This is the Intelligence Technology Systems' main RP: The New Organization!

This is the 1st chapter of this RP. This is free-join & is completed on April 7, 2013.

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Josh & his friends have created an organization that exterminates any Equera-affiliated, called the Intelligence Technology Systems. The Equera Empire & the EggPlankton Empire see this organization as a threat to them, so they attack against this agency that will protect the AD. As they win over the empires, the empires sought revenge & they started a war. Will the ITS succeed on their mission stopping evil? Tune in!


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  1. Josh the Hedgehog (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  2. Alice the Cat (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  3. Jess the Hedgehog (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  4. The 4 Royal Knights (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  5. Rey the Hedgedragon (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  6. Koji the Shock Fox-Bat (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  7. Raven the Flamehog (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  8. Jetris the Hedgehawk (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  9. Thomas the Echidna (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  10. Louie the Fox (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  11. Solar the Hedgehog (I'm the Being of the Wind!))
  12. Lunar the Hedgehog (I'm the Being of the Wind!))
  13. Jonathan the HedgeReploidfox (I'm the Being of the Wind!))
  14. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  15. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)
  16. Assassin the Hedgehog (Assassin)
  17. Yuki the Hedgecat (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  18. Metal Jess (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  19. Trinitro "James" Stropher (JamesTechno998)
  20. Metal Patricia (Spongebob100)
  21. Jackbot Nega (Spongebob100)
  22. Combot Nega (Spongebob100)
  23. SPARKY (Spongebob100)
  24. Golver the Mineralhog (I'm the Being of the Wind! (talk))
  25. Silvold the Mineralhog (I'm the Being of the Wind! (talk))
  26. Mizu the Marine Cat (I'm the Being of the Wind! (talk))
  27. Nitro the Techno Echidna (I'm the Being of the Wind! (talk))
  28. Shizuku the Hedgecat ("I'm the Being of the Wind!"Josh the Hedgehog)


  1. Ubau the Insect Hedgehog (I'm the Being of the Wind! (talk))
  2. Gameru the HM Echidna (I'm the Being of the Wind! (talk))
  3. Kaze the Pantherus Lion (I'm the Being of the Wind! (talk))


  1. Dr. EggRey (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  2. Neo Rey the Dark Hedgehog (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  3. Aeron the Hedgebat ("I'm the Being of the Wind!"Josh the Hedgehog)
  4. Skyflame the Hawk ("I'm the Being of the Wind!"Josh the Hedgehog)
  5. Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  6. Jack-4 Commander (Spongebob100)
  7. Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100)
  8. Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  9. Zane the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  10. Metal Jack (Spongebob100)
  11. Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot (Spongebob100)
  12. Metal Josh (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  13. Metal Rey (I'm the Being of the Wind!)
  14. Doomsday "Neutro" Sparker (JamesTechno998)
  15. Tensai the Shark (Spongebob100)
  16. Fury the Tasmanian Devil (Spongebob100)
  17. Clyde the Chameleon (Spongebob100)
  18. Professor Vulcan the Vulture (Spongebob100)
  19. Platinum the Mineralhog (I'm the Being of the Wind! (talk))
  20. Copper the Mineralhog ("I'm the Being of the Wind!"Josh the Hedgehog)

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Knightmare Frames

Knightmares that are Piloted by Male


This big Knightmare Frame is the strongest robot in the organization & is piloted by Josh the Hedgehog and Yuki the Hedgecat.



This heavy-armored Knightmare is created by the ITS and Thomas the Echidna pilots it. It is also the second strongest Knightmare overall in ITS.


This sleek Knightmare is created by the ITS and the pilot is Solar the Hedgehog.


This sleek Knightmare is created by the ITS and piloted by Lunar the Hedgehog.

Dian Wei

This Big and Strong Knightmare is created by the ITS & is piloted by Jack the Hedgehog. It is the 2nd powerful Knightmare only in brute strength in ITS.

  • 1x Bull Axe (melee weapon) (Dian Wei's Dynasty Warriors Weapon)
  • 12x Chest-mounted Slash Harkens
  • 1x Wrist-mounted Radiation Wave Missiles
  • 1x ???-mounted Dynasty Cannon (Secret Weapon)



A powerful Knightmare piloted by Faust the Echidna, and&it is said to be able to time travel. It only appeared in one episode and never returned again.

  • Crew: One
  • Height: 8.60 meters
  • Weight: 8.20 metric tons
  • Power Source: Spiral Core, Energy Filler
  • 10x Chest-mounted Slash Harkens
  • 2x Shoulder-mounted Reality Cannons

Feel free to add your Knightmare!

Knightmares that are Piloted by Female


This slender Knightmare is created by the ITS & was built for Frost & Scorch the Skunk-cats. It made its debut on the final episode: Episode 18. 


Xing Cai

This Slender Knightmare is created by the ITS & is piloted by Patricia the Skunk.

  • 1x Sacred Light Spear (Melee Weapon) (Xing Cai's Dynasty Warriors Weapon)
  • 4x Chest-mounted Slash Harkens
  • 1x Wrist-mounted Radiation Wave Missiles
  • 1x ???-mounted Dynasty Cannon (Secret Weapon)
Feel free to add your Knightmare!


  1. Josh the Hedgehog (founder & creator)
  2. Spongebob100 
  3. Assassinhedgehog 
  4. JamesTechno998 


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Episode 1: ITS, Introduction, & Egg Battle

(First of all, we start in a technical base, sleeping.)

One day, in Thunderous Tornado Castle in Ventilus by 8:00...

Josh woke up by 8:10. He yawned & said, "Oh yeah, this is a great day." He sat on his chair in the dining room. He picked up a box of cereal & a bottle of milk. Once he poured out the cereal & the milk, someone knocked at the door. Josh opened the door & saw Jack the Hedgehog at the door. "Hey, Jack." Josh said.

"Hi there." Said Jack.

Josh said, "Uh, did you hear in the news that I have created a new organization?"

"Uh nope. Sorry" Said Jack in confusion.

Josh said, while scratching his head, "Oh." Alice woke up & greeted the two. "Hi there, Jack. And to you, Sir." Alice said. 

"Sup Fellas?" said a Red Hedgehog with Light Blue streaks in his hair.

Josh said, "Hey, Assassin. How's it goin'?"

"Not badly" said Assassin. "You?"

Josh said, "Just fine. I'll introduce you my new organization."

"Cool." said Assassin.

"Get a blindfold first, everyone." said Josh as he goes inside the shadows. As Josh blindfolded them all, except Alice, because she is a member, he led them to a huge basement, the ITS' HQ. He removed the blindfolds & said, "Surprise."

"Whoa!" said Assassin in awe.

Josh said, in a cheerful voice, "Welcome to my organization. It's the Intelligence Technology Systems. I made this to make more effective weapons to defeat Equera-affiliated beings."

"Are Mom and Jack members?" asked Assassin curiously.

Josh smiled slightly & said, "Uh, they didn't sign up for the membership yet." Alice said, giggling, "To sign up, you need to put your info here, on the info paper."

Assassin signed the Paper. Alice smiled & said, "Thank you for joining, Assassin." Alice gave him a medal.

"Thanks" Assassin said.

Alice said, while smiling sweetly, "No problem, Assassin."

Assassin didn't know what to say, so he just hugged her in a friendly way. Alice smiles again.

"Seen the Royal Knights?" asked Assassin.

Josh said, with a sigh, "They went in a mission."

"I don't get it..." Said Jack in confusion about the Organization. Suddendly Patricia appears with her surprize appearance & Patricia said "Hi guys, what's going on here?"

Josh sees her get in, and said in awe, "Uh-huh, hi too. You look pretty right now, eh?"

A mysterious hedgecat went in, having a Lt. General badge. She said, "Hi. Oh, it's you, Jack & Patricia." She appears, wearing a white coat.

"Thanks Josh" Said Patricia to Josh. "Whao! How did you know our names?" Said Jack in surprize to the Hedgecat as he gets into his battle stance not before adding "I warn you, I've got fighting skills & I'm not afraid to use them!".

The mysterious hedgecat said, smiling, "You do not seem to remember me. Oh, by the way, I will not fight you, Jack. I'm Josh's 1st ranked officer. And, I'm not an enemy." She pulls out a gun from her coat. She aims at Jack & said, "Due to attempt of assault, I won't kill you, I'll merely going to shoot you at the leg to quiet you down."Josh said, "Stop it now. Jack, you must understand that she's my 1st ranked officer. And please, keep the gun." She said, "Yes General." She keeps the gun inside her suit.

Assassin noticed his Adoptive Mother "Hey, Mom" He greeted hugging her.

The mysterious hedgecat said, smiling, "Looks like we meet again, Assassin."

Assassin noticed her and said "It sure does".

She replied, "Good." Josh said, "Oh, do you remember her?"

"I think so" replied Assassin.

She said, "Oh, you should go first in the tech lab to test how you can help."

"What with?" asked Assassin curiously.

"And what's a 1st Ranked Officer?" Said Jack curiously.

Josh said, "A 1st ranked officer has the highest rank in this organization. However, overall she's the 2nd ranked, while I'm the first. "Hi Assassin" Said Patricia as she hugs Assassin.

Jack sees a photon laser rifle on counter & says "Awesome! Hey! Will I get one of these cool weapons?" Jack grabs rifle and accidentally starts firing shots, not before adding "Hi-gee-gee!". He recklessly shoots the place with the laser rifle, creating explosions around the place. Jack lays rifle on the ground & says "My bad! That's on me! Right here, I'm gonna take that one."

"But Jack's right" agreed Assassin "Those things are pretty cool." He picked one up and made a pose with it.

However, the whole place was unfazed. The walls are glowing, displaying an array of defense mechanisms. Josh said, "Oh, that was nothing" The mysterious hedgecat added, "That's right, our base is invulnerable to our own weapons." Alice added also, "Hmm, no problem, Jack." The mysterious hedgecat said again, "Let's go to the tech lab." Josh then teleported them all.

Josh showed them his tech lab. He then picked up a Scorch Bazooka & a Holy Rod. He said at Jack & Patricia, "To be promoted to a higher level, do your best in training." He kept both of the weapons in a large box for promotion reward. Josh said with a smile, "That'll be your reward when you're promoted. Training #1: Intelligence of using hi-tech weapons. Training #2: Knowing how to equip new types of armor. Training #3: Knowledge on using various hi-tech items. So, any questions?"

"Hey can we have capes or something? A cape would be cool." Asked Jack as he started scratching his quills. "Are you sure it's safe that we can handle all of these Weapon Technology?" Asked Patricia.

Josh said to Jack, "Uh, sure. We have in the fitting room." He added at Patricia, "Of course, you must learn how to use them."

Assassin looked at the gear. "Now, I think that gear is what I need" He thought.

Josh looked at the gear that Assassin meant. He said, "That's our new Battle Gear, Radiation Pulsar."

"Ok then, so what should we do now?" Asked Jack. "I'm not sure" Answered Patricia.

The base's ground rumbles... Josh said, angrily, "Shoot, it's EggPlankton & EggRey!"

Assassin grabbed some gear "Leave him to me." he said bravely.

"Which one?" Asked Patricia.

Josh said at Assassin, "Get that gear, it's free." Josh said at Patricia, "Both of them are invading the base!" "Ok then. Come on, let's go!" Said Jack. "Right !" Said Patricia in agreement. Yuki said, "Right, let's protect the base together."

Outside, EggRey invades the continent Ventilus with his new Knightmare, EggKnight Gloucester. Dr. EggRey laughed evily & said, "Well, we need to destroy those 2 hedgehogs here. Hehehe!"

Dr. EggPlankton appears in his Chum Beater, rampaging around the base, not knowing of the fact that the base was underground. "I don't even need a Knightmare. I can crush those Knightmares easily" Said Dr. EggPlankton in triumph.

Dr. EggRey added annoyingly, "My blueprinted Knightmares are knights clad in shining armor! Don't even boast your scale-brained inventions, they're nothing to me!" They continued to invade.

Josh noticed the 2 mad doctors. Jack & Patricia also noticed EggPlankton & EggRey. "Now what are we suppose to do?" Asked Jack.

Josh said, "Get the hi-tech weapons in the iron box just on the table in the base!"

Jack & Patricia goes inside & grabs the Hi-Tech Weapons from the Iron Box & comes back to Josh. "We got them" Said Patricia in glee. "But what are they?" Asked Jack in confusion.

Josh said, "Jack, get the Rainbow Cannon. Patricia, get the Kitsune Saber MK II. Jack, a tip for you, to strengthen the Rainbow Cannon's powers, attach a Rainbow Emerald on the Rainbow Slot."

"Ok, but we need time. Distract them!" Ordered Jack.

Josh said sternly, "You've no right to order here. You're still a Private. I will order. Attack!" Josh ordered, because he's a General. Yuki salutes & said, "Yes, General!" Josh pulls out his Ancient Cannon. He said, "Let's go."

We see that the Chum Beater & the Jack-4 Bots are about to attack. "Uh oh" Said Jack. The Chum Beater then starts shooting at the heroes & mostly Josh, followed by the Jack-4 Bots. Jack & Patricia screams as they dodge the bullets.

Josh dodges the bullets by backflipping to the south & said, "You freaking psycho!"

"How do you work this thing?" Asked Jack as he accidently fires his Rainbow Cannon at the Jack-4 Bots "Whao!" Said Jack in amazment. Patricia looks at her Kitsune Saber MK II & then begins to slash at the Jack-4 Bots "Wow! It's time to take my Sword for a Test Drive!" Said Patricia, not before Jack says "And my Cannon is ready for a test drive". Jack & Patricia starts attacking the Jack-4 Bots with their new weapons.

Few moments later, Josh got very angry at EggPlankton. He then said, "You freaking psycho will get outta this!" He then charges his Ancient Cannon & wipes out some Jack-4 Bots with it, barraging them with Omega shots. He said annoyingly, "Eat that, you annoying pieces of scrap metal."

Dr. EggPlankton notices this & controls the Chum Beater to crush the "Ancient Cannon" with it's Giant Metal Hands & Feet, saying "Oh no you don't !".

Josh just smirked & said, "Mistake on your part, EggPlankton." His eyes turn crimson red & bird sigils appear on both pupils, showing that he has activated a mysterious psychokinetic power. Suddenly, the fake Ancient Cannon that the Chum Beater just crushed earlier just sticks its tactical ordnance on the feet of the robot, without EggPlankton knowing.

"Any last words before...EggRey & I really gonna go ape on you?" Said Dr. EggPlankton.

Josh said, smirking, "Yes, only three: Radiation Ordnance, destroy!" The bomb on the Chum Beater exploded & the radiation waves start to grind the Chum Beater's exterior, except the pilot, EggPlankton. Josh said, "That's what I call... a Radiation Wave Ordnance Bomb."

Dr. EggPlankton then smirks saying, "Now your getting to know me very well, do you?"

"Josh? Why is EggPlankton still smiling?" Asked Jack.

Josh said, "I think he's gonna eject his own chair & switch to another freakin' Chum Robot."

Dr. EggPlankton says "Why do you always know what I'm gonna do next? Oh well. EggRey, distract them while I prepare another Chum Beater BattleSuit that is immune to Radiation Waves."

EggRey said evily, "Heh heh heh, lemme take care of 'em." The EggKnight Gloucester rush at the heroes & bombards at them with small bombs.

"SCATTER!!!" Screams Jack as he dodges the Small Bombs. Patricia dodges the Bombs as well, saying "What do we do?"

Josh commanded, "Scatter & attack!" Jack scatters & then open fires at the EggKnight Gloucester.

"What do you think I am doing? I'm already following your orders right now." "Yes Josh" Said Patricia as she scatters & then starts slashing her Kitsune Saber MKII at the EggKnight Gloucester.

The EggKnight Gloucester's landspinner propulsor got damaged & it can't walk or run easily.

EggRey got angry & said, "Shoot! They damaged my propulsor! Time to tune up this bombs into Black Bombs!"

The EggKnight Gloucester then open-fires at the heroes with dangerous Black Bombs.

Josh said, "Be careful of those bombs! Their explosion are wider!" Josh runs to a forest to brace up.

Jack & Patricia keeps on dodging the bombs with Jack asking "Where are you going, Josh?". "Why are you hiding in the forest?" Added Patricia.

Josh said, "Their explosion has a wider radius, so you need to scatter!"

Jack & Patricia says "Ok!" & then scatters away from the explosions. Suddendly Jack-4 Bots appeared in their Light-Armor. "Watch out, here they come!" said Jack, warning the heroes.

Josh said, "Oh shoot." He then takes out some of the bots by firing ethereal Slash Harkens from thin air.

Jack says "We gotta do something about these Bots, but how?", as Jack attacks some of the Light Armor Jack-4 Bots with his Rainbow Cannon.

"I'm not sure, but we'll take them out in no time" said Patricia as she slashes more Jack-4 Bots with her Kitsune Saber MKII.

Josh commanded, "Rush in! The enemy Knightmare is out of ammo!"

He shoots his Ancient Cannon at the EggKnight Gloucester. It took medium damage & suddenly falls on his back.

"Aargh! You...!", EggRey angrily said.

Jack fires his Rainbow Cannon at the EggKnight Gloucester. "Take that!" says Jack.

"And split this !" said Patricia & then Patricia slices the EggKnight Gloucester into pieces with her Kitsune Saber MKII.

However, it was too late, EggRey escaped with the cockpit via Ejection System.

Josh said, annoyed, "Shoot, EggPlankton will arrive by now! And that virus doctor escaped!"

Yuki calmly said, "Calm down, General, we can defeat them."

Suddendly a giant Robot appears, shooting Electric Nets at the Heroes & it's the Chum Beater BattleSuit MKII, which is 2 times stronger, 2 times powerful, 2 times faster & twice the size & it has upgraded into the Ultimate BattleSuit that is similar to the Egg Beater [From Archie Sonic the Hedgehog] & we see Dr. EggPlankton inside the Cockpit saying "Behold my new Upgrade & my new power, Chum Beater BattleSuit MKII, GO!"

Josh said, smirking, "You're such a fool!"

Josh easily breaks up the electric net, because he nullifies electricity.

Yuki said, "General, please help."

Josh also breaks up the electric net on Yuki. He also breaks up the electrical nets on Jack & Patricia.

Josh ordered, "Fire!"

Josh fires his Ancient Cannon at the Chum Beater Battle Suit MK II.

Yuki just brought up a Hadron Cannon.

She said, "This piece of Knightmare's armament would beat him down!"

She shoots Hadron spherical projectiles at the Chum Beater Battle Suit MK II three times. Then she continued it a large beam from the Hadron Cannon.

But the Chum Beater Battle Suit MK II deflects some of the shots with it's Dark Reflecting Shield.

"You dare challenge my command?!" Says Dr. EggPlankton as he fires his Dark Homing Missiles at the heroes.

Dr. EggPlankton activates his Medium Armor Jack-4 Bots & then his Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots & all of the Jack-4 Bots started to attack the General.

"Vengence is mine!" Says Dr. EggPlankton as he attempts to crush Yuki to the ground.

Josh shedded a tear & said, "How dare you...! Do you have no mercy for women like Yuki?! You'll pay!"

Josh's eyes flash red and angrily destroys all of the Medium Armor Jack-4 Bots with just a huge ray of Ancient Gamma Blast. Koji & Raven rushed in & destroys a half of Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots. Koji's method of destroying them with a quick direct touch while his psychic power is activated, one by one, while Raven barrages them with armor-piercing flame arrows.

Jack & Patricia comes out of the Electric Nets noticing all of this. "Uh Josh? What the heck is that?" Asked Jack.

Patricia gasps & says "It's Josh & he's inside a Robot!".

"Don't worry, Josh. I'LL SAVE YOU!!!" Yelled Jack as he unwittingly fires his Rainbow Cannon at Koji.

Dr. EggPlankton says "EggRey, where the heck are you?"

. Dr. EggPlankton activates Water Jack-4 Bots & orders them to put of the Flame Arrows, in which the Flame Arrows have been put out.

Patricia slashes the Water Jack-4 Bots saying "Take that!"

Koji said, "Ouch, Jack! You hit me! I'm helping you!"

Raven said, "Oh shoot, Water bots!"

Josh said, "Jack, don't hit Koji's eye! I'll take care of the frigging Battle Suit of that zooplankton!"

He continues to shoot his Ancient Cannon at the Chum Beater Battle Suit MK II. Yuki lies on the ground, unconscious and phased a bit.

Rey arrived & said, "What the... Your Highness!"

Alice arrived as well in the scenario & thinks, "Whoa, this battle looks like a mess of scrap heap."

Alice noticed that Yuki is lying on the ground.

She said, "Rey, what happened to her?"

Rey answered to Alice, "Uh, she got smashed...? I think. BTW, we must heal her."

Jack says to Raven "Sorry & who are you?"

Patricia says in embarassment "Oopsie".

Dr. EggPlankton activates the Dark Cannons on the Chum Beater Battle Suit MKII's Shoulders delivering blasts at Josh & then says "You can't stop me & EggRey, You can't stop nothing!" & then EggPlankton laughs Evily, not before adding "And besides, my back-up is already here!".

Jack & Patricia notices that there's about 1000 Dark Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots. "Oh my gosh!" says Jack & Patricia in surprize.

"EggPlankton know's all of our weaknesses & he's using against us!" Says Patricia.

"Can it get anymore worse?" Asked Jack.

Josh said, "You're such a fool, EggPlankton. You have fallen into my trap." He thought, "Just as I planned." "Activating SEMP Emitter!" chanted Josh as he activates the SEMP Emitter, causing all of the 1000 Dark Heavy Jack-4 Bots to malfunction and explode.

"Units, deploy Knightmares immediately!" Josh said as he hops on the cockpit of his new Battle Suit: Hurricane Knightmare, Hadron. Josh said, "All systems on! Prepare to initiate attack!" Yuki woke up, her wounds healed up a bit fast. She said, "It's not necessary to heal me." She slightly smiled at that. Josh said, "Whew. BTW, all units, attack immediately!"

"I can take you all on!" said Assassin arrogantly to EggPlankton.

"Wait, what's a Knightmare?" Asked Jack. "And what does a Knightmare do?" Added Patricia. Josh said, "You forgot again?" He then facepalmed. "Sorry, we just don't know what is exactly" Says Jack. Patricia adds "We didn't even know what they do either".

Josh said, "Ride on it! Then, if you're on inside it, type the password, any code. Then after the password is accepted, use the 2 large joysticks to control it."

"What do I look like, EggPlankton's War Toy?" Blurted Jack in confusion/anger. "Now now Jack, let's not get hasty" Says Patricia. "Sorry Josh, but when I'm wearing that Battle Suit, it looks like that I've been roboticized. Plus it reminds me of my Parents being Roboticized by Dr. Eggman." Says Jack in sorrow. Josh said, "Uh, you cannot wear it, it is not a Battle Suit. It's a large robot you can pilot."

Jack says "I know, but being inside that Large Robot reminds me of my Parents being Roboticized by Dr. Eggman."

Josh said, "It's not Eggman's robot! Why would you feel like a helpless baby?! We're here to be with you, to help you! Why won't you remove your trauma away?! You're so sick! To make you remember, it's the past, bro! You must ride the Knightmare to defeat EggPlankton! Why can't you do it?!

" Jack looks at the Knightmares & then at Josh & he says "I...I...I just.....can't" Jack drops his head & walks away, saying "I'm still too sad about my Parents all of because of this Large Robot you reminded me about. I'm sorry." Jack walks off looking sad. Patricia felt sorry for Jack & goes after him, saying "Jack, come back!"

Josh angrily said, "He's so helpless! Rrgh, we must do this without Jack instead of waiting for him. It's just so pointless to do the contrary way!" He called, "Yuki, come with me!" Yuki obeyed & gets in the Knightmare Hadron. Josh commanded, "Well then, everyone, attack!" The Knightmare Hadron shoots its Hadron Cannon at the Chum Beater Battle Suit MK II. Josh controls the weapons while Yuki pilots the Knightmare.

The Chum Beater BattleSuit MKII dodges some of the blasts & then fires their Dark Cannons at the Heroes. Dr. EggPlankton says "You worthless heroes. I've designed this BattleSuit to dodge & deflect ALL of your Attacks!"

Josh grinned & said, "You fool. You don't know what's up my sleeve yet." Rey called on 300 Anti-Chum Armor-Piercing Gekka. The Hadron dodges the dark cannon. Josh commanded, "All units, prepare to initiate attack!"

"I think not !" Says Dr. EggPlankton as he activates the Hero-Proof Barrier, preventing them from attacking & then attacks the Anti-Chum Armor Piercing Gekka with the Dark Cannons, however fails to destroy them all. "Looks like your the First Organazation to be destroyed by the EggPlankton Empire. Any last words before I really gonna go ape on you!?" Says Dr. EggPlankton."

"Dr. EggRey" said, arriving, "Yes, HADRON CANNON!" He arrives in his new "EggKnight Gloucester MK II", firing its Hadron Cannon at the Chum Beater Battle Suit MK II. Josh said, "Ooh yeah!"

The Chum Beater only gets medium damage to the Shield because it used the Chum Beater Shield "Like I said before. I'm really gonna go ape on you!" says Dr. EggPlankton as he attacks the Heroes with its Wreaking Ball.

The "EggKnight Gloucester MK II" used its Heliokinetic Mech Shield to deflect the wrecking ball back at the Chum Beater.

Meanwhile, Patricia has found Jack sitting on a rock, looking desperate. "Are you alright Jack?" Asked Patricia. "Yes" answered Jack. "I see that your still sad about your Parents being roboticized by Dr. Eggman" Says Patricia. Jack nodded & says "I guess I have to go back & help the others, but how?" "I got an Idea, but your gonna have to trust me & Josh" Answered Patricia. "Ok then, what is your plan?" Said Jack. Patricia whispers Jack about her Plan, it makes Jack gasp & said "Are you serious?". "Yes" Answered Patricia.

"Dr. EggRey" angrily said to EggPlankton, "You filthy plankton! Why don't you give up?!" The EggKnight Gloucester MK II fires a very huge stream of Hadron Cannon at the Chum Beater Battle Suit MK II. Josh then ambushed EggPlankton's Battle Suit, pressing a large button, activating the SEMP Emitter, making EggPlankton's Battle Suit to malfunction & to drain its power batteries. Josh said, "My turn." The Hadron glides across the sky & rains a ton of spherical shots of Hadron Cannon at the Chum Beater Battle Suit MK II.

Dr. EggPlankton says "What are you doing EggRey, we're on the same team! How dare you!" Dr. EggPlankton attacks "Dr. EggRey's" "EggKnight Gloucester MK II" with his Chum Beater BattleSuit MKII's Brute Strength.

"Dr. EggRey" said, "You're wrong, we're not on the same team." Dr. EggRey was just a disguise. A red hedgehog removes the disguise, and the Knightmare sheds its armor to a sleeker Knightmare, called the "Archibald". The red hedgehog said, "I am Solar the Hedgehog, the descendant of the Scorching Sun." The Archibald then pulls out its spears & slashes at the Battle Suit. Another Knightmare shoots its Slash Harkens at the Chum Beater Battle Suit MK II. The pilot said, "Hah hah, I am Lunar the Hedgehog, the descendant of the Luminous Moon."

"AAAAAAAAAH SHADDAP!!" Yelled Dr. EggPlankton as he fired his Gaia Bombs at the Heroes.

Jack & Patricia appears back saying "We're Baaaack!"

Josh said, "Nice one!" Solar said, "Good thing they arrived just now, but they're a bit late." Lunar said, "Them? Huh." The Knightmares protected themselves with their Radiation Wave Shielding. Then, they continued to shoot their Hadron Bombs at the Battle Suit.

The Chum Beater BattleSuit MKII was phased a bit and continues to throw it's Gaia Bombs at the Heroes.

"Josh! I'm ready for the Large Robot !" Says Jack in determination, not before Patricia adds "I'm ready as well. No one gets left behind!"

The Knightmare shielded themselves again with Radiation Wave Shielding.

