Full Name

Randy Xavier Hedgebird





2092 (Phys 14)







Relationship Status

Looking for a girlfriend (really I am if you're interested.)

Voiced by

Josh Wade

Chapter 1: Nippy's Beginning!

This cool dude is from Mobius, but got trapped in the portal and taken to here! He is a lowly merchant incredibly loyal to the powerful and handsome King Joshua the Hedgehog. He likes sloppy joes, going fast, fighting for his frands, and most importantly, running! XD

He is Sonic's uncle from an alternate timeline, yet travels this planet (where Joshua reigns) with his two best friends, also from Mobius, Maroon Meatball the Rabbit and Flaxen the Hedgehog! (bios of them coming out soon my friends play them but were in a fight now so once they forgive me they'll write their bios. I'm sorry Josh and Michael :I) He desperately tries to make it home back to Mobius, because when he went through the portal he went ahead in time 2078 years!!! Sonic is just 5 years old in Mobius time.

Nippy loves anime! He watched it all the time in Mobius back on south island but now since he cannot watch anime or play video games he became really depressed and hates himself. He is also a huge feminist and really would like a girlfriend, yet respects when they turn him down because he's so noble!

In Mobius, Nippy was a normal boy, who had normal parents until one day, some guards from Eggman came and destroyed there town, Nippy's parents were killed in a fire and a thief named Mikey the Bat came to the rescue and helped Nippy out of the fire with his gang of thieves, which included a young Rouge the Bat at this point in time... Mikey then raised Nippy as a thief, a warrior and a respectful person, however when Mikey and the thieves went on a Jewel hunt, he ditched him and never came back. Nippy secretly loved Rouge, and vowed to search for her, but when he was pulled away by the portal, he decided to start anew as a merchant, until....

Chapter 2: Nippy Meets his friends! (COMING SOON :O)

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