This is the Valentine's Day Roleplay! Join now! ♥_♥ Prepare your hearts, 'cause it's fun!


Enjoy Valentine's Day with LOVE! :D


The heroes prepare for February 14. They made greeting cards, they bought rose lollipops, & they bought bouquets for each couple. The villains see the heroes distracted, so they launch a great assault that will destroy the heroes after the party. Will the villains succeed?

List of Gifts

  1. greeting cards
  2. rose lollipops
  3. heart-on-a-stick
  4. chocolates
  5. red jewelry
  6. fresh / silk flowers
  7. love letters


NOTE: Italicized couples are engaged. Married ones are underlined. Couples in a relationship are bold-faced.



  • Josh the Hedgehog & Yuki the Hedgecat (JTH)
  • Thomas the Echidna & Sara the Echidna (JTH)
  • Jess the Hedgehog & Alice the Cat (JTH)
  • Spade the Echidna & Clover the Bat (JTH)
  • Diamond the Hedgehog & Heart the Cat (JTH)
  • Stream the Jackal & Yaumi the Collie (Venom)
  • Rey the Hedgedragon (JTH) & SPARKY (Spongebob100)


  • Koji the Shock Fox-bat (JTH)
  • Jetris the Hedgehawk (JTH)
  • Louie the Fox (JTH)
  • Raven the Flamehog (JTH)
  • Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) (Already married to Blaze the Hedgecat [Darkest's Character] )
  • Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100) (Already married to Anu the Anubis Warrior [Darkest's Character] )
  • Assassin the Hedgehog (Assassin) (is in a relationship with Sabrina the Fox [Aly Parris' character] )
  • Frost & Scorch the Skunk-cats (JTH)
  • Noah the Hedgehog (Spiderboy2012)
  • Cynthia the Rabbit (Spiderboy2012)
  • Luna the Hedgehog (Spiderboy2012)


  • Dr. EggRey (JTH)
  • Aeron the Hedgebat (JTH)
  • Neo Rey the Dark Hedgehog (JTH)
  • Skyflame the Hawk (JTH)
  • Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  • Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100)
  • Tensai the Shark (Spongebob100)


  • No godmodding.
  • No powerplaying.
  • No twinking (embiggening).
  • No cheesing. 
  • No speedhacking.
  • No major sexuality. (you can hug & kiss only)
  • Do not break the 4th wall. (going off the plot)


Theme Songs

You can post your love team's theme song even the other character isn't present.

NOTE: Song - Singer

Josh & Yuki - A Little Love - Fiona Fung

Love Wall

Josh the Hedgehog

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends.

And Happy Valentine's Day, Yuki, I ♥ U!


Pt. 1: Valentian Preparation

8:00 AM... With an engaged couple Josh & Yuki with companions...

Josh: (wakes up, yawning) What a good day for hearts.. (shakes Yuki) Dear, get up now.

Yuki: (wakes up, yawning) Good morning, General. Happy Valentine's Day.

Josh: Good morning, dear. You too. 

Yuki: (goes to the kitchen & sits down on the chair)

Josh: (prepares cereal) (puts two bowls, puts cereal on each, & pours milk on each bowl) :)

Yuki: :) (starts to eat)

Josh: (starts to eat) Mmm.

Yuki: I wonder if they've awaken.

Rey: (yawns loudly) Oops sorry. Good morning guys.

Josh: Hey bro.

Rey: I'm a bit tired today... (yawns)

Josh: Okay...

Rey: (splashes his face with water) (shakes head) Ahhh..

Yuki: We're the only three awake, hm?

Josh: Yep. (enters bathroom & brushes teeth with a hi-tech toothbrush) :D

Yuki: Let's brush.. (enters bathroom & brushes teeth with a hi-tech toothbrush) Ahh.

Rey: (eats bacon & rice) :|

Josh: BTW, our companions will arrive after 30 minutes.

Rey: ('enters bathroom & brushes teeth with a hi-tech toothbrush) Weird.