Josh thought, "Now you've realized to turn your back from the past. That's good thinking." He commanded, "Yes! Now, attack!" Solar & Lunar saluted & said, "Yes, my lord!" The Archibald & Alasdair starts to slash at the Battle Suit.

"You can't keep this up forever you know" Says Dr. EggPlankton with an evil grin on his face as he controlled the BattleSuit to throw Stronger Gaia Bombs at the heroes.

The Knightmares dodge them.

"Oh yeah?" Said Jack with a smirk appeared on his face. "You see, fighting against you was no secret, but Jack & I have got a surprize for you" Says Patricia.

"And what's that?" Asked Dr. EggPlankton.

"You'll see" Says Jack. "Activate Knightmares!" Said Jack & Patricia in Unsion.

Josh commanded, "All units, initiate attack!" Solar & Lunar salutes & said, "Yes, my lord!"

"Yes Sir" Says Jack & Patricia as they get inside their Knightmares. 

The computer in Jack & Patricia's Knightmares say, "All systems on. Weapons ready to fire." "Let's have some real fun!" Says Jack getting ready to attack. "Yes, Jack" Says Patricia getting ready to attack.

Josh said, "Now, let's go!"

"Then prepare to meet your doom, ITS. Your Organazation will go down in flames!" Says Dr. EggPlankton as he activated the Max Defense Upgrades. The Computer in Dr. EggPlankton's Chum Beater MKII says in a Male Voice "Max Defense Upgrades, Activated!". The Chum Beater MKII upgrades itself.

Josh grinned & said, "Forgot anything?" Koji rushed in & used his psychic power. He put his hand on the Battle Suit & his psychic power attempted to make the Battle Suit to malfunction. Koji suddenly has a headache, because of the long process & the strain of his psychic power.

But for strange reasons, the Chum Beater MKII upgrades even more after that Malfunction. "Do you think that I'm that stupid?" Says Dr. EggPlankton as he activates the Heavy-Armored Jack4 Bots.

"Hold on guys, the Chum Beater MKII has the Auto Upgrading Machine, every time we attack. The Auto Upgrading Machine activates in the Chum Beater MKII." Says Jack. "We gotta get that Upgrading Machine outta there without activating it inside the Chum Beater MKII" Says Patricia.

Josh said, "I have a plan. You get off the upgrading machine. After that, I will activate the Gefjun Disturber once again. Then, Koji will crush the Battle Suit to dust!"

"Um, isn't the Auto Upgrading Machine inside the Chum Beater MKII?" Asked Jack.

Rey said, "I'll help." He holds up the legendary katana called Masamune, that pierces even the upgrading effect. Rey said, "The upgrading effect can't shield this Masamune. So, I gotta remove the upgrading machine!" Rey cuts off a part of the Chum Beater and sees the real upgrading machine. Rey said, "No fakes here!" Rey removed the upgrading machine & throws it at Alice. Alice catches the upgrading machine & puts it down. Rey then swiftly punched it, destroying the machine. He said, "Your turn!" Josh thinks, "I'm sure that there's only one upgrading machine to make. Huh. EggPlankton isn't smart enough to make a back-up machine for his Battle Suit. And it is super hard to finish."

"Alright, let's go!" Says Jack as he & Patricia comes out of their large robots. "Right ! Let's get him!" Says Patricia.

Dr. EggPlankton noticed his Upgrading Machine is destroyed & says "Oh barnicles".

Jack fires his Rainbow Cannon at the Chum Beater MKII with a powerful Rainbow Beam, weakening the BattleSuit & says "Your Turn Patricia". Patricia starts slashing the Chum Beater MKII's Arms into pieces with her Kitsune Saber MKII & then slashes the Chum Beater MKII's Legs into pieces, causing the Chum Beater MKII to activate the JetPack on it's body, only the body of the Chum Beater MKII is the only Body Part that is still intact. "I'll finish it off for you guys!" Jack says as he starts charging up his Rainbow Cannon.

Dr. EggPlankton says in Panic "Uh oh!".

"Taste the Rainbow, EggPlankton!" Said Jack.

Josh said, "Be the rainbow, EggPlankton!", then brings out a pouch of Skittles. He ate 3 fruit candies from the pouch.

Jack fires at the Remaining Body Parts of the Chum Beater MKII in Full-Power, destroying the Battlesuit, causing EggPlankton to fall off on his back.

"Ouch" Said Dr. EggPlankton in pain.

Josh gets out from his Knightmare & aims a Britannian gun at him & said, "So, any last words?" Rey said, "You are under arrest, Dr. EggPlankton."

"I do have just one & it's 'Gotcha!' " Said Dr. EggPlankton with a evil grin.

Josh notices this and says an incantation, "Bend the fabric of space and time... SPACEGUST!" and casts a gust in the field.

Dr. EggPlankton activates the Gaia Bomb with a push of a button of a Hand Remote behind him, which explodes on a different dimension (which missed due to the gust; instead ash covered the heroes) as Dr. EggPlankton makes a Retreat back to the Mega Chum Bucket, not before adding "If you we're alive, then I will return to kill you & anyone else who stands in my way & P.S. YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!". Dr. EggPlankton takes off in his Chum Pod, retreating back to the Mega Chum Bucket in EggPlanktonLand.

Jack & Patricia emerges from the ash. Josh, Rey, Alice & Yuki emerges from the ash as well.

"That was a sneaky dirty trick to do." says Jack "Oh man. That's so dirty!" Said Patricia.

Josh said sarcastically, "That was close. Sorry guys." Rey said, "That's okay bro." Alice said, "Thank you Sir."

"We nearly got killed by that blast. Anyways Patricia, what's the status?" Asked Jack. Patricia Answered "We're ok, but we've all got minimal damage though, but we're still alive." Josh said, "Let's go back to HQ. Chaos... Control!" He then teleported all of them back to the HQ.

Episode 2: Tag Team, Storming, & Sacred Weapon

Back at ITS around 13:00....

Patricia, now better, wraps small bandages around everyone's bruises, saying "There you go, now stay off those Bruises & Wounds & you'll be 100% Ok in no time". "Thanks Patricia" said Jack. "Thanks" giggled Patricia.

Josh said, "Since the Gaia Bomb dealt splash damage, I wasn't able to warp it in due time. This, the result. Minimal damage." Rey laughed & said, "No thanks, no damage!" Yuki, now 100% better, earlier than Patricia's, by only 30 minutes, said, "Like I said before, it's not necessary to heal me."

Josh was surprised & said, "Do you... have regeneration powers as well?" "Yes, it heals a bit faster than Patricia's...", said Yuki.

"Wow, I never knew that" Said Patricia. "Well blow me down, both girls are already healed" Said Jack in suprize.

"Anyways, all of you except Yuki, are not passably fit yet for missions right now. Let me & Yuki handle these missions for you guys" Said Patricia. "Well I guess this is our only chance. Go for it, Patricia & Yuki" said Jack. "Okie dokie Jack" Said Patricia.

Yuki said, "General, may I borrow your Hadron?" Josh said, "Well, of course."

"And Jack, my Lieutenant, 1st Class, may I borrow your Rainbow Cannon?" Jack Answered, "Yes, yes you can" "Thank you" Said Patricia.

Yuki said, "Let's go. Patricia, you pilot the Hadron, while I control the cannons."

"Ok, got it, Yuki." Said Patricia, not before she adds to Josh, Jack & the others "We'll be right back guys, be well"

Yuki added, "Be well, everyone." Yuki enters the Hadron.

Patricia gets inside the Hadron & sits on the Pilot Seat & said "I wonder how do you fly this thing? Yuki, can you teach me how to fly this Hadron of yours?" Asked Patricia nicely.

Yuki said, "Just use the 2 large joysticks beside you."

"Ok" Said Patricia as she hold the 2 Large Joysticks.

Yuki said, "Now, let's go to one of...Hm?" She sees on the radar that there are Equera-affiliated bases nearby. She said, "Patricia, rush to the bases, I'll destroy them."

"Okie dokie Yuki" Said Patricia as she pilots Yuki's Hadron to the Equera Bases nearby.

Some Equera Bots open-fire at the hadron, but the Hadron didn't take damage because it is a large robot. Yuki controls the weapon, called the Hadron Cannon & fires it at a base, destroying it.

But they didn't noticed that a group of Large Jack-4 Robots are getting ready for an Ambush on the Hadron.

"Uh Yuki? Do you have the feeling you we're being watched?" Asked Patricia.

Yuki quickly replied, "Behind us!" The Hadron looks behind and Yuki controls the Hadron Cannon, shooting at few Equera Bots. A sleek Knightmare appears & destroys a group of Equera Bots. The pilot said, "Hey guys, this is Solar."

"Watch out Solar!" Yelled Patricia. The Large Jack-4 Bots begins to attack the sleek Knightmare, but unsuccessful on dealing damage to Solar's Knightmare.

"Are you alright?" Asked Patricia.

Solar said, "Yeah. Safe, I quickly pressed the Mech Armor." The sleek Knightmare is still intact because of Mech Armor. The Hadron, larger than the large Jack-4 Bots by 4x, fires a load of Hadron Cannon at them.

"We need to find out what Dr. EggPlankton & Dr. EggRey are up to & fast" Said Patricia.

"Of course.", said Yuki. The sleek Knightmare called the Archibald uses its VARIS rifle, smaller than the Lancelot's rifle. The Archibald shoots at the Jack-4 Bots.

"Nice shot" Said Patricia.

Solar said, "Thanks."

Just then, Assassin arrived "I'm here to help" he said.

Yuki said, "Assassin, ride on that customized Burai!"

Assassin did so.

Yuki commanded, "Attack!"

Assassin attacked the bases.

Yuki said, "Well done, Assassin, you've destroyed an Equera Base." She then fires the Hadron Cannon at an Equera Base with her Hadron.

"I aim to please" said Assassin.

"Uh, but we have bigger problems than this" Said Patricia as she pointed out the Large Chum Bases that are twice larger & twice more defended than Normal Equera Bases & the Chum Bases are all heavily guarded by Large Turrets. "Do you think it's wise that we attack at those Heavily Guarded Chum Bases" Asked Patricia.

"Leave them to me." said her son, before charging the bases.

"Yuki, what about the others? Do you think they're 100% ok by now?" Asked Patricia.

Yuki said, "Don't worry, Rey is 100% better as well. Hmm... these bases are larger, but their defense is very weak if the turrets are destroyed." Solar quickly replied, "I'll do it!" The Archibald carries a large VARIS Rifle & fires at the Chum Bases. Lunar said, "Everyone, look at the base at the summit of Mt. Avalanchius! There's a huge Equera base there!" Yuki said, "Hm, those are... Equera Major Bases."

Yuki pointed at the Equera Major Bases, which are tougher and advanced than the Large Chum Bases sevenfold.

Assassin stormed an Equera Major Base.

Yuki was amused & said, "Congratulations, Assassin, you are promoted to Captain."

"Congratulations Assassin" Said Patricia. Then suddendly Patricia hears more Jack-4 Robots appearing out of nowhere. "Watch out, there's more Bots where those came from!" Said Patricia as she pilots the Hadron towards the Jack-4 Bots.

Yuki said, "All systems go! SEMRPS, ready to fire!" Yuki unlocks the Hadron's secret armament, the Super Electromagnetic Radiational Pulsar System. She then controls the weapon & the Hadron fires a huge blue beam at the Jack-4 Bots, destroying a huge group of them.

"We did it ! We had shot all of the Jack-4 Bots out of the sky" Said Patricia.

Yuki said, "Some problem. Archibald & Alasdair, cover up!" Solar & Lunar said in unison, "Yes, your Highness!" Both Knightmares defend the Hadron, because the Hadron is weakened after the SEMRPS usage, & they all, except the Hadron, finish off the rest of the bases. Then they got back to the HQ, safe & sound.

Back in ITS HQ at around 19:00...

The rest left in the HQ said, "We're all better, guys." Yuki said, "Alright, then we got to rest for the night. G'night, everyone." The rest said, "G'night." Josh & Yuki went back in the Thunderous Tornado Castle. Rey said, "So, guys, where will ya sleep? I gotta get some sleep in the castle for the night, 'cause there's no time to get back in my homeland..." Jess said, "Well, I'll sleep in the castle." Alice seconded, "I'm with Jess." Rey said, "Alright then, I'll come with ya." Rey locked in the basement with a super hard password & a super hard cage, but not hard for the heroes to unlock. The the heroes came in the castle to sleep.

Episode 3: Neo Enemy, Knightmares, & Evolution

Back at ITS HQ at 12:00 noon...

Jack & Patricia are training together in the Training Room. Jack asked "So what do you think the mission would be this time?" "I'm not sure, but we'll find out sooner or later" Answered Patricia.

"I dunno either" said Assassin.

Josh arrived & the alarm blared, that means an enemy is invading. He said, "Guys! An enemy encounter! Let's move out!"

"Yes Josh!" Said Jack & Patricia as they are getting ready for battle.

Outside, Neo Rey was invading the castle by Dr. EggRey's orders. He said, "When will the cowardly, inferior Ancient show up?!" Josh came out from the basement & saw Neo Rey. He yelled, "YOU!"

Jack & Patricia appears behind Josh. Jack said "It's Neo Rey!". "What is he doing here?" Asked Patricia.

Josh said, "He's invading the castle by EggRey's orders! And he's looking for the Cryogenic Crystal, the treasure! BTW... Do you remember where could the treasure be?"

"I don't know" answered Assassin "but they don't seem to give up."

"I'm not sure either. I just can't remember where the Treasure is" Said Jack.

Josh whispered at him, "It is in the Freeze Cave."

"Oh ok" Said Jack. "What should we do Josh?" Said Patricia.

Josh commanded them, "Knightmares, activate!" Josh & Yuki hops on the cockpit & activates the Hadron. Solar & Lunar hops on their cockpits & activates their own Knightmares. Josh said, "Jack, Patricia, get onto your Knightmare: Sutherland ITS Version!"

"Yes Josh" Said Jack & Patricia, not before Jack added "Still, what does ITS mean?". Jack & Patricia hops inside the Cockpit & activates their Knightmare: Sutherland.

Josh said, "It is Intelligence Technology Systems."

"Oh right, but why ITS Version?" Asked Jack.

Josh said, "The Britannian Empire once had an army of Sutherland." Yuki commanded, "There's not enough time right now, so initiate attack!"

"Oh right" Said Jack as he remembered to attack. Jack & Patricia controls their Knightmare Sutherland to attack Neo Rey.

Neo Rey said, "Wow, Sutherland, huh?" Neo Rey dodged as he jumps on the Knightmare & hops on the cockpit of his own customized Knightmare, called the NeoKnight Burai.

"Oh, it is ON!" Said Jack as he controls his Sutherland to attack Neo Rey's NeoKnight Burai. Patricia controls her Sutherland to attack NeoKnight Burai as well, saying "Take that, Neo Rey!".

Neo Rey activated the Neo Shielding to protect his Knightmare from being damaged. He said, "Fools, you are. Think again!" The NeoKnight Burai then uses its large rifle & open-fires at both Sutherland.

The Hadron appears, flying in the sky. Josh said, "Jack, use the Slash Harkens. Patricia, you too." The Hadron activates its Harken Boosters, ready to attack.

"Right!" Said Jack. "Ok Josh" Added Patricia as she & Jack activates the Slash Harkens. Then both Jack & Patricia uses their Slash Harkens to attack the NeoKnightBurai, at full force.

The NeoKnight Burai receives great damage. Josh said, "Bullseye!" Yuki said, "Let's go, General Josh." Josh replied, "Right." The Hadron finally fires a load of Hadron Cannon at the NeoKnight Burai, destroying it.

However, Neo Rey was safe. He & his cockpit flies toward the mountain & yelled, "Bye bye!"

"We've stopped him for now, but he'll be back" Said Jack, not before Patricia added "And don't forget EggPlankton as well". "But I'm confused. Why would anyone disguise as EggRey to fool Dr. EggPlankton every time?" Asked Jack.

Josh said, "I guess our allies disguise as villains to fool the real villains themselves. Every time?" then facepalms. 

"Sometimes it's really confusing" Said Jack. "Don't worry, you'll get the idea of the whole master of disguise thing" Said Patricia.

"Uh, yeah." said Josh. Yuki said, "It's time to eat, I'm hungry... I would like to order pizza by & by..." Josh smiled & said, "I'll give you pizza." Yuki smiled & said, "Thank you, General."

"This is nice Pizza" said Assassin at last.

Josh said, "Sure thang, Assassin, eat with Yuki."

"So what should we do now?" Said Jack."We'll keep on protecting the people of Mobius." Said Patricia.

Josh said, "So, let's go back to base, I hear that we'll have a yummy surprise for us all."

"Ok then" Said Jack.

All of then went back to the HQ.

Back in ITS HQ at around 17:00...

Josh sits in the table & opens a box of pizza & says, "Surprise!" Yuki eats a piece of pizza.

"More Pizza?" asked Patricia. "I don't get it. We already had pizza earlier. Why do we have to eat pizza again tonight?" Asked Jack.

Josh said, "Uh, Yuki's favorite's pizza. And actually, I didn't order one earlier..." Josh facepalmed.

Jack raised his eyebrow in confusion. "Ooookay?" Said Patricia feeling uneasy.

Josh said, "Patricia? If you would like to eat, then eat one." Josh put some blueberries on a saucer.

"Mmm, Blueberries! Yummy! Thank you Josh." Said Patricia as she starts eating the blueberries. "Becareful Josh, Patricia loves eating blueberries & it's her fuel source for her skunk scent" Said Jack warning Josh about Patricia.

Josh said, "Hmph, I already know that. That's fine, she mainly uses it for enemies."

"Oh ok, that makes sence." Said Jack.

Josh said, smiling, "Yeah..."

"So what should we do now?" Said Patricia.

Assassin then started yawning.

"So what should we do now?" Said Jack.

"I dunno, Jack" said Assassin.

"I don't know either" Said Patricia. "I've got nothing" Said Jack.

Josh said, "I know, but... Wait, I noticed something. There's a repetition!"

The whole gang laughed.

Josh teleports Jack, Patricia, & Assassin to the training base.

Jack notices the Training Base is a little bit trashed "Okay? What just happened here?" Said Jack in confusion.

Josh scratches his head, "What the heck...?"

"This is weird" said Assassin.

"I don't know how it happened. Someone's already in the Training Room & it's already trashed. We betta clean this mess up right away" Said Patricia.

Josh said, "Yep." They clean up the mess.

"Done. Now we need to figure out who's been messing with the training base, but who could it be?" Said Jack. "Josh do you know who could've done this?" Asked Patricia.

Josh said, "Rey, I guess.. He just used the training room earlier."

"Then maybe we should go see him, just to make sure" Said Jack.

Rey just arrived & met them. He said, "Are ya looking for me?" Rey turned into Dragon Form Phase 1.

"What happened to Rey?" asked Assassin. "He's different."

"I think so too" Said Jack.

Rey said, "That ain't a problem, everyone. Josh believes that I grew stronger. I have my Dragon Core, but different than Jack's. My Dragon Core is a legendary power called the Naga Core. I'm born with Draconian blood, so yeah. My parents were both Draconians. I dunno if they're still alive..."

"Hmmm, I had a feeling that someone is trying to use your weakness to their advantage, either EggPlankton or EggRey." Said Patricia.

Rey said, "I don't think so, my weaknesses are getting small since I evolved to this form."

"Oh right" Said Jack.

Rey said, "So, let's rest for the day. You'll have training tomorrow."

"Sure thing" Said Jack.

Episode 4: Mechas, Training, & a Villain's Plan

Back in ITS HQ at 11:00 AM...

Metal Patricia is inside the training base looking at all the equipment. "Hmm" Said Metal Patricia.

Josh sees Metal Patricia & said, "Uh, who are you? You look like the real Patricia."

"My name is Metal Patricia, I'm formerly bad & now I'm good after I've betrayed Dr. EggPlankton." Metal Patricia explained.

Josh said, "Oh okay. You're welcome in the ITS. You'll be our secret weapon, considering you a secret Knightmare Frame."

"Actually, I'm the Robot Copy of Patricia." Said Metal Patricia. Jack & Patricia appears. "Hi there" Said Jack & Patricia.

Josh said, "Yep, I know. You're considered as Lt. 2nd Class in the Metal Squad of this organization."

"Metal Squad? Organization? I do not follow, whoever you are?" Said Metal Patricia.

Josh said with a pose, "I am... The Being of the Wind, Josh the Hedgehog, the general & founder of this organization."

Metal Patricia heard the name Josh, causing her eyes to glow red, saying "Initiating Defense Protocol". Metal Patricia then fires red deadly lasers at Josh, because her Auto-Defence Protocal is made & controlled by Dr. EggPlankton to control Metal Patricia inside her.

Josh dodges & angrily said, "You liar!" Josh then jumped high & swiftly delivers a Tachyon Kick at Metal Patricia with blinding speed.

Rey said, "Is Josh the main target of that smug plankton?!"

"I guess so" replied Assassin.

Metal Patricia was hit by the Tachyon Kick attack, feeling a bit of pain & she fires deadly lasers at Josh at a slow pace, meaning that she can't control her bad agressive side. "STOP!!!" Said Jack & Patricia as the both of them protects Metal Patricia. "Metal Patricia's Target Simulator is still controlled by Dr. EggPlankton. Just look" Said Patricia as she is pointing to Metal Patricia trying to fight the evilness out of her. "Metal Patricia can't control her bad agressive side because of EggPlankton controling it. She needs your help" Said Jack.

Josh sighed & said, "Okay then..." Josh concentrates his power & channels it. Suddenly, Yuki appears in the scene, touching Metal Patricia's head. She added, "Stop now, robot. Don't think about hurting General." A sigil shines on her forehead, & she uses her powers to suppress the target simulator from bad to good.

Metal Patricia says "Thank you for freeing me from Dr. EggPlankton."

Yuki said, "That's fine, Metal Patricia."

She smiled. "Anyways, let's fix Metal Patricia" Said Jack.

Josh transports them all in the repair lab. Josh turns Metal Patricia's power off to repair it.

"Where are we now?" Said Jack.

Josh said, "We're in the repair lab."

"What's a Repair Lab?" Asked Patricia.

Josh said, "Oh c'mon. Repair labs are laboratories where weapons, robots, & any inventions are being repaired. Perhaps you should do more training..."

"Ok ok, we'll continue training" Said Jack. Jack & Patricia heads back to the Training Base & begins to train there.

Josh & Yuki continues to repair Metal Patricia.

Meanwhile in the training base...

Jack sighs & then says "Well I'm all out of ideas". Patricia added "Me too. There's nothing else to do."

Turrets rise from the metal ground & they shoot at both.

Jack & Patricia begins to dodge the bullets. "Except Dodge?" Said Patricia.

"Eeyup" Said Jack.

"Let me take care of those turrets" said Assassin. He used Chaos Blast and destroyed some of them.

Some turrets was not destroyed since they're not deployed yet. About of them intact was only 60%. The turrets shoot at the trio.

Jack & Patricia keeps on dodging the bullets. "Let us blow this Popsicle Stand!" Said Jack as he spindashes at the Turrets at super sonic speed.

The turrets were destroyed, leaving 20% intact. The survived turrets now shoot accurate lasers at them.

Assassin gunned down the rest.

Jack says "Phew that was close." "I know right?" Said Patricia.

The ground shakes & a giant turret appeared from the ground. It has extreme defense, but not really at all invincible. The giant turret fires accurate lasers at them. Suddenly, it planted a decoy. Trip lasers came out from nowhere & the trip lasers felt the three, but they're just a signal to ambush the enemy.

Rey appeared & said, "Hello guys. I'm your trainer for this day, as Josh & Yuki are still repairing Metal...uh... YEAH, Metal Patricia! Okay, lemme give ya the briefing for this thing. Try to dodge the incoming lasers of the decoy security turrets. You can't scratch the giant turret until you destroy those mini turrets that give 10% defense each to it. So, you know what your strategy is. First, destroy the enemies that amplify the main enemy's stats, especially its defense. Second, after you destroy those amplifiers, strike the main enemy's weakpoint & punish it until it gets defeated. But be careful, you need to plan a strategy first before you brawl. Y'know, sometimes you get careless if you haste."

"Yes sir & Strategy already made, Rey" Said Metal Patricia as she already comes up with a strategy because she is a robot with a smart brain.

Josh & Yuki just appeared & said, "Finished."

Rey said, "So, Metal Patricia, let's see if you can destroy that giant turret by yourself, while the others are attacking the mini turrets."

"Good Luck Metal Patricia." Said Jack.

"And be careful" Said Patricia.

"I will Patricia." Said Metal Patricia.

Rey said, "Good luck. Now, let the training commence!"

"Right" Said Metal Patricia as she attacks the enemies that amplify the main enemy's stats first.

The giant turret fires accurate lasers at Metal Patricia.

Josh said, "You have a great advantage there, Metal Patricia! As you're metal & also fast, because you're a robot, you can easily tear up the defenses!"

"Tearing up defences, Josh" Said Metal Patricia as she starts tearing up the defences easily.

Josh said, "Hm, about no amplifiers left. Let's proceed to the giant turret!"

"Proceeding Josh" Said Metal Patricia.

"Wow, Metal Patricia is good" Said Jack.

"She's too good, we might need her help after all" Said Patricia.

Josh said, "Okay, you may proceed now. If you succeed, you'll be promoted to a high rank."

"Yes Josh" Said Metal Patricia as she activates Machine Guns on her ForeArms & then open fires at the Giant Turret, in full power.

Josh said, "Note for you: weak weapons like machine guns don't work much. Strong weapons like missiles will do perfectly."

Metal Patricia changes her Machine Guns to Missile Rocket Launchers & says "Missile Launchers, Activate". Then Metal Patricia fires the Missile Rockets at the Giant Turret. "Metal Patricia has every weapon inside herself" Said Jack.

Josh said, "Ohh, but not all. Even my own weapons. My weapons' blueprints can't be stolen by villains. After the training, I'll give her my weapons' blueprints."

Rey said, "Nice job."

Yuki said, "Metal Patricia, you're close to defeat it!"

The giant turret had a pinch, thus making it fire more accurate lasers at Metal Patricia.

Metal Patricia moves even more faster cause she's a robot & then fires more accurate missile rockets at the Giant Turret.

The giant turret is 20% intact & now fires a more accurate weapon: the Imperialist. It then fires a red accurate beam at Metal Patricia.

James came by to see "Hi guys......what did i miss?". He puts down his rectangular backpack on his locker.

Josh said, "Look out!"

The giant turret accidentally fires Imperialist at James. Josh can't make a shield in time; instead he formed a small spell that reduces damage. 

"AAAHHHHH!" He got blasted against the wall and passes out.

Josh went to James & said, "James! You alright?"

Alice appears & says, "Chaos Heal!" She puts her hands near James, & green aura appears on her hands & passes to him, healing him in the process.

Metal Patricia is still dodging the lasers. "Prepare for Finisher Missile" Said Metal Patricia as she fires larger missile rockets at the Giant Turret.

The giant turret got destroyed to a boom!

Josh smiled & said, "Now, you're promoted to Master Colonel, Metal Patricia. Now you may have my weapons' blueprints. If you want to have those blueprints, just visit my office."

James wakes up and spins his head. He said, "What happened?..........what did i miss?" & looks around the room.

Josh replied, "You missed the registration, bro."

"Yeah & Metal Patricia got a higher rank than me & Patricia." Said Jack.

"Sup James?" asked Assassin.

"So, now that Metal Patricia is now in the Organization, what are we gonna do now?" Asked Patricia.

"I dunno, Mom" replied Assassin, hugging her.

Patricia giggles as she felt Assassin's hug & then she hugs Assassin back.

Josh said, "We must eat first." Josh, Yuki, & Rey went to the castle.

Assassin followed them. Jack & Patricia followed as well, saying "Ok".

As the Heroes left for the castle, getting something to eat, they didn't notice that Dr. EggPlankton is hiding in the bushes near the base.

"Now to infiltrate the base & find their top secret gadgets" Said Dr. EggPlankton as he went inside the base along with Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot, Bluebot, Layla, Kai, Zane, Metal Jack & Jack-4 Commander.

