this is a show about sonic,josh and their friends fighting enemies
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Main themes

Opening theme music

season 1

short change hero - the heavy

season 2

hyperdrive - 5DS theme

Ending theme music

season 1

I am all of me - crush 40

season 2

I am all of me - crush 40

episode list

Season 1

  1. the quest begins part 1
  2. the quest begins part 2
  3. attack of the necromancers
  4. hell and back(beginning of chaos arc)
  5. the metallix brotherhood
  6. one upmanship
  7. supreme duel(end of chaos arc)

more TBA


  1. skulduggery pleasant crossover:the necross emeralds
  2. NiGHTS crossover:Sonic into nightmares
  3. Christmas special:holiday smash!
  4. Halloween special/artemis fowl crossover:rise of super opal

more TBA

couples supported




scouramy(ScourgeXamy[WAIT WHAT?!?])



needlemouse "sonic" morris the hedgehog

Venice "silver" mink the hedgehog

converterent "shadow" guntz the hedgehog

Mina rose the mongoose

Miles "tails" prower the fox

Cosmo rose the seedrian

amy rose the hedgehog

atrums "scourge" morris the hedgehog

Ivo "eggman" robotnik the overlander


Sarah "blaze" solice the cat

eggbot no.123 "omega"

Gizoid no.001 "emerl"

Elian "Josh" Cordero the Hedgehog

Corabelle "Yuki" Blanca the Hedgecat

character gallery

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