The Solius dimension is the sol counterpart to the ancient dimension

Facts & Myths


  • is another dimension
  • is sacred
  • a technologized continent
  • only lets other creatures go in the dimension due to dimension alignment


  • can be accessed by smart beings
  • found in Solaribius


100 Millenias ago,6 mages guarded the kingdom of Solius from evil,one of these mages known as Reshef the echidna betrayed the others,the 5 others locked him away and lifted the kingdom of solius into the sun,where it became the solius dimension,5 kingdoms were then formed,a 6th appeared in the exile where reshef rules and attempts to destroy solius. 



  • Domino(Beginning)/Domino city(Past)/Neo Domino City(Present)
  • Lamorak(Beginning)/Lamorak City(Present)
  • Artia(Beginning)/Artix city(present)



  • Spiral tower in Neo Domino
  • Floating Fortress


  1. Cody the solhog,Leader of New Domino City

Source of Cold Weather

The Kingdoms of Lamorak and Artia provides the cold climate

Source of Hot Weather

The Kingdoms of Magmos and Inferna City provide hot water and warm climates(aswell as mystic hot springs that heal wounds)

Tools of the first ones

  • The Green Bolt,a dual blade scythe that is wielded by cody
  • The quetzacoatl lance,a large lance that is wielded by lance

more to come

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