Episode 5: Cheating, Fake Weapons, & an Evil Fox

The Heroes find something to eat. Assassin suddenly sensed something. "Hmmm..." he said.

Patricia notices her Adopted Son, sensing something & she said to him "Is something wrong?".

Josh said, "I sense what Assassin sensed!" He pulls out a gun & said, "Colonel Minor Rey, scare away intruders!"

Rey saluted & said fearlessly, "Yes General!" Rey went out & went inside the base. He activates the anti-villain giant turrets to scare them away, not kill them.

Josh said, "Jack, Patricia, let's move!" Josh goes on.

Jack & Patricia follow.

Dr. EggPlankton activates the Anti-Hero Chum Rocket Missiles at the Anti-Villain Giant Turret, to destroy the defences.

"DEFENCES ARE DOWN!" yelled Assassin.

"That's right & your next" Said Dr. EggPlankton as he aims the Heroes' Weapons at them.

"You don't scare me." laughed Assassin.

"Do we?" Said Dr. EggPlankton with an evil grin appearing from his face.

Assassin, not scared one bit, just laughed.

Josh chuckled & said, "Don't you know that our weapons are fake even you modified it with your Anti-Hero effect? Fool."

The weapon that Dr. EggPlankton holds up just dissolved to sand, meaning a decoy came up. Then, a huge cage fell down them.

Josh said, "Truly, our weapons aren't here, y'know. But I won't tell you where the real weapons are located." He then chuckled.

Dr. EggPlankton is still grinning, saying "Your not even smart at all."

Josh said, "Really? Can you check yourself first? I don't expect decoys of yours so effective here, because this is MY base, after all. Not even your Gaia Bombs can work here."

"If it's your base then that would've mean that it's mine now that you & your friends had left it unguarded" Said Dr. EggPlankton.

Josh said, "Nope, you haven't captured this base yet, y'know. So, I have to lock this base without any spiers."

"So uh, now what? I'm bored" Said Jack.

Josh said, "Let's lock this prison base! There are no weapons here!"

Assassin nodded.

"How do we do that?" Asked Patricia.

Metal Patricia says "Allow me". Metal Patricia begins to lock up the prison base with the Villains still inside it.

"So uh EggRey, do you know how to get us outta here or do you know how to play checkers?" Asked Dr. EggPlankton.

Layla says in disgust "That's it, I'm teleporting us outta here!". Layla teleports herself & the villains out of the base, along with the "real" weapons of I.T.S.

"Wow, that's cool" Said Zane.

"Layla, your cleverness continues to amaze me. Still the base is mine" Said Dr. EggPlankton as the villains escapes.

Rey peeks in & said in a low pitch, "Morons... You can't have it while the Blue Strength is here to crush you all to dust, one by one." Rey continued, "You're still up for a surprise, villains. You'll lose to our organization."


Assassin went outside and looked at the sky. "What are you doing, Assassin?"Said Jack in confusion.

"Nothing" replied Assassin. "Just bored." He had a look on his face that suggested he missed someone.

Josh said, "They're such fools..."

"I know" agreed Assassin.

Josh added, "Y'know, it's just too... y', to have them our weapons. I had a plan earlier, & they'll just have those weapons to pointless scrap heap."

Assassin laughed and looked at the sky. "I wonder how Sabrina is." he sighed.

Josh said, "Sabrina, huh? Ohh, she's your girlfriend, am I right?"

Yuki came & said, "Hi." She sits on the grass beside Josh.

Assassin nodded at Josh, then noticed Yuki.

"Hey." He said to Yuki.

Yuki replied, "Hey Assassin."

"Hi Assassin" Said Patricia.

Assassin hugged his Mother.

Josh said, "How sweet." Then he smiled.

Patricia hugs her adopted son back.

Meanwhile in the villains' location...

Dr. EggRey & the others was seen walking to Equera HQ.

Rey peeks from a tree, that's because he knows the Equera HQ's location. He sees that the villains have the "real" weapons of the ITS. He said, "Another decoy!"

Suddenly, Dr. EggRey fires one of the ITS' weapons. But unfortunately, the weapon just malfunctioned. Dr. EggRey said, "This weapons are too weak! They malfunction fast!"

Neo Rey grumbled, "Yeah!" He came to a rage. "NGARRGH!"

Rey peeks from a tree & said, "Ooh, look. My clone just had a rage fit."

Neo Rey had just stopped his rage. He said, "Someone had put us to a trap!".

Suddenly, Neutro hides in the dark and makes a cold laugh. He said " villains don't know the true meaning of EVIL."

A Moebian called Equera the Dark showed up & heard Neutro. He replied, "That's right. They really don't know what EVIL truly means." Then, he chuckled evily. He said, "May I introduce myself? I'm Equera the Dark, Josh the Hedgehog's Moebian counterpart. I have a faction called New Diablontilus Army, the ITS counterpart, like the New Rubinelle, the counterpart of the Rubinelle Army."

"Anyways, let's find out how to destroy the organization" Said Dr. EggPlankton.

Neo Rey said, "I have a way. Let's invade it at the middle of dawn."

"Ok then, but Josh & the others might sence us with their minds. Maybe we make them not sencing anything" Said Zane.

Neo Rey said, "Don't worry, they don't have watchers since dawn. They just lock up their base. But, unfortunately, I dunno what's the password of their HQ. So hard. But really, in one of their bases, has some weapons, valuable for us to use."

"Ok then, let's try stealing the weapons & watch out for the Turrets. They can detect us" Said Kai.

Neo Rey said, "Smart plan, Kai."

"That is because the Defences are the first targets to take down." Said Kai.

Neo Rey said, "Right. Then we proceed to the codes."

"What are those Codes anyway? I've never heard of them before" Said Layla.

Neo Rey said, "I meant... those codes to unlock those bases."

Neutro asked "Codes, huh? Let me used my Nega-Ring to crack them down"

Neo Rey said, "Who are you?"

Equera replied, "He is Neutro." He said back to Neutro, "That's very clever of you."

Neutro replied "Thank you, as a hacker, please do whatever it takes to do your jobs better, since I made it easier for you, YOU GOT THAT?"

Equera said, "Of course."

Neo Rey said, "Hah, right."

Neutro angered "Watch your mouth, or I'll stitch it up like a silent ragdoll."

"Anyways, let's move out" Said Dr. EggPlankton.

"Yes sir" Said Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot.

Neo Rey said, "Yeah, what Dr. EggPlankton said."

Equera said, "Sorry, but I'm leaving." Equera leaves.

Neo Rey said, "Well then, let's move."

"Yes Sir" Said Jack-4 Commander.

Neutro asked as he moves in the shadows "Where's this base anyway?"

Dr. EggRey said, "Just follow me." Then he grinned evily.

"Let's move" Said Dr. EggPlankton.

Neo Rey said, "Right, let's start this at dawn."

Episode 6: Criminology, Assault, & Shortage

2:45 AM...

Dr. EggPlankton, Dr. EggRey & the other villains made it to a small ITS base, undetected. "Now to steal the weapons" Whispered Dr. EggPlankton as he already cracked the code, breaking inside the small ITS base, barely without the Alarm System activating. "Come on, let's go" Whispered Dr. EggPlankton as he & the other villains made it inside the Base.

Assassin heard something. "The hell was that?" He asked.

"I'm not sure, but let's begin with our training" Said Jack.

"Okie dokie Jack" Said Patricia.

Assassin checked the Corridors and soon enough encountered Layla. She sprinkles some of the Sandman Pixie Dust on Assassin causing him to fall asleep. Assassin fell asleep in her arms.

Layla giggles seductively & said "Perfect" Layla carries Assassin to his locker & hides Assassin inside it. Assassin was fast asleep so he couldn't hear her.

Suddenly, Dr. EggRey went inside the base.

The alarm blares in the base that Dr. EggPlankton entered. The security was activated. The computer said, "Intruder alert." They didn't know that Rey controlled the CCTV inside a base. The security turrets fire voltage at the villains.

Dr. EggRey was hit & yelled, "Aaaaagh!" Dr. EggRey panted. He was shot by the voltage, but sustained average damaged because of his suit.

Neo Rey said, "MOVE!" He swiftly stole some weapons & blueprints inside the base. But not until...

A skunk-cat just appeared at the front of them & said, "You intruders! Get out from our territory, you cheaters & thieves!"

Neo Rey said, "You moron, do you think you can handle us?"

The skunk-cat said bravely, "Of course, I'm not a coward." She had noticeable temerity.

Another skunk-cat appeared & said, "You, stay away, to avoid punishments!"

Suddenly, a hedgehog appears near the base's doorpost, holding an unusual gun.

"What is going on here?" Said Jack, appearing from the scene. "And why is the alarm ringing?" Said Patricia, appearing from the scene as well.

"Aw come on, why do they always get in our way" Said Zane.

Josh arrives & says, "There are intruders! Open-fire!" A red hedgehog uses his fire rifle & open-fires at the villains. An echidna charges at them & pulls out his Royal Bolt Sabre. A cat appears in the scene & uses her bows to fire arrows. Then she fires arrows with wind-infused power at the villains.

A bat rushed in & went to Assassin's locker & opens it. She said, "Assassin! Are you okay?"

Neutro entered the control room and plants a Hack Wrangler on the controls and activates the security robots and targets it at them. "Hmph, say bye bye suckers......MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Let's move out & steal the REAL weapons this time" Said Zane.

Assassin awoke and instantly noticed the face before him. "Clover!" He said, hugging her.

Neutro uses the cameras and the speakers "There, I make it soft for ya, don't mess it up"

"Nice work, Neutro. Now let's steal their weapons & let's Scram outta here!" Said Dr. EggPlankton.

Neutro replied "Good, now GET THOSE WEAPONS!"

Suddenly James enter the control room and said "Stop right there, Neutro!"

Josh said, "Nice James! Let's get 'em!"

Diamond, Spade, & Heart rush at the villains & they attack. Jack spindashes at Kai, while Kai spindashes back. Patricia uses Iron Tail on Layla, while Layla used Dark Iron Tail back at Patricia.

At the security room, the 2 foxes continue to battle. However, Neutro's Hack Wrangler got jammed and cause haywired and mayhem on the securities and robots, making them attack everyone in the base.

"Look out!" Said Metal Patricia. Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia begins to dodge all of the bullets.

Assassin picked up Clover bridal-style and carried her to safety. Jack picks up Heart & Yuki bridal-style & carried the both girls to safety.

Patricia says "We gotta get everyone outta here."

Patricia picks up Josh & Rey bridal style & carries them to saftey.

Metal Patricia says "My Original Counterpart is right."

Metal Patricia picks up Solar, Lunar, Diamond & Spade bridal style & carries them to safety with her super strength because she's a robot.

Josh said angrily, "Oh shoot, don't carry me!" Josh got out from Patricia's hands & goes to help Frost & Scorch & picks them up bridal-style, carrying them to safety.

Heart sees that the villains weren't there with some weapons they stole from the base, but not the HQ.

Jack says "Um, hey, what did you see & what's there?"

Heart said, "They're gone with all the weapons in this base. We must be careful, maybe they'll break in HQ!"

Josh said, "Shoot, the robots are haywired!"

"We gotta stop them, but how?" Asked Patricia.

"Wait, I got it. Metal Patricia is the only robot who is not haywired, maybe she can help us reprogram the robots" Suggested Jack.

"I'll help, Jack" offered Assassin.

Josh said, "Metal Patricia's not a security robot. Well then, let's go."

"I know, but Metal Patricia can reprogram." Said Jack.

"Anyways let's move, like Josh said" Said Patricia.

Josh said, "Let's go." Then, he reprograms a robot with his intellect, that he knows how.

"Anyways, what do we do now?" Said Jack.

Josh said, "Wait until all the robots are reprogrammed."

"Oh ok then. I guess" Said Jack.

"By the way, I've never heard of these Robot BattleSuits called 'Knightmares'. What are they?" Asked Patricia.

Josh said, "They're large robots that are powered by Sakuradite. Well, in this dimension, we use either refined Pyrocite, Seaborcite, Geocite, or Venticite. They're also powered by Yggdrasil Drive & an Energy Filler. They also have different armaments & feature designs each."

"Wow, I never knew that. I'm sorry the way I acted when I first saw your Knightmare. Cause when I first saw the Knightmare, it reminds me of those Bots called SWATBots who have Roboticized my Parents" Said Jack, holding back his tears.

Josh was confused and said, "Huh? Is it me, or he changed statements? Is it Robotnik Prime, Dr. Eggman, or the freakin' Jack-4 scrap heap?"

"I don't know! How do you even know Robotnik Prime & Dr. Eggman? And by the way It's Robotnik Prime." Said Jack.

Josh said in embarassment, "They're early villains, & I fought them, too."

"What do you mean by early villains?" Said Jack, feeling suspicious about Josh.

Josh said, "They're villains that are from ages or years ago."

"Um, it's the Year 3237" Said Patricia.

Josh facepalmed & said, "I know, I know."

"That's ok. If you're an Ancient, then how did you live for over 1200 Years?" Asked Jack.

Josh said, annoyed, "I AM AN ANCIENT. GET OVER IT."

"And please don't yell at me like that, I'm getting scared of all the yelling already" Said Jack.

Josh said, "You're scared? Uh, yeah."

Yuki added, "Is Metal Patricia finished in reprogamming them off?"

"I'll go check" Said Patricia as she checks on Metal Patricia. "Uh Metal Patricia, are you finished?" Said Patricia.

Metal Patricia replys "Reprogramming Complete."

Josh said, "Well done, Metal Patricia. Well, let's go back to HQ."

"By the way, I wonder how do I work this Knightmare you we're talking about?" Said Jack talking to Josh.

Josh said, irritated, "Did you forget again?" Then he scratched his head.

"Or at least what's left of HQ" said Assassin.

"Let's go inside & find out" Said Jack as he & his friends goes back inside HQ. They all look around to see if the Villains have stolen all of the weapons or most of the weapons, or some of the weapons or not. The results were not as expected. There was no loss of any weapon, small or great.

Josh said, "Well, let's go back to sleep." He said it because it was 5:00 in the morning.

"Oh man, it's 5 in the morning. We gotta get to sleep" Said Jack.

"When the sun rises can you please tell us about the info on these Machines you called Knightmares & what do they do?" Asked Patricia.

Josh said, "Righty, then... I'm tired..." He yawned & went back to his master bedroom.

Assassin went to his room and fell asleep before his head hit the pillow. Jack & Patricia went back to their homes & fell asleep on their comfy beds.

Episode 7: Transmission, Expedition, & Sudden Attack

The next morning, 7:50 am...

Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia comes back inside HQ feeling fresh as a daisy.

"Morning" Said Jack.

Josh awakes & goes out feeling fresh as the early morning air.

He said, "Oh hey, Jack." "Hi Josh" Said Patricia.

"Good Morning Josh, enjoy your sleep last night?" Said Metal Patricia.

Josh said with a smile, "Yup."

Suddenly, a transmission was sent to the HQ.

Josh hears the alarm & said, "Let's go to the office, guys, I hear we have transmission."

Josh went to the office. Rey awakes & sees the others.

He said, "Hey guys, I gotta hurry. You too." He saluted & went to Josh's office.

"Ok" Said Jack as he, Patricia & Metal Patricia went inside Josh's Office.

Assassin finally woke up.

"Come on Assassin, we have a Transmission & Josh want to meet us in his office" Said Patricia.

"I'm coming." He said, getting up and following them.

"Let's listen to Josh" Said Jack.

In the office...

Yuki is in the office, waiting for the others to come. Josh sees her & said, "Wait, why did you wake up so early?"

Yuki replied, "I just ate, I'm hungry. By the way, there's a transmission here."

Josh said, "Yup, I know."

Then he receives the transmission. Suddenly, the screen pops out with Frost & Scorch on their seats in their own tech home.

Frost said, "Hai guys."

Josh greeted them both. Rey came in & greeted them both.

Scorch added, "Hey guys, we have detected that there is a good mystic aura in a mystic forest, between the Dark Forest & a normal forest where few witches don't go there. Those mystic aura can be taken as in their ball form. They're not responding to danger, so it's safe. We'll have an invention to clear out ailments, called the Mystic Magna Whip, a mystic version of the original Magna Whip, where it has magnesium & manganese from Michael that cures somnambulism & other effects that are devastating. Also, it clears poison, blindness, & curses. It can only cure the target on contact."

"Nice." Said Jack, until Jack realised something what Frost & Scorch said.

"Wait a minute, did you say the Dark Forest?" Asked Jack.

"That's where Layla the FoxSkunk lives. Be careful so that you don't get caught by my Arch-Enemy" Said Patricia.

Frost said, "That part of the Dark Forest isn't that near to Layla's residence."

Scorch added, "So... see ya at the mystic forest. Good luck on your arrival. Don't worry, Layla won't touch us."

And suddenly, the screen turns black, meaning the transmission is over.

Josh said, "Let's pack up, everybody."

"Ok, but how do we get there? On foot or something?" Said Jack.

"I guess so" Said Patricia.

Josh said, "Nope, they said that the entrance is through a hill, a snowy hill. Well, I got the map of it. Just pack up now."

Josh, Rey, & Yuki had packed up.

"But if we're not going on foot, then what should we travel in?" Said Jack in confusion.

Metal Patricia says "If the entrance is through a snowy hill, then might I suggest the Snow Mobiles on this Travel on Snow."

Josh approved to her suggestion & replied, "Smart plan, Metal Patricia. However, we have advantages! I can travel on snow without problems."

Then he smiled. "Ok Metal Patricia, program the Snow Mobiles please?" Said Jack.

"Programing Snow Mobiles" Said Metal Patricia as she starts to build Snow Mobiles, one for each member.

Rey said, "I ain't gonna need it. Thanks."

Josh carries Yuki on his back.

Patricia says "I have my Flying Broom, I could just fly above the ground" "Well I guess I don't have any Snow Attributes in my Attribute ArmBrace, only Pyrus, Aquos, Haos, Sub-Terra, Ventus & Darkus" Explained Jack.

Josh said, "You must be content in what's for now. You must ride in the snow mobiles for now..."

"Ok, I guess so" Said Jack.

"The Snow Mobiles are finished" Said Metal Patricia as she is done building Snow Mobiles for everyone.

Josh's eyes flash crimson red & he ran in blinding speed.

"Where'd he go?" Said Jack as he gets on the Snow Mobile.

"I'm not sure, but let's go after Josh" Said Patricia as she hops on her Flying Broom.

"We must follow Josh." Said Metal Patricia as she activates her Rocket Boots, causing her to fly.

"Let's go" Said Jack as he rides off on his Snow Mobile with Patricia on her flying broom flying beside him & Metal Patricia flying beside him also.

Assassin parachuted down and crash landed in Layla's house. He put on his bandana and loaded the Assassinator's Cannon.

Rey sees Assassin & said quietly, "Assassin, stay outta there, you'll get hurt by that witch." Rey grabs Assassin with his cannon & flies to the snowy hill.

"I crash landed, Rey" replied Assassin.

"Are you ok, Assassin?" Said Jack.

"I'm fine, Jack" replied Assassin bravely.

Rey said, "Yeah, I know, dude. I grabbed you to keep you safe from that witch."

Josh sees the forest a stone's throw away & said, "Look, there's the mystic forest. Only 3 hills are left to jump through."

"Ok then, let's keep going" Said Patricia.

Josh carries Yuki on his back & starts to dash off to the forest. Jack revs up & goes fast to the forest. Patricia dashes off to the forest on her Flying Broom. Metal Patricia flies off to the forest, boosting her speed upwards, going even faster.

In the forest...

Josh came up in the forest & smells unusual air. Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia catches up to Josh.

"What's wrong?" Said Jack as he gets off his Snow Mobile & Patricia & Metal Patricia lands back on the ground.

Josh said, "This is flatulence gas."

He walked up to a small pouch of mystic stardust.

He said, "This stardust is just what we need."

James walks by and smells the gas, coughing during the process. "Guys......what's going on here?"

Jack coughs, due to the Flatulence Gas "Aw dude, if someone's gonna crack one in the forest, someone can at least warn me" Said Jack.

Josh puts a hole mask on his face to protect from the gas. "Screw this one, it will be fairly difficult."

"But it wasn't me. I swear" Said Patricia.

"Patricia is right. We need to analyse both the Flatulence Gas & the Stardust." Said Metal Patricia.

Assassin sensed Layla nearby.

"Assassin, are you ok, my adopted child?" Asked Patricia.

James uses Tornado Blow to blow off the flatulence gas "There, but the gas will be back so this is temporary"

Josh said, "We both sense the same way... Guys, get the mystic stardust & suck up the flatulence gas immediately with the gas sipper!" Josh gets up small pouches of mystic stardust.

Rey arrives & says, "Layla's comin'! We gotta hide, quick!"

Suddenly, the gases are massively increasing. He sucked up the gas through the gas sipper & grabs everyone to hide in two bushes.

Neo Rey comes with Layla & said, "Let's see where these puny heroes hide here... Layla, do you sense them?"

Suddenly, a giant robot armor made by Neutro grabs them "Looks like i found your "puny heroes."

"Let me go, you heap of JUNK!" grunted Assassin.

Neutro replied "Not a chance, idiot. You think you can match my Cumulutron MK-2?" and laughs at Assassin.

Assassin mimicked Neutro's laugh.

Layla says "Looks like we've found them, Neo Rey."

Jack says "Let us go or we're gonna take you down!".

"Neutro, your finished!" Said Patricia as she sprays her Skunk Spray at Neutro, causing him to let go of the heroes.

Assassin took out the Assassinator's Cannon and aimed it at Layla. "Your days of kidnapping me are over, Layla." He said bravely.

Layla tooks out her Dark Magic Wand & aims at the heroes. "We'll see about that, pretty boy!" Said Layla.

"No matter what happens, we'll always come out on top" Said Jack bravely.

"Yeah, so get ready for a battle that you & Neo Rey will never forget." Said Patricia bravely.

Josh said, "YOU!" His eyes shine crimson red at once. He added, "You, Neutro, do you think we don't have those, too? Idiot."

He chants an incantation, "By the power of wind... Materialize objects of physics. SUMMON GUST!" and summons two new Knightmares invented for the two lieutenants, Jack & Patricia. Josh carries Yuki & they ride on their Knightmare, called the Hadron, twice the size of the Cumulutron MK II.

Rey jumped in the two Knightmares & activated them, one by one. They are called the "Dian Wei" & "Xing Cai". Rey also jumped in his Knightmare called the Lamorak.

Jack jumped inside his Knightmare called the "Dian Wei" & says "Great design Josh".

Patricia also jumped inside her Knightmare called the "Xing Cai" & says "Yeah, nice design, Josh.".

Neutro gets up with his robo-armor "Time for a revenge" fires Wind Storm at them.

The Hadron repels the attack. The Lamorak covers up to the Hadron.

"Now let's see what our new Knightmares can really do" Said Jack as he & Patricia try to use their Knightmares to combat against Neutro's Robo-Armor.

Layla notices the battle is about to start & says "Neo Rey? Do you think it's time that we join in the battle?"

Neo Rey said, "Sure, dear. Let's begin!"

James joined the battle "You wanna help?" turns to Rocket Drill.

"Sure, the more help, the better" Said Jack.

Josh said, "Jack's right. Let's go!"

Neo Rey hops on the cockpit on his new Knightmare called Cosmotron.

Layla smiled wickedly & says "I don't need a Knightmare to destroy you! I'll stop you with my own magic & my own bare hands!"

Josh was annoyed & said, "Shut your trap, you horrid witch!"

The Hadron fires its Hadron Cannon at the villains while the Lamorak open-fires at them using its VARIS rifle.

Neutro attacks Cosmotron with his Cumulotron MK-2 "You b*st*rd, YOU COPIED MY DESIGN"

Neo Rey said, "Shut up, you fool..." Cosmotron blocks the attack & open-fires at it.

Layla fires her dark fireballs at the heroes.

Jack notices the Jack-4 Bots appearing out of nowhere & says "Guys! It's an AMBUSH!"

Josh said, "Let Alice take care of them."

Alice arrives & she electrocutes a huge number of Jack-4 Bots.

"Right" Said Jack as he & Patricia controls their Knightmares to attack Neutro, Neo Rey & Layla.

"Ok, Alice is taking care of the Jack-4 Bots, but who's taking care of Alice?" Said Patricia as she pointed out that Layla is about to attack at Alice.

"Come to Mama" Said Layla as she fires her Fireballs at Alice.

Assassin deflected Layla's fireballs with the energy projectiles of his Assassinator's Cannon before they could hurt Alice.

James fired Spread Drill on Layla "Take on the blast, sucker"

Layla dodges the blast & says "Don't even think about it." Said Layla as she fires more fireballs at James.

Jack & Patricia controls their Knightmares to attack the Villains again.

Alice rushes in & thinks first. She thought, "Maybe lightning or light attacks work perfectly! Not even she can resist that element." Alice charges at Layla & pulls out her Holy Pistol. Then she fires light bullets, exploiting Layla's weakness: light.

The Hadron glides in the open sky & fires a load of Hadron Cannon at the field, making a huge explosion.

James attacks Layla with Magnetic Bits "No one can dodge this."

Josh said, "Right." The Hadron pulls out its huge Medieval Blade to attack Layla.

The Hadron smashes the ground at Layla's location via Medieval Blade. Neutro keeps on firing with his Dark GangaGun of his robot "MWAHAHAHAHAHA...MWAHAHAHA!"

Suddenly, Archibald & Alasdair rush in the scene. They open-fire at the Cumulutron MK II. Dian Wei & Xing Cai joins in & open-fire at the Cumulutron.

Layla says "Ouch! Lucky shot."

Josh holds up a Fire Switch, & inserts it on the first Hadron Switch Activator Slot. Then he pressed the switch, transforming the Hadron to Fire State. The Hadron appears having red flame decals on its chest, arms, & legs. The Hadron became the Hadron Flare.

Jack & Patricia notices in awe & Jack says "Wow, how did you do that Josh?"

Josh said, "The Hadron has specialized slots that let me switch elements. And I also have my switches here: The Electric & Fire switches."

"Nice" Said Jack.

"Neo Rey, it's time that we stop those heroes." Said Layla.

Suddendly Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega appears out of nowhere & then attacks Neo Rey & Layla.

"We think not" Said Jackbot Nega.

"Your not going anywhere" Said Combot Nega.

"Jackbot Nega! Combot Nega!" Said Jack & Patricia in surprize.

Josh said in joy, "Yeah! It's Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega!"

Rey said quietly, "Great, more robots. Oh well..."

The Lamorak open-fires at Neo Rey & Layla. Neo Rey got hit by 2 mere shots & knelt down to withstand the pain.

Layla got hit by 1 shot & screams "AHHH! You got me again! I'LL KILL YOU!".

Layla fires more larger dark fireballs at the heroes. Josh absorbs the fire because of the Fire Switch activated, it absorbs any type of fire, light or dark.

Layla was in shock & says "What?! How can this be?!"

Neutro angered due to the damage of his robot "YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I STOLE FOR THIS ARMOR?!"

James replied and destroys the core, watching it explode. "Hehehehe.......i don't need money for inventing things."

Josh said, "Good work, James!"

Neo Rey was in pain & said, "Retreat! We will feast on these fools tomorrow!"

"Alright at least we have our Flatulence Gases & our Stardust" Said Layla as she carries Neo Rey outta here.

"Well done everyone" Said Metal Patricia.

"Thanks Metal Patricia, we all did a very good job" Said Jack.

Josh said, "That's right, guys. We have sufficient gases & stardust for our experiment. Good job."

Josh holds 100 small pouches filled with stardust. Rey had already absorbed the gases from a gas sipper 50%, while the villains receive the same amount.

"But why would Layla & Neo Rey both want Flatulence Gases?" Asked Patricia.

James replied in a worried state "I got a bad feeling about this...."

"Don't worry, we can take any villain on, including the EggPlankton Empire." Said Jack.

"Return to base?" Said Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega. Josh said,

"Return to base. We must start the experiment."

