episode 1 of sonic blade!

characters in this episode

  • sonic
  • shadow
  • silver
  • tails
  • scourge
  • mina
  • cosmo
  • amy
  • Josh
  • Yuki


(sonic,shad,silver,tails,amy,mina and scourge are all at science class in chemical plant high)

Teacher:*2 hours of blahing later*class dismissed

sonic,shad,silver,mina and scourge:*all zip out of class at high speed*

everyone else:*walks out normally*

Josh: (sitting on a bench, waiting)

Sonic:*stops infront of josh*your the new kid,aint ya?

Josh: I'm not a kid. I'm an adult. My true name is Elian. Just call me Josh. You're Needlemouse, right?

Sonic:yep,most people call me sonic though,this is tails,silver and shadow,and my douche-bag of a brother,scourge is over there*points a scourge who was being flocked by girls*

Josh: o_O

Yuki: Hello.

Josh: [to Yuki] Yuki, this is Sonic, Tails, Silver, & Shadow. (politely points at the four) And there's Scourge. (politely points at Scourge) [to Sonic, Tails, Silver, & Shadow] Guys, this is my partner, named Corabelle. 

Yuki: Just call me Yuki. ^^

Silver:Hey yu-OH CRAP!*was playing MK advance and is getting his butt kicked*nonononono! YOU CHEATER NOOB SAIBOT D;<

Josh: :/

sonic:*anime sweatdrop*eheheh

Yuki: ^^

Josh: (notices Mina) A female mongoose...

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