The Rainbow Infant is a certain baby who is chosen by the Amulet of Lumen, an Ancient Relic of Antiquus. This sacred amulet is passed on to chosen to chosen. From time to time, when its chosen dies, it will discard itself from the neck of its dead wearer and find to choose another. It chooses newborns, so that their feeble brain may be fed with good values instead of bad. The amulet protects the baby wearer from bad people who attempt to abduct him/her. When the Rainbow Infant grows, the amulet begins to provide power for him/her, so that he/she may be independent. However, it doesn't spoonfeed the wearer. It will channel more power to the wearer when he/she is in great trouble.

Known Rainbow Infants

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Rainbow Infants are often the center of power for some villains, so they attempt to abduct them and absorb their energies to power their inventions and whatever they need to filled with power. It is because of the Amulet of Lumen, which possesses extraordinary power. 


If the Amulet of Lumen is forcibly discarded from the neck of its wearer (ex. ripping the amulet's cord off, melting the cord, etc), the wearer may not live for long, because the amulet has the ability to control the wearer's soul. Since after the amulet has been worn, the pact is permanent until the wearer dies. When the amulet is not returned to the previous wearer for long (approximately 25 minutes), the wearer may pass away.

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