The two prototype Knightmares were teleported back to base. The Hadron picks up Jack & Patricia & they head back to the base. The Lamorak picks up James, then lifts Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega & puts them both on its shoulders, & they head back to base.

"You know that Patricia & I still have our Knightmares, but what the heck? These are only Prototypes, right?" Said Jack

"And when the Prototype is a Big Success, we can make the Real Knightmares" Explained Patricia.

Josh said, "Uh, Louie & I will upgrade your prototype Knightmares to the real one. "

Episode 8: Upgrading, Heavy Battle, & Ambush

Back at the I.T.S. HQ...

Jack & Patricia are training with Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega.

James is recharging his Robot-Master, SolarMan. "Momentai, you'll get your turn champ."

SolarMan sighed and produces a Solar Blaze at the punching dummy.

Assassin then came in. "Hey guys." He said.

Meanwhile, Josh & Louie are working on a Knightmare, still upgrading it.

Jack says "So Patricia, how are you doing today?".

Patricia replys "I'm good. How about you?".

Jack replied back "I'm fine."

James reports to Josh "Hey Josh, good news, i decided to let my Robot Masters to secure the base", he shows the group, training on the training room.

Jack & Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega completes their training.

"We've completed our training" Said Jack.

James replied "Are you sure?"

Suddenly GrenadeMan fires Flash Bomb on them, thinking that they're not ready to fight, even for one of James' Robot-Masters.

Patricia noticied this & uses her Telekinesis to stop the Flash Bombs from hitting them. Patricia smirks & says "You were saying?"

James replied "Look at below", Patricia is now levitated by GravityMan.

Patricia noticed this & says " Whao".

Jack notices & then spindashes at the GravityMan, causing him to let go of Patricia & then Jack catches Patricia & says "Gotcha"

Josh was distracted & said, "Excuse me, don't be loud. I'm distracted by your noise."

Louie added, "Yeah, we're working on your Knightmares." Josh & Louie continues to work on them.

"Sorry" Said Jack.

"James told us that our training is not yet done & he also said that we're not ready to fight." Explained Patricia.

GravityMan replied "Yeah, and what's for the spindash?" he grabs his Gravity Core.

"Sorry, but you we're holding Patricia, like she was in captivity." Said Jack.

GrenadeMan said "Hmph, this is really annoying".

"I said I was sorry. It was my first training session in the I.T.S." Said Jack.

"So is mine" Added Patricia.

James calls for SearchMan "Is there any report on the villians?"

SearchMan replied "No, they just arguing each other, while Neutro is making another robot armor", the robot went back to the forest and camouflages.

"You know, do we think we can relax? Cause the villains are arguing with each other like SearchMan said" Asked Combot Nega.

Suddenly, a lot of birds fly out of the forest and James heard an explosion "What the--?"

Josh & Louie heard it. Louie said, "Trouble?"

Josh added, "Yup."

Josh & Louie hasten as they finish the prototype Knightmares.


Both of them get out & met Jetris & Thomas.

Jetris said, "Need our help?"

Thomas added, "Absolutely, there's big trouble, so you need us, right?"

Josh said, "Alright then!"

Louie clinches his fist in pride & said, "Let's rush with our original Knightmares!"

Josh added, "Jack, Patricia, let's rush."

Josh opened the gate & they rush in with Jack & Patricia. As they reach, SearchMan is left destroyed, broken parts are everywhere and an arrow is cling on the chest plate.

"What happened?" Said Jack.

"Who did this to SearchMan?" Said Patricia.

James analyzed the body parts with his Bio Scanner and said "Hmm......someone pierce SearchMan with an arrow.......made out of Hydrogen Acid."

"Hydrogen Acid?" Said Combot Nega. "Hydrogen acid... More like a hydrogen bomb." explained Louie. "We need to find out who did this to SearchMan." Said Jackbot Nega.

"Afirmitave" Said Metal Patricia.

"Yes" agreed Assassin.

"But how?" James replied "SearchMan has one personality and consciousness but he got 2 heads to control, so that's means....the other head has a memory look" he showed it to them, seeing that he was killed by a tall and agile unknown figure.

Josh said, "Anyways, we need to defeat the one who caused this trouble."

"Right, let's move" Said Jack.

James asked and replied " arrows really look long and heavy?" ,he carries the arrow, thinking that it was a spear.

"No, why?" said Patricia.

James answered "I thought arrow can pierce his ceratanium chest plate.....but a spear can!"

"We need to find out who's spear belongs to. But who's Spear is this?" Asked Jack.

Suddenly, Neutro's voice is heard on the shadows of the forest "Hehehe......i think you'll know the answer soon",his Robot-Master, YamatoMan, jumps down and fires Yamato Spear.

Josh teleports the other heroes away from the spear & teleports back.

He said, "You can't defeat me this time, Neutro! Activating Knightmares."

The Hadron, Dian Wei, Xing Cai, & the Novatron was deployed.

Josh said, "All units except for James, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega, enter your Knightmares!"

Josh & Louie jump to their Knightmares' cockpit.

Josh added, "James, you're part-robot, so you can transform. Jackbot Nega, & Combot Nega, you're robots, so you can fight YamatoMan with your own strength & intelligence. Combot Nega, use your mocap sensors."

However, YamatoMan escapes in the shadows of the forest and Neutro's evil essence disappear.

"He already got away" Said Jack.

James analyzes the spear again "Looks like Neutro and YamatoMan killed SearchMan all along...."

"Who could've send YamatoMan to do the dirty work?" Said Patricia.

James carries SearchMan's robot parts and goes back to base "We have to be careful, who knows what his target next......"

"I dunno." said Assassin.

"James might be right, we betta be careful" Said Metal Patricia.

Josh got disappointed & said, "Don't you know that it's Neutro all along? You should've to think, please." Josh & Louie goes back to HQ.

"Josh? Are you ok?" Said Jack.

"I think he was dissapointed that the enemy retreated before the battle had even started" Explained Jackbot Nega.

"Oh yeah" Said Patricia.

Thomas & Jetris went back to terminate Jack-4 Bots incoming nearby.

Episode 9: Nanobot Swarm, Extreme Battle, & Help

Back in Josh's lab...

At the base, James is repairing SearchMan all alone in the lab "Hmm.........what the--?",analyzes the damaged chest plate carefully by turning his bionic eye into a mini-microscope monocle

"Dead nanobots?....why the heck Neutro places useless machines on SearchMan?"

"I'm not sure" Said Jack.

Josh said, "It weakens a Robot Master, right? And Jack... please. Don't reply if you don't have our science here."

Suddenly, one of the nanobots jumps down and goes through the air duct without getting caught.

Josh suddenly sense something & said, "Uh, wait a sec. These machines control Robot Masters... So, we must extract them all, dead or alive."

"Dead or alive?!" Gasped Patricia.

"Sorry Josh." Said Jack.

"We must hurry & fast." Said Metal Patricia.

The Nanobots start to multiply and one of them goes to the sections of the base.

One of it goes to Assassin's room, analyzes the section of every object it sees, including his private belongings.

"HEY!" said Assassin. "GET OUTTA MY ROOM." he fired several shots at the Nanobots.

Another Nanobot enters Josh's room, & analyzes the section of every object it sees, including his private belongings.

Josh sees it & said, "Hey Nanobot. Anything will I help you?"

He said it so that he'll ambush it. Then he pulls out Ancientcalibur & slices it in half. The Nanobot explodes, making a mess in Josh's room.

Josh said, "What a mess this explosion made..."

He cleans his room as fast as he could. "Now who could've controlled the nanos?" Said Jack.

Metal Jack appears & says "That would be me".

Josh sees Metal Jack & said, "Shut your trap. Neutro controls the Nanobots, not you."

He pulls out his Geasscalibur. Another nanobot flies beside Metal Jack like a fly and whack him "You fool, I created the nanobots and I'm the brains of this organization!!"

Josh said, "Oh shut up, you fool!"

Then Josh stabs at the nanobot with his Ancientcalibur.

"Then prepare for Termination!" Said Metal Jack.

"Not if we have anything to say about it" Said Jack as he spindashes at Metal Jack.

The nanobot repairs itself and replaces its head with a flatscreen monitor, showing its creator, Neutro. "Finally, I can easily properly with this thing." Neutro commands a swarms of nanobots to pulverize Josh.

"Josh, watch out!" Warned Jack.

Josh chuckled & said, "Too easy." Josh aims his Ancientcalibur at the swarm like a gun. He charges the sword. Then he yelled, TACHYON CALIBUR X-BEAM!" & fires a huge beam from the sword. Then he eliminates the swarm, panting.

He said, "Whoa, I guess I used up much energy to that."

"You stop all but one" Said Metal Jack as he attacks at Josh with his Large Laser Beam installed in it's back.

Josh shields himself with his Ancientcalibur. The large laser beam bounces off the sword & the beam was aimed at Metal Jack. The nanobot escapes and goes back to the air duct.

Josh said, "Well, that bot is a coward."

James replied "Tell me about it, but I'm almost done with SearchMan."

Josh replied, "Alright then. I'll just finish the recycling of Metal Jack to scrap metal."

The swarm goes to Josh's lab and analyzes it.

"Nice job Josh. Let's keep up the good work." Said Jack.

But the swarm didn't know that Rey was on the rescue.

Rey said, preparing an ambush from above, "Buh-bye, insects!" He lets down a huge electrical net at the nanobots, imprisoning them. The next swarm of nanobots move to the kitchen.

"Can Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega, Metal Patricia & I help you take out the rest of the nanobots?" Asked Jack.

Josh said, "Yeah, we need a load of teamwork on this."

"Ok then. Let's do this" Said Jack.

"And just in time too. Look!" Said Patricia as she points to the Giant Screen showing an army of Jack-4 Bots heading towards the I.T.S.

Josh said, "Patricia, analyze what kind of armor, so that we can plan a strategy."

Rey gets ready to ambush them.

"Got it Josh." Said Patricia as she begins to analyse the Armor on the Jack-4 Bots.

"I've been waiting for this day" Said Combot Nega.

"Jackbot Nega is ready to smash some Enemy Jack-4 Bots!" Said Jackbot Nega.

Josh commanded them, "Attack!"

A huge Knightmare called Astroton smashes a group of Jack-4 Bots with its large fist. Josh sees that Knightmare in transmission & called on the pilot.

The pilot sees Josh onscreen & answers the transmission, "Hey, this is Thomas. I went out from the fields & terminated a lot of Jack-4 Bots."

Louie said, "Fascinating."

"Let's rush them off to the sky!", said Josh.

"Sir yes sir!" Said Jack & Patricia as they hop inside their Knightmares, the "Dian Wei" and the "Xing Cai".

James is almost done repairing on SearchMan but gets ditched by Josh and the others. "Oh sure, that's what they want, leave the nerdy guy do the work."

Rey comes in the lab & said, "Hey, I'ma guard you. Josh's orders."

Josh hops inside his Knightmare, the Hadron. Suddenly, Yuki comes in & hops inside the Hadron.

Jack says "It's time for those Jack-4 Bots to be trashed".

Neutro's Robot Masters are now heading toward the base.

"Let's do it, to it!" Said Patricia.

Neutro's Robot Master, MagmaMan, fires his Magma Bazooka at Josh.

"Watch out! Incoming Shot from 2 o clock!" Said Jackbot Nega.

Neutro yelled and said "Invade their base and DESTROY EVERYTHING IN YOUR PATH!!"

Josh's eyes flash red & said angrily, "We'll see!"

The Hadron disappears & Yuki lands on ground, but it seems that she has no powers at the time.

So, Josh grabbed her & went to the base to protect James. And he came again & charged behind MagmaMan & fires Tidal Lancer at him.

Combot Nega said "Initionating Sensor Arrays". Combot Nega copies Magma Man's move, by using his Sensor Arrays & then uses MagmaMan's moves against at him.

Neutro yelled "TenguMan, use your Tornado Hold onto Combot Nega, he copied the Magma Bazooka!"

TenguMan uses his Tornado Hold and shifts the flames of the bazooka, making it useless and weaker. Suddendly Jack controls the Dian Wei to attack TenguMan. TenguMan dodges and lets an open attack for DynamoMan, letting him to attack Jack with a powerful Lightning Bolt. Metal Patricia quickly saves Jack by asorbing the Lighting Bolt & fires it at DynamoMan.

Metal Patricia says "Are you alright?".

"Yeah, thanks to you." Said Jack.

However, as the electrical conductors of DynamoMan's tesla coils absorb the electricity, he starts to heal himself and fires Blitz Satellite.

Alice comes in & absorbs the Blitz Satellite.

Josh comes in & said, "That Neutro copied Dynamo's blueprints!"

Alice replied, "Don't worry, Sir, we can do it!"

Josh charged at the enemy Robot Masters & used Tidal Whirl at them, making a huge whirlpool, trapping their feet on the whirlpool.

Josh said, "You can't jump, while the pressure below is grasping your feet."

"Nice one Josh. Ok then. Let's see what our Knightmare can really do" Said Patricia as she controls her Knightmare, the Xing Cai to attack at the enemy Robot Masters.

TenguMan and SlashMan manage to break in the base with their agile speed but still under fire from the defenses.

Suddendly, Dr. EggPlankton appears in his Chum Pod saying "Fools you can't defeat me". Then Dr. EggPlankton summons more Jack-4 Bots to invade the I.T.S. Base.

Suddenly, James's Robot Masters has come to help with the others and a robot named ColdMan uses an Ice Wall to add an extra barrier of defenses to prevent TenguMan and SlashMan from getting in.

ColdMan called "Hey, how long are you gonna keep them from coming? My Ice Wall won't cool them for so long, you know."

Josh said, "Let meh!" Josh blows very cold air at the Ice Wall, making it tougher & long-lasting. Suddenly, Solar & Lunar come in the scene & destroys a wide line of Jack-4 Bots with their Celestial Beam.

Solar said, "Don't drink them all."

Lunar added, "Yeah, let's share 'em!"

Lunar charges at TenguMan & SlashMan & summons a psychokinetic hawk to attack them both. Then Lunar shoots barrier projectiles to prevent the enemies from coming inside. Solar destroys more Jack-4 Bots by blowing sunflame at them. Alice helps by electrocuting more Jack-4 Bots.

Solar said, "About 150 more left."

"Here we come!" Said Jack as he controls his Dian Wei to destroy about 75 Jack-4 Bots.

"Yeah, watch out Jack-4 Bots!" Said Patricia as she controls her Xing Cai to destroy the last 75 Jack-4 Bots.

SparkMan sends a Spark Blast on TenguMan and SlashMan to form a devastating combo called Thunder Tornado Blade.

Suddenly, ConcreteMan joined and stops the combo by trapping them with Concrete Shot "Hey guys, looks like you need a hand here." he asked.

Josh answered, "No thanks!"

Neutro angered and commands MirrorMan and GroundMan to enter the base in full power.

Josh said, "Freaking... Here they go!"

Solar jumps in & throws sunflame balls at MirrorMan & Lunar stealths in like a ghost & throws psi balls at GroundMan.

Jack says "Don't worry. Patricia & I can handle Dr. EggPlankton".

Then Jack & Patricia controls their Knightmares to attack Dr. EggPlankton in his Chum Pod.

"Argh! Stop that!" Yelled Dr. EggPlankton.

Josh said, "Whatever, psychotic idiot. Continue!" Josh still toughens at lasts the Ice Wall longer. Then suddenly, Josh sees a belt with a deck of cards & he gets it.

MirrorMan starts to multiply itself using Mirror Illusion and GroundMan morphs into a mini-drilling machine called Brute Crush.

Josh knows Neutro's plan & commanded the others,

"Solar, Lunar, Jack, & Patricia, cover HQ!"

Thomas' Astroton comes in to the scene & breaks the MirrorMan's clones & grabs GroundMan to prevent him to drill underground to sneak inside HQ.

Solar said, "We must be careful, MirrorMan may sneak in with his clones!"

Solar burns the clones with Sun Breaker.

Lunar said, "Yup, brother, but we must be more careful with the sneaking here."

Jack & Patricia goes to cover HQ with Solar & Lunar.

"Let's do this!" Said Jack.

"Right" Replied Patricia as she & Jack started attacking Neutro together as a team.

Neutro laughed "HAHAHAHA......fools, you think that's all I have?" He makes a bad finger on Josh.

Josh glared angrily & said, "Don't you know that's bad for you? I'd let a curse upon you, ingrate."

Suddenly, Neutro's hands, fingers, & wrists become very weak, & they were paralyzed.

Josh added, "That's our ancient spell. And now, you won't control your hands now, even you hold your items." Solar & Lunar fires their Celestial Beam at Neutro.

"It's time for you to retire, Neutro. Cause the I.T.S. will always came out on top!" Said Jack as he, Patricia controls their Knightmares to fire their Maxus Laser Beams at Neutro.

Then Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega fires their Laser Beams at Neutro as well.

Neutro uses his telekenetic magnetism on the broken robot parts and uses it as a shield.

Josh yelled, "That's pointless!"

Lunar waves his left hand, controlling the parts to separate. Then Solar throws fireballs at Neutro who is open wide. "Direct hit !" Said Jack as he controls his Knightmare to fire more laser beams at Neutro. "Looks like it's Jack's & my turn" Said Patricia as she controls her Knightmare to fire more laser beams at Neutro. Neutro bears his pain and blood drips from his body. Josh said, "Can you just give up now, Neutro? Your ambush won't work on us." Solar thought something & said, "Ohh. Yes, your booby traps won't work here." Neutro replied "You......are fools........hehehehe......I'm an eternal machine." Lunar answered, "You freak. Enough of your boasting!" Back at the lab, James feels weaker and collapse on the floor. Rey saw it & said, "James! You alright??" He pats James to wake him up, but nothing happened. Metal Patricia comes in & says "Is James alright? What happen to him?" James's Bio Ring starts to glow and creates an electromagnetic blast around him. However, he survive but still unconscious and the Bio Ring starts to recharge for another EM blast. Neutro starts to lose his energy but chuckles "'re running out of time...." Josh got very furious & yelled, "KICK THAT PSYCHOTIC FOOL OUT!" Solar & Lunar did the job. First, Solar kicks at Neutro to the midst of the sky. Then, Lunar uses his psychokinesis & throws Neutro to a large abandoned crater, but not of a volcano. Then Alice came inside the lab & absorbs the EM blast & fires it lobe-style at the crater where Neutro was thrown. James starts to glow as the Bio Ring continues to make EM blasts until there's no more life force in him. Alice thinks, "He's being unconscious till the EM blasts go away from him! So, I have a perfect idea." Alice controls the EM blasts back to James to recover his consciousness. Jack says "Ok, let's hear it, cause EggPlankton's Chum Beater is back!" Dr. EggPlankton appears in his Rebuilt Chum Beater & says "Need some help, Neutro?".

Episode 10: Chummy Battle, Jail, & Disguise

Josh yelled, "All units, ride on your Knightmares! Yuki, come with me." Yuki salutes & says, "Yes General." Josh & holds her hand & they hop inside the Hadron's cockpit. Rey hops inside his Knightmare, called the Lamorak. Thomas is ready for battle, inside the Astroton's cockpit. Josh commanded, "Attack!" The Hadron readies its Hadron Cannons. The Lamorak activates its Mech Platinum Dragon Wings & aims the bluefire rocket launcher at the Chum Beater. The Astroton readies its two Astro Blaster units, located on its huge shoulder plates. Jack & Patricia, who we're already in their Knightmares, had prepared their weapons. Dr. EggPlankton begins to attack at the Knightmares with his Bigger Spikey Wrecking Ball. The Hadron just dodged by gliding on midair. The Lamorak uses its speed to dodge the attack, while Astroton uses its strength to throw the huge wrecking ball back at the Chum Beater. At the base, James is on the bed and still unconscious. James's Robot Masters are here to help and now following on Josh's commands. Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & Metal Patricia gets ready to attack the Chum Beater. GrenadeMan called Josh "Hey dude, since James is sick, You're in charge of our commands" prepares to attack the Chum Beater. Josh said, "Alright, let's move out. Jack, Patricia, unlock the codes for your Harken armament, over." "Oh ok, but what is the codes for me & Patricia?" Asked Jack. "I guess we'll have to find out ourselves" Said Patricia as she & Jack begins unlocking the codes for their Knightmare's Harken armaments. Suddenly, a computer voice said, "Harken Booster unlocked. Prepare for Slash Harken attack." Jack & Patricia are amazed & then they both activated their Slash Harken. The Slash Harken shoot out & lunges at the Chum Beater. The Hadron & Astroton assemble. The Hadron shoots its Hadron Cannon, while the Astroton fires a beam of Astro Blaster. Both attacks combined & shot at the Chum Beater. SpringMan fires Wild Coil at the Chum Beater and electrocutes it. Dr. EggPlankton says "A wise guy eh? Well two can play in that game". Then the Chum Beater grabs the Cords of the Slash Harken & then swings the Knightmares around & around & then slams the Knightmares to the ground. Josh said, "That's useless. Alice!" Alice obeyed & presses the large button of the Gefjun Disturber. The Gefjun Disturber was activated & the field flashed. The Chum Beater was inside the trap, so the Chum Beater malfunctioned, & got its Energy Filler drained. Dr. EggPlankton says "What's going on here? Why isn't this working?!" Josh commanded them, "Finish him!" The Hadron fires a load of Hadron Cannon at the Chum Beater. The Lamorak fires its Aqua Cannonade. Then the Astroton fires a load of its Astro Blaster. Jack says "But Patricia & I don't have anything for my Knightmares to finish off, except the laser beams". Then finally the Dian Wei & the Xing Cai fires their laser beams at the Chum Beater. Dr. EggPlankton then smirks & then activates the back-up generator in the Chum Beater & then flies upwards. Josh said, "That's what I want to hear. A back-up." The Hadron teleports behind the Chum Beater & fires a load of Hadron Cannon at the Chum Beater. The Astroton jumps behind the Hadron & tries a large serving of PUNCH at the Chum Beater. The Dian Wei & the Xing Cai jumps up & then slashes at the Chum Beater with their Melee Weapons. The Chum Beater gained a bit great damage. Dr. EggPlankton says "Remember the saying 'Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee'? Well, the jokes on you!." Then the Chum Beater fires his Rocket Spikes. Josh said, "Blah, keep it to yourself!" The Knightmares activate their ADS to protect themselves from damage. The Hadron Cannon shoots at the Chum Beater. The other Knightmares dodge the Hadron Cannon, excluding the Chum Beater. "Can Patricia & I finish off the Chum Beater this time?" Asked Jack. "Alright, beat him down as fast as you could." said Josh. Thomas replied, "Lemme help with mah strength." The Astroton pounds at the Chum Beater with its large hands. "Ok Josh. Let's see what these Knightmares can do" Said Jack as he & Patricia controls their Knightmares to use their armaments to attack the Chum Beater as fast as they can. Josh commanded Yuki, "North!" Yuki said, "Yessir." The Hadron glides above & delivers a lot of Hadron Cannon at the Chum Beater, & a large explosion occured. The Chum Beater then emerges only with great damage, but still functions & then fires his Chum Cannon at the Knightmares. "Watch out !" Said Patricia as she activates the Dome Shield around the Knightmares, trying to hold on. Jack says "Looks like we need to stop EggPlankton & fast!". The Dian Wei then starts to slash the Chum Beater with it's Bull Axe, while the Xing Cai starts to slash the Chum Beater with it's Sacred Light Spear. The Hadron starts to slash at the Chum Beater with its Medieval Blade. Dr. EggPlankton says "Yikes! Don't touch this!" before his Chum Beater have been attacked by the Knightmares' Melee Weapons. And then came an ambush. The Alasdair & the Archibald jump up to reach the Chum Beater & they slash it with their Maser Vibration Swords. Suddenly, a Knightmare came out of nowhere and with 2 shots, did medium damage to the Chum Beater and the Archibald. "Pathetic!" said the echidna in the cockpit. "Who are you?" Said Jack to the echidna. Josh commanded them, "Just beat that neutral guy down & that psychotic egghead, fast!" Lunar said, "YOU are the pathetic one, insolent echidna!" The Alasdair shoots its Radiation Wave Missiles at the unknown Knightmare. "Yes Josh!" Said Jack as he controls the Dian Wei to attack the Unknown Knightmare. Patricia controls the Xing Cai to attack the Unknown Knightmare & says "Alright Neutral Echidna, now who are you?" "He won't speak that long. Beat him down!" The Astroton uses its large hands to pound the unknown Knightmare. The Archibald & the Alasdair slash at the Chum Beater with their MV swords. And the Knightmares land on ground. The Dian Wei slashes at the Chum Beater & the Unknown Knightmare with it's Bull-Axe. The Xing Cai slashes at the Chum Beater & the Unknown Knightmare with it's Sacred Light Spear.The echidna smirked and suddenly he and his knightmare vanished,leading the attacks to hit each other. But Josh activated Clock Up to slow the time, giving them chances to avoid each other's attacks. All Knightmares stopped their attacks & hopped backwards. Josh said to Yuki, "Cecille, what's the Chum Beater's status?" Yuki answered, "50% damage, General." "Alright, thanks." Josh thanked Yuki. "Let's finish 'im off!" said Thomas. "We're halfway done" Said Jack. "Let's crush EggPlankton down to size" Said Patricia. "Ok Thomas, he's all yours." Said Metal Patricia. Dr. EggPlankon manages to got the Chum Beater's Control back. "Got it !" Said EggPlankton, but then he said "Uh Oh" as he saw Thomas about to finish his creation off. Thomas pilots the Astroton to charge its secret weapon: the Astro Cosmic Magnum. The Astro Cosmic Magnum got ready to fire. "Step away to a safe destination." Thomas commanded. "Alright." Josh replied. The Hadron & the Lamorak pulled the others to a safe destination. The Astroton pulled back by 1 meter. Then it fired the Astro Cosmic Magnum at the Chum Beater, a blue beam shot at the Chum Beater. Jack noticed the Blue beam & said "Cool !" The beam shot at Chum Beater, leaving an explosion. The Chum Beater received heavy damage. Dr. EggPlankton says "Not again!" as he tries to open fire at the Knightmares. Josh said, "You're already defeated. And for another punch." He clicks the button to detonate the Radiation Wave Satchel Charge on the Chum Beater. An explosion occured. Dr. EggPlankton got out of the Destroyed Chum Beater, but falls on his back & says "Ouch". Jack says "Looks like we've stolen your thunder, EggPlankton." "Yeah, you're not gonna plant a decoy on us again. The Gaia Bomb you just detonated last time is useless, even the bombs you'll detonate this time. You're under arrest!" He aims his Britannian gun at EggPlankton. Suddenly, Josh sees two beams shot towards the Hadron in the back, and the mysterious Knightmare appeared again and tried to ram into the others."Take this!"Said the echidna. "Shoot!" He presses the Clock Up button to slow the time. "Really. Even you time-travel, it's useless." Josh added. Then he hops inside the Hadron's cockpit & fires spherical shots of Hadron Cannon at the unknown Knightmare. "Gaia Bombs? What on earth are you babbling about?" Said Dr. EggPlankton in confusion. "Hold it ! You didn't create the Gaia Bombs?" Asked Jack. "No. Layla did" Said Dr. EggPlankton. Thomas said, "That means, that witch supported this egghead to have those weak bombs." "I know, I know. But why would you even called the Gaia Bombs weak anyway?" Asked Dr. EggPlankton. "Well it's a long story" Said Jack. "Why I called them weak? They're weak to me." said Josh. "Oh ok then. Let's take EggPlankton to jail." Said Jack as he, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega takes Dr. EggPlankton to Jail.

In the jail...

Josh locks the cell where Dr. EggPlankton is. "If someone will open this jail, even you, will get electrocuted. Don't expect that even your techniques will work. Psychokinetics won't work too. You're in this jail for a 2 weeks." said Josh. "So what I'm being charged with, anyway?" Said Dr. EggPlankton. 3 guards with heavy, gold armor, guard Dr. EggPlankton's jail. "That should take care of you for a while." Said Jack. "Oh that. I guess I can make an exception" Said Dr. EggPlankton. Josh didn't say anything, but only this, "Let's go. Guards, guard his cell with full defense." Josh walks away. Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega follows Josh. As they're gone, Dr. EggPlankton takes off his costume revealing himself to be Bluebot in disguise & says "Ooooh, they're good ones." A guard sees Bluebot & contacted Josh. "General, a bot's in diguise of Dr. EggPlankton!" said the guard. "That's fine, that must be one of EggPlankton's HenchCombots." Josh said. He used his psychic powers to see what this HenchCombot is. "Bluebot? Weird." said Josh. Thomas said, "Bro, we need to beat the others." "Yup, that must be our plan." said Josh.