Josh: So.. Ugh. XD

Yuki: (kisses Josh) :)

Josh: (blushes deep red & kisses Yuki back)

Yuki: (blushes deep red) Thank you...

Josh: That's fine, my dear.

Rey: Yeeeee! Excited much? XD

Josh: Here's my Valentine's card. (gives a Valentine's card to Yuki)

Yuki: (receives it & reads it)


Dear Yuki,
Yuki, you have done a very great job in the organization. Thank you for returning back. I remembered since our childhood that we'll meet each other 'til the end. I ♥ U. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear. 

The General of the Org & Founder of I.T.S,



Yuki: Thank you. (blushes)

Josh: I think it's them.

A portal appears.

Meanwhile with Jack & Patricia... 8:15 AM...

Jack & Patricia: (wakes up, yawning)

Jack: Good morning Patricia.

Patricia: Good morning Jack. Happy Valentine's Day

Jack: Happy Valentine's Day, I wish Blaze THC & Anu are here for Valentines Day too.

Patricia: Me too Jack, me too.

Jack: Right now, let's get some breakfast.

Patricia: Okie dokie.

Jack & Patricia: (goes out of bed & then goes to the kitchen to make breakfast & eats their cereals)

Jack: That's delicious

Patricia: Yeah. Now to brush our teeth & go outside to play

Jack & Patricia: (goes to the bathroom & brushes their teeth)

Jack: Finished.

Jack & Patricia: (goes outside of the house)

Patricia: Now to play outside together.

Jack & Patricia: (plays together)

Jack: (sighs) Oh Patricia, I really wish that we can give them Valentines Day cards to my wife & your husband.

Patricia: Say, maybe they gone to take care of our kids.

Jack: Yeah, maybe your right. Hope Blaze THC & Anu are ok.

Patricia: I hope the same thing as well.

A portal appears.

Jack: Hello? Is someone there?

Patricia: I think that's a portal to the Ancient Dimention & it is lived by you know who?

Jack: My childhood friend from 5 years ago, Josh the Hedgehog.

So the events will be fused into ONE. 

Josh: (walks inside the portal) Jack?

Jack: Josh! It's nice to see you again! (hugs Josh) How's my childhood friend doing today?

Josh: Doing fine.

Patricia: Hi Josh

Josh: You look cute in that outfit, Patricia.

Yuki: Hi. (is wearing a sleeveless & strapless red shirt, skin-tight red shorts, & pink boots) 

Patricia: (giggles) Thanks. (notices Yuki) Hi Yuki, your outfit looks beautiful on you. (hugs Yuki)

Yuki: (hugs back) Thank you..

Patricia: Your welcome.

Jack: I sure wish that I would introduce you to my wife named "Blaze the Hedgecat", but she's not here right now.

Patricia: And I really wish that I would introduce you to my husband named "Anu the Anubis Warrior", but he's not here right now either.

Josh: (I have heard of that Blaze THC... And that dog-headed warrior... One of Anubis' warriors.)

Yuki: Oh.. Right now, he's going to be my husband.

Josh: Hm hm hm.

Jack: Nice, maybe SPARKY would like to join us.

Patricia: Good idea, Jack. (pulls out her White Hand Held Computer, SPARKY from her side pocket of her Pink Pants) Ok SPARKY you can come out now.

SPARKY: (appears in her holographic form) Greetings Josh & Yuki.

Yuki: Hi.

Josh: Hey SPARKY.

SPARKY: It's very please to meet you once again. Is Rey here? Cause I want to give him my Valentine Card to him.

Josh: Yeah.

Rey: (is in the portal) (sees SPARKY) Hi SPARKY. (blushes)

Assassin: *wakes up at last and goes to see everyone*

Josh: (sees Assassin) Hey Assassin! HVD!

Assassin: hi Josh

Josh: How's it going? We're having a Ancient Valentian Party.

