Skunkzilla is a BakuFusion Bakugan which is Patricia's Guardian Bakugan and the main Bakugan tritagonist in Josh & Bakugan Battle Brawlers. She protects her mistress: Patricia the Skunk from Evil Bakugan & Mechtogan. Just like Aeronoid & Gorillasaur, she is secretly a Legendary Bakugan because she possesses the primordial Kitsune Core she inherited from her ancestor and the giantesque traits she inherited from the Giantskunks.


She is very calm to her Bakugan friends. However, when she is facing enemy Bakugan and Mechtogan, she fights like a female warrior.



  • Skunk Mist - Subtracts 500 Gs from all opponents and adds 300 Gs to Skunkzilla.
  • Iron Tail - Adds 300 Gs to Skunkzilla.
  • Saber Scratch - Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent and adds 300 Gs to Skunkzilla.
  • Poison Tail Jab - Subtracts an amount of G Power from the opponent periodically until the opponent reaches 100 Gs.
  • Skunk Scent Block - Negates these Normal Ability Cards (Single, Double and Triple Abilities).

Fusion Abilities

  • Tail Propeller - Increases Skunkzilla's Power Level by 700 Gs.
  • WitchCraft - Increases Skunkzilla's Power Lever by 800 Gs & decreases all of the Opponent's Bakugan's Power Level down by the same ammount
  • Charms of the Witch - Negates all Ability Cards, Double, Triple, and Fusion Abilities & decreases the Opponent's Bakugan by 650 Gs.

Kitsune Core Abilities

  • Kitsune Aura - Skunkzilla's Power Level increases by 1200 Gs.
  • Hammer Tail - Increases Skunkzilla's Power Level by 1100 Gs.

Legendary Abilities

  • Skunk Fumes - Increases Skunkzilla's Power Level by 1500 Gs, poison the Opponents Bakugan, decreasing it's G Power down to 10 G & negates all kinds of the Opponent's Abilities (except Special and Legend).
  • Seductive Witchy Charms - Negates All Abilities, Limit Effect: 6 Turns
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