he became a megalomaniac, thirsting to dominate the Ancient Dimension for his own selfish purposes.

Psireff "Reff" the Ghosthog
The evil Ancienthog who planned to take over Ancient Dimension.


6000 (physically 42)




Indigo hedgehog with face-forward black streaks, peach muzzle, red eyes with black irises, & a long black nose.


He wears an Ancienthog's Armor. Frequently, he is seen wearing a red trench coat.


Sadistic, but quite polite. He is a quiet person. He has a passive attitude.


  • Oneirokinesis
  • Invisibility
  • Intangibility
  • Shadow Ball Conjure
  • Dark Ergokinesis
  • Psychokinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Flight
  • Chronokinesis
  • Mind Reading


Magic & Trickery


He was a Greater Deific Ancient King who held the deific powers of darkness. He lived with his fellow Ancients on the Sacred Ancient Haven, the supercontinent that floats on the vast waters of the planet Antiquus. The moment came that he was given enormous power.


He appears in Ancient Battle Chapter 3: Nightmare's Reign as a complete being. He invented the DHS to transport Josh and his friends to Reff's holocaustic future. At the final battle, the future Reff overpowered all the heroes with his powerful dark attacks and led them in the judgment hall for execution. But unfortunately, Josh channeled his hidden powers from Yuki and Future Yuki to free his friends and himself from imprisonment. Josh cleaned up the judgment hall from Reff's henchmen. As they arrived in his future self's throne room, he (future self) was gone. His future self was shown hiding in Labyrinth Sepulchre, a labyrinth filled with skeletons. As the heroes reached Future Reff's location, they fought until the end. Eventually, his own future self ended up being destroyed.

When his future self died, he turned into a frenzied state. The heroes got back in the present and they eventually defeated Reff, causing his presumed destruction. After Chapter 3, the remains of his body were sucked in an unknown time anomaly, transforming him into the huge chimeric Psireffachimaera. 


He is a megalomaniac individual, creating subtle plans to conquer Ancient Dimension. He is also sadistic, finding delight on hurting the heroes psychologically, but he's not cut enough to kill anyone, unless needed. Even though he is an immensely powerful individual, he only uses his powers during extreme situations. Under normal circumstances, he verbally fights with strong principles, but avoids cursing at others, believing that it adds a percent to his loss of control.


Deific Ancient Erebokinesis

As a Greater Deific King, he possesses god-like control over darkness.



While he was still a "ghosthog", his intangibility was permanent, but he is able to manipulate it willingly in order to handle physical matter while in the physical plane.
When he regained his physical body, Psireff can transfer his body to the ethereal plane or the physical plane, or vice versa, in order to phase through matter opposite to the plane he is currently in when using this ability. For instance, when a physical or magical attack in the physical plane is about to strike him, he is able to phase through it by transferring his body to the ethereal plane. When under this state, he can only be hit in the plane he is in.

Invisibility + Intangibility

While Psireff was still a "ghosthog", he can stack his Invisibility with Intangibility, achieving the same effects as ghosts do. However, this cannot be attained anymore because he had regained his physical body.

Nightmare Control


Immense Magic Power

Elemental Resistance LV 2

He can also resist elemental attacks, even light attacks, to a great deal except Ancient Elemental Arts, such as Ancient Pyrokinesis, etc.


He mitigates damage received from any kind of light magic, except Ancient Photokinesis or any high-level light magic. 


He has indigo fur & black streaks. He has upward-facing spikestyle hair. He has red eyes & tan muzzle. He wears a red & black trench coat, black pants, and a pair of king's boots.


  • Dr. EggRey 


  1. Josh the Hedgehog
  2. Thomas the Echidna
  3. Jetris the Hedgehawk
  4. Louie the Fox
  5. Arthur the Hedgehog (descendant)
  6. Yuki the Hedgecat
  7. Alice the Cat
  8. Sandy the Cat
  9. Jess the Hedgehog
  10. Rey the Hedgehog
  11. Jonathan the HedgeReploidFox
  12. Koji the Shock Fox-Bat
  13. Raven the Flamehog
  14. The 4 Ancienthogs
    1. Aero the Wind Ancienthog
    2. Pyro the Fire Ancienthog
    3. Aqua the Water Ancienthog
    4. Terra the Earth Ancienthog
  15. The 4 Royal Knights
    1. Diamond the Hedgehog
    2. Spade the Echidna
    3. Heart the Cat
    4. Clover the Bat
  16. Frost the Skunk-cat
  17. Scorch the Skunk-cat
  18. Golver the Mineralhog
  19. Silvold the Mineralhog
  20. Jack the Hedgehog
  21. Patricia the Skunk
  22. Jackbot Nega
  23. Combot Nega
  24. Metal Patricia
  25. SPARKY


  1. He has the same personality of Caulder in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, but is more expressive.
  2. He lived as three forms.
    1. He lived as a "ghosthog" possessing any individual he has interest on.
    2. He regained his physical body through his natural ability to be revived through organic fusion on Ancient Battle Chapter 3.
    3. He became a huge chimera after Ancient Battle Chapter 3.
  3. Unlike his fellow Major Ancienthogs who are friendly to their descendants, Reff instead disposed of Arthur to Zynari and chose Dr. EggRey to be his assistant.
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