Episode 11: EggRey's Return, Battle, & Jail

Bluebot then contacts Dr. EggPlankton "This is Bluebot to Dr. EggPlankton, GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!" Said Bluebot. The guards were asleep, then they freaked out by Bluebot's shout. One of the guards said, "Let's shut 'im up!" The other guard used his Storm Halberd & paralyzed Bluebot. The third guard had a bright idea & pressed the anti-escape button on the hidden wall. The cell had a magnetic force to stop the teleportation. "This just in, I'm in horrible pain! I hope it's not the Shark Tank again, cause it's really my worst nightmare" Said Bluebot. Josh thinks something & tells the other guards, "Shield the security to prevent breaching!" "Yes General!" said a guard. A guard presses the button of the anti-breaching barrier, so that breaching can't go to the securities. Another guard presses the cell durabilator to toughen the cell's defense. "How did Dr. EggPlankton disguise Bluebot as himself when we destroyed his Chum Beater?" Asked Jack. Josh said, "Clever one. But, we know Bluebot's a master of disguises. And be careful, that bot can be crafty." "Alright then" Said Patricia. "So what should we do with Bluebot, now that he's in Jail?" Asked Jackbot Nega. "That's fine, let our guards take care of that." replied Josh. "Alright, but what if EggPlankton comes back to get Bluebot" Said Combot Nega. "It's useless to free Bluebot while our strength arise dramatically." said Josh. James came by and feels weak, sitting on a wheelchair "Um, what did i miss? Am i late?" he coughed. "Uh... You're not late... I guess?" said Josh in confusion. "Anyways, we gotta get back to work. Nice job guys." Said Jack. Josh replied, "Yup. Let's go. Our first objective is to scan for the real Dr. EggPlankton through our CCTV." "CCTV?" Said Patricia in confusion. "Ugh. Don't you know what's CCTV? It can be found in malls & other buildings. It scans any people what they're doing. If one is caught stealing objects, that person will be seen in the CCTV. In that way, the guards can go fast to catch the thief." "Sorry, we don't know what that stands for." Said Jack. "Ugh. It's "Closed Circuit Television"." "Oh ok then. Thanks Josh." Said Jack. "You're welcome." replied Josh. "The reason that Bluebot is a master of disguise because he's a Combot & so is Redbot, Yellowbot & Greenbot" Said Jack. "Anyways, let's get back to work, cause a watchful eye never sleeps." Said Patricia. Josh said, "That's okay if we catch all the diguisers here, so that no one can fool us!" "We need a special X-Ray that only see through people's disguises." Said Metal Patricia. "Good thinking, Metal Patricia." Said Jack. "Good plan." said Josh. Louie peeks from the tech lab at the other heroes' destination. "Special X-Ray goggles? Let's make those." Louie closes the door to make Special X-Ray goggles. Josh heard an explosion. "What the heck was that?!" said Josh. James replied "Maybe it came from outside, I'll join" he coughed. Josh said, "No, James, you're still damaged. Take your time to heal. Everyone, let's go!" "Right, let's find out what's going on." Said Jack. Patricia says "Are you sure the guards will guard Bluebot for us?" "I think so. Now let's go" Said Jackbot Nega as everyone heads outside. James murmured "Oh c'mon!" Josh said, "Wait a sec. I need someone to guard James!" 10 heavy gold armored guards guard James to their best. And the others went outside.

Dr. EggRey appears in the cockpit of his new Equera EXM, a huge, heavy-armored, & purple automated robot. Josh scans Dr. EggRey if he's a disguise. "Sir, is he a disguise?" Alice asked. Josh said, "Oh man, he's real!" "That's fine, we'll crush him down at the depths of the ground!" Rey taps to his Naga Core & transforms to his Full Dragon Form. "Now that's more like it!" Rey said in a monstrous voice & roars like a dragon, making a shockwave. James tries to escape but the guars keeps on preventing him from joining them outside. James replied "Please....can i just join them for 5 minutes?" he begs for another chance. A guard asks Josh through his phone, "May we let James join your battle, General?" "Sure." answered Josh. "Okay, you may, but be extremely careful." said the second guard. "Alright then. Let's go. Let's hope EggPlankton & his other hench-combots aren't coming to save Bluebot. EggPlankton can't stand Bluebot." Said Jack. Josh said, "Don't worry, the Hench-Combots can't get in." Then suddenly, he commanded, "Activate Knightmares!" Josh carries Yuki & they hop inside the Hadron's cockpit. Rey said, "I can't go to my Knightmare while I'm in this form. And I still can't go back to normal in this form!" "Oh well, maybe next time." Said Jack as he hop inside the Dian Wei's Cockpit. Patricia hops inside the Xing Cai's Cockpit & says "Let's go crush EggRey!" Josh replied, "Good." "Who wants to go for the first attack this time?" Said Jack. Rey said, "Jack, Patricia, assemble & group-attack EggRey!" Rey flies toward the Equera EXM. "Right !" Said Jack as he & Patricia controls their Knightmares to do a Group-Attack together on EggRey. James grabs his backpack, turns it into an Aero Jetpack and follows them from the sky. Dr. EggRey sees them & said, "Oh snap, it's the heroes again!" The Equera EXM prepares for its EX Machina Cannon. "Oh no you don't" Said Metal Patricia as she, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega attacks EggRey & his Equera EXM. James fires his Scrap Launcher and homes into Dr. EggRey. Dr. EggRey sees the attacks & controls his Equera EXM, trying to swat Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, & Combot Nega. Dr. EggRey fires his robot's EXM Cannon (EX Machina) at the Scrap Launcher. "Heads up!" Said Jack as he slashes Dr. EggRey's Robot with the Dian Wei's Bull Axe. The Equera EXM receives small damage. "Do you think you're strong enough? So be it." The Equera EXM suddenly slashes at the Dian Wei via EX Machina Beam Lance. The Dian Wei receives medium damage. "Then bring it on!" Said Jack. Then the Dian Wei uses it brute strength to tackle the Equera EXM. It dodges, then Dr. EggRey said, "Now that I have returned, you'll lose by now." While the Equera EXM is on the right side of the Dian Wei, it fires its weapon called the "Bolt VARIS rifle" at the Dian Wei. Suddendly the Xing Cai appears & then saves the Dian Wei from a blast. "Are you ok?" Asked Patricia. "I am now, thanks to you." Said Jack. Dr. EggRey groaned & activates the Equera EXM's Air Glide System. "Catch me if you can!" Dr. EggRey said. Josh replied, "...Shut up." The Hadron glides in the air. "You go get him, Josh!" Said Combot Nega. "Yeah, smash Dr. EggRey for us" Said Jackbot Nega. Assassin then appeared. "Let me help!" He said. James crash landed on Assassin and said "Mommy, I don't wanna go to school today...." he collapsed. Assassin got James off of him. "Darn, James is heavy." He said. Josh suddenly remembers the belt he saw weeks ago. "Where's my belt?" Josh asked. Yuki replied, "Oh, the belt you transform to your Reploid form? I modified it with a new belt that seems like royalty to me." "Okay, thanks" said Josh, thanking Yuki. He inserts a card in the buckle & the buckle becomes a belt. "Henshin." said Josh as he flips the buckle by pulling the lever. Suddenly a computer voice said, "Turn Up" & an energy portal appeared. Josh goes into it & disappears. "Hey, where did Josh go?" Said Jack. "I'm not sure, do you think we should go after him, just in case he gets hurt?" Said Patricia. "We're gonna have to find out" Answered Metal Patricia.

Suddenly, the energy portal appears near the Equera EXM. Josh comes out from the portal, & appears as a Kamen Rider clad in silver armor. He has a sleek frame too. And he draws out his sword & slashes at the Equera EXM's torso. Yuki said in amazement, "That's what the MechSpade buckle does." "So should we help Josh or something?" Said Combot Nega. Yuki said, "Lt. General to Combot Nega, no need to help General. He'll do it by himself." "Oh alright, I guess. Jackbot Nega & I don't know our ranks yet, though." Said Combot Nega. Assassin noticed Combot Nega and Jackbot Nega. "Who are you guys?" He asked. Yuki replied, "This is Lt. General to Captain Assassin, those robots are good, & they're Warrant Officers." "Greetings Assassin." Said Jackbot Nega. "Hey" said Assassin suspiciously.

The Equera EXM & MechSpade had a fierce fight. MechSpade slides down the Equera EXM with his sword. "Who is that in the suit?" Asked Jack who is pointing to Josh in a Kamen Rider suit. Yuki said in amazement, "That's Josh." MechSpade seems to be fast, so the Equera EXM can't hit him easily. MechSpade jumps high, reaching the bot's head. Then he landed & roused three cards on his MechSpade. A voice said, "KICK. THUNDER. MACH." He energizes & a voice said, "LIGHTNING SONIC." "Wait, if that's Josh then why is her in a suit? Cause we never saw Josh in his Form Suit or something" Asked Patricia. Yuki answered, "I gave him the buckle." MechSpade jumps high & kicks the robot with a huge lightning strike. The Equera EXM falls on its back. Then Dr. EggRey ejects the cockpit. By that, the cockpit flew to a mountain. But, MechSpade commanded Jack, "Jack, chase him to the mountain & bring him here so that he'll be put to jail." "Sir yes sir!" Said Jack as he runs off in Super Sonic Speed, chasing after Dr. EggRey. "Good luck Jack" Said Patricia. "Best of luck, Lieutenant Jack" Said Metal Patricia.

Dr. EggRey lands on a mountain, with his cockpit destroyed. He sees Jack & said, "Oh no, I'm busted." "Hold it right, buster! You're under arrest by order of the General of the Army, Josh the Hedgehog himself." Said Jack as he captures & cuffs Dr. EggRey. Dr. EggRey said, "I'll have my revenge soon...", then follows Jack to jail.

In the jail...

Dr. EggRey comes in the cell with Bluebot. Josh said, "2 down." Dr. EggRey groans & thinks something. "Oh great, I got a new playmate. Whoop-dee-doo." Said Bluebot with a bored tone. Dr. EgRey replied, "Shut up, you idiot! If we'll escape, you're down to the shark tank!" "Looks like we finally capture Dr. EggRey." Said Combot Nega. James appeared behind Josh, but loses his left eye "Has anyone seen my eye?" he bumps and hits the wall. Josh said, "Meh, your robotic eye... I kinda found it near your feet." He grabs the eye & puts it back on his eyehole. "Great job on capturing Dr. EggRey, Jack" Said Patricia. "Thanks, but I couldn't done it without all of your help, especially my childhood friend, Josh." Said Jack. Josh replied, "My pleasure." Yuki arrives & said, "Anyways, we'll capture the others before it's too late." Suddenly, a transmission rang. "Let's hurry to the office!" said Josh. Josh & Yuki went to the office. "I wonder what mission is it gonna be this time?" Said Combot Nega. "Then let's find out" Said Jack.

Episode 12: Another Expedition, Fusion Jack, & Fatality

In the office...

Josh answers the transmission. Frost & Scorch appears on screen. "We've made the Magna Whip. So, we must collect more mystic gases & stardust in the mystic forest, once more. But this time, we must collect them for a new weapon: Mystic Blade." Frost said. Josh replied, "Good. We'll have Patricia's role to be important in this mission." "Roger, General Dad." Scorch replied. "So, shall we go?" Josh asked? "Sure, I love to go" Answered Patricia. "Me too" Said Jack. "But be cautious, because Layla goes there. Alright?" warned Josh. Yuki replied, "Yes, of course, General. I need not to get too much cautious just because I can rival her powers..." "I'm counting on you." Josh replied back. "Let's pack up, guys." said Thomas as he had arrived. Jetris had arrived & said, "I'm ready to go." Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega packs up everything they need like, supplies & emergency kits. "We've packed everything we need" Said Metal Patricia. Meanwhile, Assassin was being held hostage by Layla. Josh said, "But where's Assassin?" "He's gone!" Yuki replied. "Oh man, I guess we'll find him in the forest. Maybe he went first." said Josh. "Yeah, sometimes he could get into trouble by the hands of Patricia's Arch Enemy, "Layla"." Said Jack. "We have to go get my adopted son. Let's go to the Mystic Forest & find Assassin, then we'll meet up with Frost & Scorch" Said Patricia. "I'm guessing that the Student has become the master" Said Metal Patricia. "I think your right" Said Jackbot Nega. Josh said, "Let's just go already." They all leave the office.


"What do you want from me, Layla?" asked Assassin. "The Plans from I.T.S. HQ., so that I can learn ALL of their weaknesses & use them against I.T.S." said Layla. "I'm not telling you anything." smirked Assassin. Suddenly, Yuki appears nearby. She saw Layla & said, "Layla... You may stop that RIGHT now, or face consequences. You're under arrest." She pulls out a Britannian gun & aims at Layla, aware of her actions. "Arrest THIS!" Smirked Layla as she sprays her deadly skunk gas at Yuki. But, Yuki seems unaffected because of her psychic powers. "Did you know this? I rival your powers." Then she shoots her gun at Layla. Meanwhile, Assassin broke free. Layla smirks & then dodges the bullet. "Missed me & I rival yours Yuki." Said Layla. Yuki said, "We'll see about that, while General will punish you." Wind blows. Yuki's hair sway, showing the sigil on her forehead. Then she throws an Ice Emerald above the sky & she charges at Layla. Layla says "This is gonna be fun!" & then she begins to charge at Yuki while her Dark Foggy Aura grows stronger & stronger. Patricia appears & says "Yuki, what's going on?" Yuki said, "Time is running out, Patricia, hurry up & collect mystic stardust!" as she jumps at Layla & lands behind her. Then she catches the Ice Emerald & kicks at Layla at the back. "Yes Yuki" Said Patricia as she started collecting mystic stardust as fast as she can. Layla felt the pain & said "I see that your skills are getting better by the minute. But are you as fast as the wind?". Suddendly Layla begins to use the Unholy Dark Blast at Yuki, trying to blast her. "Fast as General himself. But there's nothing to brag about that." said Yuki as the sigil appears on her forehead. Yuki charges up & fires a Glacial EX Blast at the Unholy Dark Blast. "Yuki, I've collected all of the Mystic Stardust & Flatulence Gases I've can find. Is there something else you want me to do next?" Asked Patricia. Assassin glomped her. Yuki is still struggling to blast the beam out. "Patricia...! Go back to General, immediately!" commanded Yuki. "Yes Yuki. Good Luck" Said Patricia as she goes outside while carrying a pack of Mystic Stardust & a jar of Flatulence Gases. Suddenly, Josh appears. She sees Patricia & said, "Lt. 2nd Class, Patricia, go back to base immediately & pack those valuables there." Then he transforms to MechSpade because he pulled the lever on the MechSpade Buckle. Then he charges at Layla & said, "Heads up!" Then he drop-kicks at Layla. (This song plays.) Layla got hit & then charges back & said "You heads up!" then she uppercuts at Josh. MechSpade got hit & lands back safely on the ground & swiftly down-kicks at Layla. "Are you sure that you don't need my help or anybody's?" Asked Patricia as she packs up her valuables. "Mom!" said Assassin. "What are you doing here?" Rey appears & said, "Trish, please come with me. Assassin, help Josh." Assassin went to find Josh. MechSpade sees Assassin & said, "Hey, over here! It's me, General!" "Ok then" Said Patricia as she goes off with Rey. As Patricia was gone, Layla mysteriously dissapears in the Dark Purple Fog & activates Dark Jack-4 Bots & Layla says "Let's see if your tough enough to attack these guys...WITHOUT your powers. Only your natural attacks." MechSpade said, "Just... great! Vortex Saber!" Yuki senses the attack & jumps to a safe place nearby. Then MechSpade spin-slices the Dark Jack-4 Bots with his sword. A lot of Dark Jack-4 Bots explode. Yuki senses something, "Rey, go to Patricia & protect her!" "Will do, Lt. General!" Rey said as he salutes & teleports back to the HQ. MechSpade & Yuki go back to base. Patricia comes back & notices Jack & he says "Guys, I think we've collected enough Mystic Stardust & Flatulence Gases for the experiments". Then he, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega noticed that everyone had gone back to HQ "Where did everybody go?" Asked Combot Nega. "I caculate that they have returned to HQ" Said Metal Patricia.

In the HQ...

Jack notices more Dark Jack-4 Bots appearing from the Dark Purple Fog & Jack says "Well they can come back now cause Layla's Reinforcements had arrived." "Okay, let's go!" Josh said as he comes out. Yuki comes out & gives Josh his belt. "Thanks." said Josh as he put the buckle on his waist. Then he pulls the lever, transforming him to MechSpade. "Take this" said Jack as he spindashes at the Dark Jack-4 Bots. Patricia then says "And this!" as she uses Iron Tail on the Dark Jack-4 Bots. Metal Patricia then slices the Dark Jack-4 Bots into pieces with her Fore-arm mounted Blades. Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega uses their strength to crush the Dark Jack-4 Bots in their path. MechSpade said, "Let me show you all, the ultimate power of Kamen Rider MechSpade!" MechSpade then slices at a horde of Dark Jack-4 Bots into pieces at a wide range. "That's called Thunder Slashwave!" "Actually that was lame, but for my new lovelife, it's purrrfect when I do the same thing...AT YOU" said a mysterious female voice in the background. "Layla?!" said MechSpade. "Hah, do you expect me to be in love with you, eh? No way! Ew. Your seduction is useless!" added MechSpade. Yuki senses her & said, "She's in the area!" "Is it? And by the way, I'm everywhere" Said the Mysterious female voice as she summons Succubus Witches from the underworld. "Watch out" Said Jack as he spindashes one of Succubus Witches that is trying to slash at MechSpade. Patricia notices another Succubus Witch getting ready to stab Yuki from behind & said "Look out, Yuki !" "Aaaaah!" she yelled as she was stabbed. Then she fell unconscious. MechSpade suddenly explodes with extreme anger. "YOU'LL PAY, LAYLA!!!" He's in a state of fury & shreds the succubi witches surrounding him. Thomas & Jetris appear in the scene & they notice Josh. "Uh, is Josh extremely angry?" Thomas said. Jetris replied, "How's about that girl lying unconscious?" Thomas gasped & said, "Jetris, help guard Yuki. I'll take care of these abominated entities!" Thomas spindashes at the succubi witches, bowling-style. Jack says "I'll help too" & then joins with them, spindashing at the Succubus Witches. Patricia says "Hold on Josh, control your anger. A wise man once said that sometimes when someone's angry & filled with rage, they'll never get any progress when they're in a rage." But MechSpade doesn't hear what Patricia said. He still continues to shred the succubi witches on his way. "The rage he had... it's for her. He doesn't want any enemy to hurt her." said Jetris. Thomas added, "Just remember that some rage is for his or her close ones." The Succubus Witches then gets ready to stab Thomas & Jetris as well, not before Metal Patricia says "INCOMING!" Thomas' ear twitch & suddenly punches the succubi witch behind him. "I'm an Ancient, & ambushes won't work!" Jetris shreds the succubi witch behind him with his Jet Lance. "Do they?" Said the Mysterious Female Voice as her Dark Purple Fog starts to going around Jetris & Thomas, trying to gain control to them. But it took no effect, as Thomas & Jetris said. "I said that afflictions known as poison, blindness, & confuse won't work!" MechSpade said, "It's Layla..." Yuki struggles to stand up, but weak. Neo Rey, in the bushes, thought, "What?! One of the succubi stabbed her lethally! But she's still...!" MechSpade said, "Are you going to hide from me? It's you, Layla!" Jack & Patricia then carries Yuki together. "Metal Patricia, what's Yuki's Stats?" said Jack. Metal Patricia checks on Yuki's Wounds & Metal Patricia stated "With a stab that big & that deep, she maybe too weak to fight. If that same stab happens on Yuki again..." but Metal Patricia stopped because it could be too gruesome for everyone. "Uh guys, we're really gonna die if we don't get outta here A.S.A.P." Said Combot Nega as he took noticed that there's too many Succubus Witches for everyone to handle. "There's too many of them. There's already thousands of these Succubus Witches surrounding us" Said Jackbot Nega. MechSpade said, "Oh, shut up, we can't give up! I'll handle this." MechSpade picks two cards: Absorb Queen & Fusion Jack. "I'll have my queen soon." added MechSpade. Then he inserts the Absorb Queen in the Rouse Absorber. It announced, "ABSORB QUEEN." Then he rouses the Fusion Jack. It announced, "FUSION JACK." Suddenly, a bright flash of light shone upon the field. Yuki sees the light & says numbly, "That's..."

Suddenly, gold eagle wings appeared on MechSpade's back, & he became gold. Rey saw it & said, "That's Jack Form!" MechSpade's sword expands & becomes longer than normal. "You fiends, you'll succumb to my new power!" said MechSpade in valor. He stabs the sword on the ground & rouses the THUNDER & SLASH cards. It announced, "THUNDER. SLASH." When it combined to an attack, it announced, "LIGHTNING SLASH." "Did someone call my name?" Said Jack as Rey mention Josh's Jack Form. Combot Nega sighs as he attacks at the Succubus Witches with his & says "I'm sorry, but there's no need for this long term attack cause I've already tooken care of them for you." MechSpade said, "Oh, Jack, you're so silly." Then he wipes out the succubi witches that surround him, using his lightning sword. "That'll took care of them" Said Patricia. "Layla's next!" said MechSpade. "We're not using Knightmares?" asked Rey. MechSpade replied, "We only have one enemy left." "And who could it be?" Asked Jack. MechSpade said, "You know her, & I will break her to the bones!" "Uh, a little too far" Said Patricia being uneasy. "Why do I get the feeling that he's the new Eva?" Said Jack to himself. MechSpade could no longer sense her, as he disappeared. "No sign of that witch. She's gone." said MechSpade as he (Josh) reverts to normal. Josh sees Yuki bleeding & commanded Jack & Patricia, "Bring her back to HQ!" "Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega, & Metal Patricia, let's go back to HQ." commanded Josh. Jack, Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & Metal Patricia says "Yes sir" as Jack & Patricia carries a bleeding Yuki back to HQ with Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & Metal Patricia followed both of them from behind.

Episode 13: The Code, Super Battle, & Interruption

Jack says "I can't believe that Layla gave us the slip." "Your telling me, she even sends her evil succubus to stab Yuki, she escaped & she even suceeded on her mission" Said Patricia. "At least we've stopped her, that's what counts" Said Metal Patricia. Josh said, "I hope she's okay..." "I hope so too" Said Patricia. Rey said, "Hey, she's stabbed lethally & she's still alive!" "I already know about that." "Layla is trying to kill Yuki cause she rivals her powers with Layla" Stated Metal Patricia. "Ohh. I just thought of Layla stealing Yuki's Code." said Josh. Rey replied, "Hm, that seems to make sense." Josh suddenly went to his room to take care of Yuki. Alice appears & overhears their conversation. "Layla can't kill Yuki because she has a mysterious ability."


Neo Rey appears outside the castle. He said, quietly, "I must see why she was still alive while stabbed by a succubi witch." He turns himself into a slimy liquid. Then he went inside the castle.

Inside the HQ...

"What kind of Mysterious ability are you talking about?" Asked Jackbot Nega. "It's about... uh... Wait a second. Take a look on her forehead. There's a sigil on it." replied Alice. Josh said, "It's a Code." "A Code? What code?" Asked Combot Nega. "That's what makes her barely alive even she's hurt brutally." "Ok then. I guess" Said Jackbot Nega. Josh said, "I know what's the Code's origin. She was given that Code from a nun since medieval times." "Wow, I never knew that." Said Jack. "Me neither" Said Patricia. Josh senses something! "Oh great. All of you, protect Yuki!" commanded Josh. Then he went out & finds someone. "What's going on, General Josh?" Said Jack. "Sir sensed a trespasser, so we must follow his orders." replied Alice.

Josh sees slime, & his radar-like mind's signal grew strong. Then Josh uses his keen eye to know what that slime is. Suddenly, Neo Rey shows up, as the slime as a disguise. "Rrgh!" blurted Josh. "What are you doing here?!" asked Josh angrily. Neo Rey replied, "I need to know why that Lt. General of yours is still alive even she's hurt that brutal!" "You don't need to know." said Josh as his pupils turn crimson red. "What?! Why do you have that power?!" asked Neo Rey in anger. "You always ask questions at me. Let's do this thing!" said Josh.

Alice said, "Sir Josh would me to have you join his exploration. Jack, Patricia, follow me." Then she goes out from Josh's room with Jack & Patricia. "Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & I will take care of Yuki for you" Said Metal Patricia. "Good luck" Said Jack. "Ok then Alice" Said Patricia.

In the clash...

Josh is seen fighting with Neo Rey. Then he sees the others. "Oh, it's you! A little help here!" said Josh. Then Neo Rey down-kicks Josh. Josh stumbles on the ground. "Rrgh!" blurted Josh. "Don't worry, we're here to help" Said Jack as he does a spindash at Neo Rey. Neo Rey blocks the spindash with a slime barrier. "Do you think I'm weak like you?! I'm getting to know your only "queen" 's info." "I won't let you lay a finger on Yuki! Remember that!" said Josh bravely. Then he slashes at Neo Rey. "Here I come" Said Patricia as she uses Iron Tail at Neo Rey. Neo Rey got hit by both attacks & got knocked down. "Aargh!" yelled Neo Rey in pain. Josh said, "Jack, now!" "CHAOS DRAGON!" Said Jack as his orange aura transforms into a Full Grown Dragon & then rams at Neo Rey in Full Speed & Full Strength. Josh swiftly opens the door where Neo Rey exits as Jack rammed him. Neo Rey blows away near the castle, but slides on grasses, trying to make friction. Then Josh slams the door hard. "Phew, he won't lay a finger on her while we're here." said Josh. "Nice going guys, we've did it together." Said Patricia. "I think not!" said Neo Rey as he breaks through the door & grabs Josh by the throat & slams him on the wall. "Aha ha ha... Do you think that I'm knocked out by a puny Chaos Dragon? Remember, I'm like your friend, that Rey, I'm durable!" Then he kicks Josh. "Aaaargh! You... won't lay... a finger... on her...!" said Josh in pain. Alice said in anger, "Stop it!" Then she electrocutes Neo Rey. "Aurgh!" blurted Neo Rey, then he let Josh go of his neck. "This time, stronger for sure!" Said Jack as he uses Chaos Zap on Neo Rey. Neo Rey feels the electricity & screams in pain. "Plug your noses everyone, cause I'm gonna spray!" Said Patricia. Neo Rey said, "Useless... attack... you puny skunk!" Patricia fluffs up her tail & then says "Hey! I'm not puny!". Patricia sprays her Toxic Skunk Gas at Neo Rey. Neo Rey said, "It's pointless!" Neo Rey smells the gas, but nothing happened. "See? I just told you." said Neo Rey. "I wasn't tried to stop you with my skunk gas, I was just giving you a long enough distraction for this" Said Patricia as Jack ambushes Neo Rey from behind. "To tell you the truth... I'm powerful as Layla, but she is a bit stronger than me." A gooey hand comes out from the ground & grabs Jack. "Oh great! This isn't good." said Josh. "Hah, do you think that I'm weak? In your dreams!" said Neo Rey. "Uh, a little help here guys? I'm seem to be in a sticky situation" Said Jack. "How are we gonna stop this Goo from Neo Rey? He is powerful as Layla, the same girl that escaped from us. Maybe Neo Rey & Layla are both related." Said Patricia. "Exactly...!" said Josh as he swiftly kicks Neo Rey at the gooey hand, freeing Jack. "Alright." said Josh. "Thanks" Said Jack. "That's it! Neo Rey & Layla are both in a relationship with each-other." Said Patricia. "Yeah, I remember that they're kissing each other." said Josh in disgust. "Well that's love for ya. A Boy & Girl falls in love with each other & they could get married later someday" Said Jack. "I remember that I defeated him in my Super Form, & in his Nega Form. Well, enough for that, let's beat the heck outta Neo Rey." said Josh. "Aha ha ha... You won't beat me..." said Neo Rey as 4 Nega Emeralds surround him. "Now what is he up to?" Said Jack. Josh said, "Guys, let's take more caution, 'cause Neo Rey will transform to Nega." Then he sees the Chaos Emeralds surround him. "What can Jack & I do to help you Josh?" Said Patricia. Josh said, "Looks like he has gotten stronger, so let's do this thing!" Then he transforms to Super. Neo Rey transforms to Nega. Super Josh snaps his finger & they are teleported to the backyard of his castle. Alice said, "Okay, I'll go back to the room."

