This is a fangame that will be released on the 3ds and PSP vita in 2015

Sonic And Starfy:A Highspeed battle under the sea


Sega Technical Institute Sonic Team

Rainbow star studio




Rainbow star studio


Takashi Thomas Yuda (character design) Hirokazu Yasuhara (lead designer) Yuji Naka (programming)


Sonic & Starfy


Mix of sonic gens and the legendary starfy


3DS,PSP vita


The gameplay switches between land levels(sonic's levels)

and water levels(starfy's levels)

there is also semi-aquatic levels,which can only be played with through multi player,in which the players switch around at each checkpoint


Story mode

Multiplayer mode( or trade)

Starly and amy's tower defense(unlocked by beating story mode)

Toy collection (view the toys you've collected in free mode)

free mode (wander around randomly generated worlds and collect toys and other stuff)

Boss endurance (Unlocked by beating story mode)

Starly and amy's boss tower defense (Unlocked by beating Starly and amy's tower defense)


(WARNING:this takes place after sonic generations and the legendary starfy,so theres gonna be spoilers)

Eggman is stuck in the white void with his past self with nothing to do,then suddenly,a giant red fat object falls on the two

Modern Eggman:OOF

Classic Eggman:What the...!

???:*shrinks to regular size then gets up*I AM MASHTOOTH THE CONQUERER! AND I

Modern Eggman:sorry to burst your bubble.But this is the white void,outside of time,and how did you get here

Mashtooth:Portal*Points at a Portal in the ceiling*

Classic Eggman:How did we not notice that?

Mashtooth:Anyway,I got exact my revenge on that stupid prince of pufftop,starfy!

Modern Eggman:and I have to exact MY revenge on that blue rodent sonic!

Mashtooth:Lets form an alliance!

Modern Eggman:Great Masterminds think alike!

Mashtooth:TO PUFFTOP!

Starly and Amy's tower defense

in this minigame you use sonic-based and starfy-based units to defend pufftop castle from classic eggman and snip's.pape's and Ronk's onslaught of enemies

the units are as follows:

  • Pufftop knight:a starfish in knight armor,uses lance to attack
  • Pufftop archer:a starfish in green clothing,fires arrows at enemies
  • Pufftop juggernaut:a big starfis in knight armour,uses mace to attack

Battle mode characters









Mashtooth (unlocked by beating all of the starfy levels)

Mega Mashtooth (Unlocked by beating boss endurance as starfy)

Rainbow star (Unlocked by completing the tutorial)

Add your starfy fan chars!






E-123 omega

E-102 Chaos Gamma

Mecha sonic MK2

Eggman(In egg battle suit)(Unlocked by beating all of the sonic levels)

Super Eggman(Unlocked by beating boss endurance as sonic)

Add your sonic fanchars!

Free mode

in Free mode,the computer generates a random area with several items and enemies scattered around,the levels can also be edited using the touch screen(using the joysticks on the PSP vista).You can select diffrent terrains which base of the tiles and mechanics of the levels,theres also a special terrain unlocked by beating boss endurance called the boss terrain,in which all of the bosses appear in a small room with black tiles

For more information on the starfy universe heres a link to the wiki:


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