A Paper Game in the making by Spiderboy and it will be on his Paper system the Spiderbox.

Rated: E

Consoles: Spiderbox

Playable Characters

Sonic (Hypersonic)

Metal Sonic (Sonic Skin)


World 0: Tutorial Boss: Eggbot

World 1: Green Hill Zone Boss: Eggman

World 2: Darkness Border Zone Boss: ??? (Surprise when released)

World 3: Dark City Zone Boss: Dark Giant

World 4: Ice Valley Zone Boss: Metal Sonic

World 5: Dark Temple Zone Boss: ??? (Surprise when Released)

Game Modes




Shop Items

Metal Sonic Player Skin - 100 Rings

Early Secret Mode - 200 Rings

Cut Content

Playable Tails - Reason: Time Shortening

Playable Knuckles - Reason: Time Shortening

Act 2 in Worlds - Reason: Time Shortening

Options Mode - Reason: Not Useful

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