In the backyard...

"This is gonna be awesome. But how can Patricia & I fight the Super Formed Neo Rey? We don't have our Chaos Emeralds, Spirit Emeralds & Power Orbs" Said Jack. "Hey, here are the Chaos Emeralds." said Super Josh as he gives them the 7 Chaos Emeralds. "Thanks, let's go!" Said Jack as he & Patricia transforms into their Super Forms. Super Josh said, "Let's beat 'im!" "I think not, fools!" said Nega Neo Rey. "We'll see about that, Neo Rey." Said Super Jack as he does a super spindash at Nega Neo Rey. But Nega Neo Rey forms negative energy on his hands & punches at Super Jack during his spindash. Super Jack got pushed back, but still stands & flies "Nice try though, that attack hurts, but no banana." Said Super Jack. "How did Neo Rey do that?" Said Super Patricia. "He's very tough when on Nega Form. We need to exploit his weaknesses, but it'll be hard to do, because the Nega Emeralds give him a load of defense when attacked by his weakness. We need not to get the emeralds from him. The easiest thing to do to crush him is to strike his weaknesses together." explained Super Josh. Then he whispers at Super Jack & Super Patricia about Neo Rey's weaknesses. "Alright. Let's take Neo Rey down together!" Said Super Jack. "Right." said Super Josh as he charges his Chaos Current. "Don't lay a finger on Yuki, or I'll destroy you." said Super Josh. "Come on, Neo Rey. Are you too scared to face us or what?" Said Super Jack. "Hmph, your threats are meaningless." said Nega Neo Rey as he teleports behind Jack & swiftly tackles at him. "Could've fooled me" Said Super Jack as he felt the tackle. Super Patricia uses Super Iron Tail at Nega Neo Rey which is twice the normal size & covered in Golden Energy. Nega Neo Rey saw the Super Iron Tail & said, "What the--", as he was hit by Super Patricia's attack. Neo Rey falls on his back & said, "Argh, that was a bit of pain." Super Josh said, "Nice ambush, Trish." as he charges his Chaos Current to the max. "This is the Super Form Version of my Iron Tail. My Skunk Tail grows up to twice the normal size of my skunk tail & then coats in Golden Energy instead of Regular Energy for a stronger attack. What do you think?" Said Super Patricia. "Yeah, nice." said Super Josh. Nega Neo Rey struggles to get up & said, "Hmph, do you think that attack can greatly harm me? Wrong." as he charges for an attack. "NEGA BEAM!" yelled Nega Neo Rey as he blasts a beam with negative energy at them. Super Josh keenly sees his weakpoint & fires a current of electricity at Nega Neo Rey. "Patricia, please use your aura shield." said Super Josh. "You got it" Said Super Patricia as she uses her aura shield to protect herself, Super Jack & Super Josh. Nega Neo Rey got electrocuted & struggles to get up, as his Nega Beam was nullified. "Give up yet, Neo Rey?" Asked Super Jack. Nega Neo Rey replied, "I won't lose..." "Ok then, suit yourself." Said Super Jack as he does a Super Spindash at Nega Neo Rey. "You've asked for it" Said Super Patricia as she does a Super Iron Tail at Nega Neo Rey. Then Nega Neo Rey powers up & jumps out of the way to make the two to attack each other. Super Josh was like "o_O". "Ow!" Said Super Jack & Super Patricia as they felt each other's Super Attack. "How was that even possibe?" Said Super Jack. "I don't know, but he's fast. Josh what do we do?" Said Super Patricia. Super Josh said, "This could be devastating... Let me handle this one. Hand me a Chaos Emerald, please." Assassin appeared with a Chaos Emerald. "Hey, Assassin. A Chaos Emerald? Lemme borrow." said Super Josh. "We need it to stop Nega Neo Rey" Said Super Jack. "Yes indeedy & we betta hurry, we're starting to run out of power" Said Super Patricia. Assassin became Dark Assassin. "So what are we waiting for?" he said. "Let's do this!" "Okay, I ran outta rings." said Super Josh as he draws rings at himself, Jack, Patricia, & Assassin, then they gained a sufficient amount. "Thanks." Said Super Jack. "That's fine." said Super Josh as he grabs a Chaos Emerald. "Chaos..." he chanted. Suddendly Layla appears once again & says to Neo Rey "Need some help, Neo Rey? Cause I'll do anything for you" "Josh, the evil witch is back!" Said Super Jack. Super Josh said, "BLAST!" as he blasts a very huge dome of Chaos Energy. Nega Neo Rey said, "Layla, use your dark powers to shield me from that blast." "You got it, Neo Rey." Said Layla as she uses her dark powers to create a barrier around Nega Neo Rey & herself from the blast. Super Josh said, "Whatever the defense you'll have by NOW, it's pointless!" as his energy increased, further making the blast stronger.

Inside Josh's room...

Rey said, "I hope their battle's not bad." Then he sensed something outside. "I feel something strong.. A Chaos Blast?" Yuki said as she opens her eyes, "What?" Rey replied, "Just... rest. You'll be fine. Never mind about the blast." "No, I must mind about it, I worry about him, if he's weak or tired. I need to help him." Yuki said in worry. "Not to worry, Josh, Jack & Patricia got this." Said Metal Patricia. Yuki replied, "Okay..." Then she went back to sleep. "I hope so" Said Jackbot Nega. "I hope so too" added Combot Nega. Rey hears a strange noise. "Uh-oh..."


Super Josh further strengthens the blast. "What the..." said Nega Neo Rey as he sees that the barrier is cracking slowly. "It's too strong, I have to strengthen the shield" Said Layla as she strengthens the barrier. "Here Josh, let me & Patricia help you" Said Super Jack as he & Super Patricia fired their Light Beams at the barrier. Suddenly, Super Josh's eyes turn red & said, "PAYBACK... TIME!!!" He directly expands the blast, making loads of cracks on Layla's barrier. "That's not good" Said Layla. "Now let's see how you like it when we turn up the heat." Said Super Jack as he & Super Patricia fuses their Light Beams with Super Josh's Chaos Blast, making it stronger. Super Josh feels something painful. "Aargh!" he blurted as the Chaos Blast fades.

Episode 14: Genetics, A.I. Skunk, & Water

"What happened? I can't control this immense power from the Chaos Emerald... Augh.. Why?! Maybe I... lost this too... But I won't give... up. I... will... not..." Super Josh thought as he yells, "LOSE!!!" then powers up, making his energy become huge. "Aaaargh!" he blurted as he changes to Static Form. "What...?! I changed to my genetic form..!" he said as he rushes at Neo Rey & Layla. Layla says "That is not good either." "What is happening to Josh?" Said Super Patricia. "I don't know, but I like it. Let's give Josh a helping hand. Said Super Jack as he & Super Patricia uses the power of the 7 Spirit Emeralds to transform into their Ultimate Forms. "ULTIMATE JACK!!!" Yelled Ultimate Jack as his transformation is complete. "ULTIMATE PATRICIA!!!" Yelled Ultimate Patricia as her transformation is complete. Static Josh said, "This has been for years that I didn't experience being in this form... Guys, let me do this alone. I know that this form is genetic, & it has secret powers. Now, lemme do this." as he punches at Neo Rey. "Aaaargh!" yelled Neo Rey as he was hit by the punch, making a thud on the ground. "Wow, 20t of punch power? Amazing." Then he kicks at Layla. "Aaaargh!" yelled Layla as she was hit by the kick & crashes to the ground. "Amazing, this form should beat 'em down fast. Piece of cake." thought Static Josh. "Hm?" Static Josh notices a timer on his hand. "My form-changing energy is running out!" said Static Josh as he grabs Neo Rey by the throat. "Layla! Help!" said Neo Rey. "Help? Here's HELP!" yelled Static Josh as he uses all his form-changing energy to electrocute Neo Rey, leaving him unconscious. Then he throws him at the ground. But suddenly, Static Josh falls on his chest, making him revert to normal & unconscious. Layla gets up very slowly & makes a hasty retreat by dissapearing through the purple smoke while carrying an unconscious Neo Rey on his shoulders saying "We'll be back!". "Why didn't Josh let us fight against Neo Rey & Layla" Said Ultimate Jack. "I'm not sure, but let's forget that now. Let's take him back to base." Said Ultimate Patricia as they both carried an unconscious Josh back to I.T.S. HQ.

In the HQ...

Josh awakens in his room. "Eh?" He rubs his eyes. Jack & Patricia notices Josh & their both right beside Josh's Bed. Jack says "You alive?" "Don't worry Josh, Jack & I carried you back to base safe & sound." Said Patricia. "Thanks." he said. "How is Yuki?" He tries to sit on his bed. " "Never mind about that now, but first we need to ask you a question, how come you won't let us fight Neo Rey & Layla, it feels like that we've wasted our Ultimate Forms for nothing" Asked Jack. "And you must think, Jack. I have transformed in my genetic form & you're not authorized to ascend to a very strong form without such necessity." explained Josh. "Aw what?!" said Jack looking shocked & disbelief. "Jack, please calm down. What Jack is trying to say is that he said that's it's ok, we've understand this completly" Said Patricia. "Well I guess you didn't notice the Dragon Core that is inside of me." Said Jack as he shows Josh the Dragon Core that it is inside of his body somewhere located inside his chest. "Well, I know that already. Since last time. And moving without think is a waste of energy." said Josh with a tint of advice. "Oh right, sorry." Said Jack. "And I'm guessing that you know the Witch's Orb that is inside of my body which is located in my chest, is that correct?" Said Patricia. "Yes." replied Josh. "So do you mind if I show all of you guys something?" Asked Patricia. "Sure, what is it?" replied Josh in an excited voice. "I give you, SPARKY." Said Patricia as she presents everyone SPARKY, who is Patricia's White Hand-held Computer & an A.I. program that has a holograhpic simulated projected body of a Mobian Female Skunk, which has Black fur with a Yellow Belly & a Yellow Vertical Skunk Stripe, Yellow Eyes, a Black Skunk Tail with a Yellow Vertical Skunk Stripe & she wears a Red Tight Dress, Purple Skintight Pants, Dark Purple Shiny Shoulder Length Skin-Tight Gloves with Yellow Lightning Decals & Black Boots with Yellow Lightning Decals. SPARKY appears from her Hand-held Computer, as a Projected Mobian Female Skunk. "Greetings, my name is SPARKY. I am Patricia's Hand-held Computer & an A.I. program." Said SPARKY doing her introduction. "Hello, A.I. program with a beautiful holographic chick." said Rey as he arrives. SPARKY blushes as she continues "Just like NICOLE, I have fully functional limbs, use all of the sences except for taste. I retain many of my computer abilites & have the attributes of Speed, Brains & Brawn. And have the power to make force fields to protect any hero & to trap any villain inside it also." Added SPARKY. "Taste? Just because you're holographic. Computers don't have tongues." Rey said. "Shut up, Rey, you're mocking her." said Josh. "Oh sorry." said Rey. "SPARKY means: Sexy, Pretty, Attractive, Reliable, Kind, Yellow. S.P.A.R.K.Y." said Rey in amusement. "Uh Rey, I hate to interupt, but your embarassing her." Said Jack points to SPARKY who she waves innocently. "Just saying & shut up, Jack." said Rey. "Ok ok Rey. I guess that you had feelings for SPARKY, right?" Said Jack. "Well, a bit. I ain't shy, bro." "It's ok. Everyone has feelings for others. It's also about growing up" Said Patricia. "Yeah, right." replied Josh. "Should I give you a demonstration on how I work wonders with Technology & Computers?" Asked SPARKY. "Sure!" replied Rey. "Why not? I like technology." replied Josh. SPARKY then goes up to the computer & says "Elevate keyboard!" Then suddendly a keyboard made out of light appears & then SPARKY starts fixing errors starting from the normal ones to the more stronger errors everytime she fixes an error. "Good." said Josh. "Amazing." said Rey. "Um, hello..." said Yuki as she awakens. "Hi Yuki, I see that you've awaken." Said Patricia. "Good morning Yuki" Said Jack. "This is SPARKY, she is an A.I. program Hand-held computer with a Simulation Projected Form of a Mobian Skunk." Said Patricia introducing SPARKY to Yuki. SPARKY goes up to Yuki & says "Greetings Yuki." Yuki slightly smiles. "Hm... Ominous." said Josh in a low voice as he senses something. "Eh? What's the matter?" asked Rey. "Is something wrong Josh?" Said SPARKY. "Brace up!" said Josh as he grabs them from the aqua beam. A small explosion occured. "I have been waiting for this day." said the blue cat as she charges at Rey. "I remember that girl!" Rey gets ready. "Thanks Josh, but who is that?" Said Jack. "No time to ask! Get her!" commanded Josh. "I'ma ready!" said Rey as he tries to punch the blue cat. "Forgot me? I am Mizu." said Mizu as she binds Rey with her Electric Eel Whips, electrocuting him. "Aaah!" yelled Rey as he was knocked down. "Oh yeah, well two can play in this game. Chaos Zap!" Said Jack as he uses Chaos Zap at Mizu. Mizu uses her left whip to drain the Chaos Zap. "Do you think that I'm weak to electricity? Hmph! I have motifs of three marine animals!" said Mizu. "Hey! Well it's time that you need to cool down with this!" Said Jack as he uses Chaos Splash at Mizu. "That fool doesn't think. Now's the time to crush him." thought Mizu as she absorbs the Chaos Splash. "Use your brain, Lt. 1st Class! Use your speed!" said Josh as he teleports behind Mizu & kicks her. "Aaah!" yelled Mizu as she was hit & she blowed away towards Jack. "Now, Jack!" commanded Josh. "Ok then" Said Jack as he spindashes at Mizu in full speed & in full force. "Ow!" screamed Mizu in pain. "Good, but not yet impressive, Lieutenant." said Mizu. Rey stands up & says, "Let me fight this girl! Jack, come with me." as he teleports Mizu, Jack, & himself in a snowy terrain.

Episode 15: Defeat, Avenging, & Appearance

"Alright, we're here. So what's the big plan Rey?" Asked Jack. "Big plan? Yeah. Haaah!" yelled Rey as he pulls out  a Pyrus Emerald & he transforms to Pyrus Form. "Ventus Form, now!" commanded Pyrus Rey. Jack then activates his Attribute Arm Brace & says "Change of Attribute, Ventus!". Jack then transforms into his Ventus Form. "I'm ready!" Said Ventus Jack. "Right then." said Pyrus Rey. Mizu said, "Won't you give up? I got some tricks up my sleeve." "I never give up that easily" Said Ventus Jack as he gets ready for battle. "As you wish!" said Mizu as he tries to bind Ventus Jack with her whips. Ventus Jack tries to dodge out of the way & then he uses his Wind Blasts, firing wind tornados at Mizu, saying "Take this!". Mizu dodges the blasts with her flexibility. "We need to be careful, she's too agile & flexible for a girl." Pyrus Rey said as he fires his fireballs at Mizu. "Thanks for the tip" Said Ventus Jack as he fires more faster tornados at Mizu. Mizu was hit by two of them. Pyrus Rey then teleports behind her & tackles her in full force. "Argh!" screamed Mizu as he was knocked down. "Do you.. think I would be beaten easily? Think again!" said Mizu as he powers up. Then she binds Pyrus Rey with her whips, & electrocutes him with lots of electri

Mizu as she knocked Rey unconscious.

city. Pyrus Rey reverts to normal, then lies on his back, unconscious. "Now it's your turn!" said Mizu. "Looks like I'm on my own for now, but I have to battle her to stop her. FOR THE I.T.S.!" Yelled Ventus Jack as he controls the wind to blow a strong giant gust of wind, making giant tornados & fires loads of Giant Tornados at Mizu, at full speed & at full force. "Hmph! You underestimate me." scoffed Mizu as she liquefies & drifts towards Ventus Jack, summoning a whirlpool. "What the...?!" Said Ventus Jack as he tries to control the wind to push the whirlpool back. "Aaaaahh!" screamed Mizu as she was pushed back, & got knocked down. "Superb..." said Mizu. "But unfortunately, you froze your body." said Mizu as the whirlpool got frozen. "I don't think so" Said Ventus Jack as he activates the Attribute Arm Brace. "Change of Attribute, Pyrus!" Said Ventus Jack as he changes into Pyrus Jack & then uses his fire powers to melt the Frozen Whirlpool. "You're using your brain sometimes." said Mizu. "Thanks" Said Pyrus Jack as he activates his Arm Brace once again. "Change of Attribute, Haos!". Said Pyrus Jack as he changes into Haos Jack. "Hmph." scoffed Mizu as she liquefies herself. "Here it comes" Said Haos Jack as he uses sunlight to vaporize the water. "And with a right ammount of sunshine, I can vaporize the water into vapor & steam". Said Haos Jack. "Wrong." said Mizu as she morphs to normal, & behind Haos Jack. "I swam below the ground." said Mizu as she grabs at Jack with her whips. Then Jack smirks as he changes into Darkus Jack & then morphs into a Shadow. "Sorry, but I'm taking over your shadow like there's no tomorrow." Said Darkus Jack & then he tries to take full control of Mizu by using his new Darkus Shadow Possession Technique. Unfortunately, she was not affected. "I'm filled with willpower & desire, rendering your possession useless!" said Mizu as she lets out Darkus Jack & grabs at him with her whips. "Your very good, I like that." Said Darkus Jack as he is still in shadow mode. "If you can swim underground, then here comes the Sub-Terra Pain!" Said Darkus Jack as he changes into his Sub-Terra Form. "I'm gonna wreck you!" Said Sub-Terra Jack as he punches at the ground, making an earthquake & controls the earthquake to head towards Mizu. "Weak." said Mizu as she morphs into water & rushes at Jack, making a direct hit. Jack got hit & was pushed back very far & was barely standing & says "Nice one, no wonder your the Marine One." Said Jack. Mizu scoffed & suddenly grabs at Jack with her whips. "And that's a very nice whip you got there. Tell me, where did you get this whip? It's really held me tight like a Constrictor Snake." Asked Jack as he tries to spindash, but the whip is helding onto Jack too tight. "You underestimate me, fool. This whip is an electric eel!" said Mizu as the whip generates electricity & releases it. Sub-Terra Jack then gets electrocuted very badly, causing Jack to turn back to normal, due to the high voltage electricity & says in pain "Man, that's one powerful girl", not before falling on his back. "Hah hah hah." laughed Mizu. "You don't deserve victory!" said Mizu as she tries to grab Jack with her whips. Jack notices this & says "Oh no! Not again!" Mizu said, "That's because of not using your brain. So let's finish this. Hah hah hah!" as she forms a portal. Then she releases some electricity from her whips. "AAAHHH!!!" Said Jack as he got electrocuted again, accidently triggering the Ogre Form within him. "ENOUGH!" Said Jack in his Enraged Ogre Voice as his eyes turned crimson red. "Accident trigger? Well..." said Mizu as her phone rings. "Hello?" said Mizu. "Okay, Master, I'll come back. Mizu out." said Mizu as he talks to Ogre Jack. "Sorry to burst your bubble, but my master has told me to come back." Then she activates a portal. She enters it until the portal closes. "Yeah you better run & go back to your master. One day, I will be smart enough to take you down...BIG TIME!" Yelled Jack in his Ogre Voice, not before his voice changed back to normal & said "Phew, glad that's over". Then Jack weakly carried an unconscious Rey & started walking back to I.T.S. HQ on foot very slowly.

In the HQ...

"I wonder if they're okay." said Josh. "I sense something." Yuki said. "What is it?" replied Josh. "They were defeated, but only Jack survived." explained Yuki. "Rey!!!" yelled Josh in sadness. Jack then comes back, still electrocuted by Mizu, with Rey on his shoulders & says "We're back, but unfortunately Mizu's too fast, too strong & too cunning against the two of us especially when I'm in my Attribute Forms, she's about to finish me off, but lucky for me, her master said to come back to her master's lair. I was very lucky to get out of there alive, but Rey? I don't know if he's ok or not." Said Jack explaining everything on what happen. "She may be strong for you. We need three of us to battle her. But Rey has a disadvantage because she uses her Unagi Whips." explained Josh. "Heh. No wonder that Rey & I have got heavy damage from Mizu & once that Rey & I had battled Mizu, it was 2 against 1, not 3 against 1. Cause Rey & I are missing one of the members." Said Jack. "Jack you need to be recovered from a horrifying battle." Said Jackbot Nega. "Hold on, maybe Yuki & I can use Chaos Heal to heal Jack's heavy damages together." Said Patricia having an idea. Yuki ask, "Shall we?" "Let's go for it. Chaos Heal!" Said Patricia as she starts using Chaos Heal on Jack to start healing his heavy damages. "Chaos Heal." said Yuki as she heals Rey's heavy damages. "Thanks Patricia & Yuki for healing me & Rey." said Jack. "Yeah, thanks." said Rey as he awakens. "You're welcome." said Yuki. "Yeah, your quite welcome." said Patricia. "So, I might just need rest." said Rey before he sleeps. "Okay." approved Josh. "Okay, we must plan on how to defeat Mizu." said Yuki. "But how do we do that? It's like she's unstopable." Said Combot Nega. "No, she has some weaknesses. I know of one. We need Josh, Jack, & Rey to team up. I know this would work." explained Yuki. "Great idea." replied Patricia. "That's good." said Josh. "Thanks..." replied Yuki. "Alright then, I am ready for payback against Mizu." Said Jack. "Alright..." said Josh as he hears a ring on his phone. He answers it. "Hello?" "Oh it's you, Josh... Because of the delay of my master, we'll continue the fight. Jack & I. You must come here in Ventilus Grasslands." said Mizu. "Hello?! You said that you need to fight me. So I'll join!" replied Josh. "Very well then. Hm hm." said Mizu as she cancels the call. "Alright.. Let's go." said Josh. "Right, let's do this!" Said Jack. "Okay." said Rey. "Good luck guys" Said SPARKY. "And please be careful" Added Patricia. Josh said, "Bye guys." as he comes with Rey & Jack. "Bye Josh, Jack & Rey." Said Patricia. 

In Ventilus Grasslands...

Mizu sits, waiting. "Where could they be? Ugh." she said as she hears someone saying, "Looking for me?" & it was Josh, with Jack & Rey. "You're there, hm." said Mizu. "That's right & Rey & I are back for more." Said Jack. "More? More punishment? Well then." said Mizu as she prepares her whips. "Let's do this!" Said Jack as he gets into his battle stance. "Kimeruze." said Josh. "Ikuzo!" said Rey. "Wha?" Said Jack very confused on what Josh & Rey are saying. "Let's go!" said Josh & Rey in unison as they charge at Mizu. "Right" Said Jack as he charges at Mizu. Josh suddenly teleports behind Mizu & says silently, "Rider Kick." "Hm!" sensed Mizu as she jumps out of the way. "Aaaah!!!" yelled Rey as he was about to be hit by Josh's Rider Kick. "Got it." said Josh as he jumps at Mizu & kicks at her with Rider Kick. "Aaagh!" yelled Mizu as she was hit & her face first on the ground. "Oww." said Rey. "Impressive, Josh." said Rey. "Here I come!" Said Jack as prepares a very strong & fast spindash at Mizu. But suddenly, she sensed that Jack was going to attack, & then she liquefies herself. "Impressive kick, but not excellent." said Mizu as liquid form. "I knew you we're gonna say that." Said Jack as he smirked and then uses Chaos Ninjago at Mizu from behind. "Hmph, you're not fast as expected." said Mizu as she trails around like water. "I was really getting to that, you know." Said Jack as he tries to do a faster spindash at Mizu. "Oh, did you know that I'm invulnerable when liquid?" said Mizu as she tries to stick herself as liquid at Jack's spindash. "Oh no, I'm coming!" said Josh as he freezes Mizu, making Jack safe. Mizu frees herself & charges at Josh. "Rider Kick." said Josh as he charges his right foot with tachyon energy. "Thanks Josh" Said Jack. "No probs." said Josh as he sharpens his eye & hits Mizu with a Rider Kick. "Aaaah!" screamed Mizu as she was knocked down. "Impressive, Josh... But..." said Mizu as she sees Platinum. Platinum appears & says, "Stay away!" as he charges for a beam. Josh & Rey charge for their final attacks. "Jack, keep an eye on that mineralhog while you save Mizu!" said Josh. Mizu's eyes turned green as she was free from mind control. "Father... Help..." said Mizu weakly as she numbs. "Got it, Josh," Said Jack as he keeps an eye on Mizu & then he noticed Mizu's eyes are green. "Guys, Mizu's eyes are green." Said Jack. "She's free from control." said Rey. "Save him now!" said Josh as he charges at Platinum. Rey fires a large fireball at Platinum. Platinum scoffs & fires a green beam at the fireball. "Got it Josh" said Jack as he carries Mizu, bridal style, back to I.T.S. HQ safely. Josh hits Platinum with a Rider Kick. "Aaaaahhh!" screamed Platinum as he flew away in the sky. "Nice..." said Josh. "Let's go back to HQ." said Rey, as Josh teleports themselves back to ITS HQ safely.

14:35 afternoon...

Jack makes it back to I.T.S. HQ, while carrying Mizu & says "We're back". "How's your mission going?" Said Patricia. "We've got Mizu on our side" Said Jack as he shows Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY, Mizu in his arms. "Who... are you?" said Mizu in a weak voice. "Mizu? The dear princess of the throne, it was you, my child!" said Josh. "I... would like to be your adopted daughter..." said Mizu. "Yes, I was about to do that." said Josh as he chants, "Chaos Heal." to heal Mizu's wounds. He channels his powers & puts his hands on Mizu, healing her.  "Anyways, my name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is Patricia the Skunk, Metal Patricia, Combot Nega & SPARKY" Said Jack introducing himself & his friends to Mizu. "J-Jack? Oh, sorry for hurting you, I'm brainwashed by that time." said Mizu with a smile. "That's ok, that happens to me most of the time." Said Jack with a smile. "Thanks." said Mizu. "Your welcome, Mizu." Said Jack as he hugs Mizu. "I feel that I'm having children like you, Jack..." said Mizu as she feels that she's going to be a motherly figure. "Really? Wow" Said Jack. "Thanks." said Mizu. "Okay, my daughter, shall we research about this Platinum?" asked Josh. "Him? Okay, my father." replied Mizu. "Platinum's your father?!" Said Combot Nega in shock. "Hm?" noticed Mizu. "You need a robot check-up, Combot Nega. Your robotic ears are malfunctioning, I guess." said Josh. "Sorry, Combot Nega was only a prototype model. Let me try & fix him. I maybe smart on making robots, but I'm not smart on the battlefield cause I have a condition that makes me forget everything in times of extreme stress." Explained Jack. "Ohh." listened Josh. "That's why I wasn't thinking clearly when I'm in the battlefield. Can you ever forgive me from my condition?" Said Jack. "That's natural, I can't change that one." said Josh. "Oh ok then." Said Jack. "So what should we do next now that we have Mizu back on our side?" Asked Patricia. "We're going to research something about Platinum." said Josh. "Ok, but who's Platinum?" Said Jackbot Nega. Josh facepalms. "Hey, we're going to research about him, so don't ask, 'cause we don't know yet. Jack, repair Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega, now." commanded Rey. "Got it." Said Jack as he started repairing Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega. "Okay, Jack." said Josh. 

