Strictly: please follow!

Not all Bakugan are legendary. Only dragons, phoenix, sphinxes, titans, reapers, thunderbirds are legendary, as they are legendary creatures. Dinosaurs, kelpies, berserkers, minotaurs, werewolves, centaurs, unicorns, chimeras, panthers, manticores, mermaids/mermen, wyverns, yetis, drakes, hydras, sea serpents, vampires, cyclops, nine-tailed foxes, & devas are also legendary creatures.

Creatures that truly exist are not legendary, unless they are a legendary hybrid or is within the biological bloodline of a legendary Bakugan.


The YESes

PLEASE follow the note above!

If you have missing words in Bakugan system, LEMME EDIT. Don't be mad if I add missing words on your character relating to the Bakugan system.

You CAN only evolve when the character controlling the target Bakugan has intense emotion or the target Bakugan itself is under a very tense situation

Oh, BTW, READ the help in Bakugan Systems.

If you want to add cliffhangers and the like in the RP, ASK permission first to me, JTH.

The NOs

​NO godmodding, like these examples:

  • NO using cards that kill, destroy, or send Bakugan to the Doom Dimension.
  • NO abilities that reduce Bakugan's power level to 0.
  • NO auto-hitting. Add words like "at, try/ies, aims, attempts, etc".
  • NO Gs that exceed 9999 Gs. The max Gs are 9999.
  • NO embiggening your own characters (same to twinking).
  • AVOID too much cliffhanging. And DON'T do an extreme cliffhanger, because it will ruin the RP. An extreme cliffhanger may be impossible to escape or too much of Baghdad bobbit as well.
  • NO powerplaying.
  • DO NOT be a Baghdad Bobbit. It's like declaring yourself a winner without the choice of the RP creator. You MUST NOT initiate insta-kill attacks. (It's okay if you instantly defeat a minion Bakugan with a single ability. Just don't use it always, it'll make this RP broke.)

NO using canonical characters or Bakugan, but you can mention them in the story.

NO harassment of other's characters.

NO sexuality, except for kissing & hugging.

DO NOT post when I pause this RP. But, you can still edit the other sections except the exact RP.

If you're on hiatus & you did not respond to the RP, your characters WILL be removed!


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