after 25 years of? Peace,greatness and chocolate,Medusa has been mysteriously revived,and has attacked mobius,Cody Icarus,the angelic solhog,Palutena,the goddess of light,and the ancients and the solhogs band together to face the underworld army and save mobius and the heavens!


Cody the solhog

Role in the story:self-titular main hero

Weapon:Golden bow

Josh the Hedgehog

Role: Original counterpart of Cody & Ventilus King

Rey the Hedgehog

Role: Josh's companion

Yuki the Hedgecat

Role: Josh's assistant


Cody:-runs out the gateway and sprouts wings- sorry to keep you waiting!-flies and shoots arrows at some monoeyes-

Cody:-shoots at several enemies,but then spots several enemies flying down towards ventilus,follows them- dont worry josh,ima comin!

Josh: (senses something) Hm? (hears an explosion in the castle) (sees little debris) Da heck?! What's happening?

Yuki: Someone's attacking us.

Josh: Another enemy... Ugh, this needs some work.?

(JTH: Max, you glitched the whole wiki with "???"s! XD)

(Max:soz,wanna join the RP?)

(JTH: Sure.)

???:-Comes in as a ball of fire and blasts Josh,Yuki and everyone else outside-

Palutena:they're attacking the castle

Cody:we gotta stop em!

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