20:10 evening...

(Villains only)

Platinum appears, sitting on a huge rock in a cliff. "I'm going to seek revenge against that hedgehog who kicked me. He might be an ally of those two I long to absorb." thought Platinum. "Something came to my mind. I need this immortal girl for my plan to be my next servant... To replace that Mizu who betrayed me." "Hello, what's the fun, Platinum?" said Neo Rey as he appears, already modified by Dr. EggRey. Dr. EggPlankton & his officers of the EggPlankon Empire has appeared. "Greetings." Said Dr. EggPlankton. "Hello, visitors. I am Platinum the Mineralhog & I am helping the Equera & EggPlankton Empires to crush Golver & Silvold. If you have more enemies too, I could be of service..." said Platinum. "We'll infiltrate the ITS HQ by morning. We'll see if Josh can rival us, while we're having many members now... Heh heh heh." said Dr. EggRey as he arrives. "Right, especially when we can see if Jack can rival us as well." Said Zane. "Good." said Platinum. "By the way, I have made my lethal weapons. They are copies of Josh. Introducing, my Ultra Elemental Set." said Dr. EggRey as Ultra Rise-J, Ultra Pyrus-J, Ultra Subterra-J, Ultra Haos-J, Ultra Darkus-J, & Ultra Aquos-J appear. "Nice work. Now then, I want you to introduce you to my brand new Elemental Jack-4 Bots Set" Said Dr. EggPlankton as he shows everyone, Pyrus Jack-4 Bots, Haos Jack-4 Bots, Aquos Jack-4 Bots, Sub-Terra Jack-4 Bots, Ventus Jack-4 Bots & Darkus Jack-4 Bots. "Good, good, now let's destroy that organization." said Dr. EggRey with a smirk on his face.

Episode 16: Escapade, Danger, & Abduction

Back in I.T.S. HQ, we see Patricia is seen training in the training room by doing push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups & yoga. At the back of the castle, Josh & Mizu is seen swimming in his swimming pool. Yuki is seen at a high plank, diving at the swimming pool. Rey is seen doing some weightlifting. "Nice exercise, guys." said Alice. Louie is in the lab, making weaponry. "General! Our two prisoners have gone!" said a guard contacting Josh. Josh answers, "What?! Search them immediately!" "Yessir!" said another guard. Lots of heavy-armored ZECT troopers search for Dr. EggRey & Bluebot. Jack then arrives, saying "What's going on?" Said Jack. "Dr. EggRey & Bluebot escaped." said Alice. Rey hears it, making him drop the barbel gently. "Yuki, Mizu, let's go to the office." said Josh. "Yes General!" said the two girls as they follow Josh to the office. A megaphone suddenly spoke, "Officers, assemble in the office. Danger detected approximately 180 meters from HQ!" "Let's go!" said Rey as he & Alice went to the office. "Done. Now I gotta go to the office." said Louie as he went to the office. Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY go off to the office.

In the office...

Josh opens the transmission. "General, we're taking fire from Equera Empire!" said a ITS Trooper. "This isn't good." said Rey. "General, they're in EGP-1247 Pier, appromixately 130 meters away from HQ, doing long-range attacks at us!" said another ITS Trooper. "Let's move out!" said Josh as he, Yuki, Mizu, Alice, & Rey go outside the castle. "Maybe EggPlankton is with EggRey." Said Jack. "Let's go find out" Said Patricia as she, Jack, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY goes out of the castle. 


Josh sees many EggMortar Trucks, attacking the HQ. "Deploying Flamethrowers." He deploys Flamethrower Tanks around the EggMortar Trucks, destroying them by their flame-spread attack. "Activating Knightmares at 1 minute. Danger incoming approximately 250 miles away from HQ. Enemy arrival within 2 minutes." spoke the megaphone. "Alright, get ready for the Knightmare rush." said Rey. The Hadron, the Lamorak, the Dian Wei, the Xing Cai, & the Astroton arrive. "Let's go." said Josh as he & Yuki hop onto the Hadron's cockpit. Thomas & Rey hop onto their Knightmares' cockpits. Alice said, "Here, I'll call in for my new Knightmare: Hyperon." as the Hyperon arrived. She hops onto her Knightmare's cockpit. "Got it!" Said Jack as he hops inside his Knightmares' Cockpit. "Okie dokie" Said Patricia as she hops inside her Knightmare's cockpit. Metal Patricia activates her sword-like blades mounted on her fore-arms & her hands transforms into Machine Guns & says "Defense Protocol Activated". "Battle mode activated" Said Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega. SPARKY only observes the action about to start. The Knightmares flew to the EGP-1247 Pier to initiate counterattack. Metal Patricia activates her rocket feet to start flying. Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega then charges on foot.

In the battle...

This music plays during the battle. 

Dr. EggRey is seen in his Equera EXM MK II. Aeron is seen riding his Inferider. Dr. EggPlankton is in his Chum Beater MK III. Dr. EggPlankton says "Dr. EggRey? It's time that we burn the I.T.S. to the ground!". "Well then." said Dr. EggRey. "I think NOT." said two hedgehogs in unison, as they arrive in their Knightmares: Archibald & Alasdair. "Solar & Lunar, eh? What's the fun since I'm upgraded? You'll cry when you face me." said Neo Rey on his Shockrider. "Cry? Oh, shut up." said Lunar. "You'll be the one to cry, fools." said Solar. The Inferider & the Shockrider transform to Knightmares: Inferon & Shockron. "Let's start!" said Solar as he & Lunar control their Knightmares to charge at the villains. "I don't think so, now that my new & improved Chum Beater MK III is more powerful, stronger & tougher than my other 2 Chum Beaters, I will crush you into dust, Solar & Lunar. EggPlankton Empire, ATTACK!" Said Dr. EggPlankton as he, Layla, Jack-4 Commander, Kai, Zane, Tensai, Clyde, Professor Vulcan, Fury, Metal Jack & the HenchCombots, plus the returned Bluebot, & then charges towards Solar & Lunar for a full scale assault. "Equera EXM MK II, go!" said Dr. EggRey as he, the Inferon, the Shockron, Skyflame, & the Ultra Elemental-J Set charge at Solar & Lunar for a full scale assault.

But suddenly, lots of meteors hail at the villains as the Hadron, Lamorak, Astroton, Hyperon, & Novatron arrive. Then the Chum Beater MK III activates his super strong forcefield to protect itself from the meteors & Dr. EggPlankton says "How'd you like my new super strong forcefield?". Then the Elemental Jack-4 Bots charges at the Heroes, until the Dian Wei & the Xing Cai suddendly attacks the Elemental Jack-4 Bots. "Need some help?" Said Jack as he is controling the Dian Wei. "Yeah, fine, Lieutenant." said Lunar. "The more, the stronger." said Solar. "Let's go!" said Thomas as he charges his Astro Cannon. "Shut up, phytoplankton, & the ITS shall crush your evil empire!" said Josh as he floats at the sky & activates his new armament: Hadron Meteor Cannon. "This new armament shall be my powerhouse." said Josh as the computer says, "Hadron: Limit Break!" the it fires a large ultramarine beam at the villains. "Chum Giga Cannon, FIRE!" Said Dr. EggPlankton as the Chum Beater MK III fires a large unholy green beam at the Large Ultramarine Beam, trying to push it back. "Really? You small-brained fools!" said Lunar as his Alasdair prepares a Maser Vibration Sword. "Oh, that Chumbot has only one cannon. Let's fire this thing!" said Thomas as he fires his Astroton's Astro Cannon at the Chum Beater MK III. "I don't think so" Said Jack-4 Commander as he fires his unholy arm cannons at Thomas. "The Astroton got hit with medium damage. "Hello guys!" said Diamond as the Four Royal Knights fuse their attacks & throws them at Jack-4 Commander at full speed. "Just in time!" Said Jack as he controls the Dian Wei to use it's Giant Axe to slash at the Elemental Jack-4 Bots. "The more, the better." Said Patricia as she controls the Xing Cai to use it's Giant Long Fork to stab at the Jack-4 Bots. The Archibald & the Alasdair uses their Maser Vibration Sowrds to slice at the Jack-4 Bots. Metal Patricia open fires her Machine Guns at the villains. The Inferon uses his arms to shield itself from the machine guns & retaliates by firing at Metal Patricia with its lasers. Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega protects Metal Patricia by creating a forcefield together, trying to stop the lasers. The Shockron uses its EMP Knuckle to punch at the forcefield, trying to break through it. Then Dr. EggPlankton fires his EMP Cannon at the Heroes' Knightmares, trying to shut them down. The Hadron rushes in to repel the cannon. Josh said, "EMP is useless against us!" as the Hadron tries to crush the Chum Beater MK III with its Radiation Wave Bomb. "Oh yeah, but this EMP will surprize you." Said Dr. EggPlankton as the EMP changes into a stronger EMP & activates. Layla says "Don't blink" & then Layla fires an unholy blast at the Hadron. "Really?" said Yuki as she activates the Holy Meteor EMP & fires it at Layla. "EMP of any kind won't work on us." said Josh as Alice presses a button. The Gefjun Disturber was activated around the villains & it drained the Energy Filler of the robots. "What the?!" said Aeron. "Not good." said Neo Rey. "Hey!" Said Kai as his roboticized parts are shut down. "Good thing I'm not a robot! And we've meet again Yuki, if you ask me. Your in for quite a beatdown! Think you can do this?!" Said Layla as she sends a Dark Iron Tail at Yuki. "Incoming!" said Thomas as his Astroton teleports at the front of the Hadron & tries to grab Layla's tail with its large hands. Professor Vulcan, inside his battle suit the "Chum Vulture" suddendly electrocutes at Thomas with it's new elemental robotic wings, which is set on Electricity & says "Face my new Chum Vulture & it's new elemental wings." The Astroton absobs the electricity & converts in to cosmic energy. Jack & Patricia then controls their Knightmares to try attacking at EggRey's Equera EXM MK II with their weapons.

"Face EX Machina, fools!" said Dr. EggRey as he fires a large shock EMP beam at the heroes. "Oh no, I'm coming!" said Alice as her Hyperon rushes in & shields the heroes from the EX Machina beam. "Thanks Alice" Said Patricia. Clyde then transforms into an I.T.S. Knightmare called the "Hadron" by using the power of his Transformation Suit & he fires his Radiation Wave Bomb at the Heroes. "Be careful, Clyde is the master of disguise that he can transform himself into anything & anyone with his Biocular Transformation Suit." Said Jack as he learns info about Clyde. "Copying freak!" said Josh as the real Hadron fires its Hadron Meteor Cannon at Clyde, making it revert to his own self. "Oh darn it! And I thought water was the only Transformation Suit's weakness" Said Clyde. The Dian Wei then uses his Bull Axe to slice at the Villains. The Hadron grasps the Radiation Wave Bomb & throws it back at the villains. The Xing Cai then stabs at the Evil Robots with her Long Fork. "Have anything yet?" asked Solar in a mocking voice as his Archibald slashes at the Ultre Elemental-Js with its Maser Vibration Swords. Metal Patricia then slashes at the Elemental Jack-4 Bots with her sword-like blades. Assassin attacked a Jack-4 Bot and assisted Metal Patricia. "Hey Assassin! We need some little help here!" said Josh as he summons Assassin's new Knightmare: Assassinatron. Metal Patricia says "Welcome back Assassin." "Control your Knightmare inside the cockpit, Assassin." commanded Josh. Assassin got in to his Knightmare. "We need all the help we can get" Said Jack as he controls the Dian Wei to slash at the Chum Beater MKIII. "Hey! Quit it" Said Dr. EggPlankton. "Calling it quits?" said Thomas as his Astroton fires AstroMissiles at the villains. "Let me help" said Assassin, attacking EggPlankton. "Thanks." said Josh as he fires his Hadron Meteor Cannon at the Chum Beater MK III. Then Dian Wei & the Xing Cai open fires their Slash Harkens at the Villains. Aeron & Neo Rey exit their Knightmares & they grab the Slash Harkens for protection. "Tear 'em, Sky!" said Neo Rey. "Affirmative, Sir!" said Skyflame as he tears the cords of the Slash Harkens. "Excellent." said Jonathan as he shoots plasma bullets at Skyflame. "Aaargh!" yelled Skyflame as he was hit. "Don't drink all the juice." said Jonathan, doing a pose. "Jonathan! Nice, let's go!" said Josh. "Right." answered Jonathan. "Thanks, but now my Knightmare's Slash Harkens are broke!" Said Jack. "Mine as well" Said Patricia as she & Jack take notice of the broken cords of the Slash Harkens of their Knightmares. "That's fine, we have some back-up heads." said Josh as the cords of their Slash Harkens came back to the Knightmares & attached to new arrowheads. "Thanks Josh, once we get back, we'll fixed the original Slash Harkens." Said Jack. "Your majesty, is there anything else that Jack's "Dian Wei" & my "Xing Cai" can do?" Asked Patricia. "Activating Dynasty Cannons." said Josh as the Dynasty Cannons of the Dian Wei & Xing Cai activate. "Whao! Cool!" Said Jack & Patricia in unison. "Now, fire 'em." commanded Josh. "Right!" Said Jack & Patricia as both of their Knightmares fires their Dynasty Cannons, firing a Large Orange Beam from the Dian Wei & a Large Pink Beam from the Xing Cai, at the villains. An explosion occured. "That packed a big punch." said Josh.

The Equera EXM MK II activates its ADS (Absolute Defense System), protecting the villains from the explosion. "Were you saying? See this shield, it's fascinating!" said Dr. EggRey. "Nice job, EggRey. That was a close one." Said Dr. EggPlankton. "Now what are we gonna do? Break the shield?" Suggested Combot Nega. "That's too tough." said Thomas. "Let's continue assault!" said Josh as the Hadron activates its hidden armament. "Alright then, but these new Dynasty Cannons need time to recharge" Said Jack as the Dian Wei tries it's best to fend off the villains with it's Bull Axe. "Right." said Josh as the Hadron summons its Medieval Blade & slashes at the villains. "Let's go!" Said Patricia as the Xing Cai tries it's best to fend off the villains with it's Sacred Light Spear. The Equera EXM forms an EMP orb & fires it at the heroes. "Watch out!" said Josh as the Hadron shields itself with his Medieval Blade. "Can't hold it!!!" Yuki pulls out an Elek Switch & activates it on the SA Slot. Suddenly, The Hadron becomes the Hadron Storm, absorbing the EMP. Dr. EggRey got angry, saying, "What's this?! ATTACK!" as the Inferon & Shockron charge at the heroes. The Ultra-J Set obeys & they charge at the heroes. "Don't just stand there my Elemental Jack-4 Bots, get them!" Said Dr. EggPlankton as the Elemental Jack-4 Bots obey & then charge at the heroes. SPARKY notices this & says "May I be of asistance?" "Go ahead." said Josh. SPARKY then uses her digital electricity at the army of Jack-4 Bots to reprogram the robots to gain control of them & says "Jack-4 Bots, stop the villains for us.". The Army of Reprogramed Jack-4 Bots starts attacking at the villains. "Wow, that's resourceful." said Rey. "Thanks Rey. I used my digital electricity & my nanos to reprogram the Jack-4 Bots by altering the robotic structure. Once my digital electricity & my nanos reprogram the Jack-4 Bots, then I control the Jack-4 Bots." Explained SPARKY. "Good, good." said Josh. He looks down the pilot cockpit, but Yuki was mysteriously gone. "... Yuki!" yelled Josh. "We're having a problem. I'll take place as pilot for the meantime." said Mizu as she teleports to the Hadron's pilot cockpit. "My daughter!" said Josh. "I'll be the pilot for the meantime, Father." said Mizu. Suddenly, Skyflame has Yuki hostage. "So, any last words, Josh, or I'll make this girl as a prisoner forever?!" said Dr. EggRey. Suddendly Jack felt his Ogre Form consuming him, getting ready to fight the villains. "Actually, I have two words. "Ogre Time!" Said Jack as he ejects from the Dian Wei & then turns into Ogre Jack & finally turns into his Final Ogre Form which is Monstrous Ogre Jack. "MONSTROUS OGRE JACK!!!!!" Yelled Monstrous Ogre Jack in a loud deep booming sound. "What the?!" Said Patricia. Monstrous Ogre Jack then starts rampaging through the Villains' machines & villains' knightmares with his incredible size & brute strength. Skyflame was like "O_O" when he saw Monstrous Ogre Jack. "Really?! Face the wrath of darkness, ogre face!" said Neo Rey as he ejects from his Shockron & he transforms to Full Nega Form with the power of the 7 Nega Emeralds. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" laughed Full Nega Neo Rey in a loud echoing evil voice. "Rraaaaahhhh!" yelled Aeron as he turns into Hellfire form. "WHAHAHAHAHA!!!" laughed Hellfire Aeron in a loud echoing evil voice. "Rrrghh..." blurted Josh as he ejects from the Hadron to the sky. "Hm?" noticed Dr. EggRey until...

Episode 17: Final Battle, Unleashed Power, & Sunrise

A bright flash of light shone upon the field, as Josh descends. He has harnessed the power of the 6 BakuEmeralds, turning him to Dextra Form. "Fear the power of the BakuEmeralds!" said Dextra Josh, shining brightly. All the heroes have been ejected from their Knightmares & the Knightmares teleport back to HQ. Rey turns to Full Bluefire Dragon Mode. "Rrraaaawrr!" roared Full Bluefire Dragon Rey. Thomas turns to Dextra as well as Josh's case. "Hmph." scoffed Dextra Thomas. Alice turns to Hyper with the 7 Super Emeralds, then she glows brightly. Louie turns to his Supernova Form with his Char Core. "Alright." said Supernova Louie as he is ablaze. Mizu turns to her Marine form through a Super Shachi Medal fused in her. "Let's go!" said Marine Mizu. Patricia notices the final battle has begun & she wants to join in & says "Maybe I can join you? If only I can unlock my True White Witch Form, I would join in the final battle." "Sure." said Dextra Josh. Patricia then concentrates her magic, trying her best to unlock her true white witch form & she suceeds & transforms into White Witch Patricia. "WHITE WITCH PATRICIA!" Said White Witch Patricia as she had unlocked her true White Witch Form. "Nice." said Dextra Josh. "Ugh. Tech-Fusion." Dr. EggRey sends a fusion transmission to Dr. EggPlankton. "Tech-Fusion, Activate" Said Dr. EggPlankton then slams the big red button that says "Tech-Fusion" with his fist, activating Tech-Fusion. The two huge robots assemble into one, namely: Equechum EXM Beater V3. "Hmph." scoffed Dextra Josh.

"Feel the wrath of the Equechum EXM Beater V3!!!" Said Dr. EggPlankton. Layla giggles & as she is transforming to her Devil Form by using charging up her unholy devil energy, she says "Don't forget about me! I hope that there is room for one more in this final battle party." Layla's Devil form is now complete & she is now Devil Layla. "We think NOT." said Solar & Lunar as they fuse & transform to Cosmic form through their Cosmic Energy. Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY notices that the final battle is about to begin & SPARKY says "The Final Battle has begun." Then Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY then proceeds to charge towards at Jack-4 Commander, Kai, Zane, Tensai, Clyde, Professor Vulcan, Fury, Metal Jack & the HenchCombots, as they charge back at them. "You're just gonna lose!" said Dextra Josh. "Yep." added Dextra Thomas. "Don't worry, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & I will take care of the villains that are in normal form." Said SPARKY. "We'll catch up to you, once we've tooken down the normal form villains." Said Metal Patricia. "Alright." said Hyper Alice. "Okie dokie then. Good luck." Said White Witch Patricia. Cosmic Solunar energizes & charges for an attack. He fires a electric blue beam at the villains. "Here it comes!" said Devil Layla as she tries to deflect the beam by firing a devil beam at the electric blue beam. "Really?" said Hyper Alice as she fires homing energy orbs at Devil Layla at full speed. Devil Layla got hit by the energy orbs & says "Not bad at all. EggPlankton!" "On it !" Said Dr. EggPlankton as he fires Gaia Bombs at the Heroes. Some of the heroes got harmed but Supernova Louie fends off some bombs by blowing fire at them. Dextra Josh says, "Open wide!" as he fires a large multicolored beam at the villains. "And say 'Aah!' " Said Monstrous Ogre Jack as he breathes a black, blue & purple fire at the villains. "Oh man this is gonna sting." Said Dr. EggPlankton. A large explosion occured, but for strange reasons, the Equechum EXM Beater V3 blocks the two attacks with its Absolute Defense System. "This shield... is FASCINATING!" said Dr. EggRey sadistically. "Yes & from the looks of it, this shield is twice as strong once our machines are fused together, making a stronger robot." Said Dr. EggPlankton examining the Equechum EXM Beater V3. "Is it my turn for an attack guys?" Asked White Witch Patricia to the Heroes. "Go ahead!" said Dextra Josh. "Ok, here goes!" Said White Witch Patricia as she summons large white & yellow holy energy orbs & fires them at the villains. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 charges at the heroes & blocks itself with its ADS. "It's heading right for us!" Said White Witch Patricia. Devil Layla charges at the heroes as well. "None of our powers have any effect on this fusion machine!" Said Monstrous Ogre Jack. "Don't worry." said Dextra Josh, "If they will fuse, we will fuse as well." "Let's turn Ultimate, guys!" advised Dextra Thomas. Josh, Rey, & Yuki turn Ultimate with the 7 Ultra Emeralds. Thomas & Louie turn into Ancient Form through their Ancient Cores. Alice turns to Ultima Form through the 7 Ultra Emeralds. Josh, Alice, & Yuki fuse & Rey, Thomas, & Louie fuse as well. "You must surrender now..." said Ultimate Julice as Josh voice, "...for peace in AD.." said Ultimate Julice as Yuki's voice, " that you won't meet your sad fate..." said Ultimate Julice as Alice's voice, "...& that fate is serious judgment!" said Ultimate Julice in three voices together. "Let's beat these villains down... TOWN!" said Ancient Remie with three voices together. "Ok, but first I had to ask you a question. How can Patricia & I fuse? I'm in my Monstrous Ogre Form & Patricia's in her White Witch form?" Asked Monstrous Ogre Jack. "Think! Ascend to Ultimate form!" said Julice as Josh's voice. "Alright then. Here we go!" Said Monstrous Ogre Jack as he & White Witch Patricia changes up their forms into their Ultimate Forms by the power of the 7 Spirit Emeralds in their hands. "Alright now we can fuse!" Said Ultimate Jack as he & Ultimate Patricia fused together into Ultimate Jacktricia. "Let's finish this!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "As you wish!" said Dr. EggRey as the Equechum EXM Beater V3 fires Photon Cannon at the heroes. "Not so fast!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia, as Jack's Voice, as Jacktricia tries to block the attack by firing a Large Orange & Pink Beam back at the villains. Ultimate Julice charges at the huge robot & fires a large beam at it. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 blocks the attack with its Radiation Wave Shielding. "Like you said, if the villains fused together, we can be fused as well." Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's Voice. "That's fine." said Ancient Remie as Rey's voice as he punches at the Equechum EXM Beater V3 with full force. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 has a big dent on the torso. The Photon Beam stops as the large orange & pink beam struck the Equechum EXM Beater V3. "Oh no!" said Dr. EggRey. Ultimate Julice says as Yuki's voice, "Okay, let's move." "Right! We got those 2 doctors on the run!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "I don't think so!" said Dr. EggRey's two servants, as they tackle at the three fused entities with full force. Ultimate Julice blocks it & Josh's voice said, "This is getting a bit harder..."  Ultimate Jacktricia tries his/her blocks as well & Patricia's voice said, "What are we gonna do?" "I don't know, fuse again with our fused bodies?" Said Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "That could be dangerous. The problem is these doctors made up their strategies full time." said Ultimate Julice as Alice's voice. "Guys, sometimes a Hero's gotta do what a hero's gotta do & that's the risk we're gonna take." Said Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "We're going to a full strategy, not such quotes!" said Ultimate Julice as Josh's voice. "There's no time, cause they're heading right for us!" Said Jacktricia as Jack's voice, as Fury attacks at the heroes with his strength. "No problem." said Ancient Remie as Thomas' voice then he tackles at Fury. "I don't think so!" Said Zane as he pounds at the fused heroes. "You weakling!" said Cosmic Solunar as he snipes at Zane with a multicolored beam. "No one's a weakling." Said Kai as he fires back at the heroes with his lazer gun, firing a large red laser. "That's dull." said Marine Mizu as she forms a Mirror Medal Shield to deflect the beam at Kai at direct range. Tensai says "Not even close!" as he uses his Platinum Shield to try deflecting the beam, trying to save Kai. "Pointless one." said Ultimate Julice as Josh's voice. Ultimate Julice uses Ultimate Clock Up to slow down everyone in place. After that, he/she teleports behind Tensai & deactivates the Clock Up, delivering a Rider Kick at Tensai. Tensai got hit & been pushed backwards, but still stands & says "You dare challenge me?!". Then Tensai chokeslams at Ultimate Julice. "Are you ok?" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's Voice as he/she tries to stop Layla & Neo Rey. "No such damage. So mere." said Ultimate Julice as Alice's voice, then he/she fires a crimson beam from his/her forehead at Tensai at point blank range. Tensai got hit, but still stands & says "Not even close on getting me to the ground" "Fire in the hole!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's Voice as he/she fires an Orange/Pink Beam at Neo Rey. "Aargh!" yelled Full Nega Neo Rey as he thudded on the ground. "Nice shot" Said SPARKY as she uses her nanos to create a digital cage around Jack-4 Commander, Kai, Zane, Tensai, Clyde, Professor Vulcan, Fury, Metal Jack & the HenchCombots. "Hey get us outta here!" Said Bluebot as he tries to get out of the cage, but got electrocuted by the digital cage & says "Ouch. Never mind." "Don't worry, I've trapped the Normal Formed villains from the EggPlankton Empire, now all it's left are Dr. EggPlankton, Dr. EggRey, Neo Rey, Layla, Aeron & Skyflame." Said SPARKY. "Let's go." said Ultimate Julice as Yuki's voice." "Point blank range... Doctor, give me the defuser." said Platinum. "Here." said Dr. EggRey as he gives Platinum the Defuse Rifle. "Wait!" said Ancient Remie as Thomas' voice. "EAT THIS!" said Platinum as he fires the Defuse Rifle at Ancient Remie, but Ultimate Julice intervenes & got hit. "No!!" yelled Ancient Remie as Rey's voice. Ultimate Julice splits up to two, with Jolice & Yuki split. "Hah hah hah!" laughed Platinum as he picks up Yuki. "RRGH..." Ultimate Jolice got angry & he/she unleashes an immense power surge, and this music plays. "W-what?" wondered Ancient Remie. "Whao, what's going on?" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice as he/she attacking Layla. "I don't care what that is, but your not gonna win this battle." Said Devil Layla as she fires unholy energy blasts at the Heroes at full power. "Yikes!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice as he/she tries his/her best to dodge all of the unholy energy blasts. Ultimate Jolice shrugs the orbs with a strong gale, due to an energy surge. "You'll pay... ...for abduction... PLATINUM!" yelled Ultimate Jolice as Josh's voice, being too angry. Three creatures arrive & they slash Platinum. "Aagh!" screamed Platinum as he knocks down. "Don't drink 'em all." said the gold hedgehog. "We have come to help." said the silver hedgehog. "And of course, Josh's sidekick... RETURNS!" said the red & blue hedgehog. "And you will Die!" Said Devil Layla as she fires more Unholy Energy blasts at the Gold hedgehog, the Silver hedgehog & the red & blue hedgehog. "Watch out!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice as he/she is carrying Yuki to safety. "Useless!" said the red hedgehog as he turns to Tri-Core form & blocks his companions with a gold barrier. "Or YOU!" said the gold hedgehog. "Ha ha" Said Devil Layla being sarcastic, as she turns to Ultimate Jacktricia, carrying Yuki to safety, which cause an evil smirk to appear on Layla's face. "Oh no" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice, as he/she spotted Devil Layla charging towords him/her & Yuki in full speed. "Say goodnight, you three do gooders." Said Devil Layla as she is closing in on Jacktricia & Yuki. "Hey, wanna have a sweet kiss?" says the red & blue hedgehog as he sees Devil Layla's weakness. He steps at the front of Jacktricia & Yuki & tries to kiss Layla directly on the lips (showing reverse psychology). "What the?! How did you know my weakness?" Said Devil Layla as she tries to get away from the red & blue hedgehog's kiss. The red & blue hedgehog sticks his lips more to Layla's lips. "Obviously, my mentor have taught me that one." said the red & blue hedgehog. Devil Layla blushes & says "And who is your mentor exactly?" "Blushing much? He is someone you know. The one you called your lover boy." said the red & blue hedgehog. Devil Layla gasps & says "Assassin!" in anger. The red hedgehog laughed. "Assassin? This is Jesse the Hedgehog." Then he knee-kicks at Layla. Devil Layla got hit & says "Once my weakness is gone, I'll take you down personally." as Devil Layla fires more unholy energy orbs at Jesse. Jesse got hit by two & says, "Whoa... Really? Weaknesses won't disappear by such mere actions." said Jesse as he unleashes his Paladin Sword, infused with three elements: fire, ice, & lightning. He sways the sword, creating an electric current. Devil Layla creates a devil barrier, trying to protect herself from the current. "I'll deal with you later, right now I got Jacktricia & Yuki to destroy with my unholy devil powers". "Don't think so!" said the gold hedgehog as he mashes at the barrier, trying to break it. Devil Layla notices the barrier broken & says "How was this even possible?" "I'm made of 80% gold & 20% silver? Impressed of my natural strength?" said the gold hedgehog. "I've seen worse." Said Devil Layla. The silver hedgehog scoffs & makes an ambush on Layla by delivering a front-flip kick at her. Devil Layla got hit & says "Nice shot, including an ambush style." "Josh, do you think it's ok that I'll fuse with Yuki to help you more?" Said Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "No need... I will finish this quickly." said Ultimate Jolice as Josh's voice. He/she teleports behind Platinum & chokeslams him. "Aaargh!" screamed Platinum, when he got harmed. Ultimate Jolice teleports back & draws loads of rings to himself & the heroes to increase energy. "And then they we're three." Said Jacktricia as Jack's Voice as he/she turns his/her attention to Dr. EggPlankton, Dr. EggRey & Devil Layla. "I hope Yuki's ok" Said Jacktricia as Patricia's voice as he/she puts Yuki down gently & safely on the ground. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 open-fires at the heroes. Ultimate Jolice feels something painful inside & says as Josh's voice, "Patricia, activate barrier! I need to channel power to Yuki!" "You got it !" Said Jacktricia as Patricia's voice as he/she creates a barrier around his/herself & the heroes. "Is something wrong?" Asked Jacktricia as Jack's voice. Ultimate Jolice doesn't respond, because he/she channels energy to Yuki. Suddenly, Ultimate Jolice shines in a multicolored light. "W-what?!" noticed Hellfire Aeron. Skyflame sees it & transforms to Charcress form through his Genetia Core. "What's going on?" Said Devil Layla. "I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this." Said Dr. EggPlankton. The energy increases as Ultimate Jolice & Yuki appears in a vision.

In the vision...

"Yuki." said Ultimate Jolice as Josh's voice. "J-Josh... The energy... it's increasing..." said Yuki. "Shall we do this?" said Ultimate Jolice as Alice's voice. "Let's shall." said Yuki as her Code appears & glows.

Back to normal...

Suddenly, a flash of light occurs, as the Infinity fusion process starts. "What the?" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as he/she noticed the light. "Do you think we should join with them against our remaining 3 enemies with our Maxus Form?" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "Only one way to find out" Said Jacktricia as Jack's Voice. "No need." said the mysterious seraphic voice. "The 9 Power Orbs aren't here in this dimension." added the mysterious seraphic voice again. The light widens & Infinity Julice appears, glowing in Ancient Energy. "What the heck?!" Said Jacktricia as Jack's voice as he/she witnessed the 3 Fused Infinity Form. "Aw, we just wanna help too" Said Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "Help us. You can't access Maxus Form temporarily because the 9 Power Orbs aren't in this dimension. If possible, I can transport them, but it will cost our Infinity Form." said Infinity Julice as Yuki's voice. "What the freaking Equera?!" said Dr. EggRey angrily. "Grrr! Let's crush them!!" yelled Hellfire Aeron. "Yessir!!" said Charcress Skyflame. "Then it's the risk that we're gonna take to stop those villains!" Said Jacktricia as Jack's voice as he/she begins to meditate, trying to make contact with the 9 Power Orbs. "If you're an Ancient, you can contact them that easy. But if not, well, no." said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice. "Well I guess it is pretty hard to do that, because I've never done this before" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "So, I guess it's no time for our Maxus Forms yet, we just want to equal our power with yours so we can join you in the final battle against our enemies."  Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "No time for talking." said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice. "Let's rush." said Infinity Julice as Alice's voice. Charcress Skyflame shoots magical feathers at the heroes. "Here it comes!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice as he/she sets up a barrier around herself & Infinity Julice, trying to protect themselves from the magical feathers. "Beat this!" said Hellfire Aeron as he ambushes them from behind. Infinity Julice knee-kicks at him. "Aaagh!" screamed Hellfire Aeron as he got harmed & thuds on the ground. "Alright Layla! It's your turn!" Said Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "I don't think so!" Said Devil Layla as she fires an large unholy beam at Jacktricia. "Not so fast!" Said Jacktricia as Patricia's voice as he/she fires a large holy beam at Devil Layla, trying to push back Layla's unholy beam. "What the?!" Said Devil Layla as she noticed that Jacktricia's holy beam is pushing her unholy beam back at her. "Bye Bye, Layla!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as his/her holy beam blasts through the Unholy Beam & at Devil Layla, full blast. "AAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!!" NOOOO!" Said Devil Layla as she got hit by the holy blast & got heavy damage & falls from the sky & says "I'LL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!!" Said Devil Layla as she crashes to the ground, created a small crater on the ground & Layla's turned back to normal. Charcress Skyflame sends huge ice shards at the heroes. Infinity Julice controls the shards & breaks them to tiny pieces. He/she teleports behind Charcress Skyflame & taps his back. Charcress Skyflame freaked out a bit & slowly turns back at Infinity Julice, shivering in fear. Infinity Julice zaps Charcress Skyflame, draining out his powers & reverts to normal, falling on his chest unconscious. "Now that beater." said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice as he/she looks at the Equechum EXM Beater V3. "You guys miss me?" asked a familiar voice. "Hey, I know that voice... Assassin!" said Infinity Julice as Alice's voice. "Now to turn Super, bro!" said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice, then he/she sends the 7 Chaos Emeralds at Assassin. "It's now or never, Assassin! Join in the party!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice. Assasin went Super. "let's do this." he said. "Alright!" said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice. "Right!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as both voices as they fire their Large Orange & Pink Beams at the Equechum EXM Beater V3. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 puts up a force field. "Looks like we have to do this the hard way" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "Yep." said Infinity Julice as Alice's voice as they power up. Ultimate Jacktricia then begins to power up as well. Infinity Julice flies toward the Equechum EXM Beater V3 & fires multicolored spheres at it. Ultimate Jacktricia charges at the Equechum EXM Beater V3, firing Orange & Pink Holy Energy Orbs at the fused machine. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 receives some significant damage. Dr. EggRey scoffs & the Equechum EXM Beater V3 fires its EMP Grapple at the two fused beings. Ancient Remie hovers mid-air, breathing fire at the Equechum EXM Beater V3. Dr. EggPlankton says "Whao! Fire the Water to put out the fire." But the Equechum EXM Beater V3 was unharmed due to its flameproof armor. The EMP Grapple goes back to the robot. "Does the Equechum EXM Beater V3 have all of the element advantages, EggRey?" Asked Dr. EggPlankton. "Except almighty powers." said Dr. EggRey. "Hmm, does the Ultimate Forms, Maxus Forms & Infinity Forms are almighty?" Asked Dr. EggPlankton. "Sadly, yes.." said Dr. EggRey. "But. Let's show 'em how we brawl!" he added. "Alright then. Guess there's only two of us left. Let's get this show on the road!" Said Dr. EggPlankton. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 activates its Equechum Machigiga Cannon & fires 8 rounds at the heroes. Ultimate Jacktricia notices & tries to dodge the blast, saying "Watch Out!" as both voices. Infinity Julice & Ancient Remie flies up to dodge the beam. "That was a close one" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "I think not..." said Dr. EggRey in a bored voice, as the Equechum EXM Beater V3 shoots at the heroes with its dark turrets. "Not good" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice as he/she tries to dodge the blasts. The dark turrets activate their laser action & fires at the heroes. Marine Mizu rushes in the scene & puts a Medallion Shield to repel the laser beams. "Hi Mizu, your just in time. Thanks for saving us." Said Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "You're most welcome.." said Marine Mizu. "Well, I guess it's too bad that Patricia & I don't have all 9 Power Orbs to activate our Maxus Forms" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "My comrade once said, 'Be content on what is in for now.' So, we must do our best to defeat evil." said Marine Mizu. "Ok then" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "Okie dokie, Mizu" added Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "Right then..." replied Marine Mizu. "Now, let the attack commence." said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice as he/she fires holy orbs at the Equechum EXM Beater V3. Ultimate Jacktricia joins in Infinity Julice, firing holy energy orbs at the Equechum EXM Beater V3. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 uses its upper limbs to defend itself, minimizing damage. "Let's see about that, fuzzions!" said Dr. EggRey. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 attacks next by shooting 0.5 caliber bullets from its hand-mounted Wrecker MG. Ultimate Jacktricia got hit by only 3 bullets & says "Gah!" in both voices. "We're hit" added Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice as he/she holds his/her arm. "Aargh!" said Infinity Julice in both voices as he/she was hit by 3 bullets. "Much a nuisance!" said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice as he/she went to Ultimate Jacktricia to heal themselves. "Thank you" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "Not so fast!" said Dr. EggRey as the Equechum EXM Beater V3 uses its giant platinum hands to ensnare the two fused beings. "Any last words until my face turns into a RAGEFACE?!" said Dr. EggRey. "Yeah, you wanna hear those last words from all of us?" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "Really, really!" said Dr. EggRey as the Equechum EXM Beater V3 activates its Equechum Machigiga Cannon & charges it. "Ok then, here they are once we're ready." Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice. "So what should we do next, guys?" Whispered Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice to the Heroes. "INCOMING!" said Ancient Remie as Rey's voice as he breaths a stream of fire at the Equechum Machigiga Cannon. As the cannon is burning slowly, Dr. EggRey said, "What kind of trick is this?!". "It's not a trick, it's an AWESOME strategy & teamwork!" said Ancient Remie as Rey's voice. The cannon explodes, dealing great damage to the Equechum EXM Beater V3 & it let go of the two fused beings. "Oh crud." said Dr. EggRey in danger. "What the Barnicles?!" Said Dr. EggPlankton in shock. "Now for the final finish!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Jack's voice. "Ultimate Chaos Dragon!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as both voices as his/her aura transforms into a full grown orange & pink dragon. "Good, then let's finish this." said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice. Infinity Julice's energy increases dramatically & chants, "Infinity Tri-X Beam!" in all three voices as he/she conjures a huge rainbow sphere. "Fusion Attack: Ultimatinfinity Chaos Tri-X Dragon Beam." said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice as he/she rides on the full-grown orange & pink dragon's back. Ultimate Jacktricia's aura increases & then charges at the Equechum EXM Beater V3 at full speed. Dr. EggPlankton noticed this & then says "Oh barnicles." Infinity Julice fires a huge rainbow beam at the Equechum EXM Beater. "We have some spare defense, y'know!" said Dr. EggRey as the Equechum EXM Beater V3 activates its ADS. The beam struck the barrier, but it cannot stop the beam, as it eventually breaks. "Let's go." said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice as he/she jumps out from the dragon's back & fires a rainbow sphere at the Equechum EXM Beater V3. Ultimate Jacktricia says "Here comes the Rainbow Holy Firebeam!" & then breathes a large rainbow holy firebeam at the Equechum EXM Beater. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 holds on, but slowly weakens. "Oh man!!!" said Dr. EggRey in anger. Ultimate Jacktricia strengthens his/her Large Rainbow Holy Firebeam. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 is being pushed back & got harmed greatly. Dr. EggRey was like "O_o" as the fused robot is damaged greatly. "Buh-bye!" said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice as he/she fires a huge holy rainbow sphere. The Equechum EXM Beater V3 holds on, but is severely weakened. "Grrr!" said Dr. EggRey. Suddenly the Equechum EXM Beater was blown away & lands on the ground with its head stuck on the ground, sparking. "Aargh!" screamed Dr. EggRey. "Ouch." Said Dr. EggPlankton as he felt the crash. "It's over!" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as he/she lands on the ground. "Hmph." said Infinity Julice as Josh's voice as he/she lands on the ground. "Curses! Foiled again!" Said Dr. EggPlankton, banging his fists on the broken cockpit. "Always foiled." said Infinity Julice as Yuki's voice as they defuse & revert to normal form. "Your right" Said Ultimate Jacktricia as Patricia's voice, as they splits back to two. "We'll meet again, you pipsqueaks. You'll have your day of doom!" said Dr. EggRey as he hops inside his Equera Pod. "Let's go, Dr. EggPlankton." added Dr. EggRey. "Alright, but we'll be back for more!" Said Dr. EggPlankton as he carries his officers in the Bucket Pod & hops inside it. Dr. EggRey teleports his officers back to Equera Empire through his laser beams & flies back to Diablodia with his Equera Pod. Dr. EggPlankton & his officers fly away back to EggPlanktonLand with Dr. EggPlankton saying "I'll be back you horrid heroes! I'll be back!" "Really, soon." said Ancient Remie as Thomas' voice as they defuse & revert to normal form. Cosmic Solunar defuses & reverts back to normal. "The sun... It's rising." said Solar. The others revert back to normal. "Yes... It's a sign of victory." said Mizu. "And it's a sign for a new beggining because it's only just begun." Said Jack. "Yep." replied Thomas. "So, shall we feast? I'ma ready for some bacon." said Rey with an excited voice. "Some pizza & a good bath will rejuvenate me." said Yuki. "Uh no thanks, I need to stay here to think about it." Said Jack as he sits down on a boulder to think. "Well." said Josh. "We need to have some fun after a fierce battle, dude." said Jesse. "I know, but I need to rest up & think about it cause I don't feel right this time." Said Jack. "Oh my" Said Patricia feeling worried about Jack. "Fine." said Josh as he & the other members of the I.T.S. bid farewell to Jack, Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega, Metal Patricia, & SPARKY. "Say Jack, are you ok?" Said Patricia. "Is something wrong?" Asked SPARKY. "We have won the battle, why are you feeling down already?" Said Combot Nega. "I...don't know. Something inside of me changed, but I don't know what it is." "Prehaps you'll feel better once we get back to Mobius. How's that sound?" Asked Metal Patricia. "Yeah, guess your right" Said Jack getting up, not before adding "Let's go back home". Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY starts heading back to Mobius. "By the way, how do we get back to Planet Mobius? A Portal or something?" Asked Patricia. A portal to Mobius appears. "Guess that answers our question." Said Patricia as they all noticed the portal. "Let's go home" Said Jack as he, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY goes inside the portal.

Epilogue: The Neophyte Organization, Victory Party, & Rest

5:00 AM in I.T.S. HQ...

The members of the I.T.S. arrive in the HQ, except Jack, Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega, Metal Patricia, & SPARKY, as they are in Mobius. "So, guys, let's rest for the day." said Josh. "Yep, we'll prepare for later." replied Golver. The members of the I.T.S. rest in their rooms. 

9:45 AM in Mobius...

Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY are seen relaxing on a grassy field, thinking about something. "Guys, what do you think we should now?" Said Jack. "I don't know, we've been relaxing for hours." Said Patricia. "And it's all of because of you thinking about something." Said Metal Patricia. Jack sighs & then says "Alright, guess I have nothing left to hide. I want to follow in his footsteps by being in charge, there. I'm not suppose to tell you that secret of mine, but I did." Said Jack. "Is that what your trying to tell us about?" Said Jackbot Nega. "Yes, but I don't know how to lead." Said Jack as he gets up. "You can do it, dude." said a green echidna. "Huh, who said that?" Said Jack, looking around. "Me, dude." said the green echidna as he relaxes on his NitroCar, named OrcaNitro. "Name's Nitro the Techno Echidna. I'm the NitroCar founder here in Mobius. I currently live in Seaside Hill." added the green echidna as he munches on his hamburger. "Well, it's nice to meet you & how did you know about my secret? Did you listen to every word I said?" Said Jack. "Yep, sorry. I'm just listening, and meh, I care not about secrets. I listen to one & yeah, I don't care about it at all." said Nitro before he munches on his hamburger. Jack says "But how can I be a leader without an army that I can...?" and then he suddendly notices a Big Purple Button with a Black "Dark Reign: Future of War" Symbol on a Black Pedestal , which is barried under the sand behind the Crossover Mansion & adds "What's this?". "Much like a toy." said Nitro. Patricia goes up to the Pedestal & says "I'm sorry, but no. It's more like destiny." "Hmm, I wonder..." Said Jack as he pushes the Big Purple Button, causing a Freedom Guard / Imperial Headquarters to rise up from the sands. "Whoa!" Said Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY. "Whoa..." Nitro said in awe. "They look... old. They seem to have survived since years ago!" added Nitro. "And according to the readings of how old it is, it's been created somewhere between the 23rd Century to the 26th Century." said SPARKY analyzing the HQ's of both Freedom Guard & Imperial. "2200 between 2500? O_o" said Nitro. "Yes & it looks ancient." Said Combot Nega. "Okay. Hm... according to a dimension, it was from the year 1980. So it is over ... Let's check it." said Nitro as he gets his notepad & ballpen from his bag. "3237 minus 1980... 1257!" said Nitro as he solves an arithmetic problem. "Oh, so these HQs much look like... modern. It is because it is made between 2200 & 2500." explained Nitro. "Looks like this is our new destiny" Said Jack as he, Patricia, Metal Patrica, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY keeps on looking at the New Freedom Guard & Imperial HQs. "Destiny? Hm." said Nitro. "Afirmative." Said Jackbot Nega. "I don't get this... Why did some HQ appeared here? This isn't Planet Earth!" thought Nitro. "And it is very weird to know..." added Nitro in his thoughts. "That's a mystery even we don't know." Said Jack. "Let's find about the Legend of the Universal Battle between the 'Freedom Guard' & the 'Imperial' at the Library to look for clues about these Legendary HQs that are in the Dark Reign: Future of War Dynasty." Suggested Patricia. "Dark Reign, huh?" said Nitro with a scoff. "Much like a game in my own Xbox." thought Nitro. "Guys are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Asked Jack. "We're thinking what your thinking." Said Patricia. "Guess it's time for us to usher in a new era." Said Jack. Nitro stays quiet. "But before that... You must learn about leadership." said Nitro. "It'll be very difficult, but I'll do it." Said Jack. "Great." said Nitro. "Shall we go to this... Ancient Dimension? They say that this dimension is good for a training venue." suggested Nitro. "But the problem is we can't go there. So, we'll invoke an entity or what...?" said Nitro curiously. "Yeah, let's go inside each of them. Since there's 7 of us, maybe 3 of us we'll go inside one base, while the other 4 we'll go inside the other." Said Patricia. "Uh, no. We must go together, y'know...." said Nitro. "Oh ok then, sorry." Said Patricia, blushing. "Ok, so which HQ would we try first? The Freedom Guard one or the Imperial one?" Asked Jack. "I said that training in Ancient Dimension, not this hasteful exploration!" said Nitro in irritation. Jack then gets a bit annoyed, but then he relaxes & then says " Wanna train in the Crossover Mansion in the Gym room?" Said Jack. "Okie dokie Jack & then we'll find out what the differences between the Freedom Guard HQ & the Imperial HQ later." Said Patricia. "Let's do it." Said Jack as he, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY goes inside the Crossover Mansion to train themselves. Nitro sighs as he walks to his NitroCar & rides off to Seaside Hill. "They don't listen at all." said Nitro as he hears a phone ring. He picks up his phone & answers, "Hello?" "Come here now." said a voice. "Alright, General." said Nitro as he rides up to a portal. 

In the Crossover Mansion...

At the Crossover Mansion, Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY all looked at each other. "Guess it is time." Said Jack as he & his friends went outside. "Yep. Said Patricia. "Ancient Portal" Said Jack. A portal to AD appears. "Let's go." Said Jack as he, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY enters inside the portal.

In I.T.S. HQ's throne room...

Josh is seen on his throne seat. He drinks milk shake from his glass. "Refreshing." said Josh. Suddenly, two portals appeared. A NitroCar appears from the 1st portal. "I'ma back." said Nitro. Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY appears from the 2nd portal. "You have come back, guys. What brings you here?" said Josh. "Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega, SPARKY & I found a purple button that has a 'Dark Reign: Future of War' Symbol & the button is on a black pedestal & once we pressed the button, it caused 2 HQs to rise from the sand behind the Crossover Mansion, one HQ that is from the Freedom Guard & the other HQ that is from the Imperial." Said Jack. "The two legendary headquarters. I have read about them when I was 370 years old." replied Josh. "Really? Wow! I didn't know that you know a lot about the Dark Reign: Future of War Dynasty" Said Patricia in amazement. "Not much. I forgot them all since I am now 1237." said Josh. "So maybe my friends & I can figure out the legend for you majesties." Said SPARKY. "You can." said Josh. "Thank you. Oh and one more thing, can me & my friends resign as members of the I.T.S.?" Asked Jack. "Reason, please." said Josh. "Let me." said Nitro as he kneels down to Josh. "General, they are resigning because of--" "I read your mind, Nitro." said Josh as he turns to the gang (a group, not necessarily bad). "You are resigning 'cause you're making your OWN organization?" said Josh as he stands up. "Jack.. Y'know, it's not bad making your organization, but... You need to train yourself on how to become a good leader." explained Josh. Yuki arrives & says, "Excuse me. Shall we begin the party?" Josh replies, "Yes, dear." "Before you resign, you join our victory party." said Josh with a smile on his face. "Ok, we'll join in the party" Said Jack. "Okie dokie Joshie." Said Patricia. "Good." said Josh. "Let's begin the party!" chanted Yuki. 

Suddenly, the curtain opens, and they see an elegant party room. There are lots of tables & chairs on there. On each table, there are succulent food set on them. There are also royal glasses filled with natural fruit juice. "You may sit down on the chairs inside the party room." said Josh. "Hey guys, let's party!" said Thomas. Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega & SPARKY sits down & Jack says "Ok, let's mambo!" "Hey SPARKY. Can you change to organic mode?" asked Rey. "Sure, anything for you, Rey." Said SPARKY as she changes into her organic form. "You look more beautiful in that form.." said Rey in amazement. "For the victory of I.T.S., cheers!" chanted Josh, as the members of the I.T.S. hold their royal glasses & also chant, "Cheers!". They group-clank their glasses & drink the fruit juice. "Guys, I need some training, learning how to be a great leader for a new organization of our own. Can you please teach me?" Asked Jack. James is sleeping at the lab, hugging his wrench. "Hey James, come in!" yelled Josh. James yawns and wakes up "okay..." he gets up. "Come on in & join the party." Said Metal Patricia. Rey teleports in the lab & washes James' face. "C'mon, it's party time." said Rey. James drink a beverage and take a break. "Let's go." said Rey as he teleports with James to the party room. "So, I wonder how are we gonna work in our own organization to help the I.T.S. Maybe our new organiation should have a name." Said Patricia. "An organization without a name is not an organization." said Josh. James relaxes and joins the fun a bit. Jack comes up with a name & says "The 'All Star Rebel Republic'!" "Good job." said Josh. "So, do you have an idea for its vehicle units, aircraft, & vessels?" asked Alice. James goes back to his lab for a while, checking on his latest inventions. "Where is James going?" asked Jonathan. "Dunno." said Josh. James activates his machine and starts to make an loud distorted noise of engines, making a sound disturbance in the room. "It sounded like James is working on something" Said Patricia. "But what is James working on in his lab?" Asked Jack. After a few knocking sounds in the lab, a large explosion bashes through the door. Josh hears it & runs to the lab as fast as he could. "JAMES!!" yelled Josh. A metal contraption appeared in front of them. "What's that...?" wondered Josh. James walks behind the machine, "I called it, the Scrap-Dozer" he starts to explain the device "This aircraft is programmed to do both unmanned and manned missions and can be also control as a vehicle." "Cool." said Josh. "Yeah i know... but it won't be entirely finish until tomorrow" James said. "What do you mean, it's not finished yet?" asked Josh. "It doesn't have the last 3 components, the BioBattery, MotorMount and the PyroEngine" James said. "Oh okay... So we need those 3 remaining parts as we finish the party." said Josh.

Meanwhile in the party room...

"About the idea for the A.S.R.R.'s vehicle units, aircraft & vessels? Yes." Said Patricia to Alice. "Yeah." replied Alice. "We're working on them cause we've found the Freedom Guard's & the Imperial's blueprints for every vehicle units back in their timeline." Said Patricia. "Ohh." said Alice. "You have found the blueprints in those two HQs? Seems good, it's much a legacy. We I.T.S have abilities of making our own units. We are starting our own legacy. You... have got the Freedom Guard & Imperial's legacy." said Josh. "Yeah & it's time that we train to become one of the greatest organizations in all of Mobius & all of the dimentions of Mobius. And we'll be ready." Said Jack. "Okay..." said Josh with an awkward face.  "So shall we continue to party?" Said Patricia. "Yeah." said Josh as this music plays. Josh goes to Yuki & they dance together. Jack & Patricia starts dancing together as Metal Patricia, SPARKY, Jackbot Nega & Combot Nega watched on. Jonathan does a freestyle dance. "Cool." said Alice. Solar & Lunar arrive. "Hey guys!" said Solar. "Uh hi guys..." said Lunar. "Hey." said Thomas. "Hi Solar & Lunar, come on in & join in the party!" Said Combot Nega. "We've already joined." said Solar as he does a salutation pose. "I see your point." Said Combot Nega, but then his voice chip went on the fritz & was stuck on cowboy & added "Yee-haw! Let's get this party started, ya'll!". Solar was like "O_o" when he heard it. "Oh dear, Combot Nega's voice chip is on the fritz & is stuck on Cowboy, just like GreenBot." Said Metal Patricia. "Cowboy mode, eh?" said Josh. "Jack, you need to repair Combot Nega's voice chip. It's malfunctioning..." suggested Josh. "Don't worry, I'll get to that in a jiffy. Just need to fix it." Said Jack as he starts fixing Combot Nega's voice chip. "Alright." said Josh. Yuki eats a slice of pizza. "This is awesome." said Jesse. "Yeah, right." said Silvold. "Say Rey, would you like to dance with me?" Asked SPARKY. "Sure." replied Rey. SPARKY then dances with Rey & says "Your very cute, Rey." "Thanks." said Rey, blushing. "Your welcome. Now that I'm in organic form, I can do this." Said SPARKY as she kissed Rey in the lips. Rey kisses back. SPARKY blushes. "Let's ignite this party!" said Solar as he casts a fireball. The fireball explodes harmlessly & it forms a word that says, "Congratulations!" "Let's get this party started!" Said Jack. "It's already starting." said Josh as he chuckles a bit. "Oh sorry." Said Jack. James takes a break in the party but feels bored. "Woohoo!" chanted Thomas. 

"We have defeated evil once again. Screw those mad eggheads. Lieutenant 1st Class, Jack the Hedgehog, resigned to help us with his own organization named 'All Star Rebel Republic'. Actually, I disagreed to this at first because Jack had little experience in leadership, but I realized that he learns more & more when he faces trials. Well, we had an awesome victory party... And that ScrapDozer is awesome. So guys, thanks for watching! See ya next chapter!" —Josh the Hedgehog

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