SPARKY: Greetings Rey, here's your valentines day card (gives Rey her Valentines Day Card)

Rey: Thanks dear. (receives the Valentine's card) (reads it)


Dear Rey,
Once we've first met, I felt like my heart beats even louder than usual & my heart grows bigger everytime I see you, we hope that we're meant to be together forever. I love you, Rey the Hedgedragon & I really appreciate you & your love. Happy Valentines Day!

Patricia's Hand Held Computer,

Sexy, Pretty, Attractive, Reliable, Kind, Yellow Skunk

a.k.a. SPARKY


Rey: (blushes deep red) Thanks SPARKY. I ♥ U. (gives SPARKY his Valentine's Day card)

SPARKY: Your welcome Rey. And thank you. (reads the card)


My dearest SPARKY,
My heart was like "Boom, boom, boom" when I first met you. I feel my heart is burning with love. I have courted you as a digital computer, even I wasn't able to court a real creature. Even you're just digital, I'll do my best to be with you always. Fate became my ally since then. I was able to say that you're sexy, pretty, attractive, reliable, kind, & yellow. I ♥ U so much, SPARKY, & thanks for appreciating my compliments. And I really thank you for appreciating my love. Happy Valentine's Day, dear.

The Colonel Minor of I.T.S & your BF,

♥ Rey the Hedgedragon ♥


SPARKY: (blushes deep red) Awww, thanks Rey.

Rey: You're welcome. Wait a sec, I can't hug you nor kiss you. :'(

SPARKY: Oh, this is a problem. I don't have an organic body. (sniffs & wipes one of her tears from her eyes)

Rey: I need ho-- Wait. I saw that you can shift into organic form. Guess I saw it...

SPARKY: I guess I can give it a try. (turns her holographic form into her organic form) I did it, Rey! (hugs Rey & kisses him)

Rey: (hugs back & kisses her back) 

SPARKY: (blushes) I love you Rey the Hedgedragon.

Rey: I ♥ U too, SPARKY. :)

SPARKY: (smiles happily) :D

Josh: Let's go to my castle, guys. We'll have a party later 2:30 PM.

Jack: Ok then.

Patricia: Sure, I hope Blaze the Hedgecat & Anu the Anubis Warrior are invited to the party as well.

Josh: Oh, I don't have some invitations for them. They said that they will be caring their children first for the meantime.

Jack: Oh ok then. Guess that Patricia & I will write Valentines Day cards for them & give the cards to them.

Josh: I see that they will receive those cards with my teleportation ability.

Patricia: This is so exciting.

Yuki: Yes.

Patricia: (to Yuki, Frost & Scorch) So what should we do together, Girls?

Frost: (arrives) Let's go to Dad's castle, sis.

Scorch: I agree.

Yuki: (carries a crimson red rose)

Patricia: Say Yuki, what a beautiful rose you got there. Who's it for?

Yuki: This is a sacred rose, & I cannot say the name of this recipient..

Patricia: (sadly) Oh, I see. I thought it was for Josh.

Yuki: ... You guessed it right.

Noah: (Is in a Cryolus Ice Plane with Luna & Cynthia) Man I hope we land soon

In the castle...

Yuki: We are going to have a Valentian party. You need to dress formally. Males have to wear black tuxedo, black trousers, & black shoes. Red trench coat is optional. Females have to wear pink dress, high-heeled shoes, gold earrings, & necklaces with a red heart pendant.

Noah: (Plane Lands next to castle) Guys im gonna see if Josh can hear me if i yell

Cynthia: Ok


Josh: Agreed to your suggestions, my dear Yuki. So, shall w-- (hears Noah) Wait guys, gotta see him! (teleports outside)


Josh: (sees a plane) Is this from Cryolus...? Noah!

Noah: Josh nice to see you!

Cynthia: Hi Josh

Luna: Hi Josh!

Josh: Hey guys. Happy Valentine's Day!

Yuki: (appears) Hi Noah.

Jack & Patricia: (with Yuki)

Josh: How